Just too clear; just in time for the 2015 Super Bowl.  Junior Seau, 1969 — 2012, has been inducted into the nfl HOF.  RIP.

Maybe I’m getting old, but I don’t enjoy football as much as I used to.  Seems as if every series of downs there’s a guy limping off, or being carted off, the field.

Pitchers and catchers report soon.  Let those games begin.

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4 Responses to RIP HOF JUNIOR SEAU

  1. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Following the 49ers in the Joe Montana / Steve Young and even Kenny Stabler / Jim Plunkett days was still (admittedly) fun. But, the NFL today suffers from the decisive negative of a serious plethora of injuries. It could be that – for me – the ‘writing on the wall’ was observed when one of the most gifted athletes in the professional baseball and football world, Bo Jackson, went down with a career ending injury following being tackled on the sideline, following his last 60 yard run. I don’t know if that’s the exact moment, but after that the accumulation of injuries to so many of the player athletes I rooted for took more and more ‘fun’ out of watching the game.

    I will watch today’s Super Bowl and probably root for “may the best team win” (because I really don’t care who wins … even if all the balls are found to be over-inflated by game’s end), but I really just hope we don’t witness another bone crushing injury or concussion to the head.

  2. xoot says:

    Flyovers. At game 5 of the WS, I had to acknowledge the brilliant timing of the fighter jet flyover. But what’s that all about? World domination? I heard the crowd at the super bowl today cheer loudly when the video screens showed a bunch of soldiers in a triangle formation, probably people earning minimum wage and risking their lives every day for world domination.

    In the old days, I had a lock on super bowls based on the respective teams’ attitudes during the national anthem. I first picked up on it in 81, when the sanctimonious Eagles were singing along and weeping on the sideline, while the Raiders were joking, slapping stickum on the DBs and ignoring the song. Raiders destroyed the Eagles. These days, nfl rules inhibit sideline hijinks and tv editing is slick, so it’s hard to tell, usually. But today? Seahawks all the way. Sherman was actually contemplating the hypocrisy of the moment while he listened. 34-21.

    • xoot says:

      well, maybe not. Marshwan Lynch didn’t get the ball enough. that’s it.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        Seattle is probably a ghost town of wandering, lost souls today. Tough loss, especially when the game was in hand at the 1 yard line. Yeah, possibly a top notch receiver would have successfully made the catch / fought off the interception; but Wilson’s pass was right there. A clearer case where Pete Carroll outfoxed himself – a little reminiscent (as pointed out on the Murph n’ Mac show this morning) of Matt William’s astonishing ‘no-brainer’ to pull Zimmerman in the 9th during the NLDS. ha!

        As for the seeming non-sequitur of the almost obligatory military fly-overs during all major American sporting events these days, they serve to remind only the non-thinking fan just how these game would / could never happen … without Americans – from Vietnam, Granada, Afghanistan and Iraq – fighting for Exxon-Mobile’s, Shell’s, BP’s (etc.) ‘freedom’ to capitalize by privatizing Iraqi oil – most recently just last week in Basra, I believe.

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