Niners NFC Championship open thread

For the second year in a row, the 49ers are one game away from the Super Bowl. This year, instead of a formidable Giants defense the big threat will be Atlanta’s hostile crowd and deep passing game.

If the Smith brothers can get to Matty Ass and the Derpy Birds (see what I did there?) it could be a long day for Atlanta. On the other hand, if the dome crowd gets to Kaepernick and disrupts his ability to get the playoff we could all be in for a disappointing day. Should that happen I’m sure there will be no controversy or debate whatsoever about Jim Harbaugh’s personnel decisions.

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91 Responses to Niners NFC Championship open thread

  1. Chico says:

    I was for it, then was against it, but now I’m for it, win or lose… Harbaugh is one hell of a talent evaluator especially when it comes to the QB position.. This team is just flat out better with Kaep at the helm.. The offense went from decent to good, imo.. (read the article on the front page of the NFC CG print edition)
    Lets do this! Go Niners!

  2. Chico says:

    Is it too early to have a beer? Nah!

  3. JDR says:

    The fuck was that, Goldson? Shitty start to the game.

  4. Chico says:

    Let’s get some fucking points

  5. shaman138 says:

    The one fucking time I want the niners to win and they’re crapping the bed. Goddamn this team

  6. Chico says:

    God dammit. Wake the fuck up!

  7. mailorderwife says:

    This is very distressing. I’m alternating between watching the lopsided game and Toddlers and Tiaras.

  8. xoot says:

    Maverick’s has had its moments, but man they are few and far between. The 9ers? The 9ers finally seem to be over their jet lag. About fucking time.

    • JDR says:

      A touchdown here and it’s a game again.

      Meanwhile, the backfield needs to figure something out. Matty Ass is almost scoring at will.

  9. shaman138 says:

    Choke hard dirty birds.

  10. sandy32koufax says:

    WHY isn’t Atl knocking Davis down at the line every play?

    Fricking “Die Hard 6?”

  11. Chico says:

    Momentum is shifting!

  12. sandy32koufax says:

    Niners look like they have way too many weapons for this defense to contain. Atl is in a knockdown drag out fight here

  13. JDR says:

    It seems we just might have us a football game, folks.

  14. JDR says:

    Can’t win if we can’t stop them…

  15. JDR says:


  16. mailorderwife says:

    Score here. Now. Pleaseeeee. And then stop the other guy.

  17. Chico says:

    Do your job defense

  18. JDR says:

    As an aside… apparently some guy named Chad Hall is on the roster.


  19. JDR says:

    Another chance… don’t leave it up to Akers.

  20. Chico says:

    Hold onto the fm ball Crabtree! God fucking dammit.

  21. mailorderwife says:

    I’m going to be very very very fat after this game, and will be mega pissed if we lose.

  22. mailorderwife says:


  23. JDR says:

    Holy shit they’re winning.

    Now for the love of fuck can we please stop their offense?

  24. xoot says:

    This is a crazy ass game. Come on 9ers — shut em down. Get this thing under control.

  25. JDR says:

    That was a drop…

  26. JDR says:


  27. sandy32koufax says:

    Major non-call is a game changer…

  28. xoot says:

    Bowman was like an immovable rock on that play. Gonzales thought he could muscle past him. Then Bowman was suddenly cat like as he slapped the ball away.

  29. mailorderwife says:

    Do it, boys!

  30. sandy32koufax says:


  31. JDR says:


  32. Chico says:

    Super bOwl baby!!!! Fuck yes!

  33. mailorderwife says:

    This was like the NLDS and NLCS. Now do it for Frank Gore, who suffered through some terrible ass coaching.

  34. JDR says:

    I’ll give in. I’m the asshole who thought they were done after falling behind Atlanta. Wow.

  35. xoot says:

    Wow. They’ll have to play better than that overall to win the SB. But they can do it.

  36. JDR says:


  37. shaman138 says:


  38. mailorderwife says:

    Just found a baseball with Bill Laskey and Gary Lavelle’s autographs on my shelf. There are other signatures, but I dunno who it belongs to. Perhaps Mike Sadek?

  39. Chico says:

    Not that anyone cares, but Sandy.. Get your head out of your ass.. Your comment was removed on the presidential swearing in thing (we know why) — de-friend mikeandike — that’s the dude (we all know) that stalks users and creates havoc on what used to be a good place to comment on.. A lot of old-school users have de-friended their old friends because one of his accounts always seems to latch onto other innocent people’s accounts like a fucking barnacle! He’s an internet pussy – couldn’t hold his own in the fucking Burbs!


  40. Chico says:

    Just Sandy not knowing that since the format change, ‘friends’ are useless because you can’t private message anymore (friends do this for friends).. Soooo, what’s the point then? If you or anyone gets a friend request, don’t accept it and ignore it. The whole thing is useless — now he has a *mole as a friend who will follow him around and eventually have his account blocked.. Not that it would be a bad thing.. More and more people would spend their time on REAL blogs and not Vlae’s private circle-jerk troll-fest.. Also, anyone of you insiders (Flap, here, chucks blog, wherever) who is soph/nineral — you’re a fucking dick and you’re not amusing anymore. Fuck you, whoever you are.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Don’t sweat this shit so much bro.

      Trolls WILL be trolls, ya?

      I can’t believe I have to root for the damn Ravens…

      • Chico says:

        What pisses me off is that a real San Franciscan such as yourself gets deleted while some dumb fuck vulture from Da Creek gets to set the tone on what goes on there because he figured out how to create a shit ton of email addresses (how does he do that?).. I have told vk about this before — ‘I know, he emails us all the time’ – well, if you know that he’s behind this shit, as you, the big bossman admitted in an email that I have, what the fuck? Think of me as someone you would want in your corner, virtually or physically.. I’m ALWAYS down for a friend. That’s the way I roll. Sorry to sound so aggressive, but this shit pisses me off.

        • shaman138 says:

          You know it’s rigged. Complete green and gold envy. Fuck that site.

        • mailorderwife says:

          It’s a poorly regulated site and not worth the headache. I worked for a newspaper here for the last several years and can tell you that it’s a hotbed of nepotism and cronyism. You’re never going to get VK out of there unless he quits, which is unlikely if he’s part of the hamster wheel.

  41. mailorderwife says:

    Okay so I watched the Ravens/Patriots game. With the game on the line and 4 yards for a 1st down, Tom Brady could have made the play. Instead, he sees defenders and falls down 2 yards shy while throwing a wuss pass. He runs, it would have been 1st down, I bet.

    Is he just too old? He was once impressive, but I’m used to the 49ers putting people out to pasture before their time. Brady was slow and soulless. Maybe the Pats should think of using a younger QB with some guts?

  42. filthychangeup says:

    Okay, I’m officially finished with the Splash and Sfgate. I’m not even going to bother emailing VK, what’s the point? There’s nothing I said or did to warrant my account being blocked. Just more pro-troll BS like Chico said. I’m sorry that I’ve neglected this blog, this is the real place to be. I had this bulldog mentality towards the trolls on Sfgate, I wanted to defend the Giants&Niners from all the denigrating tripe. Whoever was the first to suggest the ad revenue from trolls theory is spot on.

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