NLCS here we come!

Ok, I’ll accept Chico’s invitation, and start a thread to carry us to the NLCS.  (I hope someone else gets ready to take the next AB.)
No Giants baseball until Sunday—how sweet is that?  The team rests and digests the prey they just devoured.  In the meantime, until Sunday, we can indulge in some reflection.  What do you think about this great team?  Here are my ideas:
Best:  Buster Posey.  Came out strong, timing a bit off early in the season, leg always a question; roared into MVP territory in the second half (not to mention PS) and answered all questions.
Worst: Pablo Sandoval. He got out of shape (and, almost jailed) instead of rehabbing.  The AS game triple and the big HR in Cinn. only hint at what he might have done if he’d taken his job seriously.
Big surprise:  Zito’s season-long productivity.
Comeback:  Lincecum in the division series.  He’s one of my favorite Giants ever; his heart is the strongest arm on the staff.
Sabean:  Scutaro, Pence, Mijares and Nady.  Are you kidding me?  What a bunch of smart second half moves.
Bochy:  No closer, under-performing starters, streaky hitters, inexplicably poor defense in the first half, a sizable share of injuries, total loss of the 3 hitter from July on, and a 1B/C platoon scheme that would’ve been controversial and disastrous for most teams—and Bochy won the division easily and the division series under pressure.  Bochy is a HOF manager.
So, what’s next?  The Giants have no closer.  Romo, whom (yeah, whom) I greatly admire, is not brawny enough; Casilla hasn’t developed the closer killer instinct. Lopez is a LOOGY, who can go just a bit longer. Affeldt, who seems to be unusually accident prone, is lights out when he’s on, but terrible when he’s off.  Kontos, however, is a rising star.  Bochy sure likes him.
So get ready for some stressful late innings.  Bochy may break records with the numbers of pitchers he uses this PS.  The team itself will only get more ferocious. Sunday can’t come too soon.
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283 Responses to NLCS here we come!

  1. unca_chuck says:

    I tell ya, Knotos was the guy who really shined (not shone) in this NLDS. After the rolling disasters that Edlefson, Otero, Hacker, and Hensley turned out to be, Kontos cemented himself into the relief corps just when they desperately needed someone to step up.

  2. mailorderwife says:

    Great column!

    Agree about Lincecum. After the Giants lost in 2002, that REALLY knocked the wind out of my sails. It was such a monumental let down that I stopped paying attention to the Giants for a few years, even through the Bonds homerun excitement. It was really Tim Lincecum and MLB TV (couldn’t see the Giants on TV all the time down here) that got me back into the game. I love Timmy’s excitement, passion and talent. I so wanted him to start the series because he is very big game, but his use in the playoffs was pretty brilliant. He came through for us.

    Also, agree about Scutaro. I remember reading the Splash (I think) where someone was whining about the Dodger blockbuster deal v. our getting some “nobody” like Scutaro. Turns out Scutaro was far more valuable and able to produce than A-gon and the rest of the B(oston)-gones.

    Now that the A’s are gone, I want to see an all orange and black series, provided our boys make it that far. And why wouldn’t they? I had no idea they could come THIS far after dropping the first two.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Ahhh, didn’t know that you you,. Xoot. Excellent job.

  4. Chico says:

    Excellent blog post Xoot! Yeah, Kontos has been great lately.
    This man is getting a lot of media attention. MVP!

  5. shaman138 says:

    Welcome to Torture 2.0, Nationals.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    It better be! I think the ants are a better team, and I would have liked the Giants to start on the road, but that’s out the window. Fucking iPad is a pain to correct shit. Nats.

    Fuck Beltran and fuck the birds. They are going down in 5.

  7. shaman138 says:

    Carson Palmer is officially an idiot.

  8. shaman138 says:

    God, I hate being a Raiders fan.

  9. mailorderwife says:

    Okay…let’s go boys!!!! I’m pretty excited about this series. I wanted the Cards more than the Nats.

  10. JDR says:

    Hey guys, thanks for picking up the slack here after I burned out! As for the Giants, are any of us shocked at this point that they look like total shit paired with moments of brilliance?

  11. xoot says:

    this games killing me but they’re getting tough

    phoning it in but im in

  12. JDR says:

    Also, St Louis just burned their only lefty. Sandoval, Belt and even Hector have to be paying attention to that.

  13. JDR says:

    And while we’re here: what the fuck, Niners?

  14. xoot says:

    well if I have to hear g b a that’s the way I prefer it

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Quite possibly the darkest weekend in bay area sports history. What a pile of shit. Wish Kontos would have been in to face Beltran. The Niners? Welcome back to reality.

    Short week, and a suddenly tough Seahawk team on thursday night.

    • Chico says:

      I don’t think it would have made much of a difference, but that 2QB thing is a joke IMO. Colin made a very nice throw over the middle, but if Alex is the starter, he should be in there. Yanking him in and out of games can’t be good for rhythm and his head.

      Bochy went with MadBum too long IMO – agreed Chuck. Tough one tonight against Carpenter, too.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, the first drive Smith took the Niners 60 yards in 10 plays only to give way to a Cappy/Gore run for 0 yards and a missed FG. Next drive stalled but they got the 3. 2 drives 120 yards, 11+ minutes of possession, and they have 3 points to show. Those drives were pretty much shotgunned from within by switching out the QBs. Later Smith connects on a 55 yard bomb to Moss, and Cappy comes in to take the 11 yard sack. Nonsensical. Cappy had one good pass and one good run. The rest only served to shoot ourselves in the foot.

    Cappy IS a good option down near the goal line on a run/read option. Bringing him in randomly during the game? Not so much.

    Next, the Niners have 3 suddenly very tough divisional games. This very well determines the winner of the West.

    Harbaugh has to realize that this college shit doesn’t work long in the NFL. Also, ST is pretty much a disaster now. Losing Costanza was big loss. The defense? Well, it is nothing like last year’s. The Niners are dropping picks instead of capitalizing. They have little to no pass rush. Maybe losing Haralson really is a difference-maker. A Smith isn’t the situational pass-rushing presence he was last year. Will Fangio’s legacy of declining defenses follow? Carroll learned his lesson. Will Harbaugh?

    These next 3 games are pretty damn big.

  17. mailorderwife says:

    Okay, Giants. Let’s get a rally going!

  18. xoot says:

    Over on the splash slusser and mossback are trading posts about the AAA’s. Kershner posted a warning earlier today — trolls and agents provocateurs will be banned. But mosshead (that nickname is still a banned word on sfgate, one of my few accomplishments there) gets carte blanche. Slusser’s a hack, Kershner’s a petty tyrant, sfgate sucks.

    The Giants, on the other hand, are a hell of a fun team to root for! I loved that Scutaro line drive.

  19. JDR says:

    And he’s already starting. Let’s see if VK has the guts to actually stand by his threats when it’s one of his pets acting out of line…

  20. mailorderwife says:

    Nice to see Freddy Sanchez in the dugout.

  21. mailorderwife says:

    So San Francisco may host the Stupid Bowl?

    I’ve loved the 49ers since childhood, loving those exciting Sundays when our neighborhood would be congested with cars looking for parking. GGPark was a hoot with bongos and my favorite merry-go-round, and you could hear the crowd cheer as far away as 5th and Fulton.

    That being said, I confess that the 49ers have sort of lost their appeal to me. I love the team and always will, but I hate the owners. I hate billionaires who ask a small city to cough up tax money for a stadium they can easily fund on their own dime. All those plans for Bayview/Hunters Point are shot, and that’s a shame. I grew up in the Western Addition and saw how gentrification ruined my vibrant African American/hippie/Hiroshima survivor neighborhood into another yuppie enclave. The City could have struck a balance with a new stadium and the old neighborhood. Instead, they’re moving to Santa Clara, a town that seemed more exciting in “Bend It Like Beckham.”

    I hope SF gets the game because I love my hometown, but the town now belongs to the Giants.

    • shaman138 says:

      Besides the football games, the park hasn’t changed much on Sundays. ; ) That being said, the neighborhoods have changed a great deal and the gentrification in this city has gotten WAY out of hand. This is beyond Dot Com Bubble 2.0–this is a monster that’s devouring everything in sight, and this city has become infested with self-absorbed gadget-loving freaks who are all about status and money. I’m glad I have my core group of friends to hang out with (who are mostly natives just like me, but several cool transplants as well) but I HATE being single in this city–for the most part, the ladies here suck and are good for one-night stands, at best. A lot of the women here are just looking to be fucking trophy wives to wealthy Twitter nerds, or something. Gah! I’m ranting.

      But, about the Yorks, you are correct–they suck monkey balls.

      • shaman138 says:

        “The ladies here suck and are good for one-night stands, at best”….

        ….First world problems, I know. 😉

      • mailorderwife says:

        My best friends are still childhood friends from SF. That hasn’t changed, but you’re right in what you say of SF society. What you said about the women is hilarious and true as I was around that before I moved to LA. Of course, the fresh blood of men that transplanted to SF were no better. I met so many white men who LOVED anime and kung fu, and they thought this was just SO appealing to me because I am Asian. I made a point of staying away from them.

        The people I grew up with in SF are WONDERFUL. They embrace other cultures and lifestyles, are open minded and are so so very loyal to the SF Giants.

  22. shaman138 says:

    Kiss my ass, Beltran. Double play!

    • shaman138 says:

      And his little punk teammate John Jay leaned into that pitch, probably hoping the ump would think retaliation and potetially eject Cain. These fuckers love to play dirty but we got ’em out……looks like Beltran is out with a sore hand. That tends to happen when you’re a big fucking jerk-off.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, it was a different time when I lived there. In the early 80’s. The 60s hanger-onners were still clinging to their way of life by screaming in the streets late at night (I lived in the Haight), and the old beatnik bars/hangouts were still around, although they were closing/changing fast, and corporate shit started moving in about ’84. The punk scene was changing things up in the Haight and south of Market and a ton of cool clubs sprung up. Holy Cow, DV8, DNA Lounge, the I-Beam, whatever the place next door was called, and the Gold Cane was in fine form . . . . Good times.. .. . .

    • shaman138 says:

      One thing about the Haight hasn’t changed at all, chuck–they’re still out screaming in the streets late at night.

      • shaman138 says:

        The one other thing that hasn’t changed–the Gold Cane. That bar will probably be there forever. In light of what MOW was talking about yesterday, there’s one place you can go to during Niner games to find true old-school fans.

  24. mailorderwife says:

    Okay, Giants. GO GO

  25. shaman138 says:

    JDR said it right the other day–this team is part shit, part brilliant. They’ve been brilliant when they’ve needed to be, but there’s been way too many times in this post-season they’ve completely regressed back to the same stupid problems they should have over-come by now. Particularly the RISP problem–today it’s just been atrocious. 7 hits, 5 walks, 8 LOB, and ONE lousy run. That stupid Pence DP just KILLED our momentum and gave it right back to STL, too. This is not looking like a championship caliber team right now. Come ON, guys!

    • mailorderwife says:

      It’s been VERY frustrating to watch this team. I’d like to see more Arias and less Panda, since this post-season has brought out the best in folks like Scutaro – who seems like Superman out there – and Blanco. Panda is just pissing me off.

  26. unca_chuck says:

    Shit. I’d like Nady for Pence at this point. It won;t happen, but shit. pence is the only starter without an RBI.

  27. unca_chuck says:

    The Gold Cane is still there? Awesome. Back ~ 1984, there was talk of closing it.

  28. Chico says:

    I’m fucking crushed. If any of you or your loved ones get into a conflict – walk away. Please.

    His name was Keith (Kip) Coffee. He was beaten to death by three youngsters with HAMMERS. Hammers! What the fuck went wrong in our society? Look, not everyone in my town becomes some marketing exec or gets the chance to rob all of us on Wall Street. Plumbers, pipe-fitters, even teaching surf lessons are good jobs if you can keep a steady income (sfgate trolls, you hear that?) This kid was the very definition of “middle class” and three punks took him from me – (us).

    RIP Keith. Go Giants!

    • mailorderwife says:

      Hmm…there is no video or I just can’t see it?

      I’m so sorry to hear of your friend. I cannot imagine the pain you feel, especially with such a senseless act of violence.

  29. unca_chuck says:

    Can’t see it either.

    So sorry to hear that, Chico. We’ve lost young family members (nieces on my side, and my wife’s) as well, and the hurt never truly goes away. Condolences to all involved.

    • Chico says:

      Sorry guys. I was ripped last night. What’s a vigil without booze right.

      Time to turn things around Giants. Pence is sucking. Big time.

  30. sandy32koufax says:

    Sorry to read this Chico.

    Some things never “make sense” to us. Ever.

    Do whatever you are able to help yourself and this man’s family.

  31. Chico says:

    I like the new lineup that Bochy’s throwing out there.

    Pagan CF
    Scutaro 2B
    Posey 1B
    Sandoval 3B
    Sanchez C
    Pence RF
    Blanco LF
    Crawford SS
    Lincecum P

  32. shaman138 says:

    Sorry to hear about your loss, chico. That’s horrible and most assuredly senseless. I haven’t heard about this in the news–was this related to that late-night brawl in the Mission the other night?

    As to tonight’s game, I can’t exactly say I’m bursting with confidence–I just don’t feel good about this one and I haven’t felt good about this series since those goddamned redbirds stole that game from the Nats. It’s extremely difficult to derail a team who pulled off a last-minute miracle like that…but at least Beltran is out again. We’ll see…and it’s game time! Let’s go Giants! Play with heart, pull your thumbs out of your asses (Pence!!), and play like champions!

  33. Chico says:

    Boom! Way to go Pence.

  34. mailorderwife says:

    This game is making me a nervous wreck. And the 49ers are contributing to the jitters.

  35. Chico says:

    At least the Niners are winning.

  36. xoot says:

    Three in a row? Again? They’ll be playing in light rain on Monday.

  37. shaman138 says:

    Well, at least the beach was nice…then a walk through GG park. Checked in on my phone a couple of times, doesn’t look like I missed much. After the way the team played yesterday and the way Skimmy Timmy pitched in the first inning, I just snapped and couldn’t take it anymore. Enduring the Raiders is bad enough but watching the alien invaders who have body-snatched my Giants and turned them into underachieving shit is unbearable. To say I’m angry and disappointed is a major understatement. But…

    …at least I’m not a Dodgers fan. That must be a living hell. 😀

  38. unca_chuck says:

    Ahhh, Timmy wasn’t THAT bad. He got beat on grounders up the middle. Frucking Posey makes the play at the plate that Hector fucked up. Didn’t like Buster at 1st. Never have. Pence gets his home run a DAY fucking late. Arrrgh.

    That being said, all we have to do is win tonight to bring this back home. I think the Giants bats wake up and the Giants win 8-2. Zito goes 6.1 and all is well as the Cards collectively tighten their sphincters juuust a little more as they board the plane back to SF and their doom . . . .

    • mailorderwife says:

      “…as they board the plane back to SF and their doom….”

      I hope now. I plan on coming to SF in a week and want to see a WS game!

  39. shoelessinlassen says:

    Win today and the Giants will “getaway” to play another day. I’ll go out on a limb and predict that Pagan, Scutaro, Sandoval, Posey, Pence, Belt, Blanco, Crawford … and Zito will prove the key(s) to winning today and bringing the series back to SF.

  40. shoelessinlassen says:

    Oh, and add Affeldt and Romo just for good measure.

    • mailorderwife says:

      Good stuff. Let’s make sure they do it. My husband, an alleged non baseball Giants fan, is making sure I follow some rituals that seemed to “work” on the last win.

  41. Chico says:

    Go big or go home time.

  42. shaman138 says:

    Are you fucking serious??????????? I literally just went to the kitchen for a quick minute and come back to find out Lance “7.20 ERA” Lynn just struck out the side? This whole damn serious has been reDONKulous! Gahh!

  43. shaman138 says:

    And Yadier Molina hits a single on the very first pitch because…….well, why the fuck not?

  44. Chico says:

    God dammit.

  45. shoelessinlassen says:

    A propitious (hopeful!) omen. Zito pulls a ‘Houdini’ and works out of a tortured 2nd with a strike out and dp.

  46. xoot says:

    Perfect time for a DP.

  47. mailorderwife says:

    I would start stress eating here, but I’m just too jittery.

  48. xoot says:

    Zito’s already done a decent night’s work. What got into that guy?

  49. shoelessinlassen says:

    I’d stress drink, but my French Roast cup runneth over as it is.

  50. Chico says:

    Base hit Scooter! Lets get some runs!

  51. xoot says:

    Posey’s scufflin. He’s likely to break free of that any AB. Come on Pence.

  52. shoelessinlassen says:

    The Baseball Gods smile.

  53. mailorderwife says:

    Come on, Crawford! A GS here would be your dream come true!

  54. Chico says:


    • mailorderwife says:

      Yes! Are any of you on Twitter? We’re all RallyZito style having a blast!

      • Chico says:

        I don’t tweet but I created a FB page last night!

        • xoot says:

          Zito’s bunt was beautiful. His shut down bottom of the 4th pretty good too. I think Zito/Lincecum is the best starter on the PS roster. For some reason, LIncecum just doesn’t like the first inning.

          I got on the FB last year and started to like it, and then they changed the way it worked — changed it completely — and that was it. Twitter I fool around with, but I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet.

  55. shoelessinlassen says:

    My pet parakeet was the prototypical tweeter in his day, but alas, tweets no more.

  56. shoelessinlassen says:

    Good for Posey – hope he’s breaking out of his Cards-imposed mini-slump.

  57. shoelessinlassen says:

    Pablo “blowing bubbles” as he makes a 6-3 out look easy.

  58. Chico says:

    This dude Rosenthal is brutal.

    Come on Zito, keep up the good work man.

  59. shaman138 says:

    Buck and McGarver are idiots

  60. xoot says:

    What a great game from Zito. Just great.

  61. unca_chuck says:

    Knock me over with a feather. Did not see Barry going 7+ shutout innings. Id get the pen going though.

  62. shoelessinlassen says:

    Pablo Does it Twice in Two Nights!!!

  63. Chico says:

    Pablo runs into one.

  64. Chico says:

    Happy Fucking Birthday Holiday. You meant to do that… right.

  65. shoelessinlassen says:

    lol … chico’s affections for Matt knows no bounds!

  66. Chico says:

    Ballgame! Cheers! The series comes back the city! Whew.

  67. shoelessinlassen says:

    The Giants did it all tonight – tenacious pitching, stellar defense, best at-bats yet vs the vaunted Cardinals pitching. The ‘Luck of the Z’ in 2012 continues – just as TheBabbler predicted .:)

  68. xoot says:

    The team’s pumped again, Vogey and Cain will be pitching — they’re coming home.

  69. shoelessinlassen says:

    Hey, thanks Chico, mi amigo! (I am a stubborn lot – I ultimately figured out that by first logging on to the website … and then opening “Jon Dowd’s Revenge” … well, of course the rest was easy – especially given another glorious Giants win to extend the post season for at least one more game. It’s been great!

  70. shaman138 says:

    Good game…the NLCS comes back home!

  71. unca_chuck says:

    Yup, the Giants have a planeload of momentum flying with them tonight.

    Vogie and Cain feels pretty damn good at this point.

  72. shaman138 says:

    Goddamnit, the Bears are getting crushed by Stanfoo. I hate every team called the Cardinals. Hopefully, Tedturd will be fired real soon–I’m done with his ass.

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      As a Ducks fan (having lived in Eugene for 19 years and now on the move), I thought losing Tedford was pretty big. Apparently, recruitment is once again down at Cal, because there’s no other way to explain the Bear’s crippling difficulties the last three years. But, there’s no getting around the fact that Tedford will be held accountable for the poor recruitment years – even if it might say more about the entire Cal Football program itself – hence, Tedford’s superiors in the program. I guess we’ll know more by the season’s end, just how many heads roll at Cal.

  73. shoelessinlassen says:

    Vogelsong’s last start was HUGE. Thing is, today’s game is even HUGE-ER. As a series gets extended, the ratcheting up of tension is doubtless the hardest on we fans. The players OTOH have the advantage of getting in some physical exercise, which helps to quickly tamp down pre-game/in game anxiety.

  74. shaman138 says:

    I’m at the Raider game …my team is amazingly bad. How do yoy muff a punt like that?

  75. shoelessinlassen says:

    A Good beginning. Ryan came to play.

  76. mailorderwife says:

    Wow…GO GIANTS!!!

  77. xoot says:

    Nice butcher-boy play. Vogey faked em out, had Kozma leaning the wrong way, etc. Beautiful baseball.

  78. shoelessinlassen says:

    Scutaro rakes for 2 more!

  79. unca_chuck says:

    And ol’ Tim McObvious played there for 14 years.

  80. unca_chuck says:

    Joe Buck pimping Jack WHite CDs???

  81. shoelessinlassen says:

    I think it was Mitch Williams back on the MLB channel that predicted Carpenter would shut down (in so many words) the Giants tonight. Mitch was a short-lived if sketchy reliever in his day, but an even sketchier “St. Louis shill” color commentator.

  82. Chico says:

    Fuck Joe Buck! Sorry I’m late to the party.

  83. Chico says:

    Pence is getting on my nerves.

  84. xoot says:

    Well, the Cards have been forced to use some of their pen tonight.

  85. shoelessinlassen says:

    Belt’s wide turn at 1st looked problematic. Fortunately, back in time. Now if Giants could add an insurance run … shucks, I probably should have majored in Insurance Runs back at Santa Barbara ….

  86. unca_chuck says:

    Thing is, they’ve gotten this far in the NLCS with nothing from Posey or Pence.

  87. Chico says:


  88. Chico says:

    Oh yeah! Cheers! To game seven we go.

  89. xoot says:

    Wow. What a game, what a set up for tomorrow.

  90. shoelessinlassen says:

    Vogelsong came up HUGE-MONGOUS tonight. Bats got cracking. A game 7 now a reality. Love the Giants chances. I have to believe Cain will bring his A Game.

  91. shaman138 says:

    One Nation!

  92. Chico says:

    It looks like game 7 will be played on Tuesday.’s forecast is brutal. When they say 80% chance – construction jobs halt as do baseball games.

    • xoot says:

      Naw. I’ll bet you a pint of Dogfish Head IPA the rain’ll stop around noon, and not pick up again until the game’s done. I’m also pretty sure that when the Giants celebrate they’ll be sliding around on wet ground and mud.

  93. unca_chuck says:

    Forecast os for early rain, and it tapering aff as the day goes on.

  94. unca_chuck says:

    uh.,, didn’t see that chico . . .

  95. unca_chuck says:

    Hard t think Cain doesn’t bring his A game. The Giants hit the shit out of Lohse in game 3. They just couldn’t string them together. Tomorrow is a different story.

  96. sandy32koufax says:

    Hi Dowders, sfdf checking in…
    it appears to have become a “Battle Royale” for the NL crown…so be it. Tomorrow will set us all free from the chains which bind us. Whether tis nobler to be a Jints fan or a believer in “The Baseball Gods”…

    Good game by the home team tonight. Voglesong and company came with their “A” game and didn’t back down at any time. Be proud of what and who you saw tonight. Freakin Romo made Philosophers Club just scream out loud!

    shaman, WE WON A DAMN GAME!!!!!

    • sandy32koufax says:

      And yeah, I JUST got home from a bar…I’m “single” again…go figure

      • shaman138 says:

        Isn’t freedom great? Welcome back to single-hood! I was at da Raiders game–started off ugly and ended on a high note, for sure. Da Raiduhs!

        • Chico says:

          The Raiders took out the Jags starting QB and RB.. That’s a good recipe for a win if there ever was one. Congrats on the win fellas. Sorry to hear that Sandy… It looks like you’ve rebounded somewhat so that’s a positive.

          Looks like the weather people were wrong once again. That thing got in and out of here in a hurry. Play ball! —– 2 words I have a big problem with “undecided voters” – if you’re undecided between these two candidates you probably shouldn’t be voting in the first place. Two completely different ideologies and you’re “undecided”? yeah, okay.

          • shaman138 says:

            I don’t like either of them, honestly. Which is why I’m writing Bruce Bochy in for president

            • mailorderwife says:

              I was going to vote Roseanne for Prez, but I think her VP was badmouthing her. Or maybe Roseanne was VP to Cindy Sheehan. I forget.

          • sandy32koufax says:

            It makes me wonder what re-election was like for FDR during all those years of the great depression…

            I didn’t see your comment when I was posting mine Chico. Thanks

        • sandy32koufax says:

          Good attitude, shaman..

          I spell it Ray-duhs, meself…

      • mailorderwife says:

        Umm…are you okay?

  97. xoot says:

    When Romney launches one of his “this administration’s failures” attacks, I wish Obama would just call him a liar. “Governor Romney, your blanket accusation of failure is false; it’s a lie. Let’s not lie to the American people. Eight years of Republican Presidency, from 2000 to 2008, turned a trillion dollar surplus [or whatever it was] into a terrible deficit, ruined a thriving economy and brought on the worst recession since the Great Depression, and left us embroiled in two hugely expensive wars because the Republican administration had no exit strategies. We inherited that mess, and we have turned everything around. The problems we inherited are enormous, so the turning takes time, but we’ve done it, and we’ll continue to do it. So, again, I warn you: Blaming the failures of the previous Republic administration on us is simply a lie, Governor, and if you had one spark of integrity in that over-privileged white-man psyche of yours, you’d stop telling that lie to the American people. I’m formally asking you to stop, right now.”

  98. unca_chuck says:

    Well, Obama did go over the top with the promises. No crime in being optimistic, but that’s what Romney’s hitting Obama with now. It is really all the Republicans have.

    All Obama has to say is a return to the policies that got us into this $10 trillion mess is not a good path going forward.

  99. mailorderwife says:

    As long as we’re discussing politics…

    The one sham out of this entire election that should be obvious — but really isn’t — is that evangelical Christian churches need to start paying taxes. Using terms like “A win for Obama is a win for Satan” or having Billy Graham declare Planet Kolob as a non-cultic idea (REALLY? AND YOU GET DOWN ON BUDDHISM?) or having preachers take a “bold step forward” to make political declarations from the pulpit to declare Obama as a socialist and baby killer prove that there is some other entity other than God in charge of that whole evangelical bullshit.

    I’ve seen too many friends go in for this shit, and it makes me wonder about why they don’t question things? When your preacher posts on FB why voting for Romney is really a vote against the socialist/facist Obama, I wonder if these people ever stop to question what other shit flies out of their pastor’s mouth?

    • xoot says:

      Romney’s father, the guy who made Ramblers for a while, grew up in Mexico, where a number of like-worshipping souls had relocated in an effort to avoid the US laws against bigamy. The Angel Moroni apparently counseled them to flee Mexico during the revolution there, and to return to the US and make fortunes manufacturing and selling second-rate products.

      Now if Hugh Romney–aka Wavy Gravy–were running for President, I might get interested. That guy has a vision.

    • Chico says:

      I remember listening to the Stern show a few years back when he had on a Pat Robertson supporter. From my understand, Robertson has a web site for raising money. You can either purchase a bronze package, a silver package, or a gold package, or something like that.. I think it’s called the “700” club. Stern asked the guy what’s the difference? The guy said that as each package goes up in cost, the closer the customer would be to God. What a crock! I have no problem with people of faith as long as they keep it to themselves, and I’d imagine that if I asked some of the people I know who are religious, most would tell me that it shouldn’t cost money to believe in something.

      Religious politicians have hijacked their religion in the name of money and power. I agree, if they want to inject their beliefs into our political system then they should no longer be tax exempt – It’ll never happen though. A very wise and semi-religious man once told me “at the end of the day, it’s a business”

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      The Christian Right needs to be continually challenged lest they have misguided illusions of living in an Orthodox Christian Theocracy … now, that scares the shit out of me.

  100. sandy32koufax says:

    Are we going to see baseball or a debate tonight?

    It’s raining at Market and Van Ness…

    • unca_chuck says:

      Well, we can debate baseball . . . Pros abnd cons of giving $260 million for a fading star and a couple of throw-ins . . .

      • sandy32koufax says:

        My buddy suggested “debateball” to me earlier in the day…and whya wanna come at me like that?

        Just stepped back outside and it looks bright n clear-rains have stopped, for now at least. It’s going to be a Candlestick kinda night at China Basin though…

  101. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, George Carlin started his rant about the government/corporate take over of media and news sources in the early 90s. Way before most other people even bothered to notice. . .

    I thought he was a bit over the top then, but it’s amazing how much he was talking about has come to pass.

  102. shaman138 says:

    The weather’s fine here in the Fi Di.

    In other words, GAME ON! Let’s go Giants!

  103. shaman138 says:

    Where was THIS Carlos Beltran when he played for us last year? This motherfucker is hitting EVERYTHING.

    • xoot says:

      If the Giants had made it to the PS last year, this is the Beltran we would’ve seen. He’s a machine. A very good one.

  104. shoelessinlassen says:

    Cain is a pop fly out kind of pitcher … and Beltran just managed to pop a single.

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      … and that third out pop-up to Sandoval is classic Cain. A little tense in the first inning, but all’s well. Would love to see Posey break out tonight!

  105. Chico says:

    Cain gets through inning 1..

  106. shaman138 says:

    This is a really bad time for Buster to be in a slupmp.

  107. xoot says:

    This is gonna be a tough one.

  108. shoelessinlassen says:

    MLB channel commentator last night described Cain as having a “Dead Arm” condition … and that it’s actually possible to come out of such a ‘dead’ arm by simply pitching one’s way through it. Does this sound about right? anyone?

    • xoot says:

      I’ve heard that, but I have no idea what it means. Just the regular routine and pitching day in and day out strengthens the arm, I guess. I don’t think Cain’s arm has looked dead this PS. He has mixed speed on his FB at will. He has humped up to 93, no sweat tonight, and cruised lower. But he can’t seem to spot all of his pitches.

      • shoelessinlassen says:

        xoot, I hope you’re right. In any case, I’m suspect those MLB color guys (Mitch Williams being the most annoying, imo) are likely way overpaid for their ‘however the wind blows’ couch potato analysis.

  109. mailorderwife says:

    Rally time, Giants!

  110. shoelessinlassen says:

    Cain can bat, too. 🙂

  111. Chico says:

    Matt Cain!

  112. shoelessinlassen says:

    Blanco’s speed worth his future Nike’s contract in gold.

  113. Chico says:

    Bases loaded with 0 outs….

  114. shoelessinlassen says:

    Kuip just lost his voice! Pence comes through BIG!!!

  115. sandy32koufax says:

    I quit…

  116. sandy32koufax says:


  117. xoot says:

    Wow. The Cards have given up the advantage. But let’s see the Giants put em away. Cain’s not especially sharp. But the pen’s pretty much rested.

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      Yeah, at the first sign of a Card’s rally (purely hypothetical at this point), Bochy should relieve Cain … with Kontos, perhaps.

  118. mailorderwife says:

    Did anyone watch the FOX pre-game show? My husband, who is openly cheering for the Giants ::thud::, says that only one guy predicted the Giants would beat the Cards. Who was that?

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Some turd, no doubt

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      You married the right guy! (but, on the MLB channel it was the guy in the middle of a three person panel, who likewise predicted the Giants would win tonight … frankly, no one going out on too much of a limb to predict a Giants win, because playoff history suggests the Giants chances to win tonight were something like 13/14th odds – or 93 percent. Not bad odds.:)

  119. xoot says:

    Joe Buck has mentioned Melky Cabrera incessantly during the past 2 innings. He must have assistants handing him note after note suggesting ways to shove MC’s name into a comment. Fox’s fear of the Giants has arrived at the outer reaches of absurdity.

  120. Chico says:

    Sonds like Obama kicked ass tonight… Good! About time he grew some balls.

    • shoelessinlassen says:

      Yes, in boxing terms, Mitt clutched and held Obama for 15 rounds, agreeing with the president on virtually all foreign policy matters … of course, that meant he did another 180 on all his previous positions. How can anyone actually find the guy a credible / reliable individual who ‘says what he means’ when no one has a clue … other than the right wing in the country hates Obama all the way to China or as near as the deep ‘racially frozen in the 1800’s’ South.

  121. Chico says:

    I’m out.. Headed to a friends house down the street… Go Giants!

  122. mailorderwife says:

    Obama is wildly popular in Japan.

    Okee dokee…I’m not going to say anything because I watched the Cards beat the Nats in the NLDS. This is the matchup that I wanted for the NLCS because I wanted to watch good baseball, although Cards are making lots of mistakes.

    AND I GOT MY 9 RUNS!!!

  123. shoelessinlassen says:

    Belts shows Cards and blue with envy Dodger fans no mercy.

  124. shaman138 says:

    Belt rocks! And heavy rain just hit my neighborhood…hopefully the Guans can wrap it up soon.

  125. shoelessinlassen says:

    I’m feeling so good right now, I even feel like rooting for the relatively unheralded Guans. 🙂

  126. xoot says:

    Great ending to a crazy series. This is a great team.

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