Harbaugh as a lame duck?

Okay, time to change it up with a bit of Niner talk. I’ll leave it brief to give more room for discussion in the comments. The consensus seems to be that, after yesterday’s steaming dump of a loss in Seattle (or even last week’s in Oakland), Harbaugh is as good as gone. Either one or both sides have decided to cut ties and now they’re just playing out the string.

I’m not so sure about this, if for no other reason than he hasn’t been canned yet. History and personalities would suggest that if the Niners had made the decision, he would be gone already and Tomsula or someone else would be in a caretaker role.

Think about the last two HCs: both Mikes Nolan and Singletary were given the axe mid-season. The team did not want to leave either coach in as a lame duck to finish out the year. They made their decision and they dropped the coach as soon as it was decided.

And then there’s Harbaugh. He’s definitely not the type that would decide just to cash a paycheck and say the right thing until the season ends. As much as they’ve been limping along of late, he really doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who would agree to that, especially given his supposedly less-than-friendly relationship with the higher-ups in the organization.

Which leads to two possibilities: one, that his fate hasn’t been decided yet. Or two, they’ve decided or are pursuing a trade to be announced in the offseason. Though in that event you would think it’s going to leak in the coming weeks as the Niners would want to get a new coach in place ASAP and whoever’s getting Harbaugh will want to make what will surely be a big announcement.

So, what’s everyone here think?

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7 Responses to Harbaugh as a lame duck?

  1. xoot says:

    This has been a crappy year for the Niners. Can’t blame Harbaugh for everything. But with so much going wrong, over reaction seems almost inevitable. Fer crissakes, the highlight photo-op of the brand new stadium wasn’t a game-winning Niner TD catch or a decisive sack; it was a mouthy opposing defensive back sitting down on the 49er logo in the middle of the field to eat his own Thanksgiving feast. Heads are gonna roll. My guess is they cut Harbaugh loose right after the last game. Just a guess.

  2. datswhatsup says:

    JH had more injuries than most.
    3 0L missed significant time
    VD has obviously been hurt most of the year
    3 All Pro LBs missed at least 9 games
    2 DBs missed most of year

    Jay Glazer said JH was gone this year no matter what. Maybe he is the Billy Martin of football, wears too thin after 3-4 years. Maybe that’s why he should be in college where players only stick for 2-4 years

    Roman has failed to evolve, and I believe CK would perform better with a new offense.

    To me JH is too stubborn to be traded, the final eff you for being hung out to dry will be denying the trade ala Dan Haren. He would survive in NY with the media, Oakland is a graveyard.

    If I were him I’d take the Michigan job, the NFL turned “whose got it better than us” into “you’re a fumbled punt, PI non call and Sherman tipped pass from 3 straight probable victories , but we don’t like you so buh bye.”

  3. datswhatsup says:

    Not make it in NY

    3 straight Super Bowl victories

    …..stupid phone keyboard

  4. datswhatsup says:

    Holmgren as HC and Fangio as AHC/DC?

  5. annapirhana says:

    Dork and Baalke’s daughter were crass in making public their discontent. As a casual fan — or more of a non-fan to the Dorkdom — I find this sort of drama in line with what I expect from French politics and their sexual escapades.

    Hairball’s sideline emos are too much for me, but I never thought he was so terrible that he should get a public caning. I guess he’s off to Michigan?

    How will Kaep cope? He was Hairball’s QB experiment. New coach or coaches might bring about a slew of OC’s, and we’ll have a new Alex Smith sort of deal on our hands. I can’t wait. Which is why I’m not going to renew my NFL Ticket. I just don’t give a crap about football and their misogynist, concussed view of the world.

  6. xoot says:

    How can Harbaugh turn down the Michigan offer?

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