Sunday, November 2
San Francisco Giants News
(up. 4:31 p.m.) Per CSN Bay Area, the Giants have informed Ryan Vogelsong that the club won’t pick up his $6.5 million option, but sources say the two sides have begun discussions on a restructured contract.

TV Today:
NFL: Philadelphia Iggles v. Oakland Raiders – 4:05pm PST/CBS


Saturday, November 2
San Francisco Giants News
(up. 5:32 p.m.) Per Hank Schulman, Andres Torres has had his option declined for 2014.
(up. 4:09 p.m.) Per the LA Times, Barry Zito‘s 2014 option has been declined.

(up. 11:50a.m.) Per Baseball America, Mike Jacobs re-signs with the DBags.
(up. 9:20 a.m.) Per CSN Bay Area, the Oakland A’s have signed pitcher Phil Humber.
(up. 9:20 a.m.) Per the Tampa Bay Times, the Tampa Bay Rays have exercised their option on Ben Zobrist and Yunel Escobar.

TV Today:
College Football: Arizona Wildcats v. Cal Golden Bears – 12:30 pm PST/PACN
College Football: San Jose State Spartans v. UNLV Rebels – 1:00 pm PST
College Football: Nevada Wolfpack v. Fresno State Bulldogs – 7:30 pm PST/ESPNU
NHL: Phoenix Coyotes v. San Jose Sharks – 7:30 pm PST/CSN Bay Area


Friday, November 1
(up. 11:50 a.m.) Per Pittsburgh Tribune, Pittsburgh Pirate Wandy Rodriguez has exercised his option for 2014.
(up. 11:48 a.m.) Per Danny Knobler at CBS Sports, two Tigers have been claimed on waivers: Matt Tuiasosopo by Diamondbacks and Darin Downs by Astros.
(up. 11:16 a.m.) Per Jerry Krasnick, MLB “…plans to test expanded instant replay procedures in 5 upcoming Arizona Fall League games…”
(up. 11:16 a.m.) Per MLB Trade Rumors, the Oakland A’s have exercised their options on both Brett Anderson and Coco Crisp. They have also declined the option on Kurt Suzuki.
(up. 10:39 a.m.) Per Danny Knobler at CBS Sports, the Mets are declining the $25m 2014 option on Johann Santana.
(up. 10:34 a.m.) Per Ken Rosenthal, the Yankees have re-signed Derek Jeter for 1 yr./$12m.
(up. 9:55 a.m.) Per Cleveland Plains Dealer, Ubaldo Jimenez has voided his option, choosing to go with free agency.
(up. 9:55 a.m.) Per Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Yankees have already been linked to Masahiro Tanaka, Brian McCann, Shin-Soo Choo and Carlos Beltran, but Heyman adds that they’ve also had internal discussions about Jacoby Ellsbury, Matt Garza and Stephen Drew.

San Francisco Giants News
— The news of Ryan Vogelsong‘s option came from CSN Bay Area.


Thursday, October 31
(up. 2:49 p.m.) The Lost Angeles Dodgers have declined options on both Mark Ellis and Chris Capuano.
(up. 11:35 a.m.) The Cleveland Indians have acquired Colt Hynes from the San Diego Padres in exchange for cash considerations. They have also released pitcher Chris Perez and have re-signed Jason Giambi.
— For SF Giant Matt Williams has officially been named as the new manager for the Washington Nationals.

San Francisco Giants News
— The team will not pick up Ryan Vogelsong‘s option for 2014. However, the two sides may negotiate a return for less money.

TV Today:
NFL: Cincinnati Bungels v. Miami Dolphins – 5:25 pm PST/NFL Network


Wednesday, October 30
TV Today:
MLB World Series Game #5: St. Louis Cardinals v. Boston Red Sux – 4:30 pm PST/FOX


Tuesday, October 29


Monday, October 28
A year ago today (click on to watch video):

TV Today:
MLB World Series Game #4: Bahston Red Sux v. St. Louis Cardinals – 4:30 pm PST/Fox
NFL Monday Night Game: Seattle Seachickens v. St. Louis Lambs – 5:30 pm PST/ESPN


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231 Responses to BASEBALL NEWS, WEEK OF 10/28 – 11/3

  1. mailorderwife says:

    Interesting blog post: Racist fans say racist things

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      Impeccable (if highly circular) logic. 😉

    • Chico says:

      Did I miss something?

      • mailorderwife says:

        Oh…after Kolten Wong got picked off first base in the WS, St. Louis Cardinal fans decided to become flaming racists. Well…probably not become. Most likely were flaming racists just waiting for the right moment to talk about the Asian eye slits and everything being the wong way so chinks could go home. Reason why a California team needs to always be in this thing. SORRY FORGOT THE LINK. Let me correct.

    • xoot says:

      Wonder if those in-bred a-holes visit Hawaii much? Doubt it. Craven souls like that would be terrified to be in the minority.

      • Chico says:

        Wow.. What a bunch of assholes.. They wouldn’t last an hour in Hawaii with mouths like that.. btw, I don’t know if it’s my exposure to things after signing up for facebook, but racism seems to be on the rise. At least it seems that way. Sad.

        • shoelessinlassen says:

          Racism on the rise and 24 hour right wing talk radio / anti-immigrant Faux News Network walk hand in hand.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      My mom’s family is from MO. All of the older ones that grew up there then migrated to CA for the Rosie jobs are gone now. To a person, and up to their last days alive, were racists. I loved it when my cousins from CA, their children, ended up with “minority” husbands and wives. There’s a lot of proof to that “environment vs genetics” argument to be had in my family alone…

  2. sandy32koufax says:

    Ya, McCarver and Buck are tool, homers for the sox. I wonder if it’s a network directive cuzza “Boston Strong” or just dickhead being, well, a dickhead.

  3. shoelessinlassen says:

    Wainwright continues to labor in the early innings.

  4. Chico says:

    Besides Big Papi, the Red Sox are hitting .133 in the WS..

  5. sandy32koufax says:

    OTOH, Wainwright looked a total fool striking out.

  6. sandy32koufax says:

    SHITTY call on the strikeout of Carpenter. Ball never crossed the plate. Odd that we’re not seeing pitch trak on those questionable bosox pitches.

    • Chico says:

      It was inside.

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      Perhaps, pitch trak too has now come under NSA management, hence, not intended for public review? Either that, or it’s the Fox Sports network’s mission approach to avoid controversy whenever it fails to serve the Red Sox team and their fans’ interests.

  7. shoelessinlassen says:

    Wainwright hangs tough through six (pitch count 85).

  8. sandy32koufax says:

    Wow, Santa Clara gets “Honorable Mention” by McCaveman

  9. xoot says:

    I really want to see this series go 7, with the final win decided in the 9th at Fenway. I have no love for either team. Well, maybe some. Matheny and Benji are two of the great Giants of the last 10 years. The Cards fired (not officially, but he hightailed it) McGwire when LaRussa left. Beltran is a professional’s professional. All that cuts in favor of the birds. Pedroia grew up playing ball on those funky fields near the HS in Woodland. That’s not much of a cut. And I always lean left, to the NL. Best case — Wong gets to play some more and dazzles, as the redbirds win, at Fenway.

  10. sandy32koufax says:

    Here ya go, Xooter

  11. sandy32koufax says:

    FOX is now trying to create another controversy with Molina’s tag???

  12. shoelessinlassen says:

    Perhaps, karma is creeping into Busch Stadium tonight, intent on punishing whoever those St. Louis twitter ‘fans’ were, who racially denigrated Wong for being picked off last night. But, I think it may be that Boston has out pitched St. Louis again tonight.

  13. sandy32koufax says:

    Carma is pitching for StL 😉

  14. shoelessinlassen says:

    That’s 2 K’s for Carpenter tonight. I can hear the St. Louis twitter fans, blaming tonight’s loss on Wong too.

    A daunting task for the Cards, made all the more daunting as the heady Fox Sports network heads back to Fenway.

  15. xoot says:

    Well, Wainwright came into tonight’s game with 269 IP in the regular season and PS behind him, and he was definitely not in top form. But the Cards have the wildcard Wacha going next. He pitched 64 innings in the regular season and 17 so far in the PS. Game seven’s out there, on the horizon, reachable . . . . .

  16. Chico says:

    backs against the wall.. I’ve seen a team come back with their backs against a wall 😉

    • xoot says:

      yes indeed

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      Other than those now legendary SF Giants in the pre-World Series playoffs, I’m having trouble thinking off the top of my head of another team in the ‘modern era’ (you know, officially beginning about two years after the Civil War ended for the North, but not necessarily for the South), who went on to win the last two games of a WS in an opposing park.

      • sandy32koufax says:

        Look at WS sweeps. SURELY it’s happened. Oh yes, At The ‘Stick in ’89 for sure. I was at “The Broom” game 😉

  17. Chico says:

    Xoot, did you see that article about the private land owner winning the suit at Martin’s beach in HMB? Any thoughts on that? The ruling seems to go against California law (coastal commission, etc)..

  18. mailorderwife says:

    Rams…just SUCK

    • sandy32koufax says:

      WATCHIT! Yer just pissed cuz the whiners don’t gain ground after their *triumphant* defeat of the *mighty* Jags…(ya, I liked using those asterisks)

      • mailorderwife says:

        no…they really do suck.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          They played the Seahawks tight, I guess. That’s my guess from the score

          • Chico says:

            They had every opportunity to win that game..

            • mailorderwife says:

              That last play…God help me…

              • sandy32koufax says:

                Phuck pro football. That’s just how I really feel anymore.

                • shoelessinlassen says:

                  It’s the enormous number of season/career ending injuries that for me interfere with the enjoyment of the game. Just far too many uncomfortably exposed – vulnerable – players. The player injury / per game ratio has just taken a psychological toll on me over time – as a onetime big fan of the AFL. Team riddled injuries has taken much of the ‘fun’ out of the game. The killer for me being, watching Bo Jackson get turned into boneless chuck by what appeared at the time to be a routine tackle down the sideline after running some 60 yards.

                  Fact is, virtually nothing in football anymore is routine. Every lineman is at least 50 pounds bulkier / stronger and 15 mph faster (okay maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, deemed necessary herein for ‘dramatic’ effect), which inevitably contributes to the kinds and numbers of not only season, but career ending injuries.

                  Of course, we should blame “Refrigerator Perry” for starting the whole ‘modern’ era of “Big”. 😉

                  Having admitted as much, I find myself rooting for Kaepernick and the 49ers (without needing to watch them every week), because the odds of staying healthy – both as brilliant, naturally gifted athletes and as a team – just seems so stacked against anyone who plays the almost senselessly brutal game.

                  Flag football, otoh, incorporates all the beautiful tactics and strategy of the game without all the bone-crushing; but then, of course, America wouldn’t watch … perhaps, just as the Romans likely would have turned away from the Coliseum if Caligula (or whoever) had decided no Christian would actually get fed to a lion; or if Sparticus and all the other gladiator participants, employed swords, spears, and chain maces made of rubber and that all protective shields and helmets were made of 1 foot thick, 100% genuine Nerf© material.

                • sandy32koufax says:

                  I love football. I played football for twelve years. The politics of football have ruined it for me.

                • sandy32koufax says:

                  Flag and touch are the best football you’ll ever see.

  19. mailorderwife says:

    Another day, another round of chink tweets from St. Louis. This time, they’re berating the chink closer from Boston who, ironically, is a jap. I hate the Dodgers, but somehow I’m beginning to think that no team from the Midwest should ever be in a major sporting event until they can have a fan base with more than 1/4 of a brain.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Haters, EVERYWHERE, gonna hate. Even, OMG! SF

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      Uehara was lights out against the Tigers. He’s been tough against the Cards as well, but their best bet to get to him is early in the AB. Otherwise, it looks like the batter is more or less helpless pudding in his hands.

      The racist element we are hearing from those who apparently Tweet is, and I’m guessing, just the tip of what is an anti-immigrant viewpoint among right wing ‘conservatives’. Of course, they all choose to forget that they too – or at least their forefathers and mothers were all immigrants … unless of course they were born native Americans (who, consensus mostly agrees that they too likely came by way of the Bering Straights from Siberia or elsewhere).

    • sandy32koufax says:

      It’s actually frightening how differently we all see our country. I know poor, destitute people that were successful and lost everything but most of them don’t have these sentiments or misconceptions about their situ.

      • shoelessinlassen says:

        24 hour Faux propaganda / Talk Radio helps the real and truly patriotic Americans to imagine quite a different kind of country. You know, the kind of country where the South actually won the Civil War and slavery prevailed in its new guise of non-unionized, below minimum wage worker, anti-woman’s rights, minority voter-restrictive amendments to the CSA Constitution.

        My Republican friend, born in Florida, now lives outside Houston, TX reminded me during the whole Bush War on Terror, Iraq invasion, etc., that “Perception is Reality”.

        I forget which university – possibly Princeton / Harvard – came out with a study that came to the ‘shocking’ conclusion, in effect, that “the more people watch Fox News, the less they actually know”. Fox News fails to Inform. But, succeeds in altering some people’s Perception of Reality.

  20. xoot says:

    Over on the splash, Chico has a point. Looks like no one goes there now.

    So Sandy, I’ll repost this here: I got my copy of John Wilhelm’s Guide to All Mexico via UPS today. It’s as funny as I recall–terrific example of a fatuous travel guide. One thing I’d forgotten. Among the blurbs on the back cover is this: “‘Worth its weight in uranium–the amount of material is overwhelming.’ Travel Magazine.”
    I guess that’s a travel “writer’s” idea of a compliment. (“This book is a brick–it can double as a weapon.” “Over-written in more ways than one–this tome is Gargantuan.”)
    I’ll bet wbb receives similar encomiums from his fellow hacks.

  21. filthychangeup says:

    The Kolton Wong racism is shocking until I remember where St Louis is. I really felt bad for the guy, he just took one bad step and that was it, no one should have to live with that crushing guilt/shame. Im still amazed that there are people that think the term “Oriental” is PC, seriously?!? Anyhow it’s a shame that the DS and LCS series were so entertaining because the knuckle-dragging Redbird fans have now made me totally check-out of the WS. I cannot for the life of me say that I want to see the Bosoxs win but the Redbird fans are hardly deserving of a championship after their poor behavior.

    • filthychangeup says:

      Another problem with Viafucked setup is it seems to have wiped out all the permanent bans. Slats has resurected him Mollie troll account.

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      The 2013 World Series: Yes. Damned if we do and Damned if we don’t (for those of us who just love the game.)

    • mailorderwife says:

      I’ve been tweeting back and forth with a Bay Area guy married to a Japanese woman, along with a Koji Uehara/Boston Red Sox fan back in Japan, with regard to the continued use of the word “chink”, now in reference to Koji Uehara. It’s upsetting to all of us for obvious reasons, but a friend linked this: How racists on twitter reacted to Joel Ward’s series winning goal against Boston. This is all so uncomfortable, especially since we live in a time when Obama’s own presidency seems to have brought the racists out of the closet. At least with sports, I thought there would be some understanding that racism was non-existent (except in NASCAR). I guess not.

      • sandy32koufax says:

        Many of the commentators had multiple misspellings except of the Nword. Just an observation which is indicative of nothing other than my belief that most, outwardly, racist folks are ignent

      • xoot says:

        The novelty of having a black guy on the ice seems to have set off the racists. “Hockey is a white sport.” Great. So is lynching. As to the WS racists, maybe the sheer number of Asian players in the spotlight now is setting off the goons. Fact that Wong is from Hawaii doesn’t seem to disturb the mean little bastards. Of course, they probably hate Obama for his race, too.

      • Chico says:

        My friend just moved to Georgia.. Got there three days ago and is already complaining about the racist garbage he’s heard.. They don’t even like Californians according to him.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          Chico, I know a married couple that moved to some uber exclusive, gated community outside of Houston twelve yrs ago. He’s Italian but very dark skinned and she’s Filipina and also has dark skin. They both love the amenities of their community-golf course, tennis courts, etc. but have been subjected to racism since their arrival. IDK why they’ve stayed, to be honest. She tells me she’d leave in a NY minute, he says things will improve. WTF?

        • mailorderwife says:

          Where in GA? My experience in GA has been pretty positive and I’ve not really encountered much racism, but it’s also strange living there. My husband’s best friend is half Korean and grew up in the South, and he knows absolutely nothing about his culture. He knows only 2-3 other Asians, and only tried his mother’s kim chee after I ate it (without dying). So different from your California Asian American, who understands their culture and incorporates other cultures in the process. You know…like how I am probably more Irish than most Irish Americans sort of thing, and how SFDF manages to be more Filipino than I am.

  22. xoot says:

    I took the “feature tour” on the viafoura website. They start out: “Increase the value of your audience with Viafoura’s proprietary social plugins designed to increase audience engagement while capturing valuable user data.” Then they promise to “monetize” that data.

  23. sandy32koufax says:

    Fuck. Redpublicans just keep bringing our country more shame. At Obama’s presser right now, a group of people stood up and interrupted him shouting “LIAR” among other things. Ya, respect the office. Our country IS in downward spiral…

    • xoot says:

      How about the reports that George W. Bush would be a perfect replacement for Bud Selig next year? That event would just about conclude the downward trend of the office since Bart Giamatti died. That’d be rock bottom.

      • Chico says:

        I wouldn’t watch.

      • shoelessinlassen says:

        ha! I wouldn’t be too sure about the source of such “reports”. Reminds me a bit of the Faux News journalists, who routinely employ their “some people say” anonymous, unsubstantiated source of unfounded misinformation to relate to their mind-numbed viewing / listening audience.

        Of course, if George Bush was ‘selected’, perhaps by special decree of the Roberts’ Court, then I can hear a chorus of boos so loud across the land to make him retreat back to his Crawford bunker.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          MLB owners. like every other major league sport, seem to think they can “do” whatever pleases them. It would seem the numbers never go down far enough after even a huge scandal for them to feel any differently. Ray Carruth, Pac-man Jones and Plax didn’t have any more lingering negative effect than Vick did. Look at Meta and the crowd riot he was in, nothing but higher ratings and gear sold. “Now it counts” man is fulla shite and IDThink we’ll being seeing Georgie boy in his place but if MLB and Bushie wanted to we would.

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      We won’t let it happen. Irony is, the other side bringing about the spiral is already convinced America is in a downward spiral … because, the whites feel threatened by the incursion of immigrants, completely missing the point that their corporate masters more often invited them here in the first place to work at cheap, non-union wages … oh, I know it’s more complicated then that.

      But, to keep it simple, RESIST and to borrow from Commander Peter Quincy Taggert of the NSEA Protector, Never Give Up Never Surrender.

      I mean, there are more of us than all the bigots across the land. It may not seem so, thanks to “Twitter” or Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, etc., but they are all dying – whether they know it or not – and I have to believe Time and the moral high ground too is on our side. The key is for all of us to never concede the fight. What other choice is there?

  24. Chico says:

    What he’s saying in his presser makes a lot of sense.. The plans that are being dropped by insurance companies are sub-standard plans and those who do get dropped are allowed to purchase insurance through the insurance pools.

    Funniest line I heard” until the website is up and running well which it will soon be, you can always call, folks.. I’m old enough to remember when there were no wenbites’

    Another quote by Bill Maher:’ Republicans are made about something not working that they didn’t want to work in the first place. Douchebags!’

  25. shoelessinlassen says:

    Yes, the analogy one Democratic House representative gave today was, if you are standing in line to buy your ticket to the ballgame (or football game or whatever), and the window in front of you closes and says, please, move to the next window down where the ticket’s not only cheaper, but you will get a better seat that at this window (to paraphrase his point), then who’s really going to be unhappy (other than Republicans 100% opposed to ‘Obamacare’) about the little inconvenience of walking 5 steps to your ‘left’ and getting a better deal … for less?

    • sandy32koufax says:

      I refer you to MOW’s post from a few days back showing the huge rift in the perceptions of Americans re…everything American. From our economy to our bigotries…

    • Chico says:

      Crazy.. Almost 8 out of 10 Americans will be able to get health care coverage for under $100 a month.. I understand the griping you see on local sites because people who make good money are basically subsidizing the ones who don’t.. I had no clue how really poor the majority of Americans are..

      • sandy32koufax says:

        See why the right is up in arms over Obama and some of his programs taking aim at the REAL “redistribution of wealth?” Like you’ve cited many times in the past, at no time during our lifetimes at least, has the disparity of income/available monies been higher than today. The uber wealthy and their owned pols won’t take having that chipped into just laying down, they’d rather destroy what remains of our working class’ ability to even buy a home or to provide health insurance at reasonable rates w/o fear of denial of coverage or exclusions, etc.

      • shoelessinlassen says:

        And the poor have actually gotten poorer – unlike following WW2 – when the poor’s income actually rose slightly faster than the rest of the nation’s income. Having so many poor people, however, is a boon to companies looking for ‘cheap, foreign labor’ … except now they don’t have to look to Africa (the slaves), China (whose laborers built our railroads back in the late 1800’s), and Mexico (fruit pickers, maid service, etc.). All the convenience of shopping local for cheap (poor=desperate) laborers. 😦

        • sandy32koufax says:

          Except we don’t “make” much in America today. It’s mostly been “outsourced,” which is as vile and misleading a term as “combat stress reaction” which has replaced “shell shocked”

          • shoelessinlassen says:

            I think I began to ‘grow up’, upon learning the news that Levi’s were no longer made in America. 😦

            • sandy32koufax says:

              I grew up in a union family. We began our loss of innocence in the late 60’s with “Buy American” when televisions and transistor radios from Japan were flooding our markets. Interestingly enough, my old man always had two vehicles and one was always from UK or Germany…

              • Chico says:

                I did too. My father was always a buy American liberal.. Chevy and Ford, either one was a must. My first vehicle was one that my father had to co-sign for me, a Ford Ranger.. I then moved onto an Isuzu Amigo (thing was good to me), a 2002 Toyota Tacoma (thing has been great to me, 140k and only rotors once), and my Subaru outback (Assembled in Indiana 😉

    • mailorderwife says:

      My favorite tweet of the day authored by Albert Brooks, Oscar winning screenwriter:

      “Good news bad news. He had a nervous breakdown trying to register for a health plan. It was covered.”

  26. sandy32koufax says:

    Seems to be lost in the fun today is what a beating Kathleen Sebelius was exposed to by the inquisition from the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearings. House Energy and Commerce? I guess the word Commerce is a part of the committee’s name so that’s where this “belongs,” ya?

    • Chico says:

      The website thing is a huge blunder… I just hope that CNN gives the ACA as much air-time when things are up and running and open enrollment is coming to a close.. And Jake Tapper can suck it.

      • shoelessinlassen says:

        Tapper, used to host ABC’s Sunday morning ‘investigative’ journalistic foil to Meet the Press. He was useless as a journalist – as, alas, too many of these TV personalities are today. David Gregory of Meet the Press is a shoddy replacement of Tim Russert (who, sadly didn’t do much good, countering the last administrations infinitely designed ‘War on Terror’, Wall Street / Big Bankster shenanigans.

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      I’ve been snowbound – at least my car has – these last three days, but I thought Sebelius did an excellent job overall of deflecting the repetitious condemnation of the temporary website failings.

      In greater part, the 36 states (I believe mostly sporting Republican governors, legislators?) that refused to participate in state run Exchanges (as opposed to Oregon, California, Kentucky, etc.), placed an unanticipated / unexpected hardship on the website’s ability to handle the increased traffic. Again, the all out effort by the Right to bollix up the system is only winning in the short run.

      Which sort of allows us to modify Bill Maher’s earlier astute assessment offered by Chico, by suggesting,

      “‘Republicans are mad about something not working that they tried everything they could think of and then some to try and make it not work in the first place.’ Douchebags!”

      Along those lines, Maher said this,

      “The reason why it’s not working [in] some states is because those governors in those states don’t want it to work,”

      • sandy32koufax says:

        Michelle Bachman is trying her evisionist history re Obamacare and the lack of Red input. Blitzer corrected her and she tried talking right over him, she is currently spewing her pot of Redness and lies. Blitzer’s a lot of things: pompous, self serving and Mr Hyperbole but he is trying to keep her lies in check by calling her on them.

  27. sandy32koufax says:


    Wacha, Wacha hasta

  28. sandy32koufax says:

    When do catchers and pitchers report?

  29. shoelessinlassen says:

    Game 6: anti-climatic affair. Wacha credited with all 6 runs through 3.2 innings – but Lance Lynn in ‘relief’ NOT good.

  30. shoelessinlassen says:

    David Ortiz – walked thrice, scored twice. Even when Cards walk him, he still finds a way to score.

  31. shoelessinlassen says:

    Cards can’t even execute a simple pickoff of Ellsbury.

    The gods appear bent upon punishing STL fans for their racially charged twitter slurs of the other night(s).

  32. shoelessinlassen says:

    This ‘game’ is rife with seething, palpable tension. It’s so intense, I may have to turn away and watch CSPAN just to retard the otherwise runaway heart palpitations.

  33. xoot says:

    “The shift giveth and the shift taketh away.” McCarver is determined to go out like a fool. Terrible game so far, and it’s almost over now. The southern conehead is back on the splash. What a tool.

  34. sandy32koufax says:

    Cards were injured but they just looked shit. sox really had it going the last three games. Fuck.

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      A big disappointing letdown to finish off the series.

      Cards bullpen was renown (although I admit I never followed the team, so just going by what I heard) all year for its “flamethrowers” … but, the bullpen woefully underperformed when it was called upon in games 5 and 6 – a key difference in the series.

  35. xoot says:

    cards hitters crapped out too

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      Yeah, unfortunately, I think the Sox pitchers deserves much of the credit herein too. That and Tim McCarvers’ slanted salivary glands and his highly complementary sox color commentary. Just too much. I’d like a little more unbiased “fair and balanced” objectivity in sports broadcasting too, but of course that’s asking more than a Fox can seemingly deliver.

  36. unca_chuck says:

    Well, I’m nominally happy the Red Sox won, as my dislike meter is much higher for the Cards then the Sox. Didn’t pay all that much attention though. The shit spewing from the Card fans is disturbing to say the least.

    Dubs up by 24 on the flakers 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter.

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      I was just hoping for a lot better game (something close and filled with high drama). A game 7 even. The only silver lining appears to be Tim McCarver’s official retirement from broadcasting came a day earlier.

  37. mailorderwife says:

    So while roaming the concession area with my husband, I got many GO GIANTS from SJ Fans. (Had no SJ Sharks gear…wore a Giants hoodie for warmth). A Kings fan, so brazen, asked me how many Stanley Cups the SF Giants had won. … …. (send help)

    LA fans have no class and are clueless. Throwing objects at opposing female fans, including one carrying a baby, is too stupid. And with all that, only two Kings fans bothered to let her know what was going on while my husband and I turned around to ask the Kings fans to stop throwing garbage. What a hell hole. This place doesn’t even deserve a Curling team.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      A few sentences into this essay, which is very well written, all I had on my mind was Henry Skrimshander. I know, HUH? Cardenas reminds me of that character in describing his own life experiences.

      • xoot says:

        I have that novel on the desk. I’ll start it next, after I finish off this new one of Pynchon’s (which, like all of his novels, requires a lot of concentration–everything happens very quickly).

        I sort of resisted reading The Art of Fielding after I read the reviews, but it turned up in a remainder pile in that bookstore on College Ave. I’ve mentioned before. (It’s the one with a prominent shelf full of “local authors'” books, including a travel guide by a woman who lives nearby. Oddly, however, the southern conehead, who also lives nearby, is not represented on the shelf.) Anyway, I finally bought a copy.

        The final sentences in Cardenas’s piece were a helluva payoff.

        • xoot says:

          btw, Villa Freud, a section of the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires, cropped up in the Pynchon novel. Did you know that there is one practicing psychiatrist for every 120 (yes, one hundred twenty) residents of BA?

          • Chico says:

            The troll from Temescal doesn’t have his book on the shelf?

            Someone needs to tell that idiot that his blog sucks. I know he’s trying to be cool and all, but you can’t read the actual writing. First land last time I will ever give WBB advice.

          • sandy32koufax says:

            I wonder if Cardenas will pursue a writing career?

            I hate to admit it but I’ve only ever read Pynchon in essay or SS, in spite of owning several of his novels. After reading the dust covers and having forced myself through “Underworld,” I’ve been wary of opening his books. I’m of the mind that once I begin a book, I must finish it. Bulwer-Lytton has NOTHING on me. I really need to hit that bookstore, (nearly) anything’s better than those big box book/cafe/massage/manicure/prostate exam stores.

            Since Germans are so prominent in the psyche world and have been all over SA, in great numbers, for over 200 yrs. It seems semi-logical that there are an inordinate number of shrinks there, don’t get me started on all of the maniacs from Das Vaterland that stole in illegally after WWII…

    • mailorderwife says:

      Beautifully written. Captures so much about baseball and its unknown mysteries. I hope he writes more stuff!

      • shoelessinlassen says:

        Yeah, Cardenas’ academic studies of creative writing and philosophy merge beautifully in this essay. Great link, Xoot! Thanks.

        Of particular interest, I thought, was Adrian’s observation that as a pro ball player, it’s necessary to lose oneself in the game; but, in so doing, his concluding paragraph observes how he ‘forgot’ to not only live in the moment, but to experience every minutia of detail in that moment – such as the smell of heat on his bat from the simple act of a foul ball.

        If nothing else, creative writing – especially the ‘descriptive’ mode of writing – teaches precisely what he so beautifully expresses not only in his closing paragraph, but much along the way.

        Again, Xoot, nice find to share with the rest of us.

  38. shaman138 says:

    The BoSox win the WS in Fenway? YAAWWWWNN! Baseball is karma, and those Cards fans got theirs, IMO. Seriously, if you lose a WS on a pick-off, you know it’s not looking good to win the series. But that’s no excuse for those idiot fans to have said the things they said about Wong. Assholes.

    And the Lakers got spanked last night. HA! 125 pts. by the Dubs. And I hate the nasty Kings and their pointy-nosed coach, along with their shitty fans–unfortunately, they have the Sharks’ number right now. Ugh.

    • mailorderwife says:

      The Kings and their fans are nasty. Lots of dirty hits last night, too. Oh well, it’s hockey and people sometimes feel the need to engage in a bit of the ultraviolent.

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      “Because of baseball’s sordid drug history, the game should treat its world champions like the officials at the Olympics treat their medalists. All are immediately tested for drugs, and the results of those tests are often known before the end of the Games.

      “The Red Sox should not have been allowed to touch a drop of champagne until they had each been tested. The timing stinks, but it would be one way to rid baseball of the remaining stench of drug cynicism. If nothing else, baseball needs to be able to say its champions are clean.”

      Yep. If MLB is really *serious* about cleaning up the game, then the WS Champions also need to be tested just like Olympic champions.

  39. shoelessinlassen says:

    RE: San Francisco Giants News
    “The team will not pick up Ryan Vogelsong‘s option for 2014. However, the two sides may negotiate a return for less money.”

    Does anyone have the source to the above recent developments? A link. Thank You. (I have tried to conduct a search without success.)

  40. shoelessinlassen says:

    “A-Rod accuses MLB of ‘gross misconduct'”

    The dude may shamelessly imagine too that he was born with super enhanced balls of Kevlar.

    • xoot says:

      The actual arbitration proceedings that’ve been in session for some weeks now are confidential, so each side is free to mischaracterize them in the press. imo, if the arbitrator wants to keep his job, he’ll affirm some sort of huge suspension–maybe not the entire 211 games mlb wants, but most of it. I believe mlb fired the long-time lead arbitrator who reversed Braun’s first suspension.

      • sandy32koufax says:

        I’m guessing, knowing NOTHING about the dirty games that are being played by both sides, that he gets a reduced suspension and is free to play before next season ends. 162 games is gargantuan and IF Ar*d has records from Biogen, legal or not, who knows what info he has or how his attys would try to leverage MLB with it? Proof of an Wainwright or Ortiz involvement would be mega damaging, ya?

        • xoot says:

          mlb probably got all the info when they collaborated with the former owner of the lab. BioG was involved in other sports (and with college and high school kids, apparently). Only the mlb side of their business, which wasn’t enormous, got aired out. The only mud ARod has to sling (or so I’ve read) concerns the focused assault mlb made on him. They’re going after him as relentlessly as the feds went after Bonds. Seems to me the message they’re trying to send is pretty clear: Braun out-lawyered us once, but we got him; and now even ARod, with limitless money to spend on his defense, is going down. The rest of you don’t have a prayer if we decide to take you down. So just quit.

          But I’m giving mlb and the union a lot more credit than most observers would, I suspect.

          • sandy32koufax says:

            I like your take on this but it leads me to wonder why the guy would spend millions of $$ unless he has a trump card of sort?

  41. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    From Andrew Baggarly Giants Q&A, October 30, 2013

    Q) Odds on Vogelsong returning if/when option isn’t optioned? 3/1? 10/1?

    Andrew Baggarly: I think the odds are pretty good. They’d like to give him a chance to reestablish himself and he’s very comfortable here with Dave Righetti and Mark Gardner. He hopes they’ll pick up the $6.5 million option but I just don’t see that happening. Given his alternatives, I’d imagine we will see him back on a one-year deal with a smaller guarantee and incentives.

    This is the closest bit of timely news I can find, regarding Vogelsong. Everything points to the Giants not exercising his option, but I cannot find any definitive source, having scoured CBS Sports online this morning. It’s something of a overly melodramatic mystery, in any case.

  42. sandy32koufax says:

    BTW, thanks and hats off to MOW for the 2xOT on updates today.

  43. Chico says:

    My Tigers were supposed to get tested tonight.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Looks like TN will go to #2…Serra got their dicks handed to them by St Francis and Mitty made my buddy’s SI look as bad as a team with one win all season. The way the Nova story reads, M-A was supposed to be a cun-ten-duh…ya NO! Wilcox walked with five long TD’s over Gatos 42-7. Like I’ve been sayin, Prep football roxit.

    • datswhatsup says:

      I think you should prepare for St John Bosco in the State Title game

      They are destroying the teams in what is generally regarded as the best league top to bottom in CA. Mater Dei, Servite, Orange Lutheran, j Serra and Santa Margy.

      New coach and the unsavory practice of recruiting kids as juniors have turned them into a force…game vs NoCal champ de la salle might be an all time classic

      • sandy32koufax says:

        I’ve been following Bosco’s rise and ya, taking down the likes of Servite and Mater Dei can be directly attributed to their recruiting out of area. That’s a practice CIF should not allow. There are rules which address it but they’re all poorly written with loopholes and rarely enforced, kinda like PACs ;-).

        BTW, how’s Bishop Amat doing?

        • datswhatsup says:

          Amat is always good and wins a big out of league game a year, they used to be in the league with Mater Dei Servite St John Bosco Loyola but Margy and J Serra were too far, I also think too tough.

          Their Serra league is good, but not as good as the Trinity top to bottom

          I don’t mind recruiting kids to a private school, when they are incoming freshman, I have a problem when the bring in a junior who supplants a kid who is entering his 3rd or 4th yr in the program

      • xoot says:

        Is Verbum Dei a big deal down south? I know a guy who came out of that program and played in Cal’s DB with Hardy Nickerson (from the same school). Talk about escaping Compton. . . .

        • datswhatsup says:

          VD has fallen on tough times, the young athletes that used to go there are snatched up by bigger and better schools. It’s in a brutal area that scares many away.

          Serra high in Gardena is the “new” VD. Almost every kid there seems to be a superior athlete

  44. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    Your ‘guests’ on the other hand apparently got tested and then some. ouch. double ouch.

  45. datswhatsup says:

    Wayno getting thumped on the Splash

    New poll is he too stupid or too lonely to pull the plug like jive/yav/buddy/callmommy?

  46. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    The Bears losing to the Wildcats 10-9? You call that a football game score? No way. I protest.

  47. mailorderwife says:

    Spent all morning arguing with someone over the “atrocities of ACA”. The first argument, of course, was the website. This same person argues that no child should be vaccinated. I wonder how he’d feel if his child developed polio and small pox?

    With regard to the Hot Stove stuff, I’m only going to be putting up bigger stuff. I’m not going to touch the minor player stuff. I hope that’s okay? Of course, you should all feel free to contribute by using the handy EDIT feature on the main post. It’s not just a MOW show!

    • sandy32koufax says:

      That person is a brainwashed boob. These studies connecting autism to vaccinations, haven’t they been debunked or is that just BIG Pharma doing the old BIG Tobacco thing?

      WHERE is this “edit” feature to be found??? Oh, and how the hell do I post an actual picture instead of a link to one???

      • xoot says:

        I think you need the keys to the engine room from JDR. If he’ll let me fuck up in there he’ll probably let you fuck up, too.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        SFDF, ha! I just got this today from “Viafoura” –
        OCT 30, 2013 | 06:09PM UTC
        Thank you for submitting your request. The Viafoura standard support hours are Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM Eastern, excluding Canadian holidays. If you have any additional information to add to this case, please reply to this email.

        Thanks in advance for your patience and support.
        For your reference this is Case #: 1162
        Hey guys, I’m Case # 1162!!! Gee, I wonder how case 162 turned out … not to mention, case #1000 and ….?!

        • xoot says:

          My initial complaint, weeks ago, was #1071. I think they recyle. They sure don’t do nothin else.

          • sandy32koufax says:

            I know, right? These viafuckas don’t seem to be any better than tits on a toad…

            (I got that one from a guy that used to say “That dawg won’t hunt” alla time)

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      Well, regarding the website, when 36 states were allowed – by the Robert’s Court ruling – to opt out of setting up the state exchanges, they did so with every intent to sabotage the ACA. The federal website was originally designed to work in cooperation with the states. When the states didn’t / don’t cooperate, it placed an unexpected demand on the fed website. The whole “website don’t work” shit is just a right wing Straw Dog argument.

      The ACA is a Republican health care plan, dating back to Bob Dole, etc., during the early 90’s. Hell, maybe it’s roots even date back to Richard Nixon. And, of course, it’s virtually identical to “Romney-care”. And yet because we have a black man in a *white* House, anything Obama is for … well, they’re against it.

      You – nor I – can hope to reason with these people. All we can do is speak the truth and push them out of the way, kicking and screaming. Fuck ’em … figuratively speaking of course, because heaven forbid any of us wind up raising their children to grow up like them: ideologically blind, corrupt, and bereft of a spiritual (let alone true Christian) moral center … you know a center like Ted Cruz, or his even more lovely pastoral father, pastor Raphael, and let’s not forget all the highly ethical people of the FreedomWorks Foundation. They don’t hesitate to lie – as Raphael did numerous time – in his recent speech for FreedomWorks – so long as it furthers their “bootstraps” and “it’s every billionaire for himself” ideology. When the truth really means nothing to them, then there’s no way to hope to have an agreeable conversation.

      Nevertheless, I applaud you, MOW, for plunging ahead anyway! I do it too. Because to say nothing just seems not only too apathetic, but it just seems wrong to let them think we aren’t on to them!

      • mailorderwife says:

        The people that make these arguments do so armed with Breitbart, Red States and other such publication talking points. At some point, they have to understand that ideology – any ideology – has to make room for a reality that America has to move forward and do things that benefit the population. They — meaning these TP talking heads — don’t believe in country because benefiting the population would be far too partisan and detrimental to their poll standings. Patriotism has to mean more than flag waving and saluting a war hero at a baseball game, no?

        This is why education is so important. And it’s sad that most of these folks hate the public school system. Any education would be better than accepting wacko conspiracy theories and calling everyone else sheep.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          Wur hom skewlin thu keedz cuz wi dunt tryst thu gubmint tu du et rawt.

          Ya, Breitbart is so oft-quoted when I’m blogging with these types and als YA, they absofuckinglutely buy into all of it. Amazes the shit out of me that they NEVER “get” that TP is so not doing anything positive for them other than lip-service. But there IS a big-eared, naygruh in the White House…are we so far removed from those parts of our population that we merely don’t get their POV?

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            I don’t think so. I think you get it and I think MOW makes a great point how some of have been brainwashed to the point they’re anti-anything to do with government. But, it really goes back to using their heads. thinking – hence, a certain lack of education, and hearts, too.

            But, nobody I know of knew the TParty existed until AFTER Obama, a black man, was elected to serve in a heretofore White House. Bill Maher tends to believe the whole anti-Obama obstructionist movement, headed by a heretofore unknown / non-existent TParty is purely racially motivated.

            Racism runs very deep in America. Especially where good public access to education is available. The poor south. Midwest. in other words, Bush’s ‘heartland’ of constituents.

            Again, MOW appears spot on. The undermining of public education threatens the whole democratic process. That coupled to Big Money buying elections now more and worse than ever – at least since I was born … which come to think of it dates back to, I believe, the pre-Atari days … you know, when kids still played kick the can, hide & go seek, and red rover, red rover in lieu of Grand Theft Auto V, Assassin’s Creed IV, and Madden NFL 25 and still counting.

            • shoelessinbearvalley says:

              oops, “Especially where good public access to education is [NOT] available.” (what a difference a negative makes.)

        • xoot says:

          I think familiarity’s what’s important. The mysterious dangerous evil OTHER vanishes when you get to know THEM at school or at work or say thank you maam or very good your honor to THEM. They become us real quick–some are brilliant and ethical, some aren’t. Just like the rest of us. Affirmative action is sometimes crude but the ignorant bigotry it’s designed to remove is entrenched so drastic measures are warranted. Tear down those walls.

  48. sandy32koufax says:

    San Wannabe St walked the Runnin Rebels at The Silver Bowl, 34-24. #16 Fresno is Le Driver’s Seat in Mtn West’s West Conf. and plays the Wolfpack tonight at home…Go ‘Dawgs! Colorado and UCLA just got underway at the BEAUTIFUL Rosebowl.

  49. shoelessinbearvalley says:

    FYI and ForWhatIt’sWorth, CBS Sports was wrong.

    Whereas the Giants decided not to exercise their options with Zito and Torres, the definitive news on Vogelsong’s option finally is made clear at SFGate just today, to wit.,

    “The Giants still have to make a decision on Ryan Vogelsong’s $6.5 million option by Monday. That he is not on the union list suggests the Giants still are mulling it, although it’s more likely they would decline the option and offer him a smaller deal with incentives.”

    I’m going to boycott CBS Sports until they give us the kind of ‘accurate’, fair and balanced news of Fox Sports 1 …. 🙂

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Vogey did get hurt and came back fairly well but his game was piss-poor before he got injured. Lower $$ plus incentives or he’s trade bait.

      • shoelessinbearvalley says:

        I agree. Which, of course, means he destined to get a renewed 5 year, 100 million contract offer … :rolleyes

        • sandy32koufax says:

          When did you change your screename?

          • shoelessinbearvalley says:

            About four days ago, I believe. I wintered at my brother’s cabin near Lassen Natl Park (Mill Creek) last year; but officially moved into my cabin near Bear Valley (off CA hwy 4 at 7000 feet) on June 3rd. I had actually given up that any change had occurred until I saw your post today. I hope to remain here until either the snow does me in or my cat can’t take it anymore. 🙂

            • sandy32koufax says:

              I have a buddy that lives in Wilseyville. He’s an registered Ind but is Libertarian in his beliefs. Man, into McClintock country? Good luck 😉

              • shoelessinbearvalley says:

                Interesting to note that the Libertarian model has yet to be shown viable in any country, place, or time. McClintock, I believe, was filmed in AZ, but otherwise unsure where McClintock Country is supposed to exist in the movie setting. More like “bear” country up here … although I’ve yet to see any, let alone one rogue scouting my deck in search of digestible food stamps subsidies before the Republicans pull the plug on bears and man alike, making less than $14,970 p/year. They oppose tax revenue increases for the rich – even those making $1Million or more, but never hesitate to punish those ‘freeloading’, lazy-ass poor Americans, working for substandard pay, again no thanks to their constant opposition to something approaching a “living wage”.

                Anyway, thanks for the good thoughts. More snow coming by the weekend. Need to have all the rest of my wood stacked and sheltered by then, I’m thinking. 😉

  50. xoot says:

    I don’t know why, but I find this guy’s cool reassuring. Funny as hell and powerful, too.

  51. unca_chuck says:

    Always liked that guy. Got to find my Mule Variations CD.

  52. xoot says:

    my god watching the Raiders is a painful experience. wtf is going on with that franchise???

    • sandy32koufax says:

      The “Apple” fell far from the tree…Markie is a terrible owner and Ray-duhs need to reload at too many positions still. Don’t get me going on the staff’s shortcomings.

      • xoot says:

        on tv today Markie looks like a former hollywood child-star who’s gone fat and addictive. Amy Trask’s deep archer (a Pynchon joke) was probably a big hit to an organization that can’t take many more.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          IDK Davis’ resources and he had been such an absentee player until maybe six yrs ago, re the organization. Even then he was in an undefined role as Daddy’s boy. He surely doesn’t seem to have his dad’s football or biz I.Q. and it’s showing badly. Trask scuttled The Good Ship Ray-duh and the ownership/coaching staff haven’t found the bilges nor stanched the breech

          • sandy32koufax says:

            Rep…resources in terms of financing for a new stadium here or if he has the mud and choices to take them elsewhere. Rumors about a new partnership that he would be a fool to enter into, btw.

    • shoelessinbearvalley says:

      The first series was kinda encouraging. But, it was all downhill from there. It’s a kindness that Al Davis wasn’t around to watch today’s stinker.

  53. shaman138 says:

    No comment

  54. mailorderwife says:

    New thread. Will put up Chico’s post for discussion.

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