Spring training is going, going ….

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We are ten days away from the Bay Bridge Series, that special time of year between Spring Training and Opening Day.  Our enemies, of course, wear green and gold and are identifiable by their troll-like demeanor.

Did our hatred for the A’s run so deep before we were introduced to the horrible board monitoring at the Splash on SFGate?  After years of Jims and Mollies and BarryForever and the travel writer, we have collectively become weary of that stench wafting from across the bay.  It reeks of burning keyboards, motley skin and perma orange Cheetoh fingertips.

The only other thing to worry about is the first world problems of Zack Greinke, who doesn’t want to go to Australia.  No! to the sandy beaches, the beautiful weather, that giant rock in the middle of the country and the ABBA singing queens.  Careful, Zack…dingos eat crybabies, too.

Almost time to really PLAY BALL!


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Writer, former KUSF DJ and fan of the SF Giants/SJ Sharks/Great America 49ers. Love quality films, though I don't take things too seriously. If I told you what I do for a living, I'd have to tickle you.
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  1. xoot says:

    So many years of being Giants fans in the dugouts of Oakland Little League turned my kids into world-class A’s haters. The constant arguing with, well, tactless A’s-fan teammates just set their minds on high alert. They’re still pissed off that a shelf here full of Giants mementos–WS cups, hats, foam fingers, a Pablo-signed ball, etc.–also has a yellow PS rally rag stuffed into the corner. I didn’t wave that rag at the A’s game, of course; I put it in my pocket and brought it home merely to razz the kids. But I did root for the team in that loss. I’ve always sort of liked the A’s–the way I like a burger if I can’t get steak. I also like Oakland and Berkeley, and I really don’t want the lowly yellow and green to leave.

    I do agree, however, that the A’s fans who’ve turned rabid since the Giants won the WS make it hard to be charitable. What kind of baseball fans are these? Ticket prices at the E Coli are dirt cheap, but they can’t get the place half full most of the time. And A’s fans are deluded if they think they’re hard-core tough the way Giants fans at the Stick were.

    Ah, well. btw: Nice trick linking the A’s trolls to the debased form of St. Patrick’s Day foolishness we host in the U.S. of A.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      I was an original A’s fan, following a bunch of unknowns at the time, Reggie, Sal, Rudi, Catfish, Blue-Moon, Vida, etc., and always have a place in my bay area roots (born and raised outside Concord, CA) for the A’s … except, the trolling at SFGate has moved me more against the A’s fortunes (although I still cling to wishing them well), because trolling seeds BAD karma all around a troll’s ‘radius of influence’. How Giants fans handle the trolls, too, is something watched by the gods. (Of course, I really can’t prove anything about this notion of “karma” … but I accept it as a precautionary truism, because to ignore karma is to risk ‘unexpected’ peril, I believe.)

      But, Giants bloggers should not have to ‘handle’ the obvious trolls. That’s a moderator’s job. And they aren’t working like moderators – indeed, they almost seem to have an unwritten “Pro-Troll” policy of board conduct. No way to win this, I suspect.

      My Dad, on the other hand, never frequented a blog in his lifetime, had no clue what
      Troll” referred to, and remained more of an A’s fan than a Giants fan to the end … I think because although he commuted and made his living in the City, he identified more with a blue-collar, working class kind of Oakland.

    • annapirhana says:

      I was never an A’s hater. Like Shoeless, I liked the A’s of the Reggie, Catfish, Sal, Joe Rudi and Vida era. They brought lots of glory to the Bay Area in a sport where our own SF Giants were increasingly becoming so terrible. I think my dislike began with the Bay Area series and the ‘roided crew, and then increased with the trolls at the Splash.

      I understand that having that sort of metal v. metal relationship is good for web traffic, but having it unattended — as Shoeless points out — is fatal. A Giants board should really allow Giants fans to express themselves, which is why blogs and dedicated message boards are far better than a newspaper site. If you look at how papers are into outsourcing and trying to save money, I think board monitoring is a low priority. This sits well with someone like VK, who doesn’t seem to do any board monitoring outside of cheerleading for the A’s. fans.

      I also remember fan forums where A’s and Dodger fans would unite to make fun of that famous empty SF Giants trophy case. I wouldn’t be stupid enough to collude with anyone from the Orange County Angels just to make fun of the A’s. I just don’t have the time or the interest.

      • sandy32koufax says:

        Hey, it was empty longer than anyone else’s was 😉

        Ya, I’ve liked the A’s since ’68 when my ma stole by cover of darkness from the southland from me pa…but that’s another story and I digress…Ya, Campy, Green and Segui up to today and especially during Lansford’s time with em, juicer team or not-he was my home boy and besides, Bob Welch? Fack alla the shit that thrown at jints fans, as I recall they started throwing shit at me so ya, I retaliated with the empty trophy case crap. Today it’s LA and Oaktown that’s behind the times. Go Blues and my Frenemies live in peace forever!

        • sandy32koufax says:

          We REALLY need to get delete or edit function here…that last line shoulda read “…and MAY Frenemies…”

  2. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    lol, ApA, what a great way (and fun read) to kick off St. Paddy’s Day! Just loved the beautiful sarcastic touches, Zack, rocks, Abba, et all. Kudos!

  3. zumiee says:

    I’m pretty sure ABBA are from Sweden.
    But lots of great recording artists from Australia: INXS, Midnight Oil, Hoodo Gurus, Kasey Chambers, and so forth. Great stuff.
    Of course, Greinke had to be the biggest whiner.

    • zumiee says:

      Oh, I just re-read what you wrote. You meant people singing along with ABBA’s music. Oops.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        Those ABBA singers were also there way back when the Monkees were such hot stuff, rivaling the Beatles, themselves, with such timeless classics like Daydream Believer … (I think I just threw up a little bit in my ….) 😉 Instead, I’ll still take Ahhh, Sweet Lorraine ….

        • annapirhana says:

          I loved the Monkees. I was teeny back then, but wow…loved that show back then. Now, it is unwatchable.

          I did grow up on Motown, though. I’m a Diana Ross and the Supremes girl – Come See About Me, Love Child — and the Temptations. I remember being on the phone for an hour or so trying to win an album. I was only 5 at the time. But Marvin Gaye…how can you even get better than Marvin!

          • sandy32koufax says:

            LITTLE RIVER BAND! Great horn solos and brass highlights by those guys.

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            ApA, Yeah, that’s just like a little, still idealistic little girl … of course, little boys might be more commonly found outside, using their older brother’s magnifying glass in search of ants to toast. 😦 (why? obviously, little boys are the empty vessels and ready implements of Satan!)

            • annapirhana says:

              My sister used to catch spiders and put it in a jar filled with alcohol. She’d then put the jar into a strong plastic bag, hang it and roll that thing down the clothesline. We were 2 stories up and the clothesline was attached to a neighbor’s home. She’d leave the spider there for a bit, then bring it back. She’d lay her chin on a table and watch the spider wobble on to an agonizing death. So I think that makes her a worthy candidate for Satan’s vessel, despite the Catholic upbringing.

    • annapirhana says:

      Hey Zumiee! LTNS. Don’t be a stranger!

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        Energetically gay. 😉 But, if I have to do ABBA, I still prefer the original Scandinavian production.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Hey, Zoom, good to see you, man. How you?

  4. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Scut’s first AB – A Double! he’s 1 for 1 for 2014!

  5. xoot says:

    Pablo caught trying to steal 2B. He must be feeling ok. Scutaro out after two ABs–according to Schulman that’s the standard for a player’s first ST game.

  6. Chico says:

    Hey, nice to see you Zumiee!

  7. xoot says:

    Lincecum out in the 6th behind 4-3. He gave up 7 singles, but also a couple of walks and a HBP. He induced a bunch of grounders, however, and mainly threw strikes to what may’ve been a tiny strike zone (both starters had a couple of 4-pitch walks). Not the worst ST day.

    • xoot says:

      One more Lincecum-charged run scores, apparently. Still . . . .

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Right now, it’s all good practice, I’m thinking (for now). But, Lincecum’s mustache does remind me a little bit of the comic – sporting a similar mustache – on SNL, doing silly one-liner Hispanic jokes and puns, always ending with something of a lilting “Ohh Mee O’hhhhhhh …?”

      • annapirhana says:

        I think Timmy looks like the Pearl Harbour, formerly of Pearl Harbour and the Explosions and one of the dancers in Leila and the Snakes (Leila was Jane Dornacker). Like Timmy, Pearl is half Filipino. This is her in younger days:

        This is a more recent photo of her:

  8. Chico says:

    Newballpark is in the A’s twitter feed!?! ML is a little weasel.

    • xoot says:

      ML, aka #lewsshill is a piece of dung. I got into a few twitter arguments with him and immediately half a dozen A’s fans jumped to my defense. He finally gave up, as he always does. Slusser treats him like a pet dog.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      I’m trying to decipher your ‘insider’ code. I don’t twitter nor do I know ML. But, if there was any truth to the news that the A’s new ballpark was for real, well then that would be news worth decoding. Maybe even a link. 😉

      • xoot says:

        he’s at newballpark.org.

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:

          Thanks. The ‘guy’ sure has a lot to say, so it would seem.

          • xoot says:

            He says the same things over and over. He’s some sort of engineer, so his technical discussions about ballparks and complex construction are useful. Otherwise, he’s not only prolix, he’s inaccurate and deceptive.

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              lol … “Prolix” – for those unfamiliar with this word (like me), it may be defined somewhat as follows:

              “long-winded, verbose, wordy, pleonastic, discursive, rambling, long-drawn-out, overlong, lengthy, protracted, interminable … ” (and the definition goes on for a couple additional ‘stanzas’. 🙂

  9. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    xoot, I followed your lead tonight and would suggest anyone else here so inclined to send out emails to all three sources, provided by Sandy originally posted on last week’s JD page – bbragman@sfgate.com, vk@sfgate.com, or support@sfgate.com. – citing the Trolling Trinity: scottcousins, alliemdws21, and mollie711. These three all share two things in common: They “love” the Giants while at the same time “hate” on the Giants. They only say they love the Giants, I believe, to pass Moderator scrutiny. So far it’s worked for them. But, xoot’s tactic employed tonight was brilliant, imo. He took Sandy’s preliminary work, then added a post of his home, comparing both the real Scott Cousins to SFGate’s resident troll, “scottcousins”.

    Xoot called sc’s bluff and raised him three links to hopeful SFGate ‘moderator’ interests. As a direct result, sc appears in panic mode. It’s the right time to crank up the pressure, which is why I took a moment to prepare my own email to all three links. If this doesn’t work, then I believe it must surely be a lost cause, and Giants fans will be stuck with these mental misfits for the entire season. So, worth repeating, some of you are outstanding thinkers and writers with far more baseball savvy than me. Do your worst! 🙂

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Edit: “then added a post of his [own], (not home).

    • xoot says:

      sfgate “disabled the content” sometime last night. But the despicable troll really did flip out for a while. I guess that’s something. 😉 And, of course, I republished the content this morning.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        Oh! So, that’s what happened. V obviously chucked the whole thread in its entirety. (not even a “comment disabled” advisory)

  10. sandy32koufax says:

    I have NOTHING of value to add. I am, howsomever, happily intoxicated, listening to these guys and going to sleep about an hour late…again 🙂 I lub Steely Dan

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Hahahahaha! We REALLY need an edit or a delete function. That was supposed to be “Aja,” fun tunes. Goodnight, jints fans…beisbol is nearly upon us!

  11. annapirhana says:


    • sandy32koufax says:

      sfgate reported he didn’t want to see his namesake go down in quality so he closed shop rather than sell the biz. I went by for one last burger maybe 6 weeks ago. SF is moving on and changing V quickly.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Shit. Really? Haven’t been there in a couple years, but I tool my daughter there a few times, and I’ve been there a few times over the years. She used to live in Ingleside, and we’d go there. She told me about BIg Mouth Burgers in the Mission. Great burgers. And she’s vegan. She loves their veggie birgers.

  13. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    FYI, I just received the following email in my inbox which reads,

    “OK, I got rid of scottcousins. He’s so subtle that the moderators don’t realize that it’s trolling. I’m sure he’ll be back.” –Vlae

    Good job, xoot and all!!! 🙂

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      FWIW – This is what I wrote on the fly after seeing xoot’s post last night on the Splash:

      To SF Gate.com / Viafoura Support,

      A few of us on the SFGate Giants Splash think its past time to review the member, “scottcousins” – who we believe is just his latest alias in a string of a hundred and more. Previous aliases included “Flablo” (not a typo), “gnatsrock,” “barry4evr,” and countless others.

      Question: Is “Trolling” an approved SFGate member guideline policy? If it is, where is it written into the guidelines?

      “scottcousins” is a cynical alias, intended to make ‘sport’ of the ball player – Scott Cousins – who put Posey on the DL for 2011. His shtick, while not so coy – or guarded – as two others I will momentarily address, employs a tact wherein he 1) disparages the Giants ownership, team, individual player, while 2) pretending to “love the Giants so much, it makes him feel bad they just aren’t any very good ….”

      Please, don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe in censoring or banning member(s) for criticizing the Giants, etc., just so long as they are not lying through their teeth that they love the Giants when in fact they are only trolling SFGate to, as a fellow member observes, “hate on the Giants”.

      Presently, “scottcousins,” “alliemeadws21” and “mollie711” are the perpetually most obvious offenders – i.e., “trollers”. They all share the same pretense that they are Giants fans while laying mines and fire-bombing the SF Gate Giants Splash daily, even hourly. If this doesn’t stop, it will get completely depressing come Splash game day coverage during the regular season – like last year, but even worse.

      This much is clear. Nothing to date has been done to mitigate “trolling” on the SFGate boards. I know for a fact that some kind of ‘moderation’ is being conducted – because, if I ever use the word “troll” or “attention Viafoura” in the same post, my entire post gets the “comment disabled” treatment.

      Can any positive action be taken to mitigate negative “trolling” on the SFGate Splash and comment boards? Surely, we must do better to cultivate a more Giants-friendly Splash for the 2014 regular season? Please.

      Thank you for your more determined attention and more hopeful consideration.

      Alfred E. Newman [okay, I admit, I just added this – I couldn’t resist]

      • xoot says:


      • annapirhana says:

        Nice! I’ll not be returning there, but it would be nice to have those trolls on mute.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          Good work, shoeless. VK’s right though, sc will just re-appear and will let us know who he is. That’s the troll reward, the badge of being banned yet emerging, in their minds, as a phoenix.

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            V appears unable to ban “scottcousins” IP address? Or is this barry4ever dude able to manufacture a fake / hidden IP address at will? this I don’t get.

            Even so, it’s a “moral” victory to banish the cheap-shot “scott cousins” slur for good, I’m thinking. (I’ll take even a small win … we won this round) 😉

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              One more question arose in hearing from vk, that being, does anyone believe they were somehow being ‘fooled’ by scottcousins phony ‘love’ for the Giants? They cannot be that stupid, no? More likely, they 1) aren’t paying attention 2) really don’t care.

              • sandy32koufax says:

                VK told me too many are using programs which mask the IP addy so that’s usually going to be a wash. No, they don’t give a shit unless someone makes enough noise, to too many folks or to the right person, then they have to do something.

                • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                  OK, that may explain it in part – but I wonder why the company that instill all that boastful Viafoura “power” has no counter to IP masking. More proof, perhaps, that Viafoura’s software is cheap crap, probably imported from either China or The Republic of Kacrapastan.

  14. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    We took a vote and it’s unanimous (although Chico and Sandy stuffed the ballot box by voting twice): Please, don’t be a stranger, Zumie!! Regular season baseball is almost upon us!

  15. Chico says:

    It’s been just about a month, and I still can’t comment on any articles or stories. And didn’t I see a Datswhatsup comment last night? It’s not there anymore. SFGate.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      I sent emails to all of those addys I posted about your dilemma-try creating a new acct and see if you can comment using it…

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        V removed both of xoot’s post, listing the email addresses to these jokers. They certainly don’t appear to want everyone have ready access to their comment / suggestion inbox. They are a piss poor, miserable, and arrogant little company.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          In addition to that, they’re wholly unaccountable any longer, FACK EM!

          • Chico says:

            Exactly, fuck them!

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              Still, I feel better *for the moment* that we here – xoot gets the credit (with a little link help from Sandy)! – got the better of barry4ever (WBB?). Victory or Death – Victory for JD’s Revenge and Death for “sc”. 🙂

              • xoot says:

                Some of the troll stuff pisses me off. Soph/allie/jim’s alleged genius but airheaded when it comes to sports girly persona pisses me off, probably more than it should. And any troll who finds pleasure in player injury pisses me off. Once in a while I get a punch in.

                • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                  You came up with the key, inspirational moment – like Datswhatsup before you – in leading a coordinated charge against sc! 🙂 it worked. like sandy said, he’ll doubtless re-emerge, but no longer as the ahole, who took out Posey.

    • annapirhana says:

      Taking the A’s out of Oakland would be sacrilegious. Build that Jack London ballpark to rival AT&T. They’ve made so many improvements down in that area during Jerry Brown’s time as Mayor. Keep it going. I may hate the A’s, but I love Oaktown.

  16. annapirhana says:

    The best burger joints in San Francisco had more to do with the atmosphere, and less to do with the patty and bun. I loved Hamburger Marys as it was the hang out of all the punks back in the day. We’d go there after watching a band practice, or just to hang out with other folks. The atmosphere was south of Market, young musicians and artists and so much fun. I also love that burger joint on Pine and Polk. Forget the name, but it was open 24/7, the essential hangout to end a night of clubbing.

    I suppose the new tech crowd won’t do burgers without ground Kobe and their hot date (an Apple MacBook).

    Does anyone remember that old bar/club down in Hunter’s Point along the waterfront? You could get good food in the afternoon, and then enjoy some music in the club — a bit seedy — at night. I bet that place closed down too.

  17. xoot says:

    So many gourmet burger places now. Even Red’s Java Hut went upscale after the ballpark opened. I remember getting some sort of early morning longshore special there, aimed at the guys getting off the night shift–two small cheeseburgers and a budweiser.

    As for me, Hamburger Mary’s, Sam Wo’s and La Rondalla were all ok–the final choice depended on what neighborhood I happened to find myself in at 2 am.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      I remember that dive, good eats and a fun joint but don’t hang out after dark w/o plenty of friends. There’s a couple of good hamburger joints left but they’re all becoming BurgerMeister/The Habit kind of places. No one seems to want to serve good old fashioned grease burgers with heart-stopping sides anymore. The Bullshead is still one of my fav spots for burgers tho

      • Chico says:

        I had a really good burger at Momo’s the other day.. A bit pricey, but good.. And there was nothing wrong with a good Zimmburger back in the day under the old owners. A burger and a malt – good memories.

    • annapirhana says:

      I remember going to Sam Wo’s at 3am. There are other 24/7 Chinese places that are far better, though. Sam Wo’s was fun for the first few times, having the plate slammed on the table and looking at photos of Edsel Ford Fong fondling breasts. The food is bad, though.

      I went to Red’s for the first time last year. My husband saw it featured on Anthony Bourdain and wanted to go. It was okay.

      For me, the best burger in the world was at Tic Tocs.

      • Chico says:

        Tic Tocs! 3rd and Yosemite.. I used to work on 3rd and Bancroft and we’d stroll down to tic tocs for lunch with the big polynesian welders I worked with. International brotherhood of boilermakers union. Most of those guys worked in the shipyards when work got slow. I was just a shipping/receiving dude.

        • Chico says:

          Now a freaking McDonlds sits there in its spot 😦

        • annapirhana says:

          Oh man!!! Yeah…we’d make a stop there before we’d hit the ‘stick for a night game. Double cheeseburger, fries and a milk shake. Can’t really do that anymore, though 😦

          Third Street was something else, yah? I once got stuck on 3rd and Palou at 2am in the morning with a car filled with stupid punks.

          • Chico says:

            Remember that plane that used to be in the Sunset, but they took it out because it contained alarming amounts of lead? They stuck it in the bayview.

            • annapirhana says:

              Wow…isn’t that Willie Brown’s old district?

            • sandy32koufax says:

              TicToc’s was cool. Good eats and way great flavor. Real shakes flavor and texture-loved that place. I do miss that place.

              Third St used to have some fun little dives. You used to be able to get great Louie salads, steaks w/mushrooms slathered in butter and gorgonzola or that “San Francisco Italian/Portuguese/Asian seafood thing. Not so much anymore. Jordan’s is still around and so are a few other of those old time-y, “SF” joints that should-but-haven’t-quite-died-yet. You know what I mean, when you put it in your mouth, it felt like “City” food…

  18. Chico says:

    Oscars in Berkeley. Great burger.

  19. sandy32koufax says:

    Think the on air studio talent is from “somewhere else?” I do…

    • xoot says:

      Ha! “Stuff kinda here falling from the rafters . . . .” Yeah, that’s dust.

      On the other hand, I was in Davis when the last monster hit, in a hallway trying to finish a conversation with a woman so I could get home to watch the game. When the entire building moved slowly under us like a huge ship on the open sea responding to a rolling swell, we both froze. That was a big one, somewhere.

      • sandy32koufax says:

        When the earth “really” moves, that’s when you do that whole “ah fuck” thing…sounds like you had an “ah fuck” moment there 🙂

  20. shaman138 says:

    Just when you thought the rampant trolling on the Splash wasn’t enough…now that slob GeeJay is back to bash another Giants pitcher. Fucking phony.

    • Chico says:

      In her twitter pic, she looks like Ralphie from the Christmas story.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Yeah, she’s gone from bandwagon jumper to troll overnight. I’ll still support a fantasy gamer-babe over some cheerless, running-at-the-mouth turn-coat any day.

      • sandy32koufax says:

        LAD Gamer-Babes wear nothing! They’re agreeable to almost any “fun stuff” too!

        Fack feckless Farty faced feefayfifeefay…phreakphuck

      • annapirhana says:

        Interesting. Maybe she is Barry4ever.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          I thought Mr No Gauchopants was in SA but that wouldn’t stop him, the net is everywhere! She has her own twit page tho…IDT they’re the same peeps, Apa. You getting this nice sunny-yet-cool thing today too?

          • annapirhana says:

            It’s gorgeous down here today! Good breeze and all. Unfortunately, this is the same weather I’ll see — in hotter varieties — until October. California whining, I know.

            BTW…there is Youtube video of a girl sucking her own used tampon. And my husband made me watch 2 girls 1 cup. Sometimes, the internet needs to be out of service.

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              The snow pack depth at Ebbetts Pass (Hwy 4) in my area is already down to 45 inches – it’s 44 inches at Carson Pass (Hwy 88) … and it’s only March 19th. 😦 I feel a bit of dread approaching California come mid summer, not to mention forest fires in the hills and likely higher up in the Sierras. No choice other than to hope for some kindness from the heavens above … or is it below … because in space there is no up or down, but there may still be some left over ice cream in the fridge.

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              That used tampon might be something Viafoura would be interested in to improve its employee morale.

              • sandy32koufax says:

                No, that would elevate employee median IQ’s, however.

                On the weather, I looked at my mom’s back hill, “greenbelt” space-HAH! I’m worried about the fire hazard badly enough that I’ll be renting a mini-cat to knock everything down then scrape the topsoil. Shit’s going to bad this fire-season-oh-it’s already fire-season in CA

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            Everything to date tells me she’s who we think she is: Another Hunter Pence spurned lover … I see a Fatal Attraction sequel here in the offing.

  21. sandy32koufax says:

    Dodgers play team Australia in 11 1/2 hrs…hope LA wins

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Go Aussies! 🙂

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        (just kidding … the las vegas casino gambler in me has a quarter riding on the blue team.)

        • sandy32koufax says:

          Gimme ur phone number so I can call you tonight with updates…game starts at 12:10 am tonight so expect calls until 2:30 am 🙂

          • Chico says:

            I thought it was on Saturday.

            • sandy32koufax says:

              LA vs Team Australia is Thursday, which is today, our time, for them Aussies:


              It’s about 8:30 am there as I write this too.

              Dodgers/Dbacks is the 22nd…we’ll see it on the 21st our time. Australia is 18 hrs GMT ahead of us

              • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                Yeah, it’s the same problem I have trying to follow the Australian Open tennis tournament every year. Damn if I’m going to be able to comprehend let alone watch a match at 3:30 in the morning. 😉

              • Chico says:

                Well, Go Aussies, on both fronts, and here’s to the worst jet lag a man has ever had to endure.

                • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                  lolsweet! However, do not underestimate the lengths that sandy will go to, to ensure an LAD win and a Giants loss. In fact, he may have claimed to have been out late when he was all along punching little pins into key parts of a Vogey doll’s brain parts (which could explain how Vogey could feel he had great stuff, yet suffer in the brain from poor pitch selection?)

                • sandy32koufax says:

                  Aussies will fall and their jet will be hypersonic!

                  Naw, I don’t practice Santeria, I aint got no crystal ball…no voodoo either, shoeless. He just had the day he had.He’ll be better…

                • sandy32koufax says:

  22. xoot says:

    both games air here on Saturday, right? one at 5 am and one at 10 pm? something like that

    • zumiee says:

      I think it’s 1 AM, Pacific Time; and about 7 PM Pacific Time on Saturday.

      • zumiee says:

        And I’ll be staying awake Saturday night to see that. Should be fun to see the game in the Cricket stadium. More fun if the Dodgers lose. 🙂

        • zumiee says:

          Friday night, I mean. Saturday morning, so to speak.

          • xoot says:

            That’s right–the times I saw listed must’ve been NY.

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              Okay, I’ll definitely tune in to the 7 O’clock show; and also check out whether it’s true what they say about base balls, going down the drain “clockwise” – instead of in a counter-clockwise direction – for those playing ball Down Under.

              • sandy32koufax says:

                It’s a cool looking stadium. Not quite baseball, as the saying never went.

                Ya, my buddy and I are going to watch both games (Go Blues Fans) and riding a minicat between them, fun stuff!

        • sandy32koufax says:

          More fun needing to catch your hated rivals!

  23. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    The key things to remember about LA vs DownUnder is that if the Dodgers lose, it’s a harbinger of an even more dismal regular season to come. And if they should somehow squeak out a win, well, it’s only one game. 🙂

  24. Chico says:

    Wow! Way to go San Mateo County Swat team! You killed a guy I grew up with you fucking militaristic morons.. Eyewitness accounts (with photo and video) say that they fired 7 shots into the home BEFORE you ever went into the house. How can the police censor videos? Is it protocol to fire on a home when dealing with someone with paranoid schizophrenia!?! Articles state that ‘an officer was stabbed’ – but eyewitness accounts (over a dozen people, one who is the wife of a Sheriff) say that all the officers left just fine, and that no ambulance was called for the officer that ‘was stabbed, being treated and is expected to live’? Do officers who are stabbed and are ‘expected to live’ walk away from a scene without incident!?!

    What are rubber bullets for? What are mental health professionals for? What are tasers for? WHY did they lob flash grenades in front of his home? He was alone, with nobody else in the house. No hostages or anything. Don;t you wait something like this out!?!

    From the wife of a Sheriff – “””this is really fucking sad. We watched this guy terrified… scared to leave his house.. screaming please please please!! with his hands up as guns are drawn at him.. saying “I can’t do anything!” over and over and over and over.. He was in deep agony.. petrified…””

    Does this look like someone who was ready to take on the Police!?! http://www.ski-epic.com/2014_harold/index.html

    • annapirhana says:

      Ugh and ugh. Just terrible. Sometimes, I think the police just get away with murder.

      Much ❤ and peace to you, Chico.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        That’s just incredibly sad and unjust. I can hear Wayne LaPierre (NRA) saying, “What does it take to kill an unarmed guy with his hands up in the air … 12 heavily armed cops and snipers, who provoke and shoot first and premeditatedly cover up afterwards.” These kinds of cops killing unarmed / innocent civilians is occurring more and more across the country. Beyond disturbing. Where are the fucking Constitutional protections, guaranteed each of us? In the hands of ALEC, the Koch Brothers, and overtly paranoid, unaccountable to only themselves, law enforcement agencies.

  25. sandy32koufax says:

    I’m sorry, Buddy. Go play with your kids and kiss your wife then, tomorrow, call Wagstaff, Chico. Write him too. That man may look simple to you and me but cops see things with different eyes than we do.

    • Chico says:

      Fuck him and his crooked DA Dept. he let the murderer of Justin Lockwood go for lack if evidence, even though there were witnesses and video survslience. I didn’t vote for the punk, either.

      • Chico says:

        God damn phone.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          Wanna scotch?

          • Chico says:

            No thanks. I want answers.

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              Yes. Absolutely. Justice for the innocent and dead demands it.

              • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                The video is back up this morning. The f’ing cop with the microphone should be fired. Not once did he say that Errol would NOT be harmed or in any way reassure Errol that they would do everything to help him if he would come out, etc.. No. Instead the microphone was used without any heart or reason what so ever, basically badger Errol by name to “come to the widow” (so we can get a better shot?)

                I don’t know Errol’s circumstances / past history, but the guy was unarmed, showing no threatening gesture … I don’t get. But in taking his life, a full investigation by parties outside law enforcement will hopefully be conducted (if it’s an internal law enforcement investigation, nothing will come of it – just too many cops involved). Some cities have an oversight board for the local enforcement made up of citizens of the community (like back in Eugene, OR), hopefully such a board exists and will ensure some kind of justice for Errol. Errol cannot speak on his behalf, so others must not allow him to have died in vain and for unjust cause. Not knowing Errol, It’s still disturbing to watch and senselessly depressing.

                If you need help, Chico, let us know what you might like us to do.

    • Chico says:

      I’m telling you, I laugh and laugh at the right-wingers when it comes to the second amendment. I always have. I think this country has a sick and disgusting gun fetish. After this – I can see why. If we don’t speak up – who the hell will? And this is coming from someone with many friends who are police officers and who has family who have served SFPD and SBPD proudly since the 1950s.

      Things are changing, folks.

      • annapirhana says:

        One of my best friends in high school was shot point blank in the face by her SFPD boyfriend. I had not spoken to her since HS and ran into her at a Japanese restaurant about a month before she was killed. She called me a week before she was murdered, barely able to catch her breath. Her ribs had been broken, and it sounded very suspicious. She refused to seek medical help, and kept saying she ran into a cabinet or something.

        The guy got out after serving 4 years in prison.

        It’s really not fair.

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:

          So the law ‘teaches’ – a human life is worth 4 years in prison time. Not even close. 😦 Even for some charge of “manslaughter”. I’m sure xoot would have plenty to say and then some on the topic.

          • annapirhana says:

            Apparently, the assailant became an EMT while in prison, and that warranted an early release. A very early one. My friend was beautiful and a really bright light, one of those people who could electrify the room with her presence. She was new to the school and managed to become class president for 2 years.

          • xoot says:

            No. I watch criminal law from a distance, as appalled as anyone at the lack of justice. When I hear stories like these sorrow and anger are the best I can do.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        The right wing interest in guns, guns, guns, and more guns is apparently premised both on a trumped up paranoia of the U.S. Government, and the presumed need to be able to ‘protect’ themselves against an organized army that could swat them all down with impunity; but, perhaps, gun ‘lovers’ also see their role in some future day or time wherein they may feel the ‘need’ to “take our country back” – not at the ballot box, because they have lost any legit majority support in the country, but at the point of loaded barrels. All pointing in the direction of the ‘extreme’ liberal left who are taking their “freedoms” away, by letting gays marry, women seek to hold onto their own reproductive rights, children being forced to get an education, possibly even in the public school system, and let’s not forget “the freedom to be ‘white’ in an increasingly Hispanic, Asian, and Black Amerca, etc., etc..

        • annapirhana says:

          I guess we haven’t recovered from the Civil War, that being the only real war fought on our soil — other than the Canadians burning down the White House, which can be awesome if you envision someone torching it with a lit hockey stick. The civilian population may not be safe from each other, but we’re pretty safe from other countries. Yet we carry guns as if some Mexican incarnation of Danny Trejo was going to rip across the border and start a machetenado.

          Netflix has a French TV show on called “Engrenage”, lovingly translated into “Spiral”. I was going to review it in depth on the blog as it is one of my favorite shows, and I hate cop shows. It is very interesting because France has no death penalty. The approach to criminal behavior can be jarring, but you have to bear in mind that while the cops can carry a gun, they really aren’t allowed to use it unless it is a very very last resort. It’s not like here where they can shoot you for being black. Japanese detective shows are the same way, except there are no guns at all.

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            Interesting. France clearly offers a more enlightened ‘last resort’ policy towards the use of guns. America doesn’t (although I was once under the impression they too shared such a concept … kind of like believing that all Americans believe in a democratic process and might reason that the Second Amendment entitles a well-ordered militia, but not that an American can own all the guns he/she wants, with the exception of an Al Capone’s Tommy gun replica.)

            • annapirhana says:

              I don’t understand it, either. My husband comes from a heavy gun background, being Southern and all, and his parents have a giant gun safe along with handguns hidden around the house. This makes me SO NERVOUS. However, there are no guns in our home. I saw a man shot point blank when I was 4, and I don’t wish that on anyone. My husband respects that. It can be done.

              • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                I live in bear country (and probably the occasional skulking cougar too), but I have no gun nor desire to own one. I used to believe my best defense was to invoke the Monty Python Call of Chivalry: “Run Away!” Now, that I’m not quite so sure and quick, I make sure I know where my kitchen throwing knives are at all times. 😉

        • xoot says:

          Some states have no death penalty. Alaska, where I got to know the legal system intimately, is much the better for not executing people. Here in Calif., the state supreme court spends a huge amount of its resources giving every death sentence its due. The result is that that court doesn’t have time to address all of the other issues it should.

          • sandy32koufax says:

            I’ve always wondered why the state supremes haven’t introduced the creation of a review board, a sort of mini CSC, whose sole purpose would be hearing appeals, etc. for convicts on death row. It could be manned by state judges on a rotating basis with three supremes on the panel, also on a rotating basis. Ya, I don’t know how the system is set up or who is “qualified” to make those determinations but our court systems are all over-burdened by a backlog of cases, many of which seem to be nothing more than stall tactics-and I’m not addressing DP cases in that, although most are nothing but stalling tactics. I don’t support the DP, personally, but as long as we have it and an appeals process, that process needs to reworked, it’s too cumbersome and costly.

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              The CSC suggestion sounds excellent. Of course, the bogus, multiple decades long ‘War on Drugs’ probably did nothing but contribute the backlogged court systems, while keeping prison expenditures a sure-fire, more and more privatized ‘investment’ (if I overstated the case, please, correct me. Thanks.)

              • sandy32koufax says:

                I agree, WOD’s is a farce which has made felons of drug addicts and allowed many dealers shortened sentences. The downside is the backlog of cases…there are other contributing factors-lawsuits over laws which are unconstitutional seem to be on the rise since Obama was sworn in…jus sayin

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            The no death penalty law of Alaska is humane – which surprised me some (to learn herein), given its conservative leanings.

          • annapirhana says:

            I thought Rose Bird got a raw deal, but it was death penalty mania.

            • sandy32koufax says:

              My ex-wife was raped and left for dead after watching a 16 y.o. boy, trying to rescue her, murdered. Our differences re the DP was a wedge issue we never resolved. I knew Rose Bird peripherally, through my dad. She was a brilliant, witty woman who was ahead of her time on many social issues, her stance on the DP being the most famous. My ex wouldn’t even speak to her and rather than spending their lives in prison for murder, attempted murder and aggravated rape, they are now free and she dreads them showing up one day. Sentencing guidelines are ridiculous, in both their severity and laxity. I can see my ex’s POV on this, though.

              BTW, MOB, it’s sickening not only what your friend endured, but that the guy basically got away with it. He should not have been granted parole so quickly. Murder or manslaughter stemming from a DV situation should carry a longer prison term, imo.

            • xoot says:

              I edited a couple of law review articles on the death penalty. One scathingly traced the changes in public support for it, and focused on Calif., where ruthless politicians really exploit the blood lust. Back in 1972, both the Calif. SCt and the US SCt went after the death penalty, as it then existed. The US SCt, in Furman v. Georgia, invalidated it in all but one state (Delaware) under the 8th Amendment (cruel & unusual punishment). The problem was lack of “guided discretion” for handing down the death sentence. Immediately, many states got busy legislating new death penalty statutes that would be constitutional (defining “special circumstances” that could “guide” jurors to justify a death sentence, etc., etc.). In California, George Deukmejian took the lead in drafting such a new law. He made his career on that work. Later, in the mid-80s as governor he was right in the middle of the campaign that resulted in Bird, Grodin and Reynoso being voted off the Calif. SCt. Deukmejian then promoted Malcolm Lucas to Chief J and appointed 3 new conservative Assoc. Js.

              Soon after the law review published that article I worked on, we received an outraged letter from Justice Lucas’s chief research attorney. Most of us were delighted. Our author (a professor at our school, no less) had scored a hit. Nonetheless, because of the Lucas Court, within a couple of years executions got rolling again. (Remember Robert Alton Harris–in 1992, first person executed by the state since 1976? Remember the people celebrating outside San Quentin the night he was gassed, carrying placards printed with witty slogans like “Plop plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is”?)

              • annapirhana says:

                SFDF – Having your wife’s rapists run free is terrifying. I can understand your ex-wife’s feelings, especially since the assailants are free. DP is a very personal issue, ya know? My husband is for it, and I’m against it. My mother and sister are for it, and I’m against it. Having worked in law, there is too much injustice in the courts to warrant me supporting a penalty that hinges upon such a corrupt system of justice. You have to have a creator’s judgment to hand down such a final verdict, and none of us do…least of all, in this system.

                Xoot – Excellent excellent excellent.

  26. Chico says:

    My last post on this because nothing is going to bring him back – from a respected law enforcement local and ex Navy Seal.

    This is a travesty. I live here in Pacifica. I train privately with swat, police, civilians, ex force recon, ex spec ops etc… I say this because I know from the police and swats own mouths that they are highly under-trained. Police academy is garbage taught by some rulebook that does nothing to actually prepare you for high stress situations and nothing that sets the standards high. Nothing that teaches proper muscle memory. The police I train with do so out of their own time and pay for it themselves. The departments themselves do not train for this sufficiently at all. Sure they can have range time all they want, but that does zero. I mean zero. 1 out of every 20 shots fired by Law Enforcement hits the intended target, that number can be debatable but it is close. Anyway, here is a guy who was in trouble, yes, he didn’t do things the way most of us would, yes. But deserved of death?? no. The Pacifica police had to call swat?? wow. tasers, tear gas, or how about… time? as in patience, what is the rush? did he have hostages? no. did he hurt anybody? no – of course unless you count the knife incident once swat stormed HIS house. He may have had a gun? ok, did he use it? no, Did he have it when he was waving his arms from the windows? no. The police assumed and someone died. And that assumption was based on someone else’s assumption that he MIGHT have a gun and ammo. Who was in charge of this outfit??? If police and swat were trained at the high standards they ought to be this would have never happened the way it did. The police were in a rush, they freaked out. Mentally they were not prepared and stooped to low inexcusable standards and killed a man who had not hurt anyone and was in his own house. They made assumptions and took a mans life. Yes the victim had problems, but to the point of taking his life? No, Not at all. Now let me stand up for the police, they have to train outside of the department to get proper training, they have to pay for it by themselves. This is also a travesty. It’s sad when I run a course and I’m out gunning, out shooting, out maneuvering, and am simply at a higher standard than the police themselves. This is budgeting, this is ignorance, this is having priorities backwards. The problem is the police don’t know how under-trained they are until they are in the moment. When in combat you never rise to the occasion, you fall back on your level of training. In this case the level of training on many levels was way too low and an innocent man lost his life.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Yes, I’m sure that’s all true, Chico. a sort of catch-22. But, whoever was in *charge* of the operation should be held accountable for the consequences – but he likely won’t be, unless justice is more than a four letter word. too bad. exhaustingly sad.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Sounds just like what I was telling you last night, Chico, that due to the dismantling of our mental health system from the mid-60’s forward, that police are called upon to deal with situations they are ill-prepared to understand or resolve in appropriate ways. I think I used the analogy “It’s like having a Chevy mechanic do heart surgery.” Hyperbole? Not really.

  27. Chico says:

    The game is on MLBTV tonight!!

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Aren’t MLBTV games blacked out? (or perhaps you are saying, it’s a “freebie” viewing tonight?! If so, fantastic!

  28. unca_chuck says:

    So, that’s negotiating? Step to the window so we can gun you down?

    Good to know that serve and protect now means shoot first and CYA.

    Check one of the vids that pops up after that one is a case of mistaken identity at a gas station in San Mateo. 8 cop cars, and all cops with their weapons drawn (including a couple AK-15s). Some poor guy is just trying to get gas.

    • Chico says:

      It’s out of hand nationwide.. It’s just the reality that it this close to home for me to wake up and speak out about it… How many more families are going through this shit? It;s heartbreaking and scary at the same time.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Ya, gotta love the ease with which those brave men in blue got the guy into their sights then gunned him down. Looking at those rifles, Chuck, I picked em as SWAT Military M4’s, a derivative of the AR-15 and M16.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        Yeah. I just don’t get the ‘thinking’ here! Why was their first ‘resort’ seemingly bent on killing Errol? The f’ing claim from conservatives and many in uniform is, “this is a Christian nation!” Well, of course, it’s not; but they like to pretend it is. But if thye supposedly believe this to be a Christian nation, then why don’t they act more like Christians, instead of law enforcement and execution without benefit of a personal defense, judge, or jury?

  29. sandy32koufax says:

    “Hi *giggles* my name is smellyghettos and my daddy is poor and I’m a Jr High dropout that has 18 babydaddy and I commit welfare fraud daily! I hate the Giants, but darn, I love being a fake fan that pisses off alla those *Real fans* TeeHee! I love when the team sux so I can rub it from my campsite by the Berkeley marina and I always disappear when those muthuhfukuhs do well! Toodles, I’m off to pick some pockets, gotta get my meth and weed, doncha know!”

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      ha! ha! Two thumbs up to you and Datswhatsup today, who masterfully got Mollie711 onto the squeamish defensive via a slough of one-liner salvos. Once on the defensive, the troll is completely out of their / his comfort zone, and there’s always a possibility at this point, they may crack sooner or even run away for more cover. A good day for the Giants side on SF Gate.

  30. sandy32koufax says:

    Dodgers win a wild one on Puig’s shot, 4-2 over the powerhouse Aussies. Chone Figgins looking likely to make the team, not good. Maybe worse, DeeDee looking to be the starting 2nd baseman, YIKES! LA played with some starters all the way thru-Uribe, anyone but mostly substituted starters after two ABs. Lee looks like a 6th guy…maybe. 26 K’s in the game, with 11 LADs walking off sth…oh, Yasiel’s throw from deep right nailed Mike Walker (who???) at home to disallow at least one run-HAH!

    Btw, did anyone see the Sydney Cricket Grounds? Beaut baseball venue…

    • xoot says:

      Puig probably knew those drunken Aussies from int’l play. I’ll bet he was happy not to be facing real pitchers for a change. Unfortunately, his heroics at the plate won’t help his ST stats. 😉

      • sandy32koufax says:

        Aussieball sucks. They did strike out 11 LA batters though. Ya, Puig got nicked too. He’s a stud, maybe a chubbers stud, but he’ll be fine. 7@$42M…wow

  31. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Sounds like it was a good game to watch! But, according to unsubstantiated Faux Sports News reporting from down under, Yasiel may have unintentionally missed the cut-off guy by almost a mile, and by sheer coincidence, he hit his catcher in the glove, accidentally nailing the utterly shocked Mike Walker at the plate? After the game, Mike was asked by some unknown Faux Sports 2 reporter, Amy “Blond Bomber-babe” Rodriguez, I think, whether he thought he was safe or not, and Walker replied, “Safe?! Hell, I was out by at least a mile!” 😉

  32. annapirhana says:

    Is anyone else sort of … er… nervous about our starting pitching?

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Not me … but I keep myself heavily sedated with massive amounts of drugs and Baskin Robbins ice cream so I’m probably a slightly bias if not oblivious source.

      Actually, I don’t see how we cannot experience ‘concern’ for Vogey and maybe Hudson, too, a little bit. Petit, hopefully will pull through and serve as Bochy’s long reliever. But, I’m admittedly slow to rush to judgment in ST, preferring to see all the starters get several regular season outings in before considering some Plan B. Vogey assured everyone that he felt great (but apparently didn’t pitch ‘smart’). I’d like to think it’s because it’s ST that Vogey didn’t rise to the occasion in his last shelling. But, that’s just my 1 1/2 cents on the significance of ST. Probably showing my novice ignorance on the whole topic.

    • xoot says:

      Vogelsong’s a big question mark. The other 4 look good, and healthy, and quite a few teams can’t say the same about their rotations. Petit’s supposed to pitch tomorrow night vs. the A’s–clearly a test for the would-be long man. I’m hoping Hembree gets a spot in the pen.

      Perez and Ehire Adrianza have to be on the team, I think, as the final backup OF and IF guys. I hope.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        Yeah, Vogelsong – who I went out on a limb to back for the 5th starter. I’m sure Sabean and jommamy both are going to hold me fully accountable if Vogey implodes. OTOH, Sabean wasn’t about to go for a draft pick give away for Jimenez, etc., so I still believe in Vogey … at least for now.

        This year’s ST looks considerably more promising / hopeful. Maybe, that’s because the Giants showed a clear lack of depth last year, but I think the Giants bench is going to be deeper that all the critics out there likely considered / predicted.

  33. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Question: How are all of you able to use MLBTV? is it part of your Direct TV / Comcast subscription? Or must you buy into an extra sports package that includes MLBTV? Of course all live streaming subscriptions to MLBTV were blacked out in Oregon and even Bear Valley. 😦

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Never mind! MLBTV is MLB network – via Dish – which I get but isn’t included in my package – in its place, however, I still get the Home Shopping Network and the Angel Channel – “TV courtesy The God Almighty!”

      • xoot says:

        I don’t pay for mlb tv either. So far it hasn’t hurt much, but they’re taking over.

      • annapirhana says:

        I have both MLB TV and the package on Direct TV. I don’t think DTV allowed me to stream games on my PC, or at least it didn’t a year ago. I use slingbox, but it’s too much of a headache to stream games with that much of a delay. However, send me an email if you want, Shoeless. I can hook up my slingbox so that you can watch Giants games from my DTV feed. You can even see Sharks games.

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:

          Really?! Only if it’s not too much trouble, let’s give it a try – you know just to see how this DTV thing works via internet – sounds very cool. Of course, I might be declaring that Posey just hit a grand slam in the 2nd while everyone else is viewing the bottom of the 4th play by play. My one concern, MOW, is tying up your bandwidth – this could prove problematic for you – so we can give this I try, but promise me you will let me know the minute anything slows down at your end? Thanks!

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            I reformatted (nuked my HD) my laptop since we last communicated via email. Can’t find yours – went to your website to look for a “contact” link … no go … so here’s my highly disposable address (I will send you preferred one when we link up via email) … eruffin1865@gmail.com – (all I’ve got in this inbox is a bunch of J.C. Penny online promotions). Thanks, MOW.

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              aPa, Not sure what happened, maybe my gmail timed out, but nothing incoming at this end. I just checked to make sure the link is working – it is. Let’s try one more time. (sorry, but thanks)

          • annapirhana says:

            Oh…the delay isn’t that bad. It’s a few seconds behind. Also, bear in mind that since I live in LA, you’ll have to live with the Dodger/Angels broadcast of all games in the LA area. I’m not sure how the Dodger thing will work out if I have MLB TV, though I suspect the Guggenheims will still make us pay extra to access their hair crew. (I forgot to add this in the email I sent).

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              Ha! you must be joking … Dodger / Angel broadcasts?! double ha!! Even if I get part of tonight’s video broadcast, that’s enough for now … Dodger / Angel broadcasts … bah! 🙂 But, thanks! I’ll let you know how it looks – AT&T’s download max bandwidth up here is about 350k – slow, but it works.

  34. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    MOW (we here are slow to change, no one can get used to ApA or aPa or APa or APA or … :)), the darn Monty Python video feed has some kind of “SME” copy protection preventing its transmission, but bless you! That’s one of the best scenes in cinematic history when the giant cow comes flying over the castle walls threatening to crush our magnificent leader, King Arthur, along with his not-so-Brave Sir Robbin and the rest of the knights of the round table. 🙂

  35. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Blanco walk and Sandoval double … 1-0 Giants. a good start.

  36. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Javier gives up a HR?! say it aint so! I think that makes for a total of 3 HR’s – 2 in regular season – since joining the Giants. Thank god it’s ST or I might have to quit this team and jump on the Orioles’ bandwagon. 😉

  37. sandy32koufax says:

    Bah…spit on los gigantes when it’s March Madness!!! Great opening round today! Anyone see the Louisville-Manhattan game? great til the last :30. Couple of other good ones, SDS Aztecs barely survives NMS Aggies, Dayton beats OSU! Great day for BLOWING my brackets too though 😛

  38. Chico says:

    MadBum looked VERY good tonight.. And Sandy, The Dodgers K’d 11 times against Aussie pitching? Imagine if AC/DC was playing the whole game. . They would have K’d 16 times.. Fucking bums 😉

  39. unca_chuck says:

    A-Gon hurts himself . . . sightseeing!


    • xoot says:

      I’ve posted this somewhere before, so, sorry–but it seems apt.

      I met a guy who made it to ST with the Braves in Fla. couple decades back, OFer. He and a young pitcher decided to spend an off day at the beach. Pitcher hurt his neck a bit body surfing. Next day during workout a coach told the OFer to go to an office at the ballpark. Behind the desk sat Hank Aaron. Aaron gave the OFer a baleful look and (essentially) said: “If you want to risk your career playing in the water that’s fine. We don’t give a shit. But don’t you ever again do it with a pitcher. Do you understand? Now get out of here.”

      • annapirhana says:

        Wow…that reminds me of that famous pool slide accident that sidelined Ron Bryant.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          Good recall, MOB. Dude didn’t last very long after that *accident* either. My old man used to say that if you wanted to play a sport, then you shouldn’t be risking yourself doing stupid stuff that may injure you. Bryant couldn’t have known, prolly, that he was putting himself at risk but in hindsight, everything is obvious. Just like Xoot’s story about body-surfing. Who knew?

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            And, didn’t Kent hurt his hand or somethin’ washing his own car … every day life is fraught with risk for the athlete (who probably hates the idea of being pampered, let alone pampering oneself).

          • unca_chuck says:

            He crashed his motorcycle doing wheelies down the street. The truck washing accident was the cover story to avoid invoking his reckless shit’ clause. It was the impetus for getting rid of him IIRC.

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              Oh! That makes a helluva lot more sense. (And here I fell for the cover story – even though it made little to no sense at the time.) I was probably in school at the time, which might explain why I wasn’t paying sufficient attention.

  40. unca_chuck says:

    And, I had no idea these games counted. I thought these were exhibition games.

  41. xoot says:

    Yep, the season begins upside down under tomorrow and then stops and restarts a week later. I know that the bums owe Selig et al big time for the way mlb rescued them from the McCourt bankruptcy/divorce debacle. But why would the DBags go for this PR-propelled fiasco?

  42. unca_chuck says:

    Was it last year the A’s went to Japan to start the season? Selig is a moron. These should be exhibition games. The Ozzies (or the Japanese) wouldn’t care either way. Might as well fly ’em to the moon.

    It couldn’t happen to 2 better theams though. I just dread when it’s Giants turn to play in Usbeckistan.

  43. sandy32koufax says:

    jints garner a perfect “TicketCityScore,” (whatever the fuck that is) and finish ahead of everyone as the most loyal fanbase…

    • xoot says:

      I saw that article. One of the factors balanced average ticket price vs. attendance–in other words, if you charge high prices and still sell every seat, then your fans are really “loyal.” Needless to say, at the other end of that spectrum you have the E Coli and its cheap seats . . . .

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      I’d post that link for mollie711. that should get ‘his’ dander back up, maybe even lose his today’s new ‘Go Giants’ combover.

      • sandy32koufax says:

        How sad is that? To have the Yankees-fan favs wise-and the Expos, so close to each other.

        Combover, that’s fukin rich, shoe!

  44. annapirhana says:

    SFDF…send me an email or message me on FB. i sent you a text message, but my phone doesn’t accept them back.

  45. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    On a completely different topic – which I suspect all of you have already addressed in one way or another, my document verification process for getting health care via “Covered California” began more than two weeks ago and as of today, the verification of the documents I submitted (i.e., proof of residence and … ugh … the proof of being a loyal and longstanding Giants fan requiremet) remains stuck in “Pending” mode.

    When I attempted to dial “Covered California” 1-800 number, the recording said all circuits are busy/tied up and to use the online website ‘chat’, etc., then the recording hung up on me. So, I went back online to submit my question about when would the verification process be concluded – as the deadline of March 31 is fast approaching, the pre-recorded text message informed me that my wait time for a response is 1:50:25 – with an average wait time of 1:42:15 ….

    sheeesh. Talk about the mother-of-all-log jams. I can only imagine what it must be like for those living in Rick Perry’s Texas (known for, I believe, having the most uninsured health care recipients in the country), where they don’t even have phones connecting to anything other than the state pen and an underground line to the Koch Brothers. Seriously, consider yourselves all lucky to have your health care squared away!

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      I’m currently #2 in the queue. This is getting intense. 🙂

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        Chat Status: Canceled
        “There are no agents available to chat with you right now. Please try again later.”
        So, after waiting almost two hours, and when my queue started at #500+ and was down to #1, the above notice is what I got. ‘christ’, obviously, this is Obama’s fault …. ha!

        So, this in conclusion is what I learned today about “Covered California”:
        1. The phones don’t work
        2. The online chat service doesn’t work
        3. Covered California must be swamped and in over its head in applications.
        4. The March deadline is bogus – it should be extended by at least another month whether above board or top secretly so Republicans don’t find out about the new deadline …. ha!

        • xoot says:

          holy shit. that’s not good, for the great shoeless and for everyone else.

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            I think that’s more like “the not so great, in fact pretty downright average, mediocre shoeless!” 😉

            • xoot says:

              We’re entitled to our own opinions, wise guy. 🙂

              • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                Thanks, xoot. If only ‘Covered California’ felt the same way. Still, from all reports, all the states that have actively backed the ACA transition have been doing a good job overall … whereas, by comparison, the some 31 states run by R governors … I guess we will have to wait until ancient historians reveal who got theirs.

              • xoot says:

                The ACA’s struggling because the forces of reaction are fighting it.

                Everyone deserves education and health care. I mean wtf? Don’t we all benefit when the people around us are well trained and healthy?

  46. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Have to admit, I was a bit surprised that Hembree was sent back down to Fresno. Bochy’s explanation: “I told him he did a nice job in September and he had a nice spring, but the way it was set up he wasn’t going to break camp with the club … This is the best group of young pitchers we’ve had, and I told him that.”

    Instead, Kontos and Runzler are still on the now 33 man roster.

    • xoot says:

      I really liked Hembree last Sept. He’ll be back.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        Absolutely. I was not able to watch a single Hembree pitch on the monitor, but it may not have mattered, since Bochy basically explained that he never had a chance to make the team right now, no matter what. I am still looking to see Hembree and Romo deliver an 8th and 9th inning punch sooner, I hope.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          Hembree has more options left than those other guys, doesn’t he? The jints still have eight more guys to cut to get to 25 too, ya? Or is MLB carrying 28 w/three exempted into the season?

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            Yeah, Hembree will be back. Bochy says he was looking for relievers who can pitch more than one inning if asked – Hembree is not that guy.

  47. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    SandyK is going to probably be doing an all nighter as the official start of the 2014 season starts tomorrow morning at 1:00 A.M. This still seems like a bad promotional stunt by MLB, but I guess it’s hoping to expand the global market, and eventually recruit a whole bunch of Aussie ball players. I mean if Great Britain still prefers its cricket over bball, then does MLB really think Aussies will be any different from the Brits?

    • annapirhana says:

      Maybe they should focus on countries that did relatively well with their homegrown ballplayers during the WBC. For instance, the Netherlands did well and they had homegrown/territory players. Spain, I think, did pretty well. North Korea? The ‘stans? How about more Central America? We have the potential to start a baseball war, similar to the Honduras/El Salvador soccer wars.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        I’m curious, if playing these couple regular season games in Australia (or even as you suggest in the Netherlands, Spain, or even Mexico, Central / South America if MLB entertains any thought to expanding ball park franchises to overseas locations. That sure would be taxing on ball players, having to get on a plane, destined for some overseas / distant location to play regular season ball. As probably a moot brainstorming exercise, it just doesn’t sound ‘practicable’ for the athletes to spend so much time in the air – although if there was a gold mine’s worth of money to be made, I’m sure MLB hasn’t dismissed entertaining what the future of global baseball might mean. And if a global market did eventually become a reality, it would put a new and more significant meaning to the “World” Series.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          Go LA! IDK why they’re doing this “Late Nate Baseball” shit but I’m down. My buddy’s here, we’re back from painting something red and may only see the first two innings, but I’ll see the damn season open! BTW, Global talent isn’t all that new…just having so many teams chasing it is. Even Africa has been a talent pool for some time.

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            That’s the spirit, sandykoufax! Even if it’s in Australia, seeing the official opening of the 2014 season is yours and fellow blues to claim all to your own … and maybe 1 or 2 D-back fans somewhere hiding out in Modesto.

  48. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Adrianza has whiffed 3 times tonight. His ERA is now .176.. Can he still make the 25 man roster with his bat?

    • Chico says:

      ERA!?! Shoeless, what’s in the glass? 😉

      • sandy32koufax says:


      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        ha! … Adrianza apparently also has pretty good closet pitcher stats … ha! … Hell if I know … I can’t explain it! my brain’s turned to mush.

        As for Adrianza’s BA, which has definitely dipped, Martie Lurie this morning believes his D alone assures him of a spot on this year’s roster. (Lurie also predicted Hicks would make it, but that Puig will probably get sent back down under.)

  49. Chico says:

    Solid pitching tonight.. Romo threw the slider, and it was working.

  50. sandy32koufax says:

    Kevin Bacon and a “Footloose” entry to Jimmy Fallon, pretty friggin cool.

  51. Chico says:

    I’m watching this game..

    • xoot says:

      Very cool to have morning coffee watching the 9th inning of the game. Except that the bums won. (Come on DBags–we want you whipping each other. Win tonight.)

      • sandy32koufax says:

        I made it into the third last night, my bud stayed awake, he’s a jints fan and said Kersh looked great. Puig, not good at all. Meh, we finished with the cat, those things make shit quick and easy-time to bbq 😉

        Go Ryu, Go Blue!

  52. xoot says:

    “Rodriguez’s most influential adviser, however, was his close friend Desiree Perez, one of hip-hop mogul Jay-Z’s partners in the 40/40 Club chain of sports bars.”


    So the hip-hop moguls figured they could bulldoze mlb? Unbelievable. I once heard a judge try to convince a woman to retain a lawyer to help her by using this old, uh, saw: “Representing yourself is like trying to do brain surgery with a mirror and a razor.” And you know what’s even worse? Hire an army of lawyers and don’t listen to them. That’s neglecting to use the mirror. Sort of.

    Wonder if A-Rod’s lawyers will sue him now to get paid? He’ll cross-complain alleging malpractice. Barry Bonds will look very dignified by comparison.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Arod has become the antithesis of his public persona during his stint in Seattle. Go away, Abomb

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      “I think that the scorched-earth approach, you know, is kind of swinging for the fences: if you miss, you miss,” said Cornwell. “Looking back on it I think honestly we have to admit that we missed.”

      Very interesting and informative, given it’s coming from an ARod attorney.

      ARod amassed attorney and private investigative fees of about $4 million and still owes more than $3 million. He would have been far better off to take his medicine and go to Vegas for the weekend, investing in the black jack or the roulette table.

  53. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Hudson through 6 – 7 hits, 1 R (HR), 1 W, 2 K’s (pitch count through 6 – < 40 pitches, 30+ strikes (the stat disappeared before I could get it down). Not bad, in any case. Oh, I almost forgot, his 'ERA' just rose to an impressive .800 – with 2 more hits in 3 AB's today … 😉

    • sandy32koufax says:

      That would be less than 10 pitches per inning…NO ONE needs any SF SP with a stat like that or his balloon BA.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        I couldn’t quite believe the pitch count was at 37 with something like 31 strikes before the last out of the inning was made … I tried everything to find his official pitch count, but it’s only a stat that MLB.com registers while he’s on the mound – unlike the regular season box score that shows this stat down toward the very bottom of the scrolling box. Your dogs are starting strong … either that or the D-backs are slightly underperforming? (I’ve been casually (as opposed to ‘intently’ 😉 following the game via MLB.com) in between catching up on the Sony Open Tennis Tournament.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          Ya, wicked good stat. HATE HIM

          I been watcjing it too Good game except Puig is stinking. 3 outs to go and LA has a 6 run lead. 2-0 hole jints fans 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Yeah, it’s kind of a mystery at this point what —ails him, unless, as xoot reminded his groin still hasn’t recovered despite an entire off season. 😦

      • xoot says:

        You have to agree, that was a funny moment today when during discussion of Affeldt’s off-season groin surgery Krukow exclaimed: “He had it reattached!”

  54. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Dang, it’s looking more like LAD will start the season with a 2-0 record even before the Giants have a chance to retaliate.

  55. xoot says:

    The pundits in the mlb announcers booth just engaged in the most inane umpire-equipment digression I’ve ever heard, calling for the return of the “balloon” ump protectors. AL umps used to hide behind those huge balloon protectors. As a result, they stood nearly upright above the catcher and the strike zone got skewed from that perspective. Everyone dumped the balloon protectors in the late 70s. Tonight’s commentators ain’t got a clue. As I understand the history, Smoltz never pitched a game with an ump wearing the balloon calling it.

  56. sandy32koufax says:

    Mother Fucker. Grand slam with 2 outs? Kenley Kantly

  57. sandy32koufax says:

    Can anyone GUESS (no internet helps) where this is?

  58. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Not quite a full week before ‘scottcousins’ has re-cloned himself as “chicoflores28” like sandy’s prophesied “phoenix from the ashes.” I really miss the “Ignore” toggle. (but, at least the mocking “sc” alias will not likely see the dim light of Viafoura again. That’s still a little – small ‘v’ – victory)

    Which, alas, still raises the question:

    Given Viafoura has no working “troll policy” at the Splash / SFGate,

    Do you / we think it’s working to continue to challenge / engage / “feed” the trolls at the Splash? After all, isn’t that their only aim / desire – to be fed, preferably on a daily? They *need* / live for the attention. Even negative attention is better than no attention, eh.

    Or, is their another option you / we might want to consider (collectively speaking)?

    Frankly, as I see it we either continue to act individually or in consort to

    1. engage
    2. ignore.

    “1” isn’t working, but I also appreciate that engagement / direct frontal assault head-butting is in itself something of a sport and a enjoyable ‘battle of wits’ for some, perhaps, most.

    It’s just hard for me to imagine engaging with these little dipshits for an entire season! 😦

    I would welcome any of your thoughts – sage counsel / advice – on the matter, but however you / we decide, I still side with the Three Musketeers policy of “One For All and All For One”. 🙂

    • sandy32koufax says:

      IDK, some of the best lines I read are uber burns on those fools. OTOH, just ignoring them has never stopped them before and w/o an ignore option, it is kinda hard to not say shit to them

      • xoot says:

        Engaging the trolls sometimes forces them to be too aggressive. Then they’re more likely to get banned. Also, calling them out warns new commenters on the blog not to get fooled by the concern schtick. Wayne the travel guide hack already has lost his cool a few times since his return. Trading insults with him gets tedious, however.

        Come on Kentucky!

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:

          Tedious. ya, (because getting banned – or not still means cloning “soph” to “alliemdws” to “Mr762” … and on and on it goes.

          So, it’s clear xoot doesn’t favor the ‘ignore’ policy. Anyone else want to chime in?

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            So far I’m sensing this is not a call to arms by the ‘Musketeers’ but more of an individual decision.

            FYI, I’m choosing the “Ignore” – disengagement – policy. (yeah, I have enough self-discipline to effectively “ignore” the trolls even without benefit of the remote control ‘mute’ button.)

            Good luck, guys!

        • sandy32koufax says:

          WS won’t go away!

        • sandy32koufax says:

          Fast Break O is working for them too

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        sandy, fair enough.

  59. sandy32koufax says:

    Fucking Stanford knocks Kansas out of the tourney! Go Farmers! Is this a harbinger of an NCAA title returning to the west???

  60. xoot says:

    Kentucky Wildcats played a great second half! Randle is a tremendous player. He seems to get more energetic toward the end of the game when everyone else is flagging. Not a bad day for the team full of freshmen, vs a team full of seniors.

  61. sandy32koufax says:

    WTF? Content disabled??

    sanfradodgerfan Rank 7
    Blah…you guys sound like BfE or whatever his handle is these days…

    • xoot says:

      He probably flagged you. 🙂 I didn’t. I was too busy cheering with the real Big Blue Nation.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      I confess, as I quickly scroll backward on the Splash, the ‘real’ game takes on the appearance of a amateur fencing tourney where repeat rules violations by the trolls go unnoticed by “V,” while sandyk, who plays fair, gets his comment vaporized. Fair umpiring? Hardly. Meanwhile, a good spring game of ball … who the fuck cares?! 😉

      • sandy32koufax says:

        Ya, I had another one taken down too. Fuck that skunky page

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:

          The trolls were out in force today. There are just too many, imo, to take them on in a direct frontal assault. Ignoring them in this instance is the only recourse, given Viafoura is such a worthless fuckup.

          • sandy32koufax says:

            it’s 1-4 people, shoeless, that’s all. They are way warped.

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              “1” ? you think this possible? IOW’s, allie, mollie (do you think these might be one and the same?), and / or do you think it’s entirely possible that allie, mollie, chicoflores28 (BFE), inevitable, and Mr762 (who appeared today for the first time) might all be 1 troll?
              I agree it’s not unthinkable. although, I did assume allie (soph / Jim) is

              • annapirhana says:

                I would accuse them of being the same person, just to piss them/him/it off.

                • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                  That might be a tactic for someone to try. But, I’ve taken the “ignore” oath of valor. 🙂

              • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                … to continue … 1 troll, while mollie an a’s troll makes 2 trolls, and then, yes, chicoflores, Mr72, and inevitable could make for just a total of 3 trolls.

                In either or any case, the fact the software continues to allow multiple aliases at will, there’s simply no way to keep up with a really determined sicko. Of course – and this is as we know an impossible hypothetical – if everyone completely ignored, never replied / responded to their daily fishing expeditions, the identified trolls would, I believe, simply dry up and die on the vine – well, actually, they’d just go elsewhere looking to invade, ‘mix it up’ with a more gullible group. I’ve got more important fish to fry than to continue to take their bait. To date, I feel I’ve played in part of a fools errand thinking their presence could somehow be mitigated. IMO, I’ve only made it worse for the trying. 😉

  62. shaman138 says:

    Iowas St. is just pissing this one away to the Tarheels. They had it, too–as they say in twitterville, #choking.

    And Gaucho Douche is a ghoulish prick.

  63. xoot says:

    My billion dollar bracket right now is at 33 of 44. What a great ST BA! Two of my final four picks, however, are gone. I don’t think I’ll be heading north with the team.

  64. sandy32koufax says:


  65. Chico says:

    Look, SFGate is a fools errand. Most of the comments you see are made by one guy with at least 50 different usernames who runs Anonymizer software. He’s been a problem for years, but the Gate either hasn’t tried to catch him or they realize the simple FACT that if they did catch him, most of their articles (especially on crime) would suffer serious and needed page-clicks. I have asked for help and have yet to get help for me being banned from commenting on any articles. They can go fuck themselves for all I care.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      I completely identify with the “fools errand,” Chico. The problem individual(s) / trolls are so patently obvious, and yet V singles out an sfdf comment for having the temerity to point out the obvious, without even resorting to ‘inappropriate’ (whatever that means) name-calling. Viafoura is as unprofessional a company as the trolls are relentless in their daily mine laying of SFGate’s Splash.

      • Chico says:

        That wasn’t directed at you shoeless.. I’ve been saying as much since this blog was created. I’ve been on SFGate since the dial up days and the information I posted above is known by many.

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:

          I never took it that way, Chico (nor anyone else here)! I just happen to *agree* with your spot on (!) point that I identify with my presence having been “a fool’s errand”. That is, I had thought / wished / hoped that Viafoura would have – by now – shown as much of a willingness and a commitment to crack down on the trolls as their moderator (?) seems bent on continuing to arbitrarily censor / delete regular Splash faithfuls’ comments. All wishful thinking aside … “a fool’s errand”.

          (I’m sorry if there was somehow any possible misunderstanding here, Chico … I think that hearing a fellow blogger chastise one self for being a “fool” could have come across as ‘unthinkable’, but I assure all of you here, that I am my own harshest, worst critic … it’s the same attitude I assume when it comes to practicing tennis, the piano, berating my cat for only catching one mouse in my cabin last night – not really :), etc., etc..)

  66. annapirhana says:

    Don’t know if any of you saw this, but this is a great (ab)use of social media #FIRED!:

  67. Chico says:

    Shamanomaha. Who is this cat? Shaman has a copy-cat like I do?

  68. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Hey Chico, “Most of the comments you see are made by one guy with at least 50 different usernames who runs Anonymizer software.” I once looked into this kind of software more than a decade ago (to safeguard my IP), but dismissed it at the time for being too clumsy to use. Apparently, ‘they’ have improved the working interface.

    Still, doesn’t one of Newton’s lesser known Laws indicate that for every hack there must be a equal and intuitive counter hack?

    I guess not. Or at least Viafoura’s software of choice lacks such a counter capability.

    Question: What keeps JD’s Revenge from being similarly beset by outside trolls? Does the answer lie in WordPress (counter hack) provisions … or just the fact we come and go like mice or maintain radio silence to the outside world of Wayno types?

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      FWIW, I’m going to re-investigate the Anonmizer software and possible counter-hack(s) – I haven’t a clue for the moment, which is why I will make time to look into it.

    • annapirhana says:

      We’re in control of this nuthouse, and not VK or his bot. We’ve not yet been invaded, but we’re being looked at by far more people than those who post here, including folks from other countries. I wish they’d post, too.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        Agreed. Self-monitoring controls work. VK doesn’t. And Giants baseball is going global despite LAD being the first to go down under. 🙂

  69. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    As for the Pablo contract renewal question, my 2 cents,

    ‘Most’ players earn their contracts, based on what they did – not what they are “going to do” (as Chico aptly posted on the Splash). Sandoval’s contract, hence, poses contradicting thoughts / considerations.

    By coming to camp in the best shape since 2009, Pablo is making his case.

    In 2013, Pablo also made an equally compelling case that he observably placed himself and his own personal health habits / challenges ahead of management and the team. His DL stints made the case.

    One thing witnessed about all of the off-season contracts is that it’s a players’ market – many received mammoth contracts based on as much of a player’s ‘blue sky’ potential as much as they were being rewarded for their past year(s) accomplishments.

    Pence made his contract renewal case (after scuffling in the second half of 2012), by playing everyday through 2014. Many fans criticized Hunter’s contract for being ‘over the top’, but even without hindsight, Pence’s $90M, 5 yr. contract proved modest / reasonable with the market. One only need review Cano’s $240 million, 10 year contract to appreciate what a bargain Pence now appears to be.

    Long term contracts inherently come with the risk of the ‘albatross’ thing to ownership. Aaron Rowand’s five year contract wound up being a bit of an albatross for the Giants – hell, they paid him not to play in his fifth year.

    The albatross poses risk to every player contract, even one as ‘short’ as Scutaro’s more modest 3 year deal.

    As for the wheeling and dealing, even a 3 year Sandoval contract entails some, but surely acceptable risk – given today’s market. But without more – current – data, for Sabean to offer Sandoval a Pence-like five year deal even before he plays a single regular 2014 season game would either suggest that Sabean has a lot of faith in Pablo’s still untapped, ‘blue sky’ potential, or maybe, given the exceedingly competitive players’ market, Sabean is just damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t offer Pablo the contract his agent wants.

    By Sandoval coming to camp in the best shape since 2009, he’s made a strong case for a deal more to his liking than Sabean’s, but, I still don’t see how the Giants ignore one more compelling difference between Hunter and Pablo in 2013. Pence played everyday. Pablo not so much.

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