Give your freezing. Give me your hot dog wrapper tornado. Give me your Candlestick memories.

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To observe the final game to be played at Candlestick Park, and to help with the upcoming beta test of the my.groupol.ogy software, I’d like you to share as many Candlestick memories that you have. 

I’ve seen two no-hitters, many Dodger fan/Giant fan fights that have included a burning Dodger banner, a poor guy fall from the 2nd death to his death behind the Giants dugout after the team’s 12th straight loss, Mike Ivey hitting a grand slam, Joe Morgan fizzling the Dodger’s playoff hopes, an all-star game, Joe Namath being sacked 6x, Fran Tarkenton fumbling the football and, of course, Montana to Clark.   I’ve gone there with childhood friends, boyfriends, college friends, family and lots of drunk acquaintances.  Candlestick was the backdrop to a terrible childhood, giving me the only relief when I imagined the Giants playing lazily under the heat of the sun until the 3pm blast of tornado winds began to form in the outfield.  I will be sad to see it go, because it will truly be the end of an era.

What are your memories and impression?


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354 Responses to Give your freezing. Give me your hot dog wrapper tornado. Give me your Candlestick memories.

  1. unca_chuck says:

    Hah! I was at the game where the Dodger banner was lit on fire. Upper deck toward the 3rd base side! Foggy night that I think was a Krukow over Fernando 2-1 Giants victory. IIRC.

    Wildest game I ever saw was the last twi-night double header they ever played at the Stick. I think it was around 1987 / 1988 (based on the girl I was going out with. Funny how that works). Anyhow, My GF was a huge Cardinals fan, and she talked about the epic rivalry between the Crads and Cubs. So naturally I told her you have to see a Giants/Dodgers game. Well, it was pretty much a disaster for the firwst game, and most of the 2nd game. The opener saw the Dodgers beat up on the Giants 8-2 or something like that. The 2nd game, which started after 9:00, was more of the same. The Dodgers scored 4 runs in the 4th inning to overcome a 1-0 Giants lead, and the crowd (this was when they were good, so the house was pretty full) was getting restless. And they were getting drunk. By the top of the 6th, my girlfriend was saying, this isn’t a rivalry. It’s too one-sided. Plus all that’s going on is drunken fights in the stands. As it was getting close to 10:00, fans were starting to bail. I said let’s go downstairs and see if we can sneak into the box seats. If we don’t get caught we’ll stay. Otherwise, we’ll split.

    So, we get 2 seats about 10 rows from the Dodger dugout on the 3rd base side to catch the bottom of the 6th, and see how long we can hang in the good seats. Well, the Giants drag a run across in the bottom of the 6th, and there’s a little murmuring in the crowd. 4-2 Dodgers. By the 8th the Giants mount a rally on a couple singles, and Bob Melvin of all people cracks a triple to tie the score. The place goes nuts. The rally fizzles and the score is tied. Worse, the Giants give up a run in the top of the 9th on a couple errors. People are getting real pissed and lots of crap is getting thrown onto the field. By the top of the 11th, drunks are getting pulled off the left field fence for trying to climb onto the field.

    Franklin stubbs hits a double, and as he’s running to 2nd base, flips the bird at the Giants dugout. Maybe it was meant for the fans, but by the time he gets to 2nd, the crowd is screaming blue murder and more trash gets thrown onto the field. Someone grounds out, and Stubbs makes his way to 3rd. By then, it’s a total shitstorm. Everyone on the left side of the stadium is throwing garbage onto the field. There’s another pause while all the crap is picked up. Meanwhile, Scott Garrelts commits the error of errors. He balks, thus scoring Stubbs. Stubbs touches home plate, and all hell breaks loose. Now it’s anything goes. Crap is literally raining down ferom the upper deck, and from the LF stands. People are dumping beers over the Dodger dugout to pour into it. As Stubbs is dodging the garbage, Tommy Lasorda comes out of the dugout to try and gain some order. As he turns around, someone fires an 80 MPH orange from the stands that barely misses his face. He quickly retreats back to the dugout. Mike Marshal tries to be a hero and stop the melee, so he tries to climb into the stands. Someone clocks him in the face 2x, and HE retreats back to the dugout. By then the cops are descending on the Dodger dugout from the stands and are dragging people out left and right. After about 10 more minutes of cleanup and many fans tossed for throwing garbage, the Giants meekly go down in the bottom of the 11th. So I turned to my girlfriend and said “So, what do you think of the rivalry now?”

  2. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    “As Stubbs is dodging the garbage, Tommy Lasorda comes out of the dugout to try and gain some order. As he turns around, someone fires an 80 MPH orange from the stands that barely misses his face. He quickly retreats back to the dugout.” LOL … Tommy Lasorda, the Kitten-hearted! Down to earth baseball story telling as only you could tell it! Fun!

  3. xoot says:

    Circa late 90s I had a good gig, in a partnership with a friend of mine. Our main administrator/office manager was a beautiful, intelligent young woman from Ukraine (not “the Ukraine” she’d say, “Ukraine”). Over time I learned that she was happy to be rid of Ukraine. Political repression topped the list of bad things. But also horrible was the memory of spending winters there.

    In the middle of September 1997, when the Giants and Dodgers were tied for the division lead and the bums were in town, we got some good news in the office one day, and my friend and I decided to zip down to the Giants’ Dugout Store on the ground floor of our building to see if they had any tickets left for that afternoon’s game. They had three. We bought them and then told our regal Ukrainian colleague that she was going to her first baseball game.

    The Stick was completely packed. Our last-minute seats were in CF, two rows from the very top of the stadium. Home plate looked like a dot of white paint. Because the sun was shining toward us, we saw the dark side of the ball, if we saw it at all. J.T. Snow hit a HR early in the game to right field that was essentially invisible. Next inning Barry Bonds hit a blast in the same direction, and again we had to rely on the explosive reaction of the crowd to be sure it was a HR. Still, the game was exciting. It went into extra innings, tied 5 -5, and Dusty Baker sent Rod Beck out to start the 10th.

    Of course, the afternoon wind had kicked up. I’d never before watched a game from the most distant seat in the park, and I was impressed by how much stronger the circling gale whipped around up there. (Yes, sticky hot dog wrappers successfully smacked some nearby fans in the face.) We’d left the office in our shirt sleeves. Our Ukrainian was now shivering. She asked us if we thought people would start to leave the game. She realized that we intended to stay, and she seemed stunned, but she also obviously was willing to tough it out.

    When Beck loaded the bases in the 10th, we had an interesting, high-rise view of the ten miniature players and four umps crowded around the infield. The bouncing comebacker Eddie Murray hit to Beck was discernible, however, and the double play couldn’t’ve been sharper. Our Ukrainian eyed the resulting frenzy with some concern. The game went on. The wind increased. The sun descended. Shadows hit our section in CF.

    Maybe due to the change in the angle of the sun, we were able to see the arc of Brian Johnson’s 12th inning walkoff into the left field stands. Are you shouting because we can leave now? our Ukrainian asked.

    About six months after that game, at work one morning our Ukrainian asked me if I had seen the new tv commercial advertising Giants tickets for the upcoming season. Video they’re using, she said, shows game we attended. She seemed to want an explanation. Makes sense, I said. That was probably the best game of the season. I have never been so cold, she said, turning away. I came to California to get out of cold. Out of mob mentality, too. I will never go back to that place.

    I think she meant Ukraine.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Shit, that was one of the best games ever played there, Xoot. My claim to near fame was getting thisssssssss close to catching a foul pop from willie McCovey. He was playing in an old timers game around 1982 and we were perched in our Jack Clark memorial ‘howmanyoutsjack? Seats. Willie Mac hits a towering foul pop down the right field line as ai watched it sailing toward us, it was clear that it was heading right for me. I had to back up 3 steps and simply wait. And wait. For the ball to come down. Unfortunately, it ticked off the upper deck railing and landed harmlessly, and light years away, from me.

    • xoot says:

      Chuck, you have dozens and dozens of great Stick stories. The orange Lasorda and the McC foul ball tales are both terrific. Keep em coming. MOW wants content!

  5. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    My most memorable (and Only) moment at Candlestick began and ended as a Newbie.

    The year was c. 1993 … but my memory is really more of an impressionistic blur with few details to tell.

    I was invited to join my Dad and Stepmom’s neighbors / avid Giants fans and drive into the city (from Sonoma) to see the Giants play the _______(can’t even remember that little detail! 🙂 ) in Candlestick Park. Having grown up in Concord, Walnut Creek, and Pleasant Hill, this was my 1st and only Giants baseball game at the Stick.

    My first and only lasting impression to this day came as I was looking down from our seats in the View Box section just as the Giants players came onto the field in the top of the 1st. I said to Carl and Dottie, “Look! that guy down there at 1B. I’ve heard of him. He’s the Giants superstar, Will Clark. The guy makes 3 million bucks just to play a game!”

    That’s all I remember: The idea that anyone could get paid $3 million to play a game struck me as wholly incredulous at the time.

    Of course, Robinson Cano knows better than Will the ‘real’ value of his glove and bat … and inflation … on today’s market. (My best memories as a Giants fan began much later than all of you here. They began with a Matt Williams walk-off in the 14th against the Dodgers

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      “view box” at Candlestick? I don’t think so! More proof that my one experience at Candlestick was but a flicker in time.

  6. Chico says:

    One of my earliest memories at the Stick was against the Padres. I was just a little kid but I remember it was a hot day and my dad bought me one of those carnation chocolate malts and I was in heaven, that’s all I remember from that time other than we won the game. Went to plenty of games but don’t remember that much from my earlier years.

    I remember another hot day and a great game in 1993 when Bonds and Will Clark went back to back and I almost got Clark’s ball (we were sitting in RF, the section that looked like pull outs, and if you looked up, you could see the people above you hanging over the rails) Kind of tucked in. I just looked it up, and we won 103 games that year! No playoffs!?!

    I also remember going to a ‘throwback game’.. Can’t remember who we played, but cokes were 5 cents and hot dogs were like 50 cents or a dollar. I still have the program of that game somewhere in my plastic bins in the garage.

    So many good times at the Stick – used to go with some of my old co-workers after work when I worked on 3rd and Bancroft as a ‘shipping specialist’ @ Cleasby Mfg. I eventually became a welder there so my ambitions were high..(International brotherhood of Boilermakers and some shit) We’d walk to the games, right through the bayview district. IT DID help that most of the guys I would go with were either Samoan and the white dudes belonged to a couple of different motorcycle clubs. That was my early 20s. Some great times. When work got slow at the company, the union would send us down to Hunter’s point to work at the shipyards.. These dudes were NOT the kind of guys you wanted to fuck with – and I saw my fair share of them taking their aggression out on others (deservedly so back then).. The weather at the Stick sucks, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that in the baywiew, if gets friggin hot, especially if you’re working outside in the yard.

    I remember when the fence looked like chain link, and when guys would hit home runs to left, the people would jump out of the stands, grab the ball and then jump right back into the stands. That was special to me. I don;t know why, but I loved seeing happy fans make the leap and the hard work just to get to the ball, and then jump right over the fence back into their seats. I’ll miss that the most. I know it’s nothing huge, but that was the most special thing about the Stick to me. It was never the same after they put up the green padded fence. So many Giants games there, I could go on for some time.

    Then my brother took me to a Niner/Steeler game back in my early 20s and we were miserable. It freaking POURED all day and night, and we got our asses whooped.

    Went to the Niner game last week against the Seacocks, and I had the time of my life. My buddies who I met through my wife (they all went to SHCP together) won the tailgater of the year award, and my buddies Arlo, John, and I said goodbye to the stick in fashion.. I’m wearing black, John in red. That whiskey sure kept us warm! (Taking shots off a Niner ice sculpture)

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, it still isn’t really real to me that the Stick is closing. Don’t know if you saw Keith olberman’s piece about it, but it sucks royal ass.

    Spoken like a smug East coast fuckwad. Glossing over all the meaningful games there, and the fans that stuck through them when the teams were down, is bullshit. What could have been a funny piece about the idiosincracies of the Stick comes off as condescending trash piece about all the stupid fans that went to games there.

    Besides, football weather there was MUCH better than for baseball in the summer, but yeah, it’s a dump. Ha ha. We get it Keith. Now go fuck yourself.

    The only good thing about the piece is the ending with Chris Berman. I’ve seen his end-of-the-game talk before, but not that part of it.

    • Chico says:

      What a douche bag. I usually like Olberman, but this was bullshit.

      And Berman is a Niner and Giants fan, so I’ve been told.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      I’d expect NFL Films to come up with a compendium, of great moments from the stick. MLB too. LOTS of great sports history went down in that place.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Excellent stuff, Chico.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    From my blog:

    It still hasn’t really sunk in yet. Candlestick Park, Monster Cable Stadium, 3-Com, Shit-hole, The Pigsty, whatever you want to call it, it will forever in my heart be The Stick. Some time soon it will be imploded and forgotten. I can’t even begin to guess at how many baseball and football games I’ve been to at the grand old shit-hole, but I do remember the first game I went to. I was in 2nd grade, and it was 1969.

    My mom thought it would be a great idea to take me and all the 2nd grade boys (16 of us) in my class to Bat Day. Bat Day usually fell near my birthday (April 25th), and this game was on the day after. I don’t remember very much about the game, but it was a sunny gorgeous Saturday, we were playing the Astros, and all my favorite players were out there. Willie Mays, Bobby Bonds, Willie McCovey, and Juan Marichal. An old guy behind me said “watch that centerfielder for the Astros. Jimmy Wynn. They call him the Toy Cannon.” I don’t know if he did anything that day, but I loved the nickname, and he became a guy whose career I followed as a kid. We were sitting in the upper deck cheapies on the 1st base side. I think we won.

    The coolest thing about the game was the bats. Every kid 14 and under got a regulation sized bat. During any rally, all the kids would start pounding the bats on the concrete in rhythm. A sound that I’ll never forget, since there were tons of kids in the stands that day. My mom put up with a lot of kid shennanigans, and I hve no idea how we all got there, but I do remember getting bags of peanuts, those Carnation Malted things with the little wooden spoons, hot dogs, and cokes. We had a lot of fun stacking peanut shells on the hats of the 2 drunk oldsters in front of us who had fallen asleep (passed out?) somewhere around the 6th inning. All in all a greeat day, and my introduction to The Stick. Mom did that for the next couple years, bless her heart, and from then on I went to games every chance I got. Scrounging up money to catch the bus and hit the bleachers for 50 cents, or glomming on to friends who were going.

    There’s talk of opening the stadium up some time next year for one last tour, and that is something I will not miss.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      The Toy Cannon. Cool. I sold those damn Malteds at Stanford Stadium during HS just to see games free. That’s one of the worst jobs I’ve ever had. Freezing rain and trying to sell ice cream w/o gloves is not a good idea.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Hey, MOW, just to be clear here, I’m going to post most of that message you sent to my Unca_chucks_niner_page facebook page on that page.

    I don’t want to give out too much info. Let me know if this is cool.

  11. mailorderwife says:

    Excellent excellent stuff!!!!

    Chico – can I use that photo? I have people sending me photos of the first Candlestick game experience for their babies. Neat neat stuff.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Chico, can I steal the whole story and post it on my blog? Tha’s awesome

  13. mailorderwife says:

    Shoeless – can you send your email to I’ll try fixing the chat thing again.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Got it, Mow. Thanks! That’s what I kinda thought, but I wanted to make sure before I did anything.

  15. Chico says:

    How many days until pitchers and catchers report?

  16. sandy32koufax says:

    My old man took me the first time, just two groovy cats out for a ball game. It was a Dodgers game and it was one of the few times I watched them win at the Stick. Bill Singer threw to my then fav Dodger-Jeff Torborg (I secretly wanted to be a catcher at age 9-12). I remember thinking how different the place was than The Big A or Chavez…and it was on the water…walking from press parking to the gate and looking up at the lights standards above the rim of the stadium and getting a little bit dizzy walking uphill and watching the clouds/fog float past them…Pop handing me a ticket and saying “Wait for me inside the gate.” and right then, a flurry of kids, boys mostly, running through the crowd and jumping over the turnstiles to gatecrash the game. I’d never seen it and dad said he did it when he was a kid too-at Rams and UCLA games. He tried to warn me not to do it too but that didn’t work out so well. I never forgot seeing so many kids get into a game that way. Seemed like I only saw one or two get caught too.

    My parents were divorced, my mom had rented a house in a San Mateo neighborhood called Shoreview. My dad worked at KFOG and would give me four bleacher seats good for any day games Monday through Thursday. My friends and I would ride our bikes up to the Stick, lock them up at the old bike racks and sell the tix to other kids or adults-$1.00-$4.00 for four seats, enough for cokes n fries for all of us after the game at our local creamery. Then we’d get ready to crash the gates en masse. We knew that eight 11 yr olds would not all get caught if we’d all go at the same time, so we’d act like we had tix, get in line and rush the turnstile, vault it and run in different directions. We’d meet up at the old Jr Giants section since kids never were asked for tix there. Eventually, we’d make our way around the entire stadium and enjoy a full day of baseball. Sometimes we got to meet guys like Willie Mac or Ron Santo but, to me, the best was meeting Willie Davis. Nice guy and quietly funny. I met him enough times that he came to recognize my changing face. That was cool. That was 1968. One guy, Darrin Smith never once made it inside w/o getting caught so he quit trying. Towards the end of the summer in ’69 the Mets were in town for a double header that had Seaver going in one of the games…we all got caught and our parents phoned by whoever the security company was then but not SFPD…I never tried gate-crashing the stick again…although I would continue doing the same at Kezar 😉

    I gotta lotta more…

  17. sandy32koufax says:

    From 1968 until last year, I’ve been to the stick hundreds of times. Concerts, baseball, football or sports clinics, didn’t matter, it was all happening there for years. I’m going to miss the place. Lots of great and terrible memories there. Watching Robby Thompson screw up an easy play to first to allow Brett Butler’s Dodgers to win in extras…The Big D’s only game I saw at the Stick, a win in ’68…The Bulldog owning Butler, Clark and Mitchell 20 years later…learning I was going to be a dad at a Rams-Niners game in ’82…my last Rams and Dodgers games at the Stick with my old man, knowing they were the last trips we’d take for those events made them all the better too…being at all three of the final LA vs SF Stick games with my best friends and not having any problems with other fans-that was a nice change;-) especially since LA took two of three. We all kept the cheap commemorative beer cups-one buddy still has em and pulls em out for big LA v SF games-cool maroon he is…My old man took my LL team to a Dodgers-Jints game after our season ended in ’70. Paul Keck stole my only shot at a foul ball ever, which came off of the bat of McCovey. He just reached in front of my Wilson glove with his new “Fastback” and snatched it from me. I hated that guy…Mays or Mac always seemed to hit a homer at every game I went to as a kid then it was damned Bonds or Kent…Jumping on a bus from a bar or restaurant that sold tix and chartered rides to games for baseball or football then taking shit for wearing some shade of blue :-). Especially one time from a cowboy bar in Fremont-The North or South Forty(?). One of the guys that left with us had on a Cincy cap and I caught him chucking peanuts at me. I asked him to stop, an inning later, he started again. I got up and told him to stop. An inning later I was buying beers and saw the clown running towards me. He was tanked so I wasn’t worried but there were SFPD everywhere. He tried to throw his fully garnished hotdog at me but I ducked and it hit one of SF’s Finest, instead. He was arrested…Watching Favre and GB take Young and SF apart in a great Monday night game with torrential rains. It rained so much that the water cascaded down the stadium from level to level of seating and like a waterfall from the higher tiers of the stadium. If you weren’t there, you missed an awesome display of mother nature’s self-cleansing. I took a nephew-he met all the past 9er greats that were at the NFL-49ers club, behind what we know as ctr field. He met Perry, Nomellini, the traitor Wendell Tyler and a tonna other great guys-players, coaches and former press people. Fun night…my old man told me he had cancer at a niners rams game. We went and had his last drinks after the game at L’Entrecote de Paris in CowHollow…

    Most of my memories of The Stick are like this, brief glimpses of so many days and nights in Windlandia and being with friends, having a ball no matter the score. Only once did I go there under-dressed for the elements but I learned that freezing, sunny day never to underestimate the cold confines of Candlestick ever again. If it was 85 in San Mateo, it would be 53 plus wind and fog by game time at the Stick.

    I guess we’ll never see those huge, round communal urinals and I’m good with that. It always made me wonder why a bunch of guys were standing in a circle taking a leak anyway. The lots were swamps too often and my buddies from the area had an uncle that owned a mom n pop store on Palou and we’d park in his garage then walk to games. During summer we’d tail-gate and bring our horns or snare-drums and have a ball getting full n toasted but we stopped doing that for football when the TG rules changed so much.

    All in all, The Stick was “home” to even an outsider like me. AT&T is cool but it’s modern and doesn’t have any of my father, childhood or my own kids involved there. I learned that my firstborn child, Natalia was on the way at a Cubs-Giants game. I’d take her to many events at the Stick over the years as well as my other children. It has never ceased to amaze me how you’d see the same people during all of those lousy years for the jints or the niners going there. Ya, “crowds” under 15,000 at a baseball game aren’t really a crowd but you’d see many familiar faces if you went often enough. I feel badly for those folks and for the city not actually getting around to making an offer the niners couldn’t refuse. Eddie D wanted to build on the same land. Oh well. Now we can drive by and remember it. Like the old speedway across the freeway that’s been gone for 30 yrs…:-(

  18. mailorderwife says:

    I think one of my very favorite memory of Candlestick Park was during the weekday night games in the bleachers (of course), where they’d always send the one malted vendor down towards us at about the 5th inning. He was a handsome brotha man who wore these eyeglass frames (no lenses), and he would sort of stare at us, and we’d stare back at him.

    Back then, it was myself and a few friends, the same 3-4 drunk guys managing the ballclub while pacing back and forth, and the miscellaneous local families of color, and we’d all more or less sit in the same section (CF) and have a nice time.

    One night, a bunch of kids from Stanford joined our bunch. They wanted to experiment with acid, but wanted a large enough and empty space with which to test their reactions. One of them took out the back of a seat.

    There was also this game v. the Pirates, when Dave Parker was with the team. He wasn’t playing from innings 1-5, but some other guy was. Young guy. Easily easily affected by all the razzing from the CF folks — and there weren’t more than 20 or so of us, and my boyfriend and I weren’t the ones yelling. By the 2nd inning, he’d take free time between each out to turn around, give us the finger, cuss at all of us and demand that we meet him after the game in the parking lot. By the third inning, he’d start doing this in between each pitch – wilder gestures, sometimes clutching the CF with whitened fingers. Then, of course, that led to a giant error. He was removed by the 5th inning, when Dave Parker was sent in to sub. As he ran towards our section, Parker gently began to life his one forearm up, placing his other free hand over the muscle of his rising forearm, giving us the giant F*** YOU. It was beautiful.

    There was another Pirates game where we couldn’t see anything because the fog obscured our vision. We could barely find the car at the end of the game…and we had parked right at the bleacher entrance.

    I loved the bleachers. People in the rich seats never paid attention. They’d drink their chardonnays and let their diamonds sparkle beneath the glare of the strong stadium lights, but their heads would be turned away from the action as they discussed the banal events of their lives as if they had just climbed Kilimanjaro. I so wanted a ball to clobber them on the head, but those things never happened. The low bleacher price was enough to persuade me to become a happy habitant, especially during college when a certain well-known Bay Area DJ and I, along with some other college friends, would spend a nice evening getting stoned. The bleachers was the epitome of San Francisco at the time, with all the mixed cultures enjoying themselves during the freezing cold while we ate our Tic Toc Burgers.

  19. sandy32koufax says:

    Palmer looks like shit today. Fresno ST got U$C’ed and DLS lost to a superior SJB. I hope Oaktown loses-it can only improve their positioning in the draft, and ya, I really don’t want SD to win but ya gotta roll wid da punches sometimes. Go Bruins!

    • datswhatsup says:

      DLS had no business in that game with SJB and it’s 17 DI recruits, yet they almost pulled it off.

      Controlling the ball and keeping SJB’s offense on the sidelines is much easier planned than done yet they were able to do it.

      People got to see the explosive nature of SJB and their sophomore RB and junior QB but what had to be a world record number of holding penalties in the second half enabled DLS to have a punchers chance.

      That bomb to the sprinter was a thing of beauty, but lightning couldn’t strike twice.

      That SJB QB will be playing on Saturdays on national TV somewhere, but that DLS QB is one tough SOB

      • sandy32koufax says:

        I didn’t get a chance to watch most of it, unexpected company came by with their young daughter. She needed some diversion so it was the tele.

        I saw the highlights on the news showed though. The local bits I saw were brief and didn’t report the game well. I read this at the Times, though

        St. John Bosco is best prep football team in Southland history
        Braves’ victory over powerhouse Concord De La Salle in bowl game caps a 16-0 season and earns them the distinction of being the top Southern California program of all time.”,0,5731373.column#ixzz2oFmb56RA

        I did read that the WR and QB were all the shit along with the rest of the Illuminati from SJB. DLS may be undergoing some changes, sans Ladouceur, that might be painful. I know, time. Greatest game ever and most successful socal football team ever. Maybe they were just that damned good.

  20. Chico says:

    I must be in the minority (I don’t a shit about private schools, and can’t stand them to be honest). Now, this is funny!

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Agree, public school dude here, remember? I’d put those catlick schools up against any team from Miami, FL or Allen, TX. Hell, I’d put any CIF champs against their out of state equals.

      Your post won’t load for me Chico.

    • sandy32koufax says:


      I tried opening it in another tab and got this error message:

      “Error 0001. The type of image you are trying to process is not allowed.”

      Windows 8 with the latest chrome…HELP!!

    • sandy32koufax says:

      As soon as I posted Mac, I saw Smith. Poor cat.

  21. sandy32koufax says:

    I can’t find Tito getting ready to bat or Perry scuffing a ball…

  22. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    “Hey…I sent you another invite. In order to use the site, you have to accept the invite. Once there, it should put you directly into the 49er site. There is an added tutorial over there, but I’d be happy to help you through it as it is a bit complex. Thanks so much”

    MOW, how do I reach you or vice versa? (I closed the ‘old’ gmail address you had on me.) Let’s try one more time today … thanks.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Not sure, but is “Anne Graf” (Germany) the link you speak of? ….

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        MOW, I’m definitely not going to make it without a clarification as to the “Anne Graf” invitation – via Linkden, which requires registration – which I did, but … so what? 😉

        • mailorderwife says:

          Hmm…I dunno what that is? I didn’t do a Linkedin invite. However, I am going to reschedule the chat. Tonight won’t work because of some unexpected issues. Might shoot for a playoff game.

  23. Chico says:

    Not sure if I’ll make the chat tonight. My wife just took my daughter to the ER (sick for days) and even if everything works out as planned which I don’t care about anymore (daughter is obviously priority #1), I’m invited to about 12 different parties tonight. If I were a betting man, I’d put it all on watching the game on the couch with my family.. I’ll do my best to make it.

    • mailorderwife says:

      Wow, Chico…hope your daughter is okay. I guess with twins, you get double-whammied with colds in your household. Let’s just hope it doesn’t spiral beyond that, and superior Bay Area medical care (perhaps excepting that Children’s Hospital in Oaktown) is why the City is superior to anything in Los Angeles.

      • xoot says:

        Hey, I spent many many hours in that Ch. Oakland hospital, including waiting out several surgeries, and we got nothing but the best there. (Haven’t been back for a couple of years, however.)

        All the best, Chico. Take care of the little ones.

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Sent you an email, MOW > > >

  25. mailorderwife says:

    Tonight’s event has been cancelled due to technical difficulties. We’ll try again in the future. Thanks. Anywho, this particular thread rocks. I’ve enjoyed reading the memories. Candlestick will always be ours.

    • xoot says:

      Reading all of these great stories about how some of you grew up with Candlestick has been fun, and very moving. Makes me realize how much my own kids will cherish their experiences at China Basin. (My favorite so far: The younger one brought his glove one night in 2011 and caught a screaming LD off the bat of Fontenot next to the RF foul pole.)

    • unca_chuck says:

      Sorry toi hear that MOW. There’s always the playoffs.

  26. unca_chuck says:

    SHit, I’ve only been waiting, and trying, to get a foul ball for 46 years, Xoot! My son did get a BP ball a few years ago.

    • xoot says:

      I’ve been shut out, too (although I know you’ve attended many more Giants games than I have). In any event, I’d have to say my kid earned his. He and his brother were sitting together in that small bleacher section by the foul pole. His brother said it sounded like a cannon going off when the 14 year old caught the ball.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Good for him. That’s great, Xoot. Once in a lifetime thing. My grandfather always told me the story of breaking his leg whe he was 13 chasing a foul ball at Wrigley when he was a kid. And yes, he did get it. He showed it tto me years and years ago. Don’t know where that ended up.

        Once, coming back from a beer run I was walking along the lower walkway between home and 1st (before they filled it with seats) and someone hit a foul tip that was coming right to me. However, with both hands full all I could do was watch as it hit the concrete right in front of me and ricochet right back toward the field.

        $14.00 worth of beer for a $5.00 ball? I think I did the right thing!

    • mailorderwife says:

      I have 6 MLB baseballs at home. 2 are filled with autographs from players who got to know us when I was a teenage girl (I was so naive, let’s say) and another ball placed on my lap by someone from the Houston Astros. I don’t remember where the others came from. When it comes to getting baseballs, being a female definitely helps.

  27. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Okay. It’s official. Anne Graf has cancelled whatever was going on in Germany via “Linkeden” …. 🙂 whew! Everyone who’s going or not going to the game, it should be especialy enjoyable given the Seahawks at home somehow managed to fall to the Cardinals despite 4 interceptions by Palmer. Amazing.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Strike that. I meant to say Stefi Graff, the ace, albeit retired, German tennis star.

      Happy for all of you who nostalgically enjoy looking backwards in time to view the game of baseball.

      Frankly, not going to but one game at Candlestick, I definitely appreciate the here and now (and looking forward to 2014), in the moment nature of the game. I will be relieved when spring training talk is revisited, live and in the now.

  28. Chico says:

    Thanks folks.. She’s in good hands at UCSF 😉 Ventolin (albuterol) was prescribed.. She wasn’t diagnosed, but the ER attending gave it to her anyways (need to go to our pediatrician to get fully diagnosed), but as I suspected, Asthma.. I was thinking the P word – thank god it’s not that.


  29. Chico says:

    LETS GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. sandy32koufax says:

    Bowman goat to hero.

    Legendary way to close shop…

  31. unca_chuck says:

    Unbelievable ending. They did kick away from the hands guys on the left side. Crazy shit.

    • Chico says:

      I knew Atlanta would bring it. That was one hell if a football game!!! If that’s the last TD at the stick, so be it!! Fantastic!

    • sandy32koufax says:

      These toons remind me of hanna-barbera stuff from the 60’s. LSD reindeer and a drunk looking, lounge Santa, VERY SF

  32. Chico says:

    Content disabled
    chico_state Rank 19
    Funny, I seem to remember wishing a Merry Christmas to lilmocowbell and Lance_Young.. Pathetic.

    Can’t wait until Michigan State exposes Fraud in the Rose Bowl.

    Content disabled
    1997 SF Giants hero Brian Johnson on whether or not he will miss Candlestick
    @xoot I second that.. I’ll add Marty, Lance Young, lethalfang (who comments here from time to time), lilmocowbell, and even that one guy who likes to pop sports trivia during live game blogs (forgot his username)..

    As for the terror of Temescal, he can eat my shorts!
    Content Disabled
    Update on SF Giants’ Brett Pill, plus a pitcher is removed from 40-man roster
    @SlipNslider I feel sorry for him. They don;t even like him on the Dodger boards. What a goat!

    I hope this fuck knows that I can play the same game… Hey Wayne, motherfucker, it’s on.

  33. xoot says:

    “your fired”

    raiders fans got the tea party treatment on national TV today

  34. unca_chuck says:

    Hate to say it Xoot, and I think it’s actually a good idea, but the Raiders are keeping Dennis Allen. Good, bad, or indifferent, the Raiders need continuity above all else at this point. Allen may npot be the answer, but the Raiders are still digging out from the bad deals and terrible drafts of the last few years of re-un-dead Al. I think they are still paying out something like $40 mill in dead money to guys like Richard Seymore, Carson Palmer and Darrius Heyward-Bay. They’ll get to the point where they can sign guys, but they are right about where the 2005 Niners were. Cap hell.

    • xoot says:

      I don’t mind Allen and certainly don’t blame him for the mess he inherited. He seems to be lot more stable than the other head coaches who’ve paraded through Oakland since Gruden left. Of course, he’s the only one who never had to deal with Al.

  35. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Viafoura comment boards down again today – unable to contribute to V’s Content Disabled daily constitutional … V = crap. Wrote to “Bob” at SFGate support today again citing numerous post duplications and the inability to post, reply, “like” …. adding two questions (paraphrased): 1) Is SFGate getting what they expected / anticipated from Viafoura? 2) Was the decision to go with V based on the ‘least expensive’ option, hence, at least worth giving them a try? 😉

  36. xoot says:

    I get the feeling we’re all hanging onto this blog thread in the hope that the mathematically possible occurs and the 9ers get one more game at Candlestick. That’d be wonderful. But even if that doesn’t come to pass (and we know it won’t) I like their chances now. The earth-warming coils embedded in Lambeau’s faux frozen tundra should give the great Frank Gore just the traction he needs to blast Green Bay wide open.

    Anyway, for a new year’s post, here are a few things I learned in 2013:

    — Mike Morse has a history of PED use and injuries, but he was a SS (a huge one) when he was drafted, and he has the ability to rip many HRs way past the cartoon cars in LF.

    — Cuban baseball defectors used to be 100 times smarter than they are these days (El Duque and Livan alone prove my point). Must be the money, the agents thereby motivated, etc.

    — Some sort of selective virus has turned many A’s fans into mindless Giants-hating assholes.

    — A kid named Jake Bugg out of England is worth listening to–especially when he plays electric guitar live. (The hitmakers mute and polish his studio stuff.)

    — It’s time to buy a long board I can paddle easily, so I can spend more time riding waves than I spend trying to get into them. Yes, I’m that old.

    — The people who frequent this blog are the best, most interesting sports fans anyone could hope to meet.

    Happy New Year, JDRs.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Xoot, may you continue to exercise the zeal to prove engaged and to go boldly where no long boarder has perhaps gone before!

      Regarding PEDs and Injuries – they go hand in hand. It’s not far fetched to predict that within the decade (or the next), enhanced PEDs will become another legit post injury recovery care option. But, for now, today’s professional athletes will likely continue to beckon the black market while dwelling in the PED period equivalent of the Dark Ages.

      Last but not least, you nailed the observation about the once more complementary AL team across the bay. The “assholes” (refreshing to be able to call it as they are – without being censored by the V mod-assholes! 😉 ) appear to be of a younger, ‘newer’ breed of irreverent ‘fan’. What appears to motivate them more than simply appreciating / valuing their own team’s highly competitive AL exploits, however, is Giant “envy”. Envy of a beautiful Giants ballpark. Envy of a growing base of Giants fans from coast to coast. Envy and, perhaps, the false belief too that the infield grass across the bay is a whole lot greener. It must be frustrating to have to acknowledge that A’s ownership tends to be cheap-skates / tight-wads, but that’s not the Giants’ fault … which still supports their lily-green obsession with Giants envy. Envy or not, they’ve become the asshole of their own [de]vice and making.

  37. sandy32koufax says:

    Nicely said, xoot.

    I learned something too, and agree with you btw, that this blog is a great place with funny and knowledgeable people.

    Happy New Year, Me Dowders, and enjoy whatever and whomever you may find yourselves with this evening-

    Play nicely 🙂

  38. Chico says:

    Yep.. Love you all, and happy new year! Xoot, I can hook you up with a long board specifically designed for you, (my brother in law cuts and shapes them), or just go Pearson Arrow!

    Happy new year to you all!

  39. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Double Bah Humbug … just kidding. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! to MOW, SFDF, Xoot, Chico, Chuck, The Shamanator, datswhatsup … TwinFan … and Giants fans across the multiverse.

  40. sandy32koufax says:

    Go Vin! Go Red!

  41. sandy32koufax says:

    Here’s a funny comment from Morford’s blog that has since been deled:

    dirk_smallberry Rank 1924
    I resolve to receive more head. No, wait. That’s not awesomely easy.

    I resolve to be a bigger jerk. Crap. I’m not good at this.

    43 minutes ago 0 Likes

  42. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    4th and 1 … a yard too far for the Cardinal 😦

    • sandy32koufax says:

      The play calling became very “49er” during the 2nd half. Far too conservative when they needed to open things up…

  43. mailorderwife says:

    Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are all safe. Intrigued to find out what is in Chico’s future! Another month and a few weeks until Spring Training!

  44. unca_chuck says:

    Yup. Shaw falls victim to Harbaughitis. The Jumbo package for -2 yards. My dream of Greg Roman being hired away to HC somewhere is tempered by the fact that Hartbaugh would hire David Shaw to replace him . . .


  45. sandy32koufax says:

    So, are we partying at MOW’s place this wknd?

  46. xoot says:

    Shoeless probably has experience with this. On the morning of Nov. 29, 1990, I stepped out to plug in my car’s block heater and said holy shit when I inhaled the 26-below air. The temp never budged above 2-below that day and while quite a few steaming cars chugged down the streets, you never saw a pedestrian. No one wanted to be outside in that atmosphere doing anything. The idea of playing a football game in those conditions is just astonishing. May the 9ers prove to be the tougher team.

  47. unca_chuck says:

    Ahhhh, the good old days. Used to work at a ski resort in Colorado. For 12 days one February, the high was -10º. I had to get to the bottom of the mountain at 6:00 am to load the snow cat and drive the supplies up to the restaurant. The temp at 6:00 am was around -40º. No fun at all loading and unloading all that stuff.

    It was worse when my buddy was driving the snow cat. It meant 45 minutes of chair lift rides for the rest of us. Nothing like sitting still for 3 separate chair rides, then 15 minutes of skiing in weather so cold the tears from your eyes watering would freeze to your face. You go as fast as you could to get to the restaurant and warm up. I felt bed for the folks who spent serious coin to go skiing for the week, and it was ridiculously cold.

  48. xoot says:

    RIP Phil. Damn.

  49. sandy32koufax says:

    That “Polar Vortex” thing sounds cool 😉

    • xoot says:

      Yeah. Take a hurricane or typhoon, multiply it exponentially, and then start it in the arctic and give it a push south. But, hey, I’m sure this has happened before, right?

      Another tack: Anybody else been to see American Hustle yet? Unbelievable how the movie develops momentum while the characters careen emotionally. I’m going to have to see Silver Linings Playbook on tv now.

  50. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah. Long movie but it’s very well written and acted. I don’t remember the details of the ABSCAM thing, but it’s sorta based on that.

    Silver Linings Playbook is erratic but good as well.

  51. unca_chuck says:

    I should say very very VERY well written and acted.

  52. shaman138 says:

    Happy New Years, Dowders! These are the times I’m very grateful I live in Northern California. Meanwhile, the first playoff game is shaping up to be a real stinker unless Indy’s D can step up in a big way–they’re getting totally dominated by KC even with Jamal out with an injury.

  53. unca_chuck says:

    Take a look now, Shaman.

    • xoot says:

      turned into a strange game. Andrew luck sure has taken advantage of kcs injuries.

    • shaman138 says:

      Im stunned and happy. I turned that game off and went out to enjoy the beautiful day. Chiefs and their tomohawk-chopping fans must be heartbroken…bwaaahahaha! Meanwhile, your blog is turning into a psych ward again, Chuck, and it’s not even game day.

  54. Chico says:

    Anyone pay attention to college football and the latest rumors? This is funny.

  55. sandy32koufax says:

    Kickoff and it’s on…

  56. xoot says:

    son of a …..
    airport bar is no place for this but here I am

  57. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    49ers do it again. Win by a foot … Dawson’s foot.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      THAT close…I really thought GB was going to win too. Carolina up next and it’s an early start time, I read at chuck’s place

  58. xoot says:

    I thought the 4th quarter pass to Vernon Davis was the best play of the game. Davis looked for the ball only as he approached the goal line at full speed, and Kap fired it to that spot on the goal line. Everyone’s talking about Davis’s “adjustment”–he leapt and spun back to the ball–but I think that was necessary as the D backs closed in. He had to protect the ball. The play was planned perfectly, and perfectly executed at both ends. The airport bar went fucking crazy, as did every bar in the Bay Area, I bet. I don’t think anybody looks forward to playing the 49ers now.

  59. unca_chuck says:

    Shaman, Alex Smith is the bane of my blog. The bullshit will NEVER go away around him.

    Xoot, what was really cool about the play was Kappy looked left and held the safety juuuust long enough to fit the ball into VD.

    • shaman138 says:

      It’s funny how those yo-yos would never give him credit for KC’s turnaround this year but he suddenly “lost” the game for the Chiefs. There’s some nuts over there, particularly Peyton Manning’s number one fan.

  60. unca_chuck says:

    Yup. 10:05 start next Sunday. I woulda been pissed if we had to play on Saturday.

  61. Chico says:

    10:05 start? I’ll have to settle for ice water.. Don’t like mimosas and can’t stand bloody marys.


  62. unca_chuck says:

    Throw a little vodka in your OJ . . . or OJ in your vodka?

  63. sandy32koufax says:

    Fuckya! SEC loses even though I do strongly dislike the ‘Noles, I hadda root for em.

    • JDR says:

      I’d have rooted for Auburn until I encountered all the idiot fans of other SEC schools who were rooting for them on behalf of “the conference” and “the streak”. Rooting for a rival team because you want to claim a “dominant conference” is a level of bandwagoning so ridiculous it can only be obtained by dipshit college football fans. (Strike that, there were the desperate aaa’s fans on the Splash who talked up how losing in the AL playoffs was okay because they won more interleague games.)

      Personally, I would rather see ANY other team win a title than a division/conference rival.

      • shaman138 says:

        Those same A’ssholes who also rooted for the Angels, Mariners, and Rangers when they played the Giants? We know how pathetic they are.

  64. unca_chuck says:

    One of these years David Shaw won’t blow a meaningless game and maybe get this far.

  65. unca_chuck says:

    Next year is the playoff system, right?

  66. sandy32koufax says:

    Sorry but “Wang and Trebillcock”

    Damn bad choices in names for a family show…

  67. unca_chuck says:

    Who are wang and trebillcock?

  68. unca_chuck says:

    ahhhhhhh . . . . .

  69. unca_chuck says:

    Theough it might have been your proctologists . . .

  70. Chico says:

    Xoot linked the new gal that will run SFGate.. This is her previous job linked above. LOL.

    JDR, nice to see you! Stop by once and a while bro!

  71. mailorderwife says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SFDF!!!!!! This year, I wish you the best birthday as you complete your transformation in to a full fledged fan of the San Francisco Giants!

  72. Chico says:

    slusser Rank 2326
    @uglyfinder I’m just trying to do my best, guys. There’s no fair way to do any of this and also adhere to the integrity, character and sportsmanship clause. I don’t think I have any magic answer, that’s for hella sure.

    Stanford? Really?

    • xoot says:

      Ms. Slusser gets herself in trouble discussing the steroid/HOF issue because she can’t articulate why she thinks she’s qualified to impose her views on integrity, character and sportsmanship, yet she tries to explain why. She grew up as an A’s fan in Alameda, I believe. Her HOF piece last year was slightly wild–offering up a fantasy about her childhood heroes McGwire and Canseco in a bathroom stall shooting each other in the butt. (Comparing roids and amphetemines, she wrote: “There is something about hiding in a bathroom and injecting an illegal substance that alters body chemistry that seems so much more subversive and character warping.”) She clearly didn’t see the roots of that fantasy before she published it. Her piece this year is a bit more reasonable. At least she’s beginning to question why she gets to sit up on the morality bench and pound the gavel just because she’s a baseball writer.

  73. shaman138 says:

    My football prediction:

    AFC Championship game will be Colts at Denver Donks

    NFC Championship game will be the rivalry of the year, for all the marbles: SF at Seatutttle.

    • Chico says:

      I hope you’re right about the NFC Shaman.. That’s be sweet!

      • shaman138 says:

        It would be epic, to be sure, but if I was a Niners fan I’d be rooting for the Saints tomorrow. SF will win in Carolina but I don’t see them winning in Seattle. If NO comes to Candlestick then SF goes to the Super Bowl

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:

          I see the Niners in the Super Bowl and Kappernick leading the team to a spectacular win over Payton’s Broncos. (Of course, I also sometimes, still, see Michelle Pfeiffer as the catwoman of my past dreams.)

          • shaman138 says:

            A reasonable prediction–Broncos will retire Manning with nothing to show for it. Which is wonderful. My biggest fear is a Chargers SB win with Mante T’eo as MVP. I’d stop watching football if that happened.

  74. Chico says:

    Xoot, I stole one of your posts. It was written so perfectly that I had to. Don’t get me for plagiarism 😉

    • xoot says:

      Ha! Must be one of the screeds I posted about the HOF. Have at it.

      • Chico says:

        It was the one on the drumbeat about the HOF (failing institution)

        • xoot says:

          Ah, yeah. Well, I look at it this way, too: The writers have the HOF vote because they’re supposed to be the day in day out experts, the intelligentsia of baseball. Also, presumably, because they watch and interact with the players closely, in the dugout and clubhouse, they’re also supposed to be able to manage the “integrity, sportsmanship, character” part of the evaluation. But we know that they can’t. They didn’t say, or try to say, a god damned thing during the steroid era. Now, long after the fact of their failure, they’re applying the “integrity, sportsmanship, character” terms retroactively. The conflict of interest and hypocrisy stinks. They’ve stung themselves and everyone knows it. Change is gonna come.

          Moreover, now that baseball stats are available via the web, every blogger who plays in a fansasy league can figure out who’s good. You want historical merit? Ask fangraphs and baseball-reference. Nobody respects the writers now.

          Finally, if the intellgentsia deserves to be the parliament making these decisions, it should include a lot more than the BBWAA. I’m not sure Roger Angell (in the hall himself) gets to vote. I’m damn sure Jon Miller doesn’t.

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            ” They didn’t say, or try to say, a god damned thing during the steroid era. Now, long after the fact of their failure, they’re applying the “integrity, sportsmanship, character” terms retroactively.”

            Xoot, both the writers AND MLB were mutually complicit in this mega failure. The so far successful strategy of laying ALL the punitive blame on the athletes who played the game is neither fair nor proportional justice. It doesn’t help when so many fans, too, wish to see the players punished – whether or not they can prove who or who didn’t use steroids – but say nothing of MLB – or the writers of the time – who encouraged this new game of ‘uber-ball’.

            • sandy32koufax says:

              It never occurred to most fans, me included, to lay blame on sportswriters or to take issue w/them for roiding. MLB and ownership? Yes. Hell, I was back onboard after the strike, when I’d stopped attending games for a season in protest, when HRs started flying all over in both leagues. It was sexy and exciting. Even several Dodgers were raking in Chavez, wtf? It didn’t come home for me until the Andro revelations about Mac started flying all over that I understood they were cheating. All of them, or too many of them. That it had become a part of the behind the scenes culture in pro ball.

              I’ll always blame players, first and foremost-those are their bodies, after all-to chase whatever the motivating factors are. Fame, fortune or being known in perpetuity. Who introduced chemicals? My first memory of chemically enhanced jocks were Soviet Bloc athletes like Cornelia Ender with her manly body and hairy chest in the mid-70’s. Next was guys I saw in college using anabolics for an edge in the early 80’s. Dr Mengele?

              • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                Well said, sfdf. But, I will always blame the MLB culture of permissiveness, even under the board encouragement, of the ball players – the ‘hired guns’ – to push the PED envelope … behind the players, many fans see first and foremost to blame, lies BIG MONEY. They appear to come away totally unscathed … while fans focus on the ‘heartbreak’ of apparently being betrayed by the all too human, always fallible ball player. As Hank Schulman rightly points out the blatant hypocrisy of the HOF featuring many a “racist,” “serial adultery,” etc., etc., today’s recent steroid-riddled baseball industry is nothing but the product of BIG MONEY – bigger contracts for the PED users of the day; but ever more money for the top of the pyramid.

                I am done with faulting the player – they being the easy target, hence, scapegoat.

  75. unca_chuck says:

    If I was superstitious, I’d point out the Chargers ARE going to win because the last 4 Super Bowl winners played Philly in Philadelphia’s home opener.

    SD was Philly’s home opener this year. Plus 6 of the last 8 winners played on WC weekend. As SD did.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Good thing you’re not superstitious. Where did you find out about those trends, a betting site or a sports site? I had a coach when I played Pop Warner (the former Hillsdale Knights) in San Mateo that compiled stats like that to base game plans on. It was unconventional then but usually worked for us.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      ha! To be human – especially the kind of bipedal creature that follows baseball – is to be at least a little superstitious. Regardless, it feels like the Bronco’s year to return to the SB, assuming they beat SD into submission tomorrow and then manage to squeeze past the always tenacious Patriots.

  76. unca_chuck says:

    Did I post that here already? Man. it’s time for a whiskey . . .

  77. Chico says:

    Barkeep, get Chuck a whiskey and make it a double, on me.

    • xoot says:

      He has a couple of lawsuits already chugging along. Challenging the arbitration decision in federal court looks like a very long shot to me. And btw, the official statement from ARod whining about the absence of a jury is total bullshit. When you agree to arbitrate disputes you willingly give up the right to a jury. The courts uphold such agreements all the time, especially under federal labor law. The union process that permitted ARod to bag the biggest contract in history is the same one he’s attacking now. To hell with him.

      Biggest question is whether the Yankees will take this opportunity to get under the $189 million luxury tax threshold for 2014. As I’ve noted before, the % a team pays escalates every successive year the team’s over–but getting back under for just one year puts the team back at the bottom of the escalator for the next year. The yankers have been over so long they’re paying the max right now. One story I saw says they might be able to bid for Tanaka and still slip under $189M.

      Meanwhile, the dodgers seem content to ride the escalator. If they outbid the yankees, et al, for Tanaka, they’ll pay a whole lot of luxury tax for the forseeable future.

      • sandy32koufax says:

        I thought the arb-process would result in something like this, a season out of the bigs and done. He will be hard pressed to find a job and I can see him trying to prevent that by his actions now. Think of the alleged “black-balling” of Bonds. A-rod’s advisers don’t have his ear or they’re giving him awful counsel. Either way, I read in the NY and LA Times much of what you’ve said here-that agreeing to arb then trying to take a decision to court is nigh impossible. Agree, go to hell, A-rod.

        Will Steinbrenner let Cashman get back under the threshold? I don’t see how NYY doesn’t use this opportunity to do that and go from there in old Yankee style spending. NY ranks 4th and LA 7th among all sports franchises in terms of value internationally, a list that someone posted here late last year:

        Maybe thresholds don’t mean anything to clubs like NY, LA or Boston but they do to most other teams. The Guggie Group seems to be emulating Steiny Sr. in their pursuit of a title though, so I don’t see them giving a rat’s patoot about the Lux-tax at this point. Interesting to me that the link posted by SlipnSlider on the Flannery thread that Houston makes more hard cash than any other team.

        Saints vs Seahawks is about to begin, I’ll be watching Santa Clara Broncos vs UOP Tigers hoops 🙂

        • xoot says:

          mlb made a deal with the recent buyers of the Astros. Among other things, they compliantly moved to the AL. They’re getting their payoff while they rebuild. imo.

          • sandy32koufax says:

            That shit about teams switching leagues for gain, like the breaks he gives even LA, just makes Selig even slimier, imo.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Amazing that A-Rod will still ‘earn’ slightly less than $3 million in 2014 for doing nuthin’. The world somehow looks even more upside down from where most of us hope to work for a living until we can afford to officially retire at the age of 60 somethin’ or worse.

  78. sandy32koufax says:

    Frack! Santa Clara, as good as they are, can’t beat UOP.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      You may be watching a pretty good contest, nonetheless, because I’m presently watching ESPN’s “The Ocho” classic contest between the Poughkeepsie State Flying Cougars and the She-Mullets … Dodgeball rules! 🙂

  79. shaman138 says:


  80. sandy32koufax says:

    Well, the Stick is now officially closed.

    One last memory:

    Any vendor at the Stick was usually funny or just tired of everything, which was usually expressed in an ironic yet hilarious way. I don’t get that same thing from AT&T. I’ll miss that place, God damn me, I will.

    Time for a new thread, admins 🙂

  81. sandy32koufax says:

    Bowman’s earning his pay and praise

  82. sandy32koufax says:

    Gore runs for 39 on 3rd and 1…first down niners at the CAR27

  83. sandy32koufax says:

    Kaep to Boldin for 9+ on 2nd and 10

  84. sandy32koufax says:

    both were stud runs, btw…Gore and Boldin look strong and Boldin’s played a helluva game so far, even tho his mouth and ‘tude should have negated at least one 1st half score.

  85. sandy32koufax says:

    Kaeo sneaks it for a 1st at the 15

  86. sandy32koufax says:

    Then Gore plows for 5…CAR looking done right now.

  87. sandy32koufax says:

    Ball control O for SF looking good. Third and 5 ayt the 5

  88. sandy32koufax says:

    CAR wastes a TO on D

  89. sandy32koufax says:

    niners FG makes it 23-10 with about 10 mins to go

  90. sandy32koufax says:

    Am I getting paid for this??? 😉

  91. sandy32koufax says:

    erp…8 mins. Even worse for CAR

  92. sandy32koufax says:

    1st and ten CAR after the KO at their 25

  93. sandy32koufax says:

    There’s your ballgame, niner fans…

  94. xoot says:

    That was the worst roughing the QB call I’ve ever seen. Newton turned and ran right into the guy sacking him. +50 % of the momentum and all of the helmet contact was his fault. Still, it worked out ok, with the interception he threw two plays later. 🙂

  95. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    “Forward to Seattle!”

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Tough place to win lately.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        I like the challenge, and the Niner’s chances. They need to contain Lynch, strike early and often. Niners are 3 1/2 point underdogs as of today. Beat their home field crowd advantage and Dawson’s foot can more than make up for what the Saints’ kicker failed to do. I think – without arrogance – that the 49er’s, beating the Packers and Panthers away is still the better away team – even in Seattle.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          It’ll be a tough game, I think. I wouldn’t pick either team at this point though and 3 1/2 is funny to me. Even Vegas won’t call a winner…

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            Yeah, apparently the Niner odds were 4 point underdogs yesterday; and this morning odds-makers scientifically revised this to 3 1/2 … I’m pretty sure they employ the same Magic 8 Ball wizard that I sometimes use when in doubt. 🙂

  96. mailorderwife says:

    Thank you for the updates! Much <3. Sorry haven't been on lately. Been working.

  97. sandy32koufax says:


    Content disabled
    sanfradodgerfan Rank 7

    Maybe you can do a trade-out for some basics:

    But who in their right mind would want some dusty, tattered pamphlets, amirite?


    Content disabled
    sanfradodgerfan Rank 7

    Alone sans pantalones…such a sordid existence

    I SO don’t get the “standards” employed at that fucked up site.

    • xoot says:

      laughed like hell over that website. I think that one stung the little guy.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        sfdf, it’s all purely arbitrary bullshit. However, “Baseball for Dummies” was brilliant!!! lol!

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:


          I admittedly haven’t been following that thread until now. I admired your attempt to reason with the a-hole, by inviting him to join in – in lieu of continually talking “trash,” but he is no more within ‘reach’ today as he similarly was four years ago as barry4ever. He can’t change who he’s become. Or at least that change will NEVER happen while online – because, he has some time back become a slave to his own, inner “Mr. Hyde”.

          Still, I applauded you for trying!

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            sfdf, with your permission, I would consider copying and pasting your two above deleted posts and forwarding them to Bob at SFGate Support. I would ask Bob to review the posts and lay down precisely where any of the blog rules were violated. Frankly, I get the sense that you have been singled out by whoever is moderating the forum. And we can’t let this crap continue without fighting back – with Bob’s more impartial assist, perhaps.

            • sandy32koufax says:

              Thanks, shoeless. I wouldn’t expect anyone’s impartiality to prevail though since the gate is only about ad-clicks any longer. VK told me he’s no longer involved in the day to day of moderation and sent me sfgatesupport. That’s where I was told they wanted to work with me to eliminate the troll-factor. Since those initial emails, nearly two full months ago, I’ve received no replies or updates. I’d appreciate the effort but don’t see that it will yield either clarification nor relief. If you want to cut and paste my deletions in support of contacting them, please feel free to do so. Again, thanks. And Wayne B is Dr Jekyll-Mr Hyde wannabe.

              • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                I will give it shot. While Viafoura has NEVER responded to my original inquiry – yeah, probably dating back to early November, Bob at least has always responded in good humor. It’s possible if Viafoura moderators might eventually get the word. In any case, it’s a big forum turn-off to have seemingly innocuous, even light-hearted posts ‘deleted’ for no apparent violations – neither in word nor spirit – of the phony baloney forum ‘rules’.

                p.s. Being a “Hyde” wannabe … now it doesn’t get any more pathetic than that, now does it?!! ha!

      • sandy32koufax says:

        I’m damn tired of the twerp

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:

          Still no word from “Bob” at SFGate – so I sent off another email this morning, asking if there’s anything he / we can do to improve / further clarify V’s forum guidelines.

          • sandy32koufax says:

            They don’t give a shit any more, I don’t think they moderate anymore and don’t want/have that sort of input. sfgate IS the new Yahoo or Huffpo.

  98. mailorderwife says:

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Wait! There’s just something not quite right with the fourth one … lol … poor Brady. He’s possibly the best damn quarterback (playing for the wrong team, of course) of our time, but still gets no respect! ha!

  99. Chico says:

    Face it, SFGate is becoming less user friendly and it will get to the point where it’s like commenting on Yahoo or the Huff Po.. Nobody gives a shit about its loyal readers and users anymore. Private blogs, such as these, are the future, imo..

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      You’re right. It will so long as the V-ice Mods continue to fantasize about being the big toad in such a small pond.

  100. xoot says:

    Good articles in the NYT today about the ARod disputes. Fangraphs hasn’t done so well. One piece on the legal issues came out right after news of the arbitrator’s decision was announced, but before ARod made the actual written ruling public by filing it with his complaint in federal court. As a result, the fangraphs piece was full of muddled speculation about what the arbitrator’s reasoning might be. Another fangraph writer posted a more interesting fantasy yesterday–speculating that the ARod suspension will encourage teams to tolerate PED use, because only the players get punished. (In fact, in ARod’s case, the Yankees actually benefit tremendously from the suspension.) Fair point.

    One thing that doesn’t surprise me: ARod’s lawsuit attacks the union nearly as much as it attacks mlb and the prime arbitrator.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      I confess I was a bit surprised to learn that A-Rod would actually sue his own Player’s Union – I always presumed it was MLB that was his arch nemesis.

      • xoot says:

        Up top of this thread I stuck a link to a pdf copy of ARod’s complaint, with the arbitrator’s decision attached.

        • shoelessinbearvalley says:

          Ahh! A-Rod is an equal opportunity sue-r … err, ‘defendant’ … towards all. All so very antithetical to the “love of” let alone just playing the game. Too bad. What a horrendous way to end one’s own professional career. I cannot see how Alex can ever fully recover from this. A big mistake only made all the bigger. What an abject waste of natural talent. Time for Alex to invest some of his money in professional counseling (seriously).

        • sandy32koufax says:

          I don’t know anything about legal proceedings but Arod’s attorney’s filing, if fully accurate, seems reasonable, if lengthy. I’m not defending the jerk but it seems that if the max suspension is 100 games under the current CBA, that 211 or 162 is unreasonable. Selig, otoh, could use the power of his office to ban Arod for life, under a variety of available choices. Sadly, the morals clause seems fitting, in spite of MLB, MLBPA and Selig himself displaying little to no superiority of a moral nature-for decades-regarding steroids.

          I DON’T understand how legal proceedings work but to not hear arguments in a court of law in light of the statement/filing and despite “binding arbitration,” then what are appeals for?

          • xoot says:

            If you agree to binding arbitration, usually that’s it. No appeal. And the “just cause” provision in the Joint Drug Agreement isn’t tied to the 50-game 100-game steps that apply to positive tests. In ARod’s case, the evidence of his long-term elaborate and comprehensive PED use was far more powerful than a single positive test (which could be the result of one short-term stupid decision). I think the arbitrator was right–if G. Mota had to take a 100-game suspension for a minor second positive test, ARod’s humongous abuse deserves more.

            • sandy32koufax says:

              I thought any 2nd positive was 100 games. Thanks for clearing everything else up though. I still thought Selig could impose a lifetime ban. You wanna send a real message, that’s the way to do it.

              • xoot says:

                Absolutely, any second positive for any of the banned substances–stuff designed for horses or stuff they put in children’s cough syrup.

                • sandy32koufax says:

                  “I was in the car with my buddies when they smoked weed, THAT’S why my test is positive!”

                  Now that horse stuff sounds dangerous…

              • Chico says:

                There is no putting the cat back in the bag, bro.. LOL, the whole thing is a joke..

                • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                  Yes, the “lifetime ban” would have been – and still is – sadly appropriate to A-Rod’s case. His abuse seems unique – post MLB’s new 2003 testing policies – even from all the known/unknown ‘Palmeiros’ of the 1990’s.

  101. Chico says:

    On that 60 minutes piece, Pelley asked Bosch if felt guilty of cheating the game of baseball, where Bosch said that ‘is it cheating if you know the guy throwing 94 against is you is on a program?’ What about knowing that the guy sliding into 3rd base is on a program? Made me think.

    What makes Arod look so shitty is his mob like tactics and threats.. I also found it funny that the piece ended with ‘Bud Selig, who’s legacy will be the toughest anti doping policies in Baseball’ rofl.. I think his legacy will be letting the players resurrect the game of baseball and then turning around and acting as though he didn’t know what was happening, until congress got involved..

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Ya, it’s still cheating. Every time any of us makes a decision to do something, we know if it’s a “right or wrong” thing to do. Everyone knows these things, instinctively. A guy like Arod or Clemens knew it too. So did Selig/MLBco in allowing the farce to grow and prosper to gain viewers and put butts in seats or to sell gear.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      “… ‘is it cheating if you know the guy throwing 94 against is you is on a program?’ What about knowing that the guy sliding into 3rd base is on a program?” It is ‘cheating’ as sfdf reminds, but, it’s MLB’s (and the more often ‘enabling’ Player’s Union, too) responsibility to ensure a level playing field for all. Without strictly adhered to / enforced PED policy guidelines – something they completely dropped the ball to enforce pre-2003 – then the highly competitive athlete is put into an almost impossible quandary / conundrum.

      Post 2003 – I will fault the player every time for being caught using PED’s. But pre-2003, I fault MLB and the Player’s Union to a lesser extent for failing to demand / enforce that Level Playing Field For All.

      Without such enforcement, it makes me think, too, Chico. In this light, I still hope that the HOF voters will see that prior to 2003, to continue to use the players as *scapegoats* for MLB’s AWOL, wholly lacking PED policy is unjust / unfair to all who played in such a pervasive climate of widespread use / abuse.

  102. Chico says:

    So is flagging a comment that doesn’t deserve flagging – but most in the know do it – because it’s being done against us. #geteven

    • sandy32koufax says:


      Fallon/Timberlake aside, that whole hashtag thing cracks me up…

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        lol … the energy both Jimmy and Justin use to pull off their Gibbs Brothers’ parody is equally over-the-top and brilliant. Justin Timberlake has become SNL’s ‘Christopher Walken’ for a new millennium.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          SNL should put all of the remaining “funny peeps” that used to “walk on” together for a night-except Steve Martin. That guy just isn’t funny to me anymore

  103. unca_chuck says:

    Chico, that was Lance Armstriong’s defense. Everyone else is doping. Why shouldn’t I?
    Sure, there’s a certain amount of validity to that argument, but don’t deny everything for 10 years, throw friends and family under the bus, and then come clean when the fancy strikes you. The difference with Armstrong and, say Bonds, is it wasn’t illegal when Bonds was doing it. Bonds may have been pissed off that guys who couldn’t hold a candle to his level of talent weere blowing past him with ease, and therefore thought I can blow these clowns out of the water, Selig doesn’t give a shit. The league condones it through inaction. The trainers are in on the deal, and the front offices/managers are all wink wink nod nod. The pisser to me is LaRussa waltzing into the HOF while the players caught up in this are blackballed. Utter hypocracy.

    It’s exactly how I feel the way I do about Pete Rose. Yeah, gambling’s bad, but hundreds oif guys have been suspected of it, and he got caught. Just don’t act all contrite after pissing on everyone around you for 14 years. Don’t come clean right at the time you release a book deliniating about what you are admitting to.

    • Chico says:

      I didn’t pay any attention to the Lance Armstrong story because winning 7 tours was super-human, and I suspect the guy was doping after his 5th. Plus, cycling – zzzzzzzzz

      LaRussa is a funny ass case – as you say ‘waltzed in’ is spot-on..

      Either the league get tough and test guys during the games (5th inning preferably), or it’s going to be what it is now, a league with a whole lot of dopers trying to get an edge. Its new and improved ‘getting clean and getting rid of the PED users’ is a joke, in my opinion.. My views have obviously change on this. As for the HOF stuff that happened last week –“Because I do not know the full extent of that time period – who used, who didn’t – I have trouble rendering judgment on the guilty knowing the same exist among the presumed innocent. And so it’s a matter of wiping out the whole era, as Gurnick chose, or believing in the Hall of Fame’s ability as a history museum to properly address the issues of PEDs on the plaques of the known guilty.

      History is history, even at its ugliest, and the players who embodied it deserve recognition for their accomplishments no matter the transgressions.”

      I agree with that.. I don’t want to see a league full of dopers, but I watch it from spring until late fall.. Every year. This middle ground shit (he was too dumb and got caught) irks me.. Either have a zero tolerance policy (Testosterone and other testing before, during, and after the games **for every player**), or lets see some long balls!

  104. Chico says:

    Who ordered this weather?? It’s fucking hot where I live.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      It’s clear blue sunny skies, 46 degrees F, and rising at 8:59 A.M in the Sierras at 7000 feet. Not good for the resorts so dependent on skiing / winter time activities. What’s worse, however, may still lie ahead if the Sierras don’t get sufficient snowfall to ‘hydrate’ the state, so dependent on a healthy annual snow pack. Fox News and Republican shills reported the cold snap back East ‘proved’ the whole Global Climate Change ‘thing’ is a complete hoax, manufactured out of agnostic / atheistic cloth by the liberals and ‘scientists’, who must be chuckling all the way to the bank. Unmitigated nonsense.

  105. xoot says:

    Current sf chronicle headline: “San Jose Arsonist Fans Fears, Unites Community.”

    That’s not as good as some of the chronicle classics. (“Naked and Dead Author Stabs Wife.”) But it’s amazingly inept.

  106. unca_chuck says:

    All time favorites (Aspen Daily News):

    Dead Guitarist Improving
    (Jerry Garcia leaves rehab)

    Georgia State Supreme Court Delivers Blow to Gays
    (Anti sodomy law passed)

    • xoot says:

      I’m not so sure about that Georgia headline. Bowers v. Hardwick (actual name of a US SCt case involving Georgia sodomy law) was a long time ago, before “gay” was as common a term as it is now. But check this, from last month:

      “Dec 20, 2013 – NEW DELHI – India’s government has asked the Supreme Court to review a …The Supreme Court ruling dealt a blow to gay activists who have …”

  107. sandy32koufax says:

    $215M is a shitload of LT taxes…

    • Chico says:

      They’re still in the works for Tanaka and Arroyo, according to MLBTR.. Although, a Dodger exec said yesterday not to get your hopes up for Tanaka. Maybe this signing was why he said that.

      Dodgers are the Koch brothers of MLB.

  108. unca_chuck says:

    Xoot, that was around 1985 when I lived in Colo. It may not have been the state supreme court, but the headline was accurate.

    • xoot says:

      funny–especially for the time–and Bowers was 86 I think (it came up through the federal courts). So your memory’s essentially spot on.

  109. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Jimmy and Bruce duet to Christie ….

  110. unca_chuck says:

    Awesome. Fallon does Springsteen better than Springsteen.

  111. xoot says:

    This season, after close calls go in favor of the team batting, pitchers will spend a lot of time cleaning dirt out of their cleats and re-tying their shoes.

  112. sandy32koufax says:

    Best pic of Lincecum in a Uni ever!

  113. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    “300” Comments … an all time record for 2014! Woo Hoo! (oops, now “301”)

  114. xoot says:

    dubs v. okc is a wild game tonight
    the west sure is full of the best

    • sandy32koufax says:

      There’s some great hoops in the conf. and the warriors new ownership is as much a reason as Jackson, Myers and the team’s oncourt performance. They are frickin hot now too.

  115. unca_chuck says:

    Funny thing about that pic is, how sad is it when the biggest selling jersey for your team isn’t for one of the players?

    • unca_chuck says:

      And, Sea stole the idea (and have to pay) from Texas A&M?

    • xoot says:

      You think there’s some prejudice against Lynch? btw, that sidestep move of his has only improved since his Cal days. While he’s running full on he somehow stops, shifts sideways a full foot, and then resumes full speed instantly. He’s also fairly large.

      trivia question I don’t know the answer to: who was Marshawn’s huge Oakland Tech teammate, a guy who also made it to the NFL? Before HS practice one day Lynch pissed that guy off so much he shoved Lynch into a locker and trapped him there. The coach investigated later and opened the locker after Lynch didn’t take the field. Who was that huge guy?

  116. Chico says:

    My great grandfather (standing upright on the left with his left hand on his pal’s shoulder), taken in the Presidio around the year 1900 or so. Notice the eaves (skip sheathing), where the roof was ready for the installation of cedar shingles–not the terra cotta red asphalt shingles that are seen on the buildings in the Presidio now. These are German immigrants that came here from Hamburg Germany in the late 1800s. Immigrants stuck together – and they also loved the game of baseball, as you can see.

  117. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Revenge is best served by keeping Kap’s cool. Football fans tend to pay less stock attention to the gods governing the game, but a 49er’s victory 24-21 victory today could well hinge on a couple Seahawks’ turnovers and Dawson’s foot. (Of course, I have no real insight into what the final score will be, which I think still puts me in good standing with Bradshaw, Howie Long, and all the other Fox Sports ‘experts’. 🙂 )

  118. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    First play of the game turnover! That’ll quiet the boisterous 12th dud.

  119. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Who knew the “13th” man on the field were the umpires! It was a fumble … but apparently “not reviewable?” Unbelievable.

  120. sandy32koufax says:

    bad football and even worse officiating.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Kap has had his chances, but it looks like the 9ers’ defense will have to find a way to score for SF to play another day.

  121. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Xoot, you called it. Kap made another terrible decision to throw the ball ….

  122. xoot says:

    CK has three of the best receivers in football. There’s no excuse for his failure. The refs, however, have been fucking horrible in this game. Maybe a few true calls would’ve given CK an opportunity or two to make a play.

  123. sandy32koufax says:

    Plenty of time to score a TD after the kickoff. 6 points is not enough

  124. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Frank Gore being completely neutralized has put a helluvalot of pressure on Kap today.

  125. sandy32koufax says:

    They’ll convert. Kaep for fifty five yards running

  126. sandy32koufax says:

    well, they do convert

  127. sandy32koufax says:

    3 TO’s left? Who is wearing white??? And another 3rd and short

  128. sandy32koufax says:

    Exciting game. Refs notwithstanding.

  129. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Broncos are the better team so long as they avoid playing in Seattle.

  130. xoot says:

    I’ll be getting a call from my older son soon. Fucking Kaepernick, he’ll say. He never checks down his receivers. He just looks where he’s going to throw and that’s it and the other team’s ready. And he’ll be right. That final pass was telegraphed all the way.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Good call, again. The preceding play to Vernon Davis is the kind of quick pass that’s almost impossible to stop … not enough of these kinds of plays, which better serve Kaepernick’s ‘telegraphic’ style. I honestly thought the 49ers were the better all around team – both defensively And offensively. But the offense in the second half today just wasn’t clicking. Partly the crowd. Partly the bad reffing. And Partly no running game – other than Kaep today. Kaep seemingly was being forced to do it all. Which proved a winning Seattle defensive strategy in the end.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      It was but he throws that ball “right” and it’s over Sherman or it’s caught for a score. Terrible pass

  131. mailorderwife says:

    Well, the post-game roid rage was fascinating! I guess it’s time for a new thread!

  132. Chico says:

    Jerry Brown. Best gov in my lifetime of voting.

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