Hot Stove & Links for the week of 1-5-2015 to 1-11-2015

January 6, 2015

11:02 a.m.


January 5, 2015

2:51 p.m.
— Per Jeff Wilson (Fort Worth Star-Telegram), INF ADAM ROSALES has signed a 1 yr./$900k deal with the Rangers.
— Per Jon Heyman, NICK HUNDLEY has signed a 2 yr./$6.5m deal with the Rockies.

7:19 a.m.
— Per Jon Heyman, EMILIO BONIFACIO has signed with the ChiSox @ 1 yr./$4m. Per Jim Bowden, the ChiSox have now spent $132m this off season


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7 Responses to Hot Stove & Links for the week of 1-5-2015 to 1-11-2015

  1. dirtnrocksnomo says:

    I thought the Giants might go for Bonifacio.

  2. xoot says:

    The four elected to the HOF today are true HOFers. Unfortunately, they’re too late. The HOF has turned into a joke.

  3. datswhatsup says:

    Hall of Fame voters like SuSlu continue with their consistent and Solomon like position on PEDs.

    LaRussa, the General of the Patient Zero of Team PEDs, was not a genius who rode his “talented” players to titles totally unaware that they were using PEDs–I guess he was an idiot savant. So in tune with the morality clause of the HoF he brought McGwire with him to StL.

    I’m Sure SuSlu also wrote a scathing article about her a’s daring to resign Bartolo after he tested positive the year before–I just can’t seem to find that article.

    But SuSlu knows her cheaters, she can tell without tests. Like how Biggio, like most players, posted his career high in poers stats when he was 29 & 30 years old (a players peak). After that time his numbers dropped off…oh until 2004 & 2005 when at age 40 & 41 he hit the most HRs of his career and slugged 80 points higher than when he was 35.

    SuSlu=a hack.

    • xoot says:

      yes indeed. Something’s wrong with Slusser’s values–voting for Stanford guy Mussina but not Cal guy Kent; black-balling Bonds because it turns out Canseco betrayed her when she was a little innocent a’s fan in 1980s. Slusser and her husband (San Jose sports writer something Brown) lobbied hard to get Roger Angell admitted to the Baseball Writers HOF (or whatever it’s called). Well deserved, imo. Yet Slusser seems unaware of Angell’s position on the steroid era. Slusser would do well to read Angell’s several brilliant pieces on Bonds, including one that argues irrefutably that Bonds should be in the HOF.

  4. datswhatsup says:

    I think I’m okay with BS’s wait and see on the 2015 season.

    They went after Sandoval, but it became pretty clean that he wanted to go to Boston.

    Lester? Not sure breaking the bank on a long term contract for a 30 year old pitcher is a smart move.

    2015 Pluses:
    -There is a great chance Cain will be back and better–it was clean up not reconstruction
    -I was glad to hear Hudson needs ankle surgery–maybe that explains the tail off…not that he lost it
    -Pagan’s return makes the lineup instantly better
    -Panick’s swing is less prone to long slumps..his bat’s in the hitting zone a really long time
    -A full year of Belt improves the middle of the lineup
    -Susac could be a nice chip to have as the #2 catcher (look what poor Hernandez put up last year)
    -Hits Magee is playing for a contract, make or break if you will. He’s no Pablo but will be motivated
    -Last year for TL, can he figure it out? If not, that $17M off the books
    -Romo showed at the end of the season, he may not be a closer but he is a fine set up guy (ask the 2014 doyers if that is an important position)
    -Freaking Duffy, that bean pole showed he can put the ball and play and situationally hit–I hear he can play decent D in the infield and OF–nice weapon
    -What about having switch hitting Hector try to play 3B? He played 1B–he’s young and would be a nice option at three positions.
    -Scutaro is done, they can thank him and turn the page and not wonder if he will be back
    -Petit the long reliever is back
    -Strickland, don’t know why but feel 26 years old and 98-100 mph is reason to be hopeful.
    -Still have their top 10 prospects, most of whom might be pitchers
    -If they don’t spend now, they should be able to take on a contract at the AS Break

    2105 Negatives:
    -I’m just not a Peavy guy–thought they caught lightning a bottle last year but also saw it fizzle out
    -LF without Morse’s first half there is no playoffs, Blanco/Perez cannot be the starter
    -Petit the starter…not so much
    -Lopez…is it just me or is it over?
    -Hudson, Peavy,TL…it’s not crazy to think two or all three could end up as #5 starters
    -Am I alone thinking there was something wrong with Posey besides fatigue last October/November?

    • xoot says:

      Excellent run down on just about everything, dats.
      Two different takes: I think Javier is still a great LOOGY, and I’m suspicious of Strickland. His MiLB WHIP went from 1.5 to .7 (or something like that) after the Giants picked him up. But given his talent for turning 100 mph FBs into 120 mph splash hits, seems to me what the Giants organization taught him may not be enough for mlb. Maybe there’s more development to come, however. Every team needs a 100 mph guy in the pen these days.

  5. xoot says:

    I get back from seeing Inherent Vice–the very good movie version of a brilliant Thomas Pynchon novel (first time Pynchon’s ever been adapted to the screen)–and I learn that Robert Stone just died, age 77. Damn. Stone was a great writer. Try his short story, Porque Le Falta, Porque No Tiene, and you’ll want to read everything he wrote. Same weedy paranoia that Pynchon develops in IV, but compressed into a few astonishing pages. Strange coincidence.

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