So This Is How You Prepare for the Colts?

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  1. datswhatsup says:

    Trade him. He is a bad seed. Too many incidents to not be indicative of who he is. Lawrence Philips with a nicer smile.

    He is a top pass rushing LB/DE they are rare…his stock will not get any higher than it is today.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      IF he gets past the NFL with some minimal sentence, they’ll keep him. He’s too valuable IF they believe they can “rehab” him.

      • Chico says:

        They were chewable Flinstone vitamins.

        • xoot says:

          He blew a .15? I’m sorry, but that’s not too impressive. Wrong to be on the road, absolutely; but most backyard BBQs end up with guys topping that number. Yet at 7 am he apparently passed out and let his car slam into a tree. Thank god he didn’t hit a car full of people. In any event, that weed and those Flintstone tranquilizers must’ve been strong.

          • shoelessinlassen says:

            7 am … it was an all-nighter, to be sure. His 1.5 at 7 am might have been 3.0 just three hours earlier? In any case, a long night (and possibly day before) finally caught up with his mind and body.

            • xoot says:

              I have to admit that IF you’re driving east after an all nighter and the sun rises, those first stabbing rays of light just force you to close your eyes and–boom–it becomes almost impossible to reopen them. Almost.

  2. Chico says:

    Blows a .15, busted with pot and pills.. The pot doesn’t bother me (much less toxic that pills), but he got popped with pills, too! Glad nobody was injured or killed. This guy needs help.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Whiny bitches!

      SO THE FUCK WHAT THEY JUMED INTO THAT DUMBASS POOL? It was a perfect way to poke the “from last to Div champs” thing in AZ’s face since AZ was the team that talked shit earlier in the season.

      BTW? You’d seriously wanna be connected to ANYTHING McConservative?

  3. shoelessinlassen says:

    Pablo Sandoval had 3 defensive misplays tonight only adding to Lincecum’s burgeoning pitch count. No thanks to Pablo, Kontos is now in to relieve with bases loaded. shit.

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      Rodriguez grand slam … I can’t say I’m shocked. Kontos. “a slider … not a sharp one … not bad either, down around the knees, but over the plate …” Jon Miller.

    • xoot says:

      Kontos looked horrible from the first pitch on. Lincecum was pretty good, all the way to the hook in the 7th–he had some bad breaks and bad HP ump calls. Kontos has no excuse. My new neighbors must think I’m crazy to be shouting so loudly at 6.30 pm.

      ARod’s arbitration is scheduled to start in 10 days. I hope the MF gets the shaft. I really do. Especially now that the 9th Circuit has screwed Bonds, who was a far superior hitter. Not that that matters to any court or arbitration panel . . . .

      • shoelessinlassen says:

        Listened to the game via KNBR. Was a good game until the 7th. Additionally, ARod will never experience the kind of genuine fan adoration and appreciation for Bonds’ contributions to the Giants franchise.

    • mailorderwife says:

      At least A-Roid said that the Giants fans “traveled well”.

      It was a nice game until Kontos gave up the slam. There are number of scenarios that could have happened, but this is like giving up a homerun to Donald Trump.

  4. Chico says:

    Sandy, Terra Nova is up 42-9 against Pioneer HS out of San Jose.

    It’s halftime.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      I heard Regalia from SI have nothing but praise for your buddy and his team. Tigers are a buncha badasses and should challenge Paly

  5. sandy32koufax says:

    Fresno St beats Boise! San Jose is having a tough time stopping the Minnesota run game. 31 carries for 191 yds rushing in the first half…so far. Fales and his receivers look good though.

  6. xoot says:

    Well this game in NY is no f’ing fun. Sort of wish I cared more about college football.

  7. sandy32koufax says:

    You know who Kickham looks like to me? Hammaker. Maybe it’s just his build and head/hair but look at dude-very Hammakerish.

    Fuck arod…I wish his homers could be negated. Gehrig hit all his w/o juice in a deadball era

  8. Chico says:

    Yep.. Bonds gets railroaded but multi time PED user A-Dick is still playing for the Yankees, and getting cheers, too. Fuck you sports writers and fuck you congress. I just started reading a book by Mickey Mantle.. Dude hit that good when he was *drunk* .. Him and Billy used to knock ’em back with the best of them.

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      I don’t know. I am not convinced that “drunk” (however Mantle defined his sometimes apparent condition) can still effectively coordinate the eyes let alone time one’s muscular reflexes to ever be well-served at the plate. For most intoxicated / inebriated mortals, standing drunk (i.e., staggering, tipsy, weaving and bobbing …) at the plate might be akin to the ancient code of Japanese ritual suicide.

  9. xoot says:

    Rain delay at the E Coli today–and another sewage backup into the Twins side of the stadium. Keith Olbermann on espn called it an outhouse with scoreboards. Lew Wolff’s comment? “hey, shit happens.” (just kidding about that last one)

  10. sandy32koufax says:

    “So This Is How You Prepare for the Colts?”

    Okay, IDK how much this effected his teammates today but I DO know it had to be in the Colts minds. The Colts came out and 1st half looked even up until the latter part of the 2nd qtr. When the niners didn’t adjust after the half, you knew it was prolly just a matter of time.

    Sorry. That’s how I saw it.

    Upside? jints beat Pettitte and Rivera.

  11. xoot says:

    Perez was terrific yet again. he’ll be a backup OF next season. great story.

  12. xoot says:

    So this is what its gonna be like watching other teams while the Giants aren’t playing

    BTW is harbaugh proving his favorite maxim? if you’re not getting better you’re getting worse

  13. sandy32koufax says:

    FUCK ME!

    Haven’t seen any of the game, I just changed the starter in my truck…but I’ve heard it.

    Ray-duhs is killin me.

  14. mailorderwife says:

    So I’m going to test a social media app and need some people to join me. I’m looking for you (sports fans of local teams) who like to interact on social media, and will be very honest in their assessment of the product. You’d be doing me a big favor if you could help. Let me know, and thanks!!!!

  15. sandy32koufax says:

    So. jints lead 2013 series vs LA at 9-7. LA needs to finish ahead of StL, Pit and Atl or be at a disadvantage. Momentum has a big role in playoff teams.

    Go Blues!

    BTW? Bum should have been given a start to end his year-best man on the staff and just under 200 K’s.

  16. sandy32koufax says:

    BTW, Clemente, arguably the best Pirate ever behind Big Poison, wore #21…it’s been years since Pit was last in the post-season:)

    Go Roberto’s ghost?

  17. shoelessinlassen says:

    Wilson on the mound … “a standing boo” by Giants fans (according to Jon Miller).

  18. xoot says:

    Wilson’s last pitch to the rook wasnt a strike but it was a nasty pitch

  19. sandy32koufax says:

    Here we go…Nolasco has MAJOR suckage going on. I will seriously miss Zito-I am an A’s fan and he was a great curve baller, even in SF. He didn’t translate to NL ball very well though. Maybe a lesson for the mossbutts of the world?

    Dude is and always has been a great guy. I hope he gets picked up by some team…Padres? He is from that fun town. I’d rather he goes to an AL team, they can’t see his fat curve like NLers seem to.

  20. shoelessinlassen says:

    Bochy, I think, commits his only suicide squeeze of year … net result: Death to Abreu (but not before he gave Giants a 3 RBI’s.

  21. sandy32koufax says:

    Did I say Nolasco has MAJOR suckage going on?

  22. Chico says:

    Let’s go giants!

  23. sandy32koufax says:

    Like I said elsewhere and here…I’m glad Zito got to start

  24. xoot says:

    fuck nick punto too
    I’m developing a real strong hatred for these bums
    maybe the PS will be more interesting than I thought

  25. fingerxoot says:

    htf does Posey make that throw with a broken finger pinto just bashed?

  26. Chico says:

    Fuck the Dodgers! And that little Piggie.. What a bitch! He should return the cartel money NOW!

  27. Chico says:

    Barry Zito, thanks for the memories.. You were a class act.

  28. unca_chuck says:

    Zito should have been allowed to come to the plate and get a send-off, but nonetheless it was a class move by Bochy to give Zito the start last night.

    This could be Timmy’s last start as a Giant as well.

    Crazy season. My only hope is a massive cratering by the Dodgers in the playoffs. The problem with that is their top 3 pitchers are all lights-out. As the Giants showed, you can go pretty far with 3 top notch pitchers.

    • xoot says:

      Yep. And with BWeezy moving into a setup role, the bums bullpen looks better now, too–except for Marmol, who’s like Casilla without the capacity to learn. Remember at the AS break, how hard it was to think of a single LA position player who deserved to be on the AS team? AGon was about it. And Kershaw, of course, as a pitcher. Now look at their lineup. Uribe’s turned back into a decent 3B. HanRam’s apparently healthy. Ellis has always been a good 2B. I don’t know much about Ellis the C. Even Ethier, who looks like an actor impersonating a ballplayer, is doing ok. Kemp’s hobbled a bit, I guess, but he’s showing signs of life at the plate. They have 4 legit OFs.

      It’s gonna be a rough ride trying to enjoy their demise. They’ll put up a fight. F’ing bums. Maybe Puig’ll do something stupid and get suspended for a couple of games. I’d enjoy that. (But to be honest, I think he has been looking more professional out there since Mattingly whooped on him.)

  29. sandy32koufax says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. How many D-fans have been killed here since AT&T opened? Hell, how many G-fans have been killed here in that time span? LA MAY be dangerous and all of that but this place is not the safe haven it’s been touted as either…

  30. xoot says:

    This wasn’t a craven mugging in the parking lot right after the game–this fight was blocks away 90 minutes after the game. Post-game drinking, smack talking, etc. Plenty of witnesses, apparently. Probably plenty of blame to go around. The area around China Basin is generally very friendly after games. I’ve strolled back to BART many nights with the hordes and enjoyed it every time.

    Stuff has happened close to the park, that’s true. First parking lot incident I recall, ten years or more back, some guy pushed a car’s side mirror back and got shot for it.

    • xoot says:

      From the AP story, after the police chief’s press conference:

      “Denver attended the game, which the Giants won 6-4, with relatives before they all left in the eighth inning and went to a bar. The suspects went to a nightclub in the area, but did not attend the game, Suhr said.
      “The two groups crossed paths on a street near the ballpark around 11:30 p.m. “

    • sandy32koufax says:

      A lively five or six minute walk, 3 1/2 blocks from the park. But you’re right about the parking lot beatdown reference. Still, I’d rather be alive than dead.

      IDK about “probably plenty of blame to go around.” We’ve seen too many acts of random violence and I’ve been around the City long enough to have seen them firsthand.

  31. sandy32koufax says:

    OK. Hadn’t seen any updated info on this at all. My POV hasn’t changed though. AT&T is a great place to go for a game, I honestly feel that way. But to “keep it real,” it’s also had it’s share of issues. Many of which have been of this nature-one guy or group actually attends the game and is assaulted afterwards. Gfan, Dfan, whatever fan-makes no diff. Do I feel safe going there? Ya, but then I grew up going to the ‘Stick where it was even worse. My first game at AT&T, ya a Dodgers game, I was assailed several times by men in Ghats, OLD DUDES and even women. That was in the left field bleacher seating. It got worse when I tried jumping on my muni train taking me to the Parkside…the jerks inside tried forcing me off of the train! I just stepped back, I was tired and didn’t need the shit

  32. Chico says:

    Thank you MOW!

  33. shoelessinlassen says:

    Gore Scores! Touchdown! SF 14 SL 3

    • sandy32koufax says:

      If SF can’t beat StL, they deserve last place.

      1 zip LA πŸ™‚

      • shoelessinlassen says:

        Larry Kruger was hard on 49ers team as a whole right now (both OF line and D-line getting blown out in last games, no great receiver, questionable running game …). But, Larry may have to eat crow tomorrow morning, because not in his wildest imagination did he think predict the niners would dominate like tonight.

  34. xoot says:

    nice night at the park
    good game too although belt screwed up on the basepath

  35. xoot says:

    puig has 3 Ks? but he’s ROY ain’t he?

  36. shoelessinlassen says:

    Lincecum ends season looking strong. Chico’s getting his money’s worth. Yikes! Pagan goes yard! 3-2 Giants.

  37. xoot says:

    wtf? Brian Wilson whined to larrey baer about the hecklers in RF?

  38. sandy32koufax says:

    Missed most of the game-congrats to Timmeh

  39. shoelessinlassen says:

    “Young1849” back on SFGate asked, “What are the odds of signing both Pence AND Lincecum?

    Unable to resist, I replied,

    “According to statistician, Nate Silver (Chico’s primary source for baseball calculations and odds prognostications): 93.414 %.”

    Obviously, the ‘borrowing’ of Chico’s local celebrity coupled to his one-time Nate Silver source lent me surprising credibility to what otherwise was simply made up out of whole, virtual cloth. I post this here only as a disclaimer for borrowing Chico’s copyright interests without permission. I hope I don’t get sued by Nate Silver too.

    • mailorderwife says:

      Damon Bruce had a guest that claimed Timmy wanted to return to Seattle. Badly. I can’t fault him for wanting to go home, though. I loved it when Barry returned. Still, the people here love him. Maybe he should read Rasseles before he makes a decision.

      On another note, SF Giants are already sending me mail for next year’s season tickets. Aside from 2-3 real life friends, I’d like to really dole em out to you guys. Thank you so much for going to the games and being loyal Giants fans during such a bizarre and sometimes horrible season. No bandwagon here!

  40. Chico says:

    Best play of last night’s game was Blanco’s throw.. Right on the money. I missed Timmy’s standing O but it sounded like we won a world series from a concession stand.

  41. xoot says:

    holy shit what a day at work. Just what I expected. Got home in time to burn some steaks (very lean but tasty ones) and pour drinks for the first inning. For some reason, I’m enjoying riding out the season. Some good things are happening here at the end. (Brian Wilson’s tantrum last night was pretty cool.) Heard Pence’s speech while I was on the road. Very moving. Sign him up.

    Hey, one of my favorite new Giants, Perez, just hit his first HR. Cheers!

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      I agree. The Giants in September have finally proven game to game competitive. That makes it fun for me. Besides, once the Giants’ season is over, it’s almost 6 months of winter ….

  42. sandy32koufax says:

    SJSU is getting ruined by Utah St, 23-6 halftime score…

    Postseason games last until at least October, shoeless πŸ™‚

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      Yeah, enjoy it while it lasts, dammit! πŸ™‚

      • sandy32koufax says:

        Who the hell knows, right? It’s baseball til it’s over though.

        Yer jints showed a bunch of sand the past three weeks, I’ll give em that. They could have just laid down but they didn’t-good on em.

        • shoelessinlassen says:

          Seriously, “good luck”. You’ve got a worthy post-season contender. Kershaw and Greinke should assure you an NLCS birth. It should prove very entertaining at that point. I just cut my Dish service down to a bare minimum, so will likely only see the games if carried on local channels … or there’s always, “The Shopping Network” (this is the kind of crap our satellite subscriptions guarantee regardless of package. what a waste of bandwidth.)

          • sandy32koufax says:

            I hope those guys can play the way they’ve shown themsleves to be capable of. That said, Kershaw would seem a vitual lock for another CY award after his effort tonight. BTW, Kershaw is the 1st LA pitcher to finish a season with an ERA under 2 since Koufax in ’66 and first to lead the NL 3 consecutive seasons since Maddox

            Lots of “God” and foreign language stations to boot πŸ˜‰

  43. sandy32koufax says:


    SJSU is being fully dismantled 37-12 and the Aggies are going for more with abt 9:00 left in the 4th

  44. sandy32koufax says:

    Another snoozer blowout for TN, Chico

  45. xoot says:

    The longer he works as a Giants reliever, the better Casilla gets. Somebody made a good decision to keep this guy, and somebody has coached him well.

    Perez, meanwhile, is ripping! Keep that guy, too.

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      HOW Casilla got out of the 8th, relieving Hembree with runners at 2nd and 3rd and then proceeding to load the bases will requires years of scientific study to discover his secret! Great job shutting the Pads down.

  46. sandy32koufax says:

    What was that you said earlier about Blanco messing with Denorfia’s arm?

  47. xoot says:

    that was a great drive to triples’ alley from Blanco just now. I was there when he tied the game in the 9th vs. the Nats, which led to Pablo’s walk-off in the 10th. Blanco’s got great talent. But getting thrown out 3 times on the basepaths in one game is not a good stat. I think his attempt to score on an inside the parker behind Perez just now demonstrated exactly why Perez should be a 4 or 5 OF next year, while Blanco should be 5th or 6th.

    But a lot can happen between now and April 2014.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Yep, tons can happen as we’ve seen in the past few yrs. Sabean sounds like he’s serious about reloading to be contenders again so we’ll see, Perez? Keeper. Blanco, not so much unless Sabean does find someone to replace him too. How many OFs do most teams carry, 5 or 6, ya?

      JInts pitching has been pretty damn good lately, btw.

  48. Chico says:

    Nice win! OT: My buddy not only found the murder weapon in a storm drain (the shooting/murder on muni), but he was also the arresting officer. Folks, this could have been a lot worse. He was armed to the teeth (AK47, and other guns) in his house. A bipolar kid from Thailand and his parents are totally peaceful Buddhists. When my buddy arrested him, he had $30,000 in ca$h on him and was bailing back to Thailand. There were four instances that day (don;t rely on SFGate) that could have stopped the murder. He pulled a gun on a guy in front of SF State and the guy called 911, but didn’t want to file a report because he had better things to do that day, apparently. My buddy Tony says that the way it all played out was like a made for TV movie. And the firearms were all legally purchased. Yes, mental illness and legally purchased firearms.

      • Chico says:

        He also told me that the video (SFGate only showed os 3 minutes) was actually 7 minutes long and he has his hand on his pistol in his pocket. He goes to wipe his face with his right hand and pulls the gun out (so, he wipes his face with a gun in his hand) and nobody noticed. He also waived a gun at a pizza parlor. Earlier that day, he was at another muni station and was playing with his gun in public. Apparently, he dropped a bullet and the lady who witnessed it found the bullet and called SFPD. They were able to get a partial print but nothing definitive. My friend has since been promoted to a special crimes unit. Had a few brews with him tonight when he told me the story. He’s as honest as a guy can get, and i’m stoked for him and the family of the deceased kid. Without him finding a needle in a haystack, this mentally ill murder in in Thailand and the other family has no closure. They all went bar hopping here in town tonight, I stayed home with my wife and two sick kids.

        • mailorderwife says:

          Glad for your friend! Sorry this case had to even exist, but I guess background checks for gun ownership threatens our freedom to be massacred.

          • shoelessinlassen says:

            Yeah, one has to begin to ask what exactly is “freedom” … when it’s a purely hypothetical concept in the ‘hereafter’. To exercise freedom, I might suggest starting by insuring the living from someone else’s right to freely kill me first.

  49. xoot says:

    So the word on the radio side was Hunter Pence–signed for five years. I can get behind that. He won’t be like Rowand. He’ll be tradeable, if it comes to that for some reason. But if this deal gets done (it’s pending a physical, according to Jon Miller), then I renew my prediction: Pence’ll be the first RH to get a Splash Hit.

  50. mailorderwife says:

    I love that Pence will be here. He’s a great character, always so cheerful and hard working. If they can sign Timmy, that would be a dream come true. He’s been able to work his way out of that disastrous bout, and he’s one of the biggest reasons why I was pulled from the post-2002 doldrums to watch the Giants again. I know, SFDodger — no crying in baseball :< But I'll be a ball of tears if he goes elsewhere.

    On another note, I heard that Dan Haren wants to come to the Giants. I'd be more interested in Bronson Arroyo, who is an absolute terror against the Giants.

  51. sandy32koufax says:

    So Marlins no-hit Detroit in the last game…pretty cool, ya?

    23 yrs old, Congrats H Alvarez

  52. sandy32koufax says:

    Good form, Bochy, bringing Zito in for his swan song, no matter the outcome, is very cool

  53. sandy32koufax says:

    Comedy of errors in leftcenter and Kruk n Kipe are BOTH swearing under their breath oncam…Blanco took a cutblock and OUCH bet he is injured…

  54. shoelessinlassen says:

    Peguero goes deep! Tie ballgame. Giants still have chance for minor redemption.

  55. sandy32koufax says:

    And FACKIN LA loses to close out on a two game slide

    jints are poised to win this in comeback fashion

  56. sandy32koufax says:

    and how do you pitch to the red hot Pence with the bases juiced and no outs???

  57. shoelessinlassen says:

    If you’re Houston Street today, apparently you don’t. πŸ™‚

  58. xoot says:

    The Giants give Zito his due, and Lane Kiffin gets his ass fired. Now there are two events that should surprise no one. I know a number of people–some in Tennessee, some affiliated with the Raiders–who are celebrating the smug bastard’s demise.

  59. mailorderwife says:

    It’s been a season, folks. Maybe not the best, but it was a good month!

    On that note, I’ll resume the trade news by week, unless there are objections.

  60. Chico says:

    Yep, Lame Kitten left Tennessee in the dumps and I’m glad he finally got his due (fired at 4 am at LAX where he wasn’t allowed to board the team bus back to $C).. A disappointing season, but like every baseball season, I had a blast!

    • xoot says:

      Apparently when he got the word at the airport, Kiffin went off on AD Haden. Sorry, can’t you let on the bus like that Lame. Adios. Suitable goodbye from the ex-coach to the kids on the team, huh? What a tool.

  61. xoot says:

    I have to admit the PS is looking pretty interesting, despite the absence of the defending champs.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      I’m fairly certain yesterday was the conclusion of their run at defending that title

      • xoot says:

        Yeah. I sort of hope the Cardinals and Red Sux don’t make the WS. It’s nice having the Giants tied only with the Cards and Yankers for the most (i.e., 3) WS appearances in this millenium. And with the Cards and the RSux for the most (i.e., 2) WS wins in this millenium. Now, of course, if we take the long historical view, and begin counting since 1988 . . . .

  62. mailorderwife says:

    New post, y’all!

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