A Note on Zito While JDR and Dats and Others Finish Proofing Their Own New Posts

I was a founding member of the Anybody But Zito Coalition.  I laughed at the ineffectual yoga regimen and collaborated in the shark-attack fantasies.  When video of him in the water surfaced, I was right there, mocking his wobbly attempt to take off on three-foot beach break.  Then he showed up in 2012. 

His new approach was evident early in the season.  He had an excellent April.  After the disastrous opening series in Arizona, Zito got the Giants into the win column with a complete-game shutout—at Coors Field.  Something had changed.  I watched him carefully avoid the zone with his fastball and then pound it with the pitches that move.  Suddenly, he was effective.  But he had his bad outings, too.  Against the Rangers in June, he grooved a fastball to the second hitter he faced.  The booming big fly to the left-field bleachers knocked all 42,000 of us in the ballpark silent.  His moment of magic seemed over.

Yet of course, it wasn’t.  Zito gutted it out all year long and then pitched the game of his career in St. Louis.  I dislike the post-season networks as much as the next fan, but one thing those outfits offer is technology.  They’ve got the cameras, and whoever was directing the broadcast of game 5 realized where the story was.  Over and over again we got close shots of Zito’s face before he rocked into his windup.  The steady ferocity and determination in his eyes amazed me.  I believed the Giants were going to win that game because he believed it.

Look at the numbers.  They tell one story.  Look at some footage from game 5.  That tells a better story. 

Maybe yesterday was Zito’s high point for this season, or maybe he’ll perform as well as he did last year.  Who knows.  But one thing’s certain:  the ABZ Coalition disbanded forever.

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217 Responses to A Note on Zito While JDR and Dats and Others Finish Proofing Their Own New Posts

  1. Chico says:

    Excellent blog post! This is better than what the chron is asking us to pay for. Well done!

    Sandy – careful who you jump all over on the Splash. That person is very likely one of your (our) friends.

    • shaman138 says:

      But notice how that dude gets to blatantly make a personal attack against sandy by calling him a loser and not have his comment removed. That game is already rigged, regardless of the cyber psycho fron Da Creek.

    • bingokitties says:

      Hey… I miss seeing you guys over at the Splash!

  2. Chico says:

    That guy mysweetworld is not a troll.. A Dodger fan trolling a Giants blog is only asking for it (to be called names) — Sandy is our friend, yes, but he’s a grown up who understands the consequences of trolling a Giants blog.


    That’s a genuine Giant’s fan folks.

    • filthychangeup says:

      Sure enough, but no reason to call anyone a loser, bad form.

      • Chico says:

        I’m sure we’ve all been called a lot worse on the interwebz. My point is that he, as a Giants fan is defending his territory, and he doesn’t know Sandy like we do. To him it looks like a random Dodger fan trolling – the guy even went as far today to comment about where were all the regular Splash bloggers, and that it was sad that SFGate ran a lot of them off. We can all relate.

        No biggie.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          I don’t recall having addressed that guy directly.

          As for his not knowing me beyond seeing the dodger handle, I refer you both his and my response to slipnslider: http://blog.sfgate.com/giants/2013/04/06/same-lineup-for-sf-giants-against-top-cards-prospect/

          I find it too damn funny that fans seem to want to blame anything but their heroes for a loss. They blame the umps, refs, “the sun was in his eyes”…sports are games of skill, yes. And chance too. I called some dude on it, tough shit. I call Dfans, UCLA fans, etc. for being whiners and making excuses when the teams I like lose too.

          Last thing-and I’m SURE this won’t go over well here but:

          Vogelsong is 35. He was never an impact pitcher during his twenties and in fact was out of MLBaseball for several seasons until SF brought him back on a gamble that he’d pay off and he has. But don’t lose sight of the facts about him. He has led a career of a sixth or seventh man or come out of BPs. “Cinderella Story” is a great way to describe dude but at his age, the clock is about to strike midnight…

          “There’s NO crying in baseball!
          ~Jimmy Dugan.

  3. xoot says:

    Vogelsong’s been an All Star horse two years running, although he didn’t get the recognition due in 2011. I’m keeping an eye out for some sort of WBC effect. But I think he’ll pitch some gems this year and otherwise make a good three. In fact, if Zito and Lincecum come through, the Giants will have three threes. I’d take any of them over Josh “Tracks of My Tears” Beckett.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Vogey has had a couple of good seasons back to back. Not a bad return on a guy that hadn’t done much of anything in the bigs and about time, wouldn’t you say?

      So you’re a Juan Rios fan? When I lived in L.A. I saw him a couple of times back in the day…

      • sandy32koufax says:

        BTW, I’ve never said anything positive about the Beckett pickup. My POV is that LA should have picked up one or two FAs that would make them a better team and that would be able to teach the revitalized farm grads to be MLBers.

        I have said we don’t know, yet, what this LA team is going to do.

        And I’m not betting anything good is coming this year.

  4. xoot says:

    Pagan hit a bunch of stand up triples last year. I really enjoy watching him stroll into 3B. But the risky diving-slide triples are pretty good, too.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Great hit to open the game-thrilling.

      Wainwright settled right in after that.

      Looks to be a good rubber game so far.

      • xoot says:

        Dueling aces, although Cain’s pitch count is much lower, so far. If you know what I mean.

      • xoot says:

        I have the editorial access necessary to remove that post and pretend it never happened. But, hell, I don’t belive in jinxes. Most of the time.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          We make our own luck as often as not, agreed?

        • xoot says:

          Well, I know what you mean, and I agree to a certain extent. But you know those scientists trying to isolate the “god particle”? I don’t think it’s god who holds atoms together. I think it’s luck.

          • sandy32koufax says:

            My buddy, the astrophysics genius, would disagree.

            I, OTOH, have no clue re the so-called God particle…

  5. sandy32koufax says:

    There goes Pagan again…

  6. xoot says:

    Wow. What a terrible inning for Cain. The routine fly balls of the earlier innings turned into line drives.

  7. Chico says:

    Cain getting shelled. Fack

  8. sandy32koufax says:

    Here we go, 13 run rally!

  9. filthychangeup says:

    Well that sucked balls, thank Darwin there’s a game tomorrow. Rox have been hot but there bats never translate at AT&T.

  10. twinfan1 says:

    There are some pretty incredible home/away splits on that team. Cargo is Nate Shierholtz away from Coors..

  11. mailorderwife says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed my time in San Francisco and the two games. Went to the ring ceremony yesterday and enjoyed that game, even if husband and I were one of few remaining fans (along with the seagulls). It’s so much more enjoyable to go out to the ballpark and watch the games, because losing doesn’t seem so bad when you’re having too much fun.

    Had a debate on twitter last night with a Dodger fan who deliberately goes out looking for a fight. She said that Kershaw was better than Cain. Let’s face it…Kershaw is a very special pitcher, but I’m sure he’d have Cain’s two rings, ya know? It’s impossible to debate someone about 2013 baseball when we’re barely a week in, although this happens a lot with people in Los Angeles. The season is long, and so much could happen. Kershaw doesn’t win the Cy Young because of what he’s done in the first week of playing ball, and there are twenty+ teams in contention who want to be at the top when it’s over. This is something for all of us to remember, especially when I watch Giants fans streaming out of the stadium after the 6th inning. Never complain about Dodger fans doing the same, because at least THEY have the horrid traffic for an excuse. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to AT&T everyday and enjoy a game, and it was a privilege for me to watch all fun despite the rancid score.

    On another note, the amount of homeless vets is just heartbreaking. I love San Francisco, but it’s a sad day when the homeless have far more manners than these upscale technerd yuppies and roam around the City bitching about the Chinese and 30 Stockton.

    • xoot says:

      Leaving early, even from a lop-sided game, just doesn’t cut it. Hell, it’s fun to stay late on Sunday afternoons to watch the little kids run around the bases after the game. Occasionally a player comes out with his toddler and joins in. We have a little plastic bag full of China Basin IF dirt that my older son scooped up in 2000.

      • shaman138 says:

        I’ve been to some real stinkers at AT&T but had a blast anyway. It’s such an awesome place to go watch baseball no matter the outcome of the game. And in between the crap games I wind up being able to watch some gems, too, such as Bumgarner’s complete game shut-out of the Reds. As for the technerd dipshits, I’ve learned to co-exist with them, but they are truly like a virus–carpetbagging little self-absorbed twits who could care less about their gentrification and suburbanization of a city rich with culture and diversity.

        • xoot says:

          Yeah. They’re the ones who went to games last year and screamed “go Giants” etc. for a couple of innings and then said things like, “hey, where’s Cody Ross?” This year they’ll catch a break on the lineup, but I bet they’ll find other ways to express their ignorance about the team.

    • datswhatsup says:

      Love Cain, but I think Kershaw is the #1 in baseball right now.

      Can’t blame Kershaw for no rings, his teams sucked.

      BUT, what we do not know is how Claytinman (can’t be nice for the entire post Sandy) would do in the playoff pressure cooker. We do know how Cain can do.

      Tom Brady better than Montana? Brady is great but all I know is Montana never lost a Super Bowl and that running game in XVI was a joke.

      • mailorderwife says:

        I’d love to have Kershaw. He is a special player, and I’m hoping that the Dodgers not signing him before the season started gives some team like San Diego or Anaheim enough time and $$ to tempt Kershaw over to their teams. But I do agree…he is untested in post-season. To consider Cain as “meh” is stupid, as is the assertion that Cain is getting older. Cain is a workhouse and knows how to win the big ones. Still, the season is long and it’s way too stupid to judge Cain on a 14-3 game.

  12. Chico says:

    Yesterday had to end. A lopsided loss coupled with a Cal Bears choke job. Then I wake to to a downed tree in my backyard at 4am but at least the sun is shining. Oh, and sorry if this comes off as being insensitive, but I know more than one person in the UK who will be celebrating tonight.

    • shaman138 says:

      Agreed. Bay Area sports took a dump in the bed yesterday. First the haggard Giants game, then the Sharks, Warriors, and LadyBears all choke hard, and even the AAA’s got hit with some big injuries in spite of their win/sweep. As for Margaret? Ding dong, the witch is dead.

  13. datswhatsup says:

    Would you like to take it Back?

    Fans of a team can post about what move a team should make.

    1) If the team does not make the move you can blather on about how you move would have worked since it can never be disproven.
    2) If the team does make the move and it works, you can crow about how right you were.
    3) If the team makes the move and it blows up, who is going to remember your post? You’re on to suggesting the next brilliant move.

    In 2009 I suggested the Giants needed a big bat and a big name to fill the Bonds’ Void. I suggested going after A-Rod to play SS and sending the Yankees a badly needed pitching in a young Cain and dumping Zito’s contract.

    Would I like to take it back? Um, yes I would like to take that back.

    In 2009 I was also very ticked that Sabean gave Randy Winn 500+ ABs when it was obvious he was mediocre at best and had a poor arm for LF let alone being a starting RF. At the time Shierholtz was a genuine prospect who could have used a big chunk of those ABs to see if he was for real.

    Turns out Nate was NOT the answer, but the Giants would have known that earlier if not pretending Winn was anything but a nice guy.

    Would I like to take it back? Nope!

    Got any gems of your own?

    • xoot says:

      I wanted to re-sign Beltran in the 2011 offseason, chilly clubhouse presence nothwithstanding. He would’ve contributed a lot. But I can’t imagine him chanting in the dugout and tossing sunflower seeds into the air with the rest of the team when the going got tough.

      • datswhatsup says:

        Me too.
        He is not very likeable to say the least, but with his bat in RF all year the Giants may not have needed such big comebacks…dude can hit.

        But you’re taking it back?

        • xoot says:

          Oh, yeah. I’m taking it back. You can’t improve on 2012. I look at the Pythagorean W/L numbers up on BBRef for last year (88-74) and laugh at how much worse they are than the actual record (94-68, of course). They wouldn’t’ve had that sort of “luck” (to tie in to the discussion above) if Beltran had played RF all year.

    • mailorderwife says:

      1) I would never have traded Devin Setoguchi. Sorry. And I wasn’t here when the Sharks traded Ryane Clowe, thereby shattering my heart into a million pizzas. I loved Clowe, but was glad that he participated in making sure that the Sharks got something good in return. His trade does not hurt as much as Seto, though. Although he is not playing well lately, SETO SETO SETO;

      2) I wish Wes Westrum did not work so hard to shatter John D’Acquisto’s confidence. He was a young and talented pitcher that was also very wild, but Rigs would have worked with John D. Westrum would leave D to stew in his wildness, and we had too many games where 5 runs would be walked home. There was a point in the 70’s — AND IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN IMAGINARY — but the Giants had some talented arms. It seems to have all been wasted under some terrible management; and

      3) I would take back Crazy Crab. I hate Lou Seal with a passion.

  14. datswhatsup says:

    Would you like to take it back?

    June last year suggested looking to trade Pablo for Trumbo after the saeson. Angels had a lot of OFs but no 3B and SF needed power.

    Would I like to take it back?

    • Chico says:

      I never really was big on playing GM, but one thing I would take back was the departure of Bill Newcomb. I didn’t like his silly bow-tie look and didn;t bat an eye the day he was forced out, but in retrospect, after everything I’ve read, he was on the fan’s side

      • xoot says:

        I like and admire the Neuk. I was pissed when the owners forced him out. The team moved on, however, so it’s hard to second guess the bidness side of things. Neuk still participates. Last year, he presented the Giants case to the mlb owners as they considered the A’s desire to take over the Santa Clara County territory. That representation was probably for the sake of continuity (the territorial disagreement developed when he was in charge), but still it was good to see him battling for the team. I still think his connection to Lincecum was important. Lincecum started wearing a bowtie in 2010. (There’s a famous pic of him walking to the locker room in his suit and bowtie before game 5 in Texas.) It’s also possible that ownership’s approach to the mlb territorial dispute conflicted with Neuk’s, and thus the behind the scenes blowup. We’ll never know.

        • Chico says:

          I’m so sick of hearing about the A’s and their gripes. Fuck them.

        • Chico says:

          A few Splash blog posts back, one A’s fan copy and pasted something from a San Jose official. I think JDR and I, and others roasted him good. Blame the owner, not where you play!

      • mailorderwife says:

        Agree with you on Neuk. Baer is a “friendly” face and rode the Ballpark Express, but I’m not a fan.

  15. Chico says:

    Jesus, Pence just killed that ball.

  16. xoot says:

    Pence looks good. All he has to do is make contact more often than he did last year, and he’ll be great. What a bomb!

  17. JDR says:

    Wow. So that’s why Sabean traded for Pence?
    That thing damn near made it to Berkeley.

  18. Chico says:

    Gonzales got all of that. A hanger.

  19. datswhatsup says:

    Come on Torres can’t have that.

  20. JDR says:

    Hmmm, this from the Red Sox president: ” Lucchino also praised general manager Ben Cherington’s work in last summer’s trade with the Dodgers, noting that they would have been happy to receive just one of Allen Webster or Rubby De La Rosa but wound up with both.”

    Oh, Ned. Ned, Ned, Ned…

    • datswhatsup says:

      Remember the young Hollywood celebs Brad Pitt was teaching to play poker in Oceans Eleven?

      That’s Ned…can lose a ton of dough being a dope because it doesn’t matter….plenty more where that came from.

    • datswhatsup says:

      Know that game eff,marry kill? Three choices you have to pick one for each.
      E.g. Mad men. Red head, John Hamm’s ex or Hamm’s brunet wife

      Ok how about eff (1 yr contract) marry (7yr contract), kill (cut)

      La: Kemp, Claytinman, Greinke
      LAA: Hamilton, Trout, Weaver
      Nats: Harper, Stasburg,Gio

      • Chico says:

        Never did watch mad men.. I’m trying to catch up on breaking bad.. Mad men might be next.

        • JDR says:

          Did you ever watch Firefly? The redhead (Christina Hendricks) was in that too. Rare Hollywood actress with curves, and some very nice ones at that.

    • Chico says:

      I’m going to steal that quote and use it somewhere else 😉

  21. datswhatsup says:

    Come on Panda know the arms.

    • xoot says:

      That double was 50 lbs ago. Pablo’s still quick, but quickness only helps the first two or three steps. The big question is will he adjust? At one end of the spectrum, we have Lincecum dealing with that question; at the other end, Pablo.

      Tense game now. I like Casilla’s version of the M. Rivera stretch, pull the hands in, low. Perfectly consistent, pitch after pitch. The big guy’s even better this year than last.

  22. datswhatsup says:

    That AAMCO commercial with the guy licking his keyboard reminds me of captgiggyup from the Splash

  23. datswhatsup says:

    Is it me or has Cargo been up 8 times already this game?

  24. Chico says:

    Someone taking Anne to task. @annkillion No, you are a bad sportswriter because you are bad at writing though

  25. Chico says:

    An insurance run or two would be ideal right now.

  26. datswhatsup says:

    Volstad 6’8″ 230?

    Ok then Panda = 240

  27. mailorderwife says:

    Such fear of Pagan going on here.

  28. Chico says:

    Posey Snaps out of his funk!

  29. datswhatsup says:

    Ump has 10;30 dinner reservations

  30. Chico says:

    *Not one comment on the Splash. Not one. Haha!

    It’s been front page in ‘breaking news’ fashion at the top of the front page since 7pm.

  31. Chico says:

    Romo time.

  32. datswhatsup says:

    Jeezus is Helton 56 or 57 years old now?

  33. datswhatsup says:

    Romo murder on RH hitters

    Nice job on the lefty

  34. mailorderwife says:


  35. Chico says:

    Cheers on the win!

  36. mailorderwife says:

    Amy G, I do not miss…

  37. datswhatsup says:

    Time to strap it on?

    Romo got Amy Gs attention!

  38. datswhatsup says:

    Last call.

    Have a good night fans

  39. datswhatsup says:


    BTW, from thread above…this is Christina Hendricks…you are welcome!

  40. Chico says:

    By my count, the Splash has a total of 3 comments in over the last 24 hours.

    • mailorderwife says:

      There is one poster in the pay areas for the Giants.

      • Chico says:

        Poor dude. Who is it, do you know MOW? I mean if they gave me a reason to pay I’d do it but not to just talk to one other person. I do like what the new site looks like though – and agreed, this is the future of online newspapers.

  41. mailorderwife says:

    My husband said that Pablo’s scoreboard portrait makes him look like Franco Harris. “He has jowls because he’s too fat…” was his comment. Ouch. But didn’t Panda lose weight in Spring Training?

  42. shaman138 says:

    One of the top stories on the ‘gate is the one about a big red plastic ball hanging over one of the entrances to the Embarcadero BART station to plug the Powerball lottery. Really?? I was just by there and all it is, uh, is a big red plastic ball hanging over the escalator and a few dorks with red clown noses and cameras. Stupid, pointless, and NOT newsworthy. Who the fuck would actually pay for nonsense stories like this? Anyway, I’m off to the game–let’s hope Timmy settles down tonight. He had a decent game last time but the Crockies’ bats are pretty hot right now and Bumgarner struggled last night.Thanks again for the tix, MOW!

  43. Chico says:

    Bellisario is in trouble.. 4-3 Pads with BL.. Lets go Pads!

  44. sandy32koufax says:




    Dodgers bent way the hell over for SD so far tonight.

    Bye Annette~

    Rot in hell union buster Mags…

    • Chico says:

      + 1000!

    • mailorderwife says:

      I loved Annette. Or Antennae, as I used to spell her name. I couldn’t get into Mickey Mouse Club Annette, as I was not yet born, but I loved Beach Blanket Babylon Annette with her swept bouffant do, granny underpants bikini and that song she used to sing that went I THINK! YOU THINK! I THINK! LOVE’S JUST A WEDDING RING!

      Dodgers…it was on KCAL 9 tonight. Sweeet. And good to know that Vinny still calls those games, too

  45. mailorderwife says:

    Hunter Pence yay!

    I have been blocked by Ray Ratto. Must have been something I tweeted. HAHAHAHA

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Share sistuh-sfdf doesn’t tweet…

    • Chico says:

      You didn’t happen to tweet this did you?

      That’s piss him off.

      • mailorderwife says:

        Hahaha! I think it was in response to his constant badmouthing of the Sharks and some Comcast broadcaster saying something about Ray Ratto skating. I said something about the ice breaking if Ratto actually were to step on the ice. Tres sensitive.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          I knew a very rotund man. He was a very snappy dressing guy and, although he was easy going, he always looked well put-together. He girth notwithstanding.

          He even told jokes denigrating his size from time to time.

          Ratto has self-esteem issues at a minimum.

          • mailorderwife says:

            I do not make a habit of insulting people for their size. Ratto, however, makes a living saying the most awful things to get a rise out of fans. I may not like a lot of athletes, but I do respect their ability to participate in a professional game, ya know? Ratto should consider that when making his remarks.

            • sandy32koufax says:

              Boobuhluh, that fat cat deserves what he gets. Never thought much of his writing and his lip is even worse…

              • mailorderwife says:

                Exactly. Kawakami rides the border, but Ratto’s fat ass crosses it. He believes in some sort of immunity, but he’s a hack.

                • sandy32koufax says:

                  See the quality of most writers at the chron/examiner, etc. and see the decline of west coast journalism in the traditional sense. Leigh Weimers used to be a great read on SJMerc. I believe I first read Killion, Purdy and many others while Weimers was working his less-than-urbane-yet-witty magic down there. At some point in HS I first saw Kawakami write professionally. He was young and it was a very regional paper. He sucked then, Ratto sucked then and Killion (mostly) sucked then.

                  We get what we pay for. LATimes, NYTImes, CTrib, etc. have some very expressive, enjoyable to read personel. Wonder what will fill the vacuum left behind by the papers here becoming pretty awful?

                • mailorderwife says:

                  I’ve never done sport writing, but I did start my career as a music journalist. You really have to be honest and critical to gain respect, and all of this can be done while being witty/sarcastic. I loved Creem Magazine for that, but it’s now a lost art. Movie critics like Pauline Kael and Henri Behar have the ability to respect the art and dissect a movie, whereas some asshole hack like Joey Berlin just wants to hobnob with the stars.

                  This is where Ratto comes in. He wants to be on TV, so he starts in with these outrageous comments and criticisms that are meant to inflame. It’s nice for the cameras, but you just can’t respect his opinion because it is steeped in his own ambitions. I can’t respect that.

  46. Chico says:

    That’s Crawford’s ball. . A run scores, dammit.

  47. Chico says:

    Fuck me.

  48. sandy32koufax says:

    Crawford has serious wheels

  49. Chico says:

    Alright Timmy.. Way to get a hit. Now lets get some magic happening.. Crack a fucking beer.

  50. sandy32koufax says:

    Crawford’s looking semi-clutch tonight.

  51. Chico says:

    Now he decides to be electric?

  52. mailorderwife says:

    Rally caps!

  53. mailorderwife says:


  54. Chico says:

    Yeah baby!

  55. sandy32koufax says:

    HUGE tme-delay between uverse and your providers…

    • xoot says:

      I had uverse in the east bay and liked it better than the comcast I have now. Depends on your neighborhood, I think.

  56. mailorderwife says:

    Under Pants comes through!!

  57. Chico says:

    Take a pitch, Belt!

  58. filthychangeup says:

    Wtf, what’s with the no TV coverage tonight?!?

  59. mailorderwife says:

    Whew…always get a little skeered when Kontos pitches.

  60. filthychangeup says:

    I have astound and am getting the Warriors and AAA’s but no Giants :(. Listening on my AtBat app.

  61. mailorderwife says:

    Well, grats to the GS Warriors. ‘Bout time!

  62. xoot says:

    Here’s the thing: in the least HR-friendly ballpark in the game, the SS drove the ball deep into the opposite field stands. I like it. As to Lincecum, one bad inning. They should write a song.

    Nice play Scutaro.

  63. Chico says:

    Nice play Pablo!

  64. xoot says:

    Casilla looks good so far this year. I would really like to see him and Romo as the closer “committee.” Romo is best with rest (the PS had convenient off days, remember). But Cassilla’ll have to earn it. Hope he does. Nobody will want to face that duo, on the top of their game.

    • mailorderwife says:

      Husband made me play piano because Casilla was coming in. He’ll have to earn the husband’s trust so that I can watch the game in peace.

  65. Chico says:


  66. mailorderwife says:

    Pagaaaaaaan! YAY!

  67. Chico says:

    Get hot Scoots!

  68. filthychangeup says:


  69. Chico says:


  70. mailorderwife says:

    Talk it easy, Belt!

  71. mailorderwife says:


  72. Chico says:

    Shaman you lucky ass, you’re watching a hell of a game!

    • mailorderwife says:

      And he got a snowglobe! I hope Ms. Blabbermouth Pacific Heights wasn’t at the game tonight. In fact, I apologize in advance to anyone who sits in my seats. That lady does not STFU, so you just have to hope that she doesn’t show up. She will get players names wrong and talk incessantly about being the former Mrs. J T Snow or how Andres Torres is her boyfriend.

  73. sandy32koufax says:


  74. Chico says:

    Cheers on the win! Hell of a game.

  75. xoot says:

    The game. the team. Show some grit? Down 6-1? Yes, once again, this team has character.

  76. xoot says:

    Baggarly tweets that tonight’s HR was the first opp. field HR of Crawford’s mlb career. As I said, portends well.

  77. filthychangeup says:

    Well I finally found the game last night but had to watch it in SD, the horror! Very happy with the comeback, even 5-1 and 6-2 I felt the comeback looming. I’m glad Crawford has started to show signs of his hot spring. I know Belt will figure it out but man it’s hard to watch him struggle. It’s incredible to me that I have more faith in a quality start from Zito than Lincecum.

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