Hot stove & links for 12-09-2014

❄ Winter Baseball Meetings Edition ❄

11:03 p.m.
JON LESTER has chosen the Chicago Cubs as his new home in a 6 yr./$155m contract. While he was determined not to let the money sway him, it’s rather odd that he chose the team that offered the most $$ on the table.

6:31 p.m.
— Per multiple sources, JON LESTER has informed the Giants that he will not be joining the ballclub. However, LESTER still has not announced his club of choice.

5:04 p.m.
— Per Bob Nightengale, the Giants have been in talks with the Braves to acquire JUSTIN UPTON. Braves want to include CHRIS JOHNSON in this package.

1:00 p.m.
— Per ESPN, Giants GM Bobby Evans said that the Cubs, Sox are favorites to win JON LESTER, who stated that he was not going to the highest bidder. Thank God.

12:44 p.m.
— Per Bruce Levin, MIGUEL MONTERO is now a Cub.

12:14 a.m.
— Per multiple sources, the BBWAA will recommend that the Hall of Fame balloting be expanded from 10 to 12. Ring-a-ding-ding.
— Per MLB Trade Rumors, the Angels have acquired DREW BUTERA from the Dodgers.

10:43 a.m.
— Per John Shea, MATT CAIN will begin throwing from 45-60 feet next week. Will throw three times a week.

10:26 a.m.
— Per Jon Heyman, the Pirates have reached a deal with FRANCISCO LIRIANO. Estimated to be 3 yrs./$39m.

10:14 a.m.
— Per Bill Shaikin (LA Times), the Doodgers will not extend ZACK GREINKE‘s contract this winter.
— Per multiple sources, JEFF SMARDZIJA says that going to the White Sox is a “…dream come true…”

10:07 a.m.
— Per Ken Rosenthal, Doodgers working hard on a deal that would send MATT KEMP to the Poodres in exchange for YASMANI GRANDAL plus additional guests.

9:37 a.m.
— Per multiple sources, the A’s have acquired powerhouse players CHRIS BASSITT, JOSH PHEGLEY, RANGEL RAVELO and MARCUS SEMIEN from the White Sox in exchange for JEFF SAMARDZIJA and MICHAEL YNOA.

7:05 a.m.
— Per Ken Rosenthal, the Giants are lining up possible trades in the event that they come up empty in the JON LESTER derby.

😂 From CBS Sports, Report: Phillies accidentally traded prospect in 2011 Hunter Pence deal
🚨 From the LA Times, Josh Hamilton needs to have a bounce-back season for Angels


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7 Responses to Hot stove & links for 12-09-2014

  1. xoot says:

    The a’s traded the Shark for a kid who grew up and went to HS in Berkeley. The WSox drafted him then, but he went to Cal. Then the WSox drafted him again. He sounds like a bright East Bay guy. He must’ve been bummed to hear that the E Coli is his new home.

  2. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    “Per multiple sources, the A’s have acquired powerhouse players CHRIS BASSITT, JOSH PHEGLEY, RANGEL RAVELO and MARCUS SEMIEN from the White Sox in exchange for ….”

    Powerhouse? Ha! ha! ha!

    I can, however, appreciate Beane’s wishful rebuilding from scratch cranial moneyball crunching … sort of … well, not really; but only time will tell just how Bassistt (statistically decent AA reliever), Phegley (Sox catcher, batting .216 in 11 games in 2014), Ravelo (AA infielder and DH, batting .309 in 2014 minors), and Semien (infielder, batting .234 in 2014 in 65 games with Sox).

    When 2015 rolls around, I suspect A’s fans won’t even recognize their team … sort of like The Three Stooges, who are hanging wallpaper for the day, promises to the business proprietor that when he comes back, “you won’t even recognize the place!”

  3. annapirhana says:

    Pretty relieved that Jon Lester’s sights are elsewhere. I would prefer a hungrier Scherzer, who has not yet won a WS ring. I like him better as a pitcher, too. Also, Lester wanted crazy money. Not worth giving it to him when we’re still not yet sure of Cain’s status. Perhaps next year, if it is necessary, we can spend that sort of $$ on a pitcher, if necessary.

  4. datswhatsup says:

    Pull out of the Lester bidding war.

    Lester should get all he can, but the back and forth makes me (as a fan) want SF to pass. Best of luck JL, but we’re the Giants and don’t need this shit. If top dollar, loyal fans, sold out stadium and a chance at a ring aren’t enough–keep on moving Pal.

    Go after Scherzer and an upgrade at 3B with the money.

    It’s not the NBA where you have to spend the money. If they end up under budget they afford to can pick up a salary dump at the All Star break after they see which Hudson and TL they have.

    • annapirhana says:

      Agree. And if he is holding out this long, which truly seems to be holding up the rest of the Winter Baseball Meetings, then Lester will go where he’ll get the most attention. It won’t happen at either the Giants or Dodgers, where our aces are both firmly in place.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        The early talk in the off-season was that the Nats were putting Doug Fister out there as an arb-eligible FA – sounded pretty intriguing to me; but I guess that whole scheme fizzled / went nowhere.

        The talk of $150 million / 6 year plus bidding war over Lester, while not as insane as Cheney and Bush running around in their Nike combat shoes after 9-11, orchestrating American history’s darker / darkest moment: “Torture … just do it!,” is still pretty crazy. I love the way the Giants eventually recovered from the Bonds / Zito transition era. That recovery was entirely home grown: Lincecum, Cain, Bumgarner. I wish the Giants could continue that tradition – bringing up minor league prospects – instead of forking out the kind of one man torture deal that Lester’s agent is asking for right now. (I know, terrible analogy, but I’m rushing a bit this evening – no time / interest to employ my unpaid editor herein).

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      datswhatsup – a spirited, reasonable, and no nonsense argument. One might have though Lester would love to pitch at AT&T and for Giants fans … but, it looks like money, again, is his agent’s lone, ‘moral’ compass.

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