Let the games begin

The stadium is opening to the welcoming scent of grilled hotdogs, melting lipstick from this year’s model of baseball groupies and the colorful collection of orange and black fans clustered onto their seats. We are all looking for a glimpse of Madbum, a new Tim Lincecum, the patched up Matt Cain and the rest of our boys.

Let the games begin.

It’s only spring training, and we face that mossback green and yellow of the Oakland A’s. If the clown colors fail to make your toes curl, then perhaps the memories of overflowing sewage, trolling fans and playoff failures will. This time, however, the A’s will come with Barry Zito. Forget all those horrible seasons. He was our guy in 2012.

Let’s give him a hand.

Now sit down and start commenting. We welcome everyone. This isn’t the oddly monitored Splash. VK has no control here.

Play ball!


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Writer, former KUSF DJ and fan of the SF Giants/SJ Sharks/Great America 49ers. Love quality films, though I don't take things too seriously. If I told you what I do for a living, I'd have to tickle you.
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81 Responses to Let the games begin

  1. xoot says:

    First three a’s vs. MadBum–single, HR and a triple. Then a double. Tough first inning. 11 pitches, all strikes; 3 runs. MadBum’s going to be a bit angry about this one. Whoa. MadBum’s out to pitch the second inning! He is pissed. Now Brett Bochy takes over? There are some strange undercurrents in this little exhibition game. On the hill eventually, they say, will be Lincecum. Keep that ball down and moving, Timmy.

  2. xoot says:

    Hunter Strickland apparently spent the offseason learning how NOT to mix up his pitches. If I recall, when the Giants picked him up, he was a career minor leaguer with a TJ surgically repaired elbow and a WHIP around 1.5–despite his ability to throw the ball 100+ mph. Somehow his WHIP dropped to about .7 or .8 in the Giants minor league system. So here he is, giving up the longest HRs in mlb. These days every team wants a relief pitcher who can overwhelm the mph sign. (I well remember watching the gun readout at China Basin go dark last season when A. Chapman was on the mound.) I don’t think Strickland’s the one the Giants are looking for.

    • annapirhana says:

      I cringed when he gave up that homer. I realize it’s spring training, but it brought back some memories of Bryce Harper and all.

      There seems to be another game today!

  3. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    I’ve only listened to part of one day game via KNBR so far this ST. I think the one most concerning pattern I’m seeing in the news this ST is the number of aches, pains, new injuries, i.e.,

    Pence’s “broken” wrist
    Crawford’s “fighting sore shoulder”
    Romo’s “battling sore shoulder”
    Hudson’s late off-season surgery which will delay his return to the rotation
    and, of course, one cannot help but wonder about Madison’s arm given his “one-man show”
    overtime work in the post season.

    preceded, no less, by Bruce Bochy’s “heart procedure”.

    Which doesn’t mean I am not my usual overly optimistic self regarding the Giants chances this year. It’s just hard to ignore the pattern of ‘aches and pains’ I’m seeing so early in the season. (Which nonetheless differs / contrasts considerably from the ‘perfect storm’ of injuries that the Giants incurred during their previous odd year out, 2013.

  4. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Looking forward to how Cain fares today. Also, the news on Lincecum continues to sound exceptionally promising.

    Lastly, the breaking stupid news on Sandoval this morning: Pablo now claims he won’t miss anyone back at SF … except for Bochy … and [oh, yeah, after ‘thinking’ about it a little longer] … Pence, too.

    Pablo will come to regret – over time – what he said / didn’t say this day.

    • datswhatsup says:

      Hey Shoe,

      Sometimes the moves you didn’t make are the best.

      I’m glad Pablo didn’t take the extra money because he obviously had some hard feelings towards SF and that would have impacted his play here.

      It also gives a glimpse into how fragile this post season warrior really is. Fighters would love to be in the same division and stick it to SF multiple times a year–not hide from that.

      By all accounts Pablo’s “agent” is a clown and I’m sure BS had no time for fools.

      His thin skin had to be no surprise to SF, I’m surprised the SF offer was so high in hindsight.

      The article has Stonehandly Ramirez speaking about how everyone loves Panda. Except for his old teammates (save Pence) it would appear. When it comes to an endorsement about being loved by teammates–Stonehandly’s the man!

      There is a respect factor and it seems Panda did not get enough, but now it seems perhaps his teammates tolerated the undisciplined Panda more than respected him.

      Good for Panda for making a choice that will make him happy

      Good for SF in losing out on a bitter guy. Look at Zito. Never said a word, I will always root for him (except vs SF).

      I thank Panda for his part in 3 WS Titles and had planned to wish him well in the future (except vs SF).

      Now I’ll cheer his first at bat at AT&T and hope he catches the Karma Bus to every game after that.

      Too bad–he could have been known as a great Giant.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        Huff tweeted again (this morning? … [I don’t ‘tweet’]) to remind what most of 2010 veteran players still remember about Pablo that season when he let both himself and more significantly, the team down, for all intents disqualifying himself for the post season run. This rings even truer now, given Pablo’s recent ‘expose’.

        Brandon Crawford’s quiet comment, following Pablo’s, was (to paraphrase from Murph n’ Mac), “I wouldn’t have said that ….”

        Regardless, you’re right, Dats. It was time for Pablo to go see the bigger world – hopefully, while managing not to too much bigger himself – and perhaps in time, he’ll look back at his year’s as a Giant as just possibly the best of his career (if not his life, too).

        A team has to be bigger than one player. Of course, the key to the Giants continuing run of success stands on its pitching and the players staying healthy over the course of the season. A little ironic, perhaps, but I miss Michael Morse’s power bat intangible(s) more right – but that too can be overcome if need be, prior to the mid summer trade deadline.

        • annapirhana says:

          He’s not too young to be too stupid. He seems to be an overgrown and immature guy with bad agents whose ego stoking turned the once loveable Panda, who once told his teammates that he saw fans as friends he would invite to dinner, into a mouthy, ungrateful lout. You don’t win championships by yourself and I’m so very sorry that MadBum stole your thunder. You could have even been on the Walk of Fame, but Panda has now entered Brett Butler territory. Even lower.

  5. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Trent and Jed are blind, deaf, and dumb nincompoops to the nth, I’m thinking.

  6. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Petit got shelled today: 4H (2HR), 4R, 3BB in 2 innings.
    Machi: 3H (1HR), 3R in 1 inning.

    Crick, however, fared much better: 1H, 1BB, 2SO in 2 innings.

    Aoki has 1H in 9AB so far this ‘season’, batting .111 (with 2BB and 1SB); while McGehee got 2H today, now batting .333 (3H in 9AB).

    Anyone who can draw any conclusions from today’s game, I’m all ears. 😉

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Yep (my ‘thoughts’ exactly). Still, too early (even if both Lincecum and Cain’s opening sessions have gone as well as might have been hoped). All I’m looking for is to see that everyone back at the ‘Gate’ gets a chance to compete for the annual honorary premature pre-season prediction golden goat award.

      • xoot says:

        Cain’s outing was encouraging. I hope Hudson’s today is, too. What more can you see, as each of the players gets going at his own rate? Bobby Evans on the Marty Lurie pre-game KNBR show last weekend said that like last ST, Romo intends to throw no sliders this Spring. He wants to continue to work on the FB/change combination, save his arm, and avoid giving hitters too much practice against that nasty pitch. He’ll probably get shelled again, like last Spring, and laugh about it. btw, speaking of that Lurie show–I like the player interviews he snags during ST, usually someone on the edge of making the team. And his chats with Bruce Jenkins are always great.

  7. xoot says:

    mlb has today’s game on webcast for free see sfgiants.com
    Bottom of the first: Aoki hit a little league bounder to 2B, out; Panik laced a double into the LF corner; Pagan walked; Buster–double play. And yet it was beautiful to see.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      I just saw this. I’ll tune in presently!

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        George Kontos pitching in top of the 7th. I like that the Giants are giving him another chance – I think he went a bit under-appreciated by many a fan last year when he was called up to shore up a mid-summer weary pen. He served Bochy’s pen and the team well, but had to be DFA’d to make room for [Pagan, if memory serves?].

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:

          Edit: oops, “Gameday” was on a bit of delay with telecast. Kontos pitched in the 6th.

          Gary Brown gives up a triple in CF ….

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            Hey, Anna, I’m going to go out on a limb this one time to predict GeeJayByTheBay’s new secret love affair will be today’s new Giants RF replacement, Jarrett Parker (who just replaced Aoki), who sports a beautiful lock of hair. I feel badly for Jarrett. He deserves better.

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              The MLB.com announcer: “[Parker’s,] long, black hair ….” Even the announcer is getting into Parker’s hair now. 🙂

              • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                Wow. Nice play by Brewer SS, Arcia. I thought Hicks had a hit thru the middle (but obviously not quite enough speed to get past whats-his-name.

                • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                  xoot, Huddy: 1H, 1SO, no runs in 1 IP. I confess, I’m surprised to see he’s already back to pitch so early in the spring after his surgery. Anyway, he got thru the inning unscathed, which is nothing to sneeze out, given how the Padres shelled Giants pitching yesterday.

            • xoot says:

              shoeless, I have to tell you–that announcer was Hank Greenwald’s son Doug (also with him was Shawn Estes, who’s trying, yep, trying). Doug G. does the AAA games for the River Cats (nee Grizzlies). It was fun watching the broadcast stay in the park between innings, huh? Great sounds, no ads. The last time I caught one of those free web streams was Lincecum’s no no last year. mlb started the free feed about the 7th inning.

              btw, I saw a tweet saying that Lincecum had a stiff neck today, and tried to pitch through it. That might explain why his pitches were up out of the stretch. He still didn’t look bad, I thought.

              • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                xoot, that’s a very nice bit of symmetry – son following in Dad’s footsteps. cool. I didn’t catch that was Shawn Estes either, who wikipedia claims he has worked as a “color commentator” for the Reno Aces of the Pacific Coast League (again, something I had no clue of). Well, here’s hoping he too has a good ST … and makes the team.

            • annapirhana says:

              That spiteful troll hates the Giants. She couldn’t possibly love anyone, no matter how shiny the hair is. She even went out of her way to comment on Kontos and his “…overrated looks..,” quite simply because Kontos — while underappreciated by the hetero male fanbase — is very popular among the hetero femmes.

              • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                I couldn’t catch the game today, but yeah, it was cool to stay on the field – no commercial breaks – during the inning changes. Just like when I stream TennisTV – no commercial breaks – where the viewer gets to watch the players sit for a couple minutes every 3rd odd game while sometimes the player’s coach will come out to give his/her player a pep talk in Bulgarian or sometimes even Anna’s own native western Japanese. 🙂

              • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                Anna, I didn’t know she had ‘issues’ with Kontos too. Speaking of whom, there have been no GeeJay sightings as of yet back at SFGate.com/giants; but, of course, it’s still way too early for most trolls to get out of bed let alone rekindle their obsession to crawl back under their near inhospitable bridge-to-nowhere.

                • annapirhana says:

                  Her disappearance began after the Giants won the World Series. She made so many many enemies in the SF Giants Twitter world that there was quite the explosive karmic moment after the 3rd out, when the off-season long taunting began. This was all after that strange quote of preferring to root for a team that had a great season rather than one that had a great post-season. Because almost no one thinks that way.

  8. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Lost the MLB.com live feed. Still, it was fun seeing baseball with my own eyes for the first time in 2015.

  9. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Sunday 3/15/15: Giants v Deebackchopras at 3:00 on local network TV (KRVU in my area).

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Sweet triple from Duffy to drive Adrianza home. Giants lead the DeeBackChopras 3-0 in the 7th.

  10. annapirhana says:

    Socrates Brito is my new favorite baseball name.

  11. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Giants pitching 3-0 shutout (thru 6 innings) vs Milwaukee Bowery Boys.

    Vogelsong gave up just 2 hits in 4.2 innings. 2 BB, 4 SO. nice.
    Kontos pitches 1 shutout inning of relief.
    Machi … not so lucky … Matt Long homers ….

  12. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Good to see Timmy’s back and looking more promising again in his 4 innings (2H, 1R) stint today. No SO’s, but given the stiff neck setback, quite good.

  13. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    A fairly awesome performance by Bumgarner today v Angels … 1H, 1R, 5SO in 6 IP. And, Matt Duffy continues to make his case to Bochy that he belongs on the opening day roster with a HR in the 1st and a walk in the 3rd. Error free ball by the Giants thru 6.

    Now, back to the Djokovich v Federal ATP final at Indian Wells … rumored to be just possibly the richest community this side of Monte Carlo? Which likely explains the ‘wisdom’ behind building a world class golf course there too what with all the abundance of good clean California lawn water.

  14. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Lincecum’s recent admission that it was his questionable pillow / mattress that caused his PNS (Pinched Neck Syndrome) came as most encouraging news, especially following his last decent 4 inning stint on the mound.

    Yesterday, provided Giants fans with more to be / feel optimistic and hopeful about.

    Angel Pagan claims it was his [cheap?] spring training mattress that the likely culprit, explaining his earlier BSS (Back Spasm Syndrome).

    Obviously, Giants ownership need to invest in better / firmer ST beds ….

    And last but not least, Andrew Susac claims his wrist his feeling pretty damn good, following a cortisone treatment … and adding M&M Peanut candies to his daily nutritional regimen.

    All in all, ST stats don’t mean so much to me as simply seeing all veterans / rookies / invitees get and stay healthy, proving themselves ready for action come opening day, which last time I looked was 13 days 23 hours and 35 minutes, give or take 13 seconds.

  15. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    As already noted, the Giants defeated the Royals today in Game 8 of the World Series, 8-3. Giants put up 4

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      My editor just got fired for somehow posting up without completing his nonsense. This blog could sure use an “edit” button. Why one is not available makes me think that WordPress was invented back in the Dark Ages – or in other words, about the same time George Bush was ushered into the presidency by order of SCOTUS.

  16. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    “It’s lonely here at the bottom” –anonymous

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      “it’s lonely here at the bottom.” –anonymous Ted Cruz supporter

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        “It’s lonely here at the bottom.” –anonymous aaa’s fan

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:

          “It’s lonely here at the bottom” –inert Methane gas deposits, lying dormant for the time being upon the ocean’s floor, waiting for a 3-6 degree warming of the ocean before unleashing it’s social networking version of hell on earth and then some.

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:

          Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin: The Dream Team and a return to the Dark Ages.

          • xoot says:

            Ignorance and arrogance and rabid self-interest–what a foundation for an ideology. They’re great republicans

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              I heard parts of his speech analyzed on NPR yesterday, and his declaration (to paraphrase) that the U.S. Constitution owes itself and solely governed by The God Almighty is something fundamentalist and fake Christians have been fabricating out of whole cheese cloth for some time now is really mystifying. For all of Cruz’s purported intelligence, one can fully appreciate how hell-bent ideology makes even the brightest in the class (Justice ‘Tony’ Scalia comes instantly comes to mind as well) appear ignorant beyond belief.

  17. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    “Facebook Rules” — vice-assistant to Corporate Marketing for Social Services

  18. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Sweet 4 run rally (beautiful 2B by McGehee) in the 3rd … tie ball game: 4-4 (now 2 outs in the top of 3rd). Vogey’s been tagged with 4 earned runs in 2 ip … last time I checked, not great, but hey it’s still spring season baseball.

    Game being televised free tonight here: http://m.giants.mlb.com/sf/video/v47787183/live-giants-at-indians (I have an early start tomorrow, won’t be able to see the game to conclusion)

  19. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Doygers sign Cuban infielder Hector Olivera to a six-year, $62.5 million contract (plus $28 million signing bonus) … sheesh.

    Meanwhile, Pablo continues to move on with the utmost grace and humility; to wit.,

    “New house, new friends … I turned the page and now it’s on to a new one. That’s the way I am. I’ll try to do my best here and hopefully do with my teammates here what we did there. I cut things off at the root.”

    I’m now officially rooting – not for – but against Pablo – even before the start of the regular season.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      More on Pablo 2.0 (http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2015/03/25/pablo-sandoval-red-sox-giants-phone-number/70420466/)

      Sandoval acknowledged he was irritated by what he considered the Giants’ harping on his weight, which tended to increase significantly during the season, hampering his defensive range. He pointed out the Red Sox have hired a nutritionist and he’s trying to pay heed, but conceded the results don’t show so far. He wouldn’t reveal where the scales stop, saying simply he’s comfortable at his current weight.

      “I’m a professional and I know what I have to do,” said Sandoval, listed as 5-11 and 255. “I know where I’ve failed and how I’ve grown up. If I had signed (with the Giants), I knew I would be under a (weight) regimen for five years, and I’m not going to be happy someplace where I’m under that kind of regimen, where I can’t be myself.”
      Being himself apparently demands he forgo any sentimentality of show of appreciation, part of being himself was being identified as a Giant, signed by the Giants in 2003 and brought up through a highly nurturing, positive environment where he excelled … before the weight began to noticeably impair his reaction time at 3rd base so much so that by 2010 Pablo apparently was more content about “being” himself while spending most of his ‘happy’ time on the bench during the 2010 playoffs.

      Pablo, sign, you’re just being sad to the point of churlish with little sign of perspective and depth.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        sigh … not sign 😉

      • annapirhana says:

        Being Pablo probably means a BMI that equals his paycheck. He’s an athlete that participates in a sport where weight plays a factor. He is not a sumo wrestler. As an avid sumo wrestling fan, Sandoval doesn’t even have their graceful athleticism.

        I think it would be best if he would stop trying to convince himself and the public that leaving the Giants was the best thing possible. That is what Sandoval is doing, after all. Do you remember Uribe being this flappy?

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:

          Flappy Uribe? Ha! ha! No. Hardly. Sandoval’s continuing ‘chatter’ makes even Brian Wilson appear rather more circumspect and discrete. ha!

      • xoot says:

        Pablo’s an enormous and enormously talented child. The Giants were the mean parents. And I think the Red Sux are going to need to employ a babysitting crew larger than one nutritionist. I’m still amazed by the night he woke under the stars on the beach at Aptos, wondering where his pants were. (Rehabbing in San Jose where he was supposed to be, perhaps.)

        The Giants offered him a Gargantuan contract with some terms designed to motivate him to be more disciplined (and less Gargantuan)–or to listen to the sitters the Giants hired to keep him disciplined. The Giants knew what they were doing, and, at least as far as I can tell, their approach was pretty smart.

        I can’t root against Pablo. But I no longer feel any reason to root for him. Adios, pelota — de playa.

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:

          My god, I forgot about the ‘pantless’ Panda episode. Just Pablo being Pablo in this instance. ha! I agree, xoot, that given Pablo’s past 5 seasons – 2010 through 2014, his regular season (and I stress “regular season”) record of personal / professional conduct, sometimes taxed this (me) diehard Giants fan. For the Giants to make him a huge – overinflated – offer in April of 2014 would have come across as exceedingly risky to the point of irresponsible given his over all professional conduct.

          But, ownership, too, NEVER gave up on Pablo. Pablo, however, gave up on the Giants probably with a lot of imprudent and ill-advised counsel from his brother or whoever (an agent who wanted more for himself as well?). In any case, yeah, I actually still rooted for Brian Wilson to make a successful comeback from TJ … even though I hated him trying to do it, sporting a Powder Blue (in honor of Shel) Doyer uni. But, I can’t / won’t be rooting for Pablo … which is alas only fair play for an apparent ingrate, who made his mark as a SF Giant … something I suspect he will be left wanting wearing a Red Sux uni.

        • annapirhana says:

          Hasn’t Panda always employed a crew of people to help keep him in shape, only to become unraveled again during the season? Babysitters, because he doesn’t have the discipline or ability to do these things on his own. Anyone who is a chain dieter can recognize his excuses and the blaming, but Sandoval needs to remember that he was pretty horrible during the 2014 season up until the playoffs.

          On another note, the pitching staff is coming along quite nicely. Yah?

          • xoot says:

            pitching looking ok, although Lincecum hasn’t been sharp tonight. On the other hand, as a Kentucky basketball fan, I have to admit I’ve missed a lot of this Giants’ game. (I’ve made an effort not to gloat all year about the KY team, but damn, they’re great . . . .)

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              Missed the game, but checking his stats, Timmy pitched 5 innings, giving up 3 earned runs (2R in the 2nd, and 2R – 1 earned, but a throwing error on Lincecum didn’t help), while striking out 7. Still, not terrible for preseason. So, I expect aaa’s fans are celebrating like it’s the post season right about now. ha!

              • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                edit – I meant to complete the parenthetical, “… and 2R [in the 3rd] – 1 earned, ….” If I had one wish it would be for WordPress software to authorize the ability for us to be able to *edit* our posts … is that really asking so much? 😛 (apparently, yeah ;-))

                • annapirhana says:

                  I don’t know how to give you admin tools to allow you to edit the site. I tried looking it up but the available buttons do not correspond to what is actually present.

                • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                  Anna (this is the only “reply” option allowed for me on this thread), that’s okay. Just seems kinda funky (old / out-dated) that the WordPress host-software doesn’t have a ‘toggle’ for allowing posters to edit. I suspect that before the Viafoura ‘programmer’ was hired by SFGate, he (or it) originally got his experience by programming the WordPress softwar. Hey, in any case, don’t mind me. Because, the moderating here makes up for anything and everything else that Viafoura has to offer. (Still, no signs of Sandykoufax32 although I’m trying to think of ways to draw him out … maybe some early Curtis Knight / Jimmy Hendrix tune might do it? 🙂 )

  20. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Local channel is carrying tonight’s Giants v Fox Sports Doiygers. Half time Entertainment provided by Puig Tantrums and Head Games, Inc.

    • annapirhana says:

      I can see the game on MLB.TV! Nice to see the Giants broadcast of a Dodger game. I probably won’t be able to see any this year again because of that Time Warner Dodger mess down here in LA.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        Yaaaa! Although starting my first full year in rebuilding a new clientele, I likely won’t be able to budget for anything but Dish Network’s “Welcome Pack” (same as last year). Still, work is picking up and this could change by the ALS Break. 🙂

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Dodgers showing Heston little mercy in bottom of 1st. LAD 2 SF 0 (still no outs). boo. hiss.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        Thank God! Uribe is still a Giants at heart … grounds into a DP to end the inning.

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:

          Blanco works the count v Grumpy. A hit. Runners at 1st and 3rd. 2 outs. Adrianza – Anna’s favorite player (so long as he remained on the bench) from last year now up to bat. Crawford drops the ball! Susac and Blanco score!!! LAD 3 SF 2.

  21. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Beautiful play by Panik to “gun down” the Puigster.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Blanco triples. Ishi scores from 1st. Tie ballgame. Grumpy’s pitch count now at 70 with 2 outs in top of 4th.

  22. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Adrianza having a good game. works the count. walks to 1st. Crawford hits to the center field wall. Giants seizes a 4-3 lead. Grumpy gets grumpier. now pulled from the game. still 2 outs.

  23. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Van Slyke pulls a John Boehner … out trying to steal 3rd!

  24. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Susac! Adios Pelota! Giants 5 Dodgers 3.

  25. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Have to log off for the night. BEAT LA!

  26. xoot says:

    I caught part of today’s game. I thought Cain looked just ok–excellent curve ball, terrible hanging sliders and a FB that tops out now at 90. He’ll need great control, and a decent slider. Buster looked good all around, throwing out a runner in the first, smacking the ball, etc. Puig was as Puigish as ever. He’ll probably never understand the new batter’s box rules.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Missed today’s game – followed Miami Open Tennis today (a bit disappointed to see the #2 seed, Nadal, fall to Verdasco … but, at least your Kentucky Wildcats are holding up their end of the seeding March Madness 🙂 ). I gotta believe that so long as Cain is and stays healthy, he will prove to be a big lift for the rotation as the season progresses.

      I’m looking forward to seeing Puig get slapped with a fine for repeatedly stepping out of the box just to retie his shoelaces.

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