HOT STOVE – (11/12 – 11/19)

Sunday, November 20 Edition
10:37 a.m.
— Adrian Gonzalez will captain the WBC team for Mexico.

8:59 a.m.
— The Dodgers have emerged as the favorites to sign Zack Greinke. They are also still interested in Kevin Youkilis.
— The Dbags and BoSox are interested in acquiring Indians shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera.

Saturday, November 19 Edition
6:37 p.m.
— The Miami Marlins have signed Juan Pierre.
6:15 p.m.
— The St. Louis Cardinals have signed Justin Christian to a minor league contract.
11:58 a.m.
— Dodger GM Ned Colleti is under orders to improve the team, no matter what the cost. Clearly.
— Japan’s top reliever Kyuji Fujikawa has been touring MLB clubs to find a good fit. Dbags, Cubs, Angels and the Dodger$ are on his list of clubs to visit.

Friday, November 17 Edition
11:58 a.m.
— Atlanta’s Jason Heyward thinks that Gregor Blanco‘s catch to save Matt Cain‘s no-hitter was the play of the year.
11:48 a.m.
— So long, Melk Man! The Toronto Blue Jays, fresh off their blockbuster acquisition of the Miami Marlins, will sign Melky Cabrera with a 2 yr./$18 million contract.
— The SD Poodres have acquired Tyson Ross and A.J. Kirby-Jones from the A’s in exchange for Andy Parrino.

Thursday, November 16 Edition
MORE San Francisco Giants Junk:
7:06 p.m.
More Brandon Belt twitter facts, and he is back to tweeting tonight:
— His opinion of Justin Bieber: He has the fever
— “Zombie” by the Cranberries is playing in his head
— His ethnicity is Texican
— …and there is this little gem: “Just went out to eat in my brand new under armour storm fleece pants with the tag hanging off the back. Pretty embarrassing.”

BBWAA Awards
3:16 p.m.
Buster Posey wins the NL Most Valuable Player Award. YAYAYAY!!! That’s our Buster! Hunter Pence, Angel Pagan both received 10th place votes for MVP.
Miguel Cabrera wins the AL Most Valuable Player Award. Mike Trout finishes in second.

San Francisco Giants Junk:
— Tonight, the 2012 World Series Film will premiere at the Castro Theatre at 7:30PM to select viewers. Ed Lee, Larry Baer, Bruce Bochy, Benjamin Bratt (Paco from “Bound by Honor”), Orlando Cepeda, Dave Dravecky, Jon Miller, Renel Brooks-Moon, and Mike Murphy are expected to attend.

12:23 a.m.
The Chicago Cubs sign ex-Red Dioner Navarro.
10:30 a.m.
— According to MLB Trade Rumors, Hiroki Kuroda seems to be hot property. The Angels have thrown their cap into the pool for the Japanese pitcher.
Jay Bruce of the Reds is looking for a contract extension.
9:06 a.m.
— The Atlanta Braves will sign catcher Gerald Laird to a 2 yr. contract.
— Ken Rosenthal believes that the KC Royals may be the next team to pull the trigger on a huge trade, using their healthy farm system to get quality veteran players.

Wednesday, November 15 Edition
8:45 p.m.
— According to MLB Trade Rumors, NY Yankees are focused upon re-signing Hiroki Kuroda and Mariano Rivera.
— Also according to MLB Trade Rumors, David Price — you know, the guy who just won the Cy Young — might be ideal trade bait.

San Francisco Giants Junk:
Brandon Belt opened a Twitter account (Bbelt9) and has begun to answer fan questions in response to the usual “HOW DO WE KNOW THIS IS REALLY YOU” thing. Highlights include:
— His favorite sitcom is “Fresh Prince” or “Home Improvement”
— He loves Alanis Morisette
— He tapes 90’s sitcoms on his DVR and has been watching “Saved by the Bell” everyday.
— His level of awkwardness is somewhere between Hunter Pence and Michael Cera

6:37 p.m.
The Red Sox sign David Ross

BBWAA Awards
3:32 p.m.
R.A. Dickey wins the NL Cy Young Award. Clayton Kershaw finishes second, while Matt Cain finishes in sixth place.
David Price wins the AL Cy Young Award. Justin Verlander finishes second. Price expressed his excitement on Twitter with this message: “YESSS!!!! Thank you everyone!!! Thanks #BBWA for voting for me!!!! THANK YOU TEAMMATES I love you all!!!! ”

(1:17 p.m.)
— This one was too funny. Jon Heyman reports that “Red Sox talked about reyes/johnson trade w/marlins. But john henry said he had no idea ‘the whole team was available'”
(9:21 a.m.)
Torii Hunter signs 2 yr./$26m deal with the Detroit Tiggers.

San Francisco Giants News:
(9:01 a.m.)
Ron Wotus may be interviewing with the Seattle Mariners.

Tuesday, November 13 – Noon/Evening Edition

San Francisco Giants News:
(9:35 p.m.)
— The team may be considering a two-year deal with Marco Scutaro.
5:20 p.m.
— Per Schulman, Angel Pagan seems to want to play the market. Hence, Giants have seen both Torii Hunter and Shane “Flyin’ Hawaiian” Victorino (bleech).
4:34 p.m.

Update! Marlins player Giancarlo Stanton tweets, “Alright, I’m pissed off!!! Plain & Simple”. Three exclamation marks!!!
3:40 p.m.
— BIG trade between Marlins and Blue Jays, sending Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson and John Buck to Miami for Yunel Escobar, Adeiny Hechavarria, Henderson Alvarez and Justin Nicolino.

BBWAA Awards
3:20 p.m.
Bob Melvin has been named AL Manager of the Year. Congratulations!
Davy Johnson has been named NL Manager of the Year. Our Bruce Bochy finishes third behind Dusty Baker (insert laugh here).

Tuesday, November 13 – Morning Edition
(8:51 a.m.)
— Cubs have signed Minnesota Twins player Scott Baker to a 1-year deal.
— The Dodgers are interested in Kevin Youkilis.
— Braves don’t go for a potential three-way trade that involves Justin Upton/Andrelton Simmons/Mike Olt.
Torii Hunter is meeting with the Detroit Tigers today.

San Francisco Giants News:
(8:51 a.m.)
George Kontos gets LAZIK surgery today.

Monday, November 12 – Noon/Evening
San Francisco Giants News:
Update! Jeremy Affeldt signs with the SF Giants for 3 years.

— A’s are talking multi-year deal with Jonny Gomes.
— The probability of Hiroki Kuroda signing with the Dodgers increases as the Dodgers look for another starting pitcher.
— News of Philly interest in Cody Ross has caused him to trend on Twitter. He doesn’t know why.

BBWAA Awards
Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals is the NL Rookie of the Year.
Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels of Southern California is the AL Rookie of the Year

Monday, November 12 – Morning
Update! Phillies are interested in Josh Hamilton, Cody Ross. I just bet they’re interested in Ross, amirite?
Update! Dodgers have hired 9 scouts. 3 of those scouts will be assigned to watch Asia, Latin America and Europe.
— BoSox, Yankees, Dodgers, Tiggers and the Rangers are all interested in Torii Hunter.
— As if our national broadcasting booths weren’t filled with enough twits, guess what Bobby Valentine‘s new career might be?

Sunday, November 11 – Afternoon
— Padres are contemplating contract extension for RBI machine Chase Headley. They may also consider using one of their bullpen folk as trading chip for more starting pitching.
— From MLB Trading, Dodgers may put Aaron Harang or Capuano (forgot first name) on the trading block if Ted Lilly and Lady Billingsley are fully recovered from their surgeries.


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102 Responses to HOT STOVE – (11/12 – 11/19)

  1. mailorderwife says:

    I moved the news to the front and will do it by week to keep it fresh. Doing this to attract new people to our board, as it was one step too much to click in to find news.

    • JDR says:

      You should just keep editing the main post with the day’s news. Could be fun to have an archive.

    • xoot says:

      Dodger staff will be an interesting source of stories this winter. Kershaw can’t do it all by himself, and he showed this past season that he’s not invincible. Still, he’s good. I saw a breadkdown of the CY candidates earlier today, and Kershaw really should be in the running, although Dickey’s 5 CGs and 3 SOs look pretty good, by today’s standards.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Dodgers-re-establishing themselves as a farm system force, are going to being by sending scouts to all corners of the globe!

      I am so not missing McWhoops style of ownership.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Does Baker have an ongoing issue with his elbow? Two or three times on DL w/elbow issues…Hmm. Epstein does know his shit though.

      Fuck no, Youk? IDK why LA isn’t chasing someone that isn’t in decline. You guys can say whatever you’d like but a guy that has never played an entire season and has been average, at best and below of late, isn’t ‘the answer.” Not even short-term.

      Hunter is getting a ton of play early on…

    • xoot says:

      Damn. Bochy deserved it.

  2. shaman138 says:

    This Sunday night game is a clusterfuck so far. 4 turnovers and it’s only 3-0… What the hell?

    • xoot says:

      Compared to the 49er/Lamb game this contest tonight is sharp football.

      • Chico says:

        In a beer infested sports bar, we were watching the game with the volume down.. A Tie. IMO, there should be no ties in football (I’ll have to go over the OT rules again). The Rams brought it today; the game had all the make up of a trap game. I have never seen a wishbone split evenly – Niners have some work to do but I’m happy about the way they played with their back up QB. Akers makes that FG, it’s over. Strange day in Niner land.

        Love the new format here folks! I’d also like to thank our veterans — they just do their job. For the anti imperialists, don’t blame them, blame the politicians. These guys and gals risk everything for a paycheck. Bring them home please.

        • Chico says:

          VK tried to be funny, but kinda failed..
          “Baseline test is a good idea for Alex. Of course you could get a QB like Ja’Marcus Russell or Jim Druckenmiller who scores exactly the same whether he has a concussion or not.”

          Score, they, have, Furdie!

  3. mailorderwife says:

    Worst athlete-turned-musician songs of all time. Manny Pacquiao must be the only Filipino alive who doesn’t know how to carry a tune.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      I was at a karaoke bar on Friday. (no comments from the peanut gallery, it’s a friend’s bar) Trust me, there are plenty of Pinoy that can’t sing to save their immortal souls. I mean, how does anyone screw up easy songs like “Wicked Game” or “Creep?”

      • mailorderwife says:

        Why would anyone want to sing “Wicked Game”? Blargh.

        I remember being at a Christmas party where a karaoke machine came out in the evening. The host said something about how Filipinos are the only Asian race that can sing, which is why they made up most of the cast of Miss Saigon.

  4. Chico says:

    Good stuff on the updates! It’s cool how you can update the blog post without having to start an entire new thread.. The red font is cool too. sfgate could learn something here.

    • xoot says:

      sftgate’s too worried about maximizing “traffic” and minimizing risk.

      • shaman138 says:

        A format like this would make Mollie’s head explode. Which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing…

        • Chico says:

          Speaking of Molly, he’s zapping comments again. He just got two of Xoots and many others. Good thing is most of us don’t take that blog seriously anymore… I don’t give a fuck about it anymore. It’s just for leisure..

          • xoot says:

            exactly. who cares.

            • sandy32koufax says:

              Someone had my Banana Slugs bit zapped…

              • xoot says:

                Hey, what are you insinuating? I let the Banana Slug thing go, always have. I actually liked it in Pulp Fiction. But the whole mascot deal kicked in long after I was outta there. I think it was the beginning of the end, in some ways. First, a mascot, then, the worst change of all, they began giving students grades. The place was never the same.

                • sandy32koufax says:

                  I love that mascot name, I was fucking with Mr Potatohead at the Splash.

                • xoot says:

                  I used to step over banana slugs when I walked through the foggy redwood forest to class in the morning — on those mornings when I managed to roll out of bed in time to get to class.

                • sandy32koufax says:

                  Haha on the “used to step over.” We lived in San Mateo nextt to some slough between Fiesta Gardens and the SM Co Fairgrounds. We had a dichondra front lawn. Every morning my old man would walk across it to grab the paper. EVERY morning he squished two or three tiny frogs between his toes!

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Sandy, so far the stellar Dodger new management hasn’t really done much or proven anything yet. Plus they still have Ned Coletti . . .

    What they did (or maybe not) discover is that throwing money at problems doesn’t always work out as planned.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Baby-steps Chuck.

      Epstein out of Chicago would be beautiful…I wonder if that’s even possible?

      Hence the beefed up scouting ranks, I hope.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Sorry, it’s hard not to hope for a shitstorm of doom to befall the Dodgers. Actually, I think it’s better that they get tantalizingly close to the playoffs, only to fade down the stretch.

    Kinda like 2012. . .

  7. Chico says:

    I just emailed the big bossman over at the other place about what just happened over there. Accusing Sandy and Xoot of being VK? This dude is starting to get fucking creepy.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      No shit?

      That lummox did that?

    • xoot says:

      The weird paranoia the guy showed reminded me of the old condo owner sonofabastard/yogi. In the old days, he used to accuse me of being a dozen different commenters. When I challenged him, he deleted all his posts and vanished. But maybe it was someone else. Whoever that guy is, he’s an asshole.

  8. sandy32koufax says:

    I’m guessing those dif peeps, x-man. Bitch nasty is more like it.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Oh, man you remember the Hangar/Hawk/Steve McQueen days? Yikes. He’d go off on 2:00 am screeds that would last all night. Hawk was seriously bizarre. He acted very bi-polar. Fine for a couple weeks, and then go off into hyperspace about someone’s seemingly innocuous post.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Hawk! That punkass still owes me drinks from some bet he lost to me. He asked where to meet, I said “Do you know SF?” “Sure” he says. So I figure, K.I.S.S., right? So I say “Gold Dust.” He says “where is that?”

      Even Nipper jumped Hawk for not knowing where the bar was…I told where and that I’d be wearing something “Dodgers.”

      Dude never showed…of course.

      Point being, strange goings on over there. Again. And ya, everything was ”cool” for a while then this tool shows up to have comments deleted. Hell, one said “read the story” and got the axe.


      • Chico says:

        Careful meeting someone who comes across as a psycho sandy, you never know what’s on these nut jobs minds. I’m sitting in the dealers waiting area waiting for them to finish service/recall stuff. Been here for almost 4 hours. At least they have wifi

        • sandy32koufax says:

          Bum deal on the wait time Chico. Next time make them take you somewhere, maybe to a pub?

          I’m not too worried about keyboard warriors, especially old Hawk. Now, that kenny dude made my blood run cold one night. I’ll tell you over brews while we fish.

  10. mailorderwife says:

    Sorry for the mess here. Was editing stuff around to help market the site, ya know?

  11. Chico says:

    No Victorino or Torii Hunter, please. I understand Pagan is on his last big contract negotiation of his career. Man, this is the shit I hate. Overpay & too many years versus not having him on our team. This is where I learned, well sort of, to not get sentimental as a kid when I saw Matt Williams & Will Clark leave. Same with my father, when he saw Willie Mays leave. I wouldn’t be a good GM. Brown isn’t ready…. damn.. What to do..

    • mailorderwife says:

      I learned not to become too attached to players. However, I have to admit that it was Tim Lincecum that really got me back into baseball again as I went into a very long and dreadful period of denial after the Giants blew 2002. (Sorry, but I wasn’t a fan of the ‘roid era. We all knew they were juicing, right?) I love me some Timmy, and I would be heartbroken if he ever left.

      And I agree, Chico. No Victorino or Hunter!

  12. shaman138 says:

    This beats the hell out of the stupid Splash and the lunatic fringe there. Way to go, MOW!

    And, yeah, after so many years of disappointment and heart-break with the Giants, the 2002 epic game 6 collapse just did me in. I didn’t even bother watching game 7–I think it’s safe to say we all knew how that game would end–and in spite of the great ’03 season, I KNEW they would choke in the playoffs, was actually expecting it after the Raiders’ SB meltdown. It wasn’t my year in sports, even though everything else in my life was terrific that year. Those Giants teams were like the Sharks of baseball–regular season greatness only to fizzle in the playoffs. Fucking Marlins have always had our number. After that, I pretty much ignored the Giants until ’09, when they first showed signs that they would become a great team even though they (barely) missed the playoffs. I follwed them very closely in 2010 and my time and loyalty was rewarded handsomely in the end. ’11 was marred by all of the damned injuries and Arizona just playing out of their minds…and then came this season, which was just amazing through and through.

    That being said, Just Say NO to Shane Victorino!

  13. mailorderwife says:

    Here is a letter from Larry Baer sent to fans today:

    Dear World Champion Giants Fan,

    After the final out of our World Series Championship in Detroit, I watched our players toss their gloves in the air and howl and leap onto each other and hug and wipe away tears. I have been watching and rooting for the Giants almost since birth. I have never seen a team like this one. They were utterly selfless and utterly devoted to each other. They never stopped battling, clawing their way back from the brink of elimination six times in the postseason. Every game was a Frank Capra movie – inspiring heroics, unlikely twists, hard-fought redemption.

    As I watched manager Bruce Bochy and his staff spill onto the field, I imagined what was happening in San Francisco. All of us who traveled to Detroit – including every player and coach – knew Coit Tower, the Ferry Building and City Hall were awash in orange light. We knew that fans had filled every inch of Civic Center Plaza to watch Game 4. We knew that throughout the Bay Area, living rooms and pubs were packed with people wearing Panda and Baby Giraffe hats, fake beards and “Vogelstrong” bracelets.

    We also knew that no matter how talented the players or how ingenious the manager, no team can win a World Series Championship – much less two in three years – without a little magic.

    Our magic is you.

    I wish you could hear how our players talk about you, not just with each other but also with players on other teams. Brandon Belt says base runners on first base tell him they’ve never heard a park as loud as AT&T. Hunter Pence says that Giants fans are “the ultimate motivator.” Matt Cain calls you their 10th player.

    So believe me when I tell you this: Our players carried all of you with them onto the field at Comerica Park. And they were unbeatable.

    Like 2010, this World Series Championship was truly a shared victory. So it was humbling during the parade last Wednesday to see fans holding signs saying “Thank You!” The gratitude is ours. We don’t win without you. You filled AT&T Park every game. You supported the players and coaches through the highs and lows. You flooded onto Market Street and into Civic Center Plaza in a celebration that felt like the world’s biggest family reunion.

    We came away from that unforgettable afternoon even more inspired and energized – and immediately got working on 2013.

    Critical to any championship team is the general manager, and in Brian Sabean we have one of the most accomplished in the business. He and his staff continue to be the modern model for baseball operations departments, combining cutting-edge analytics with deeply experienced and stable leadership. With two World Series Championships in three years, Brian solidified his reputation for drafting and developing young talent, finding undervalued players who become critical contributors and constructing a deep and versatile roster.

    He has the perfect partner in Bruce Bochy, now universally acknowledged as a master strategist who, having won eight of the nine Giants World Series games he has managed, is surely on his way to a spot in Cooperstown. The 2012 World Series starting lineup had just one position player – Buster Posey – in common with the 2010 World Series starting lineup, underscoring Sabean’s ability to identify players who fit the Giants’ approach to winning – strong pitching, outstanding defense and timely hitting – and Bochy’s ability to meld them into a cohesive unit.

    We move into 2013 with great excitement and optimism. The pitching staff – both starters and relievers – continues to be the strength of the team. Matt Cain, the anchor of the staff, keeps getting better, pitching a one-hitter on the home opener, a perfect game on June 13 and earning the win as the starting pitcher in the All-Star Game. He is signed through 2017, ensuring leadership and stability for a long time to come. We have all the starters signed for 2013: Barry Zito, Ryan Vogelsong, Madison Bumgarner and Tim Lincecum. Most of our stellar bullpen will be back, too.

    Homegrown players Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt emerged as solid starters, joining Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey as core position players who give the Giants a strong foundation into the future. After missing a year to a devastating injury, Buster reclaimed his spot among the elite players in baseball and as the heart and soul of the Giants. He was nothing short of remarkable this season, leading all of baseball with his .336 batting average, leading all National League players with a single-season record of 7,621,370 votes in the All-Star balloting, hit a grand slam in the decisive Game 5 against the Cincinnati Reds to clinch the NLDS, won the Hank Aaron Award as the best offensive player in the National League and was the NL Comeback Player of the Year. He is a finalist for the NL’s Most Valuable Player, which will be announced tomorrow, November 15.

    Despite two stints on the disabled list this season, Pablo showed his star power by hitting three home runs in his first three at-bats of the World Series, batted .500 during the four-game sweep and earning the Series’ Most Valuable Player Award.

    In all, we are now accustomed to high expectations and rest assured, the day after we returned from Detroit with the World Series trophy, we were back at work analyzing ways to make the 2013 team even better.

    On behalf of Brian, Bruce, the players and everyone at the San Francisco Giants, thank you for your tireless support. Thank you for taking us into your lives like family. Thank you for making us better.

    We look forward to seeing you at FanFest in February!

    Laurence M. Baer
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    San Francisco Giants

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Thanks MOW.

      I just sent this update to my buddy, lifelong Jints fan that he is.

      He texted back: “I hate Baer but this kind of stuff is why I’ve been to fanfest or fan appreciation day for over 20 years.”

  14. xoot says:

    My son went to fanfest in Feb. 2011. In fact, he got interviewed on local tv news, in the dark, at about 4 a.m. because he and his friends were first in line outside the main gate, sleeping on the sidewalk. When the sun rose and the gate opened, he strode in wondering whether he should head for the Lincecum autograph table or the Posey autograph table. Much to his astonishment, he found the park full of season ticket holders, who had entered quietly through the back of the stadium. The lines at the tables were so long, he soon gave up and left in disgust. I tried to explain to him the value of that property-rights lesson, but he’s a hard-headed kid. . . .

    • Chico says:

      Sounds like a true fan… Anyone who would do that bleeds black and orange. You done well Xoot.

      • sandy32koufax says:

        He’ll get it someday. Money does talk, sadly…

        • mailorderwife says:

          The one huge criticism I have with the SF Giants org is the whole money talks mentality. We always do the early bird ticket thing which puts us in a lottery to get extra special “perk” invites, ie., events or holding the flag on the field or something. I’ve had these tickets since the park opened and have only been invited to 1-2 things. I suspect that if I had season tickets in the fancier areas, I’d get invites all the time. Is this fair? I mean, even when times were lean and I could not give tickets away, crickets from their front office.

          In comparison, I have season tickets to a bunch of sports teams in Cleveland. (I know…don’t ask). In the one and only year of having partial tickets to the Indians, I got invited to EVERYTHING, including some private bbq. The Cavs? I got invited to neat stuff like the VIP box with the owner on draft day or a conference call with the owner. When I donated my tickets to a troubled kids through a charity, they let those kids meet the players. They bend over backwards to make me feel valued — and bear in mind that the Cavs sell out every game. Too bad I hate basketball and Ohio.

          I wish the Giants were better about things, but money talks in San Francisco. Way too much. That elitist attitude is something I don’t miss, and is thankfully missing in LA.

          • JDR says:

            I think part of it is supply and demand. Selling out in advance is a huge advantage when you’re approaching potential sponsors; if you guarantee a packed house you can get a lot more money in ad deals. The Giants know that the demand is there, but they want to get the guaranteed ticket sales that comes from season ticket deals. Teams like Cleveland and *cough* Oakland just want to move tickets any way they can, season tickets or not. You see the same thing in Europe amongst the top flight soccer teams. You don’t get into a Chelsea or Manchester United match unless you have pre-registered and paid all sorts of season ticket fees.

            • mailorderwife says:

              Cavs tickets are in demand, from what I understand. I don’t live there, and I cannot imagine anything from Cleveland being in demand. The Indians were not half as good as the Cavs, but they were 1000% better than the Giants were back in the lean years. The Cavs have really impressed me. Too bad they’re in Cleveland.

  15. Chico says:

    These updates are awesome! Thanks for doing this, mow.

    • sandy32koufax says:


      Scooping entire news services!

      TY on the CYs and every other little fun fact, tid-bit and rumor you’ve posted here.

      I’d pay for your web site/services…

    • xoot says:

      You’ve got me stopping by on a regular basis to see what’s up. Very nice.

      Hard to win back to back CYs these days . . . . Let’s see, 2008-2009?

    • JDR says:

      This is exactly what I wanted. Everyone should feel free to make posts here. It’s not a one man (or one woman, now) show.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Good Stuff, MOW. I can’t find anything anywhere regarding Wotus. Where did you get that?

    • mailorderwife says:

      It was an accompanying piece posted by someone — forgot whom — that was already doing progressive reporting on the Mariners.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Shit, Xoot. I took my kids in 2009 and 2010 to the fan fest. They were bad enough. In 2009, lines were ~1.5-2 hours, and the guys you were waiting for would get up and rotate to somewhere else after some predetermined time. 2010 was a little better, but the lines were still long. Got to get a pic of Will Clark with my son (he signed a hat and ball), and my daughters got pics with Pablo and Kevin Rohlinger.

    I figured 2011 would be near impossible and I’m glad I skipped it.

  18. Chico says:

    LOL, Brandon Belt watches ‘saved by the bell’.

    Good for RA Dickey… Besides any Giant player, he’s one of my favorites. He’s a great story.

  19. unca_chuck says:

    Shit my daughters used to watch that, as well as Fresh Prince, and Full House. It was double agony having to see that shit a 2nd time around. Actually SBTB wasn’t too bad. The others? Bleeeech.

  20. Chico says:

    Posey wins the MVP award!

  21. sandy32koufax says:


    Dude truly earned this.


  22. sandy32koufax says:

    First triple-crown winner since Yaz…congrats Cabrerra.

  23. xoot says:

    All right, Buster! The 2012 WS championship season is a wrap. The satisfaction easily will last to February.

  24. Chico says:

    Soph/Nipper went racial… “Kawamoto”? Who the hell is Kawamoto and does he/she write articles on the Giants? No, he knew what he meant.. Kawakami. That was an intentional misspelling and it was calculated.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Ya, I saw that.

      I believe that sooner rather than later, nineral is going the way of the sophs…

      • mailorderwife says:

        Does Soph = Nipper? Our Nipper?

        • xoot says:

          There have been signs over the years suggesting nip = soph, but nip denies it.

          • Chico says:

            As I understand it, that’s what others think as well. I’m not 100% sure to be honest. Nipper has been MIA for a long time though.

            • xoot says:

              It goes back a long way on the old-time splash. One night Twinfan noted a strong similarity in style (syntax, rhythm, diction) between one of soph’s posts and someone else he didn’t name. I reviewed the posts of the night and saw what he meant. The two posts were almost identical. I posted a strong hint. As I recall, Del Mar Dennis agreed. Nipper then got outed, but protested. From that day forward, however, soph’s posts took on specific peculiarities (the typos, for example), while Nipper’s went in the other direction. That sudden change in both, right after the “outing,” has always amused me. Man, that was a long time ago. The SF Giants hadn’t won a single WS back then. . . . 😉

  25. JDR says:

    Wow, apparently it’s a lot harder to spot a fake pharmaceutical site in Canada. Good luck with that one, Toronto.

    • mailorderwife says:

      I always remember Melky as that mediocre scrub on the Braves who kept striking out in the post season.

      • Chico says:

        I’m stoked he isn’t coming back. Funny though, I actually like Toronto (I don’t follow a lot of AL ball), but that’s my team in the AL east. When I used to play video games, I would be the Blue Jays and would create a juggernaut of a team.

        Toronto and Arizona are the easiest places to hit on video games, imo. The contrast helps you see the ball better.

        • Chico says:

          Come to think of it, I’ll be getting the new MLB video game next year. I need to get my gaming back on.

          • mailorderwife says:

            Are you on PS3? I bought MLB The Show but have yet to play it.

            • Chico says:

              Yep, ps3… It’s been a while but if I remember correctly, MLB the show was WAYYYY better than Y2k or whatever they call it.. The new one will probably come out in March or April.. Who knows, Buster just might make the cover after yesterdays news.

  26. Chico says:

    I reported foxyroxy6969 last night for trolling on the Niner insider.. ZAP!

  27. datswhatsup says:

    Fredo’s Dog, strafgav, dodgerblew, datsright etc…
    hoping to join the party…

    I don’t hate Melky, truth is no playoffs without him and it’s not hard to figure out why they cheat…so much money and so few years.

    I cut him loose not for cheating but for walking out and ticking of his teammates, if he’s dead to them he must have been a dbag.

    • xoot says:

      I have a good imagination and some baseball experience, but I don’t even have a guess about what went on in the locker room. The guy was the star of the first half. The team seemed to enjoy his threats to throw, freezing opposing runners, almost as much as the strikes he threw to put runners out. Everyone celebrated the many hits and the great plays in LF. Then the AS game. And then the debacle. And then Melky’s disgraceful flight.

      Good riddance to bad rubbish, as they say. He could’ve been a winner.

  28. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah., Melky came in a loner, and left in disgrace. The thing was, the fans AND his teammates warmed up to him pretty well. The All star game was gravy to what would have been a great season for him. Instead, he gets caught, leaves Baggarly twisting in the breeze, and bails on the team when the shit hits the fan, and tries to fake a website thing. His punishment? Well, you be the judge..

    Truth is, he’s siitting pretty right about now. He got a nice vacation, he’s got a $16 mill deal in place, and the fuck gets a World Series ring.

  29. datswhatsup says:

    It’s funny, we fans believe what we want to believe as well as being shaped by what reports choose to report.

    I for one bought hook line and sinker that Big Mac and Sosa were a couple of swell guys.

    Though I prefer the Giants to sign a player who hits like Bonds and acts like Ripkin, the reality is most players are flawed, some terribly.

    The part I find puzzling is $8M a year with evidence pointing to two dirty years following poor years. Maybe it is the result of Canadian vs US dollar?

  30. Chico says:

    My wife & kids just left for their road trip to Idaho.. Sis-in law & nephew are with them. Funny, as much as I thought I needed a break, they’ve been gone for an hour and I already miss them. Wishing them a safe journey.. It was a hell of a drive back when my wife and I were young & crazy (before kids) – put three kids in the back seat (My kids & nephew) and man, that’s work.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Have a great weeklong vacation, Chico 😉 .

      I’m going to my Mom’s so maybe no fishing este semana…

      • sandy32koufax says:

        Hey Dowders!

        Just got back from “winterizing” mom’s house…drudge. Well, at least I only had one house to do this year. Except for Cal and NFL teams, I loved the football weekend.

        Stanford upsets Oregon and plays UCLA, Go Bruins, for the PAC12 championship. Unranked Baylor handles K State and Notre Dame is numero uno!

        Looking forward to PAC12 showdown-Go Bruins!

        Also, Go Fresno St and CSU Rams…if the lowly Col St Rams beat Boise St and Fresburg wins against another favof mine-Air Force Acad, Fresno wins Mtn West conf.

        Damn Ray-Duhs…

  31. datswhatsup says:

    Phillies interested in Berkman?

    I guess that qualifies as a youth movement.

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