Remember “Happy Lincecum Day”?

  In the 2010 LDS,  Lincecum pitched a masterpiece against the Braves—1-0 complete game shut out, giving up 2 hits and 1 walk, while striking out 14.  He threw 119 pitches; 75 were strikes.  I remember his pitches diving out of the zone at the last second.  The Braves swung and missed or fouled or hit weakly.  They couldn’t get the bat on the pitches he threw.  It was a great game.

  In his second 2011 season start Lincecum faced the Braves again.  He threw 110 pitches, 65 for strikes, in 6 1/3, giving up 6 hits and 6 walks and all 5 Braves’ runs, while striking out 6.  As I remember, Lincecum’s stuff wasn’t horrible that game, but it wasn’t his best, and the Braves took most of the pitches that they’d whiffed on 6 months earlier.  They had a plan.  They forced him to throw a lot of pitches by laying off close ones.  If he’d been able to hit the corners at the knees, he might’ve beaten them.  But he couldn’t.

  The Braves approach to Lincecum became a template.  Other teams used it, and he struggled when his stuff wasn’t perfect.  (The last great game I remember him pitching was the 133-pitch complete game shut out against the A’s, in June 2011 I think.)   Meanwhile, time passed.  He’ll be 29 years old next month.

  Are the 30-year-old muscles and tendons and ligaments unable now to compress the finely tuned violence of his motion?  Last month he pitched a game against the Padres that looked a lot like the 2010 PS masterpiece against the Braves.  Other games have looked otherwise.  The goal seems simple to me:  When his pitches are moving, all he needs to do is keep them at the knees and over the plate.  Why can’t he pound that part of the zone any more?

   As to trading him, I still don’t see it.  Why would any other team want to trade anyone of proven value in order to add Lincecum to its roster for the remainder of a one-year contract?

   I think we’ve got him for the rest of the year.  So we’ll have plenty of opportunity to see if his best stuff can still get the job done.  Given not only what he has accomplished overall, but specifically what he has done for this team, I’m pulling for him all the way.  But all bets are off.

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50 Responses to Remember “Happy Lincecum Day”?

  1. mailorderwife says:

    Yikes…he’s 30? I feel so old now.

  2. Chico says:

    I can;t believe he’s 30 either. Time does fly. I also think he’ll be a Giants for the remainder of the year, and hell yeah I’m rooting him on! Shit, I rooted Aaron Rowand on. . They’re Giants, which means family!

    PS, Shaman broke his leg. . Poor guy has to move back into his parents place (for help) and rehab on the broken leg.. So, Shaman’s on the DL. . Best wishes dude. Go Giants!

  3. xoot says:

    Well, happy Lincecum day! His stats took a bit of a hit there at the end when he threw some pitches out of the zone. But overall he threw strikes, mixed his pitches and threw through some bad calls by the ump on knee-high strikes at the corner the ump missed. 2hits, 3BB & 7 SO in 7, and NO RUNS is pretty damn good against the beast of the east. He has got it in him.

    • datswhatsup says:

      Didn’t see the game down here, was TL’s game as outstanding as his line?

      Feeling your loyalty to TL, huge part of both WS titles and was generated excitement with every start for so many years.

      Trouble is this is not a game about loyalty, players need to get paid. I think there is no way TL stays next year…he’s accomplished all he could have dreamed why not maximize what may be his lat big contract?

      Good news is, at leat as far as 2013,it’s win-win if they trade or keep TL.

      • xoot says:

        His game was very good. He left a few pitches up and got away with them. He was actualy wild to the first batter. But he was fierce and confident overall, and he and Posey seemed to work perfectly together. Good to see early in the season, but there are a lot of games to go.

  4. Chico says:

    Warriors pulled it off!

  5. Chico says:


  6. sandy32koufax says:

    Feel better shaman.

    What’s with the ghost town effect here?

  7. Chico says:

    I dunno, maybe everyone has a cold?

  8. Chico says:

    I have no explanation for what happened in Toronto. Anyone?

    • xoot says:

      Maybe the Giants were as offended by the thick plastic carpet and weird mood lighting as I was. I don’t know. The AL sucks. Melky, however, to be fair, looked a lot like the guy we cheered this time last year. Weird ass two-game series. The AL sucks.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    SInce theywere playing on that gawdawful astroturf, they reverted back to the 1976 Giants.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Thankful the turf has gone the way of the dodo, almost. Only 2 (AL) fields left with carpeting. Rays and Jays.

  11. datswhatsup says:

    Astroturf blows, but if that were the main reason Toronto would be playing .800 ball at home.

    There is no positive spin to put on that series other than it’s over.

    It could be a case of running into a Toronto team that is much better than it’s YTD record (similar to the sweep earlier vs Brewers).

    It is certainly a case of Scutaro, Sandoval & Pagan making errors that end up being deadly. That was the knock on Pagan prior to 2012 and Sandoval will forever be ripe for a bad throw (he owes Belt a few dinners). Scutaro sadly cannot be expected to be 2012 Post AS Break Scutaro–if he was he’d be the greatest 2B in baseball history.

    Let’s hope a trip across the country & through customs with no off day for a 2 day series against a blah team after a gut check series vs ATL all while knowing a big 4 game divisional series on the road vs the Rox (again with no travel day) made these games a “trap series”.

    Encouraged by Belt, Pagan & Scutaro’s offense, discourage by the toll poor SP is taking on the bully and it’s officially rut roh time for Vogelsong.

  12. Chico says:

    Much like my former high school team, who steamrolled the league this year (who beat Monte Vista in the CCS final last night), they got blown out by the worst team in the league, TWICE. . That accounted for 2 of their 5 losses. .

    Shit happens.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    I remember getting on the old field at the Stick and marvelled that people didn’t die on it playing football. It really was like playing in the parking lot. Baseball was bad enough on it. Football was literally dangerous. Was it Jim Lash, the ex-VIke who came to the Niners and shattered both his elbows diving for a pass?

    • sandy32koufax says:

      You never got a chance to at least run on astroturf? Too bad, you really can cut and accelerate differently on turf. I never played on it but got to attend a couple of weekend camps at the stick when II was coming up into football. And yeah, it hurts like hell to to just go down on, forget crushed by some headbanger.

  14. xoot says:

    un fucking believable game tonight

  15. datswhatsup says:

    Nice win.

    Nice job by Cain nutting up and eating some innings.

    Remember when he couldnt get run support…gets the win tonight!

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Sandy, we used to play ultimate frisbee on the turf above some parking lot in Berkeley back in the day. Yeah, it was great for running, but cutting got to be scary. Saw so many guys roll ankles and twist knees. And yeah, faling down on that shit was like sliding on broken glass.

  17. xoot says:

    My kids grew up playing on the fancy turf fields in Piedmont. At the youngest level, before they learned to slide, etc., baseball on those fields was ok, like training wheels. Beyond 7 years old, however, there’s no excuse for playing baseball on turf. Football and soccer, sure. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that lower-body injuries are less common or usually less serious on turf. It drains water away completely, very quickly; there’s no mud; no long cleats to take root.

    • datswhatsup says:

      It was a ground ball off the mouth on a gopher hole infested City park that made me an outfielder for life as a 10 year old CYOer.

    • Chico says:

      Never did play a game on turf, but I played football on turf – it was freaking hot. Couldn’t believe the temp difference between grass and turf, in a similar climate/temps, etc.

      • xoot says:

        Absolutely on the heat. And now that they have those ground-up rubber-tire granules softening things in between the “blades” of plastic, the turf heat’s even worse. That blackness just soaks in the sun.

        As to gophers, I have to admit it was a bit distracting to have a gopher nose up for a look while I was trying to keep an eye out for balks or make calls on pick-off plays. But the kids didn’t seem to mind. (Actually, they did–but it was just one field; all the others were pretty well maintained. That was Oakland LLeague.)

        When I played baseball, btw, I think the Houston Astrodome was the only field in the world with turf.

  18. Chico says:

    Bochy fucked that up. . He was gassed and should have been pulled.

  19. Chico says:

    Time for a good home stand. . Lets do this.

  20. xoot says:

    Definitely time to bounce back.

  21. datswhatsup says:

    buh bye crazy orange hair but Wayno Jive/Yav/Buddy still frequent.

    • Chico says:

      Good. I looked over there last night and didn’t feel like dealing with that A’s fan’s alternate account.

  22. xoot says:

    Well, thanks to the generosity of our resident Giants-fan philanthropist I got to see a great 10 inning game tonight. What a win.

  23. Chico says:

    Giants-fan philanthropist — perfect! Glad you had a good time Xoot! Hell of a game.

  24. Chico says:

    Happy orange Friday!

    • xoot says:

      Maybe you should start a game thread or something. Much too quiet around here.

      • Chico says:

        Will do tonight.. Gotta run some errands right now

        • mailorderwife says:

          NO MORE QUIET!!! Back from vacation and ready to chatter!

          I didn’t get to see any St. Louis Cardinals floating around the hotel, so I couldn’t yell SCUTARROOOOO in the lobby :< However, I did lots of booing of Holliday and Beltran at Petco. Had these amazing seats right behind home plate. Never had such seats at the ol' AT&T. If you ever get a chance to see a game in San Diego — Giants or no Giants — GO! The one thing I love about San Diego is that there is lots of the old casual, hang loose type Californians there. San Francisco used to have those sort of folk until it became tech asshole mecca.

          BTW…there were two attorneys sitting behind me during the game. The whole time they were they, their conversation was of their cases. I see some things never change ::wink::

          • Chico says:

            I love that town! .. I think I’ll write a new blog post after the game tonight. Plus, Timmy is pitching so the thread is perfect for tonight’s game..

            • xoot says:

              Sounds good.
              Keep that ball down, Lincecum
              And MOW, you’re absolutely right about putting lawyers together. You know the old joke? A town too small to support one lawyer is big enough to support two.

              • mailorderwife says:

                LOL…Of course, they were Padres fans watching a losing battle. I give them a pass for discussing pulmonary congestion for 6+ innings.

  25. mailorderwife says:

    There is a new post up by JDR!

  26. Chico says:

    Uhg. . Timmy.

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