Here Comes the Clock–But It May Turn Out More or Less OK, as Replay Did


New rules this year will speed the games. Clocks on the scoreboard and behind the plate will check the time between innings. If a pitcher hasn’t finished his warm up pitches when the alarm goes off, too bad. Also I believe batters will be timed as they walk up and dig in; and pitchers will be timed as they respond. The players may get fined if they dog it. Be interesting to see Pablo Sandoval in Boston doing his batter’s-box dance in double-time.

A clock, in baseball? Well, it applies mainly when time has already been called. If time’s in, what’s wrong with a clock to make sure the delay doesn’t drag on? I suspect it’ll work out fine, more or less the way replay worked out.

Some bad things happened. One of the oddest I know about occurred during an a’s v. Blue Jays game on 7/3. Bases loaded, the Blue Jay batter hit a ball to the firstbaseman, who tried to tag the runner going from first to second. The umpire at second indicated that the tag had missed, so the firstbaseman hurled the ball home, where it arrived before the runner from third did, and the catcher had his foot on the plate. Force out at home, right? No. The Jays’ manager challenged the call on his runner going to second, claiming that he was OUT, therefore the run counted because there was no longer a force play at home. After a 4 1/2 minute replay, the umps agreed with the Jays’ manager — runner on second was out before reaching the bag, and the run counted because the catcher hadn’t tagged the guy who came home. Think the catcher was happy about that turn of events?

But some good things happened, too, including one of the most beautiful DPs in World Series History. Best part about that long replay review was that every viewer in the world got to see Panik and Crawford in slomo over and over making that wonderful play.

Change is only something new. Progress, well progress is ok.

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4 Responses to Here Comes the Clock–But It May Turn Out More or Less OK, as Replay Did

  1. JDR says:

    Don Mattingly will find a way to hilariously fuck this up. My heart tells me this.

  2. annapirhana says:

    It would be awesome if someone timed arguments with the umpire, like a high school debate. Of course, no one would follow that rule and the ghost of Earl Weaver would come out and kick the dirt at homeplate.

  3. annapirhana says:

    On another note, I’m pretty excited to see the results of Timmy’s off-season retooling with dad. He’s still my favorite Giant, and I want so much for him to find his old style. Plus, with the return of the long hair, how can he not recreate that old magic?

  4. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    The addition of no longer requiring (or permitting) the manager to mosey out to the infield way before he decides to or not to challenge a call should help speed up the game as well. The limited use of the clock should help to complementing the added time necessary to exercise the replay challenge. Can’t wait to see Puig getting fined at the plate for dilly dallying. I like it all … I think. I’m especially looking forward to an ‘odd’ season of ball! I’m not about to give up on seeing back to back post season playoffs.

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