What is there to say?

I just got back from 3rd and King. Amazing scene, once in a lifetime experience. I have to be back in the city tomorrow morning and there’s not much of a chance I will do so with more than a few hours of sleep.

I don’t care.

This is amazing.

2010 was about beating the demons of the past and getting one for all the guys who came up short. This one has no such burdens, it is a great title that is ours to enjoy. This one is for all the fans who stuck with the team through thick and thin, who endured the Posey injury, Timmy falling apart, Melkygate. This is for those of us who kept the faith and just enjoyed watching 25 guys play ball. And they went ahead and played it all the way to a World Series sweep.

Enjoy it, folks. We’re very lucky to be Giants fans right now. See you all at the parade one Wednesday.

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23 Responses to What is there to say?

  1. shaman138 says:

    Well I for one am grateful for my crappy job which happens to be on the corner of market and montgomery….no malt liquor allowed!

  2. xoot says:

    Pablo’s injuries, Lincecum’s agonies, Melky’s felonies, the dodgers luxuries — nothing distracted this team. Somehow we knew they could win it all, especially as the team came together in August. We hung in there because they did, and isn’t that the way it should be. I’m stoked.

  3. Chico says:

    Ha. I was up until 3, 3:30 ish just browsing the net and reading as much as I could about the Giants win… I’m hurtin but it was well worth it..

    Not as bad as this dude though.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      I was up nearly that late because of the HOOLIGANS partying in the area!

      I’m guessing I look as bad as Sam does…

  4. shaman138 says:

    Well, the 9ers are totally spanking an AZ team that turned out to be total crap. They should have the division wrapped up by mid December unless the Seattle Squawks start playing out of their minds

  5. Chico says:

    Hey Mossback – HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  6. shaman138 says:

    Wow…those fucking A’s trolls are embarassing themselves on the Splash. IDK what it is about the Giants’ success that pisses them off so much–they didn’t hate on the Giants and their fans until 2010 and now they are REALLY pissed. That’s why their team is eventually moving out of state–their fanbase just plain sucks.

    Meanwhile, let’s hope the weather hangs in there until tomorrow night–the forecast is for “showers” Weds. night into Thursday, but looking at the satellite images over the eastern Pacific the storm that’s approaching looks pretty nasty.

  7. Chico says:

    Excellent win on the road last night. The defense just beat the crap out of the Cardinals. They got sick of getting hit.

  8. sandy32koufax says:

    Shee-it…who would want Jints tacos???

  9. sandy32koufax says:

    My best friend’s mother died last week.

    I loved that woman like my own mom.

    The funeral is Friday in Elk Grove.

    She was a huge Giants fan.

    I MAY just go to the parade in her honor.


    I may use that as a reason to take bereavement leave and get out of town.

    Godspeed, Nene…

  10. Chico says:

    Sorry to hear about that Sandy… Been dealing with similar stuff on multiple fronts..

    Hey, I’ll be leaving the house at 9:30 am.. My wife is going to drop me off as close as we can get to the Civic center.. . I’ll be solo until a few of my buddies and I meet up ..Gimme a ring tomorrow, maybe even meet up for a beer!.. I’m not going to get stuck on the parade route — I’m going straight to the CC to enjoy the festivities. Then I’ll Taxi it back to my wife’s place of work near the ballpark, then home. She’s a great designated driver!) to do some trick or treating with the family.. Gimme a buzz manyana!

  11. shaman138 says:

    Well, it’s officially over until pitchers and catchers report–with only the stupid NBA, no hockey, and my crappy football team to hold me over until then, it’s going to be a long winter.

    • Chico says:

      Someone made a phone call–I got VIP seating with some epic pics. Phone is almost dead but I’ll email the pics to jdr when I get home. They’re good enough to put on the blog, believe me. You guys and gals will love them

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      The heart and soul of Baseball never dies … it merely sees the need to hibernate each winter so that it may come back anew and fresh in the spring.

  12. Chico says:

    No more baseball… No Hockey… Not really into the NBA… Time change on Saturday.. Shit.

  13. shoelessinlassen says:

    Ditto the sentiment, chico. The Super Bowl is an annual ‘happening’ but that’s next year. For me, the next big sporting event is the Australian Open Tennis Tournament coming at the end of January each year … and then its on to spring training.

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