Not much more to say.

We all thought Cain would do it sooner or later, but nobody wanted to say it. Now that it’s done, we can go ahead and point it out. This was sealed when Blanco made his diving catch. You knew something special was going down then.

Jonathan Sanchez, Nelson Cruz, Matt Cain… we’ve seen some amazing things these last three years. Enjoy it, folks.

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411 Responses to Perfect…frickin’…game

  1. Chico says:

    Never saw one in my life. History!

  2. xoot says:

    I remember Cain’s early years. He was throwing 95 mph or more, but missing the strike some and getting no run support, while walking too many. He suddenly backed off the mph early in the season 2008 and started pitching. His WHIP dropped, and he became the horse we have today. He looks like a guy strong enough to do this for many years, doesn’t he?

  3. mailorderwife says:

    Never complains about lack of run support, and he always gives his best. 0 ERA from the playoffs through the World Series, and he gets the contract he deserves. I’m so happy to be a Giants fan, proud that someone like Cain wants to be an SF Giants. My husband said he wanted this for me as he endured my STFU JON MILLER and screaming, but I think he wanted to see it for himself, too. I’ve seen 2 no-hitters live, but nothing like this, especially by a pitcher so beloved. YAYAYAY!! And Dodgers loseeee!

    • sandy32koufax says:

      GF wanted to crash but couldn’t since she was so drawn to Cain, and to be honest, the moment, that she decided to stay up and didn’t miss a pitch. In the ninthe she says to me “I don’t think Cain has thrown more than three first pitch balls” and I just smiled because she ‘gets it.’

      Good on ya, mow.

      Los Doyers ain’t done yet…

    • Chico says:


  4. JDR says:

    It’s easy to say it now, but you *knew* that Cain was going to get it sooner or later. Or at least you knew that he was the guy who would have the best chance every game he threw. It just goes to show that so many things have to go right even when a guy is on his game for a perfecto to be realized.

    • Chico says:

      I always thought he was the one to pitch a no no. . Never thought I’d see a perfect game thrown by a Giant. . It’s so hard to do I never really thought about a perfect game.. Anyone else still up? Tomorrow is going to feel like a Monday, but it’s well worth it!

  5. shaman138 says:

    Not much to say at my end…that was perfect! First ever for the Giants.

  6. Chico says:

    David Letterman’s people have contacted the Giants. They want Cain to do the top 10 list. . Awesome.

  7. shaman138 says:

    The bitter, sad little A’s trolls are crawling out from under their tarps today, slowly but surely, wondering what it’s like to be a fan of a team that doesn’t trade away a terrific core of starting pitchers.

  8. mailorderwife says:

    Welcome back, Barry :<

  9. shaman138 says:

    Well….Zito is officially back, it seems.

    And OKC need to get their heads out of their asses or the Heat are gonna run away with game 2.

    • shaman138 says:

      Uhh..18-2 Heat…ewww.

      • sandy32koufax says:

        It’s worse than that…the bitches won

        • shaman138 says:

          They made their threes when they needed too, were perfect on the free throw line, and the officiating totally went their way all night long. Not to mention the fact that the Thunder couldn’t shoot for shit tonight.


          • sandy32koufax says:

            Did you see Shea’s tweets?

            “JohnSheaHey Heat will finish it off, and James will have his ring, giving everyone nothing to talk about all offseason.
            17 minutes ago ยท reply ยท retweet ยท favorite”


  10. sandy32koufax says:


    I’m just sayin’.

    And this guy is/was a judge…

    • xoot says:

      So our review of the judicial branch of government continues. We’ve now seen Peed, Kreep and Seeman. I predict the next one who hits the headlines will be named something like Schitzenhedder.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Still think OKC wins it. They played plretty bad and still had a shot at winning last night.

  12. Chico says:

    That was CLEARLY a foul on LeBron when he was all over Durant. The refs didn’t call it because it would have given Durant two free throws – that would have tied it up – that might have fucked up the narrative. Add that to the lottery system – the NBA sucks.

    • shaman138 says:

      It’s a joke…why bother watching any game where the refs are deciding the outcome?

      • Chico says:

        I only watched the end of the 4th quarter… Me? I don’t enjoy a sport where, if one team wins and is dominating in a game (particularly in the playoffs), the refs automatically give the edge to the other team to try and make it interesting. I think that’s BS.

        A buddy of mine took offense to my opinion on the NBA. . “It’s been like that forever”!!

        That’s why I haven’t been interested in the NBA, in like,”forever”

        • xoot says:

          My kid had a great week at Cal basketball camp. His rebounding improved tremendously,and he had a lot of fun. (“You know, the players are coaching us, dad.”) (Apparently, Mike Montgomery stopped by a few times every day to address the multitude.) Anyway, last night in honor of his camp I put the game on, and watched with one eye. When I objected to a late “foul” allegedly inflicted on Labron, my kid said, “Hey, it’s the NBA.” Even the kids prefer college basketball.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Did you happen to catch Jim Rome talking to Daniel Stern the other day? Stern got pretty chippy with Rome when Rome asked about the lottery being fixed to help the (league owned til 1 week ago) Bobcats.

    I don;t like Rome very much, but the question is a legit one.

    • Chico says:

      That was a legit question. . Stern played captain deflection there. It only makes people like me more suspicious. I don’t like Rome either but he was in the right asking a question that a lot of us are wondering.

  14. mailorderwife says:

    I was at the local joint this morning ordering up some food, and the two gentlemen waiting in front of me were talking about Jamie Moyer. In their discussion, they spoke of their own experience with Jamie Moyer, as they were both ex-MLB players. I don’t know who they were, though :< There are a ton of ex-ballplayers who live in my town. They all seem to like hamburgers.

  15. Chico says:

    I was sitting in a campground hoping that Timmy would have a good game. . I know he got a little lit up from the radio perspective but I would have liked to see it on TV. From what I hear, he was bouncing balls 5-6 feet in front of home plate. . ‘something ain’t right’ seems like an understatement. I just looked at the Splash, looks like the A’s trolls are carpet bombing that place. On another forum I post on, probably 60% A’s fans, 40% Giants fans, most want new ownership and want the A’s to stay in Oakland and almost all hate Wolff and Beane.

    Someone posted this pic

    Upper lever concessions in the bottom of the second inning yesterday.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Pretty cool, ya.

      I was in Healdsburg Friday to Sunday for a wedding and all of the stuff that went with it…didn’t see an inning of baseball but met a bunch of funny Brits that insisted we watch football…good times.

    • mailorderwife says:

      That’s so awesome! Those swords, ya know? My aunt’s family used to protect Tokugawa Ieyasu so she had original armor and swords in the family barn. When we were kids, we ran around the stuff as if it were nothing. Years later, one of those little runny nosed kids I ran around with married a woman sold all that stuff to buy herself some jewelry and what not. Cainer deserves a katana!

      I did see him on Letterman last night. Wow…at least get one thing on that list that pertains to Cain, ya know? It sucked. He was great, though!

      • sandy32koufax says:

        Wow, just being allowed around the history those thing represent is one thing but to be wild kids on the loose? I guess Japanese culture is far different than American-one of my nephews, hell even me perhaps-would have damaged something playing in that barn!

        Any Massamunes in that collection? Priceless.

        We laffed at the crap they gave poor Cain, not because it was funny but because it was so lame. Letterman’s writers suck too much any more…

  16. Chico says:

    OT: Man, Obama boxed Romney in on the immigration thing. No matter your views on that, it was a brilliant political strategy. 64% favor Obama’s plans – 30% are not in favor. Romney won’t even bring it up. Fucking brilliant.

    • xoot says:

      I agree. So much of the republican platform is based on hypocrisy. I look forward to more revelatory tricks from Obama’s people.

  17. sandy32koufax says:

    ‘United We Dream’ is taking this straight to the GOP in response to Obama’s move. Romney is stuck on “Move yourselves out after we notify you” and has no wiggle room with ”newer Americans” (read amnesty beneficiaries, most prominently).

    Yes, Obama may need to ”trick” the win but I seriously doubt he will lose unless he has some serious skeletons.

  18. sandy32koufax says:



    • Chico says:

      Who said that? If you are referring to my post on the Splash, that was directed towards Mosshack, and I took it down because I’m convinced he has the upper hand (censors in his pocket).

      If you were referring to me, that is. Enjoy the game. . Honestly, with all the A’s trolling lately, I hope you guys both kick the living shit out of each other. Before mosshack, the A’s were irrelevant to me. . Since then, I hate them with a passion – only because of mosshack.

      • xoot says:

        mosshead is an asshole, and vk likes him. Ultimately, it’s a losing game to fight him, but who cares. He deserves the opprobrium. Personally, I do not care if they ban me now. The place sucks.

        In other news, Big Flavor retired at the flap, and a rotating stable of regulars will be posting there now. The club gets smaller. That’s the only reason for blogging on sfgate — it’s open. But . . . .

        • Chico says:

          I just saw that. . I’m with you for the most part xoot. I’m probably done at the Splash myself, especially when it’s potty training time for the munchkins – and time to start looking at pre-school, and figuring out how to afford it.[Just don’t have much time anymore] We’ve been helping out my folks and my mother in law financially but no can do anymore. My dad just got on SS so that helps us out quite a bit, (eases the burden) but still – money is tight.

          I guess what I’m saying is that I’d rather just make a post about the Giants or the Niners without the added effort of combatting the trolls, in a stress free environment, when it takes less time. When the cards are stacked against us (VK and the mods), thats when I say fuck it! I’ve come across some great people over there (xoot, jdr, shaman, filthy, 88, winder, and some others that aren’t crossing my mind right now). . At the same time, some of the dumbest people ever too – and we’re outnumbered and that place is rigged.

          We can make this blog take off, and my only work over there (if I even feel like it) will be recruiting folks to post over here. I’ll post here and on chucks blog and maybe even a little on the Flap, thought they seem to have a good tight-kniit group over there and they don’t need any help.

          I think we have a good group here however small we are — As we have learned from the Splash, quantity is not quality.

          As for that place

          The site is filled with dumb fucks!

          • shaman138 says:

            Politics… there?? I go to the sfgate sports blogs to get AWAY from the fucked-up politics blogs on that site.

  19. shaman138 says:

    Meanwhile, Zito is getting shelled again and the A’ssholes are up 3-0. That means the trolls will be on a fucking rampage there tonight. Forget about it. What we need to worry about is how the old Zito has returned, able to continue flying under the radar due to Lincecum’s problems. At least one of these guys needs to get their shit together ASAP…hopefully Timmy, since Zito once again looks hopeless.

    • mailorderwife says:

      Timmy has street cred. Zito, not so much.

      And Barry Zito…I only left the room for a few minutes, and it’s 3-0. Time for the 900 day disabled list with the mystery foot ailment!

  20. xoot says:

    Andres Torres would’ve had that drive at the wall easily. That’s what you give up with Angel.

  21. shaman138 says:

    Son of a bitch….Giants are getting crushed and the damn Heat just took a stranglehold on the NBA finals…looks like stupid LeBron and Co. (arrogant punks) are going to get their rings after all. ARRGH…first LA Kins, now the Heat…the bad guys keep winning. Now I know how this guy feels…

  22. mailorderwife says:


  23. sandy32koufax says:

    Dodgers got pwned by the aaa’s tonight.

    I noticed that not a single aaa’s troll followed the game on the dumbeat either.

    But moosebutt will talk smack all day tomorrow. Pardon me but; FAGGOT!

    Kemp should be fined BIG TIME for fucking around…

    • sandy32koufax says:

      BTW, much more Blue than green at tonight…we were louder too

      Tomorrow doesn’t look any better with Senor Eovaldi going against Milone…


      • Chico says:

        Frack! The A’s trolls are hellbent on the Splash… Between you and I (shhh), I hope you guys kick the shit out of them tomorrow. . Yeah, that’s right. . I really do.

        They don’t care about their own blog – they troll. Fuck em.

        • shaman138 says:

          I just called them out over on the Dumbbeat. What the fuck is wrong with that fanbase? Ignoring their own team in favor of trolling Giants blogs and cheering on division rivals? Idiots! The worst thing about it is that a lot of them are Raider fans, too. Disgraceful. Specifically, that sack of shit, raider 24/7.

          • Chico says:

            raider_247 is not the brightest bulb on the tree. He reminds me of an old poster who was so dumb, he misspelled his username ‘Vicoden’. . . I’m not kidding.

            • shaman138 says:

              He actually has intelligent things to say on the Raiders blog….no idea why he feels the need to be such an asshole when it comes to the Giants. Just another bitter A’sshole fan, I guess.

          • mailorderwife says:

            I loved the pre-LA Raiders. I like to think that they came back mutated by the toxic sludge of the area, bathing their minds in some horrible Dungeons and Dragons movie directed by Ron Jeremy.

            • shaman138 says:

              Thats why I have high hopes for Reggie Mac and Co. to turn the team into professional, respectable contenders again. I am truly sick of my team being the joke of football and last season’s idiotic perpetual Hue-inspired meltdowns became unwatchable

  24. mailorderwife says:

    A nice little video for you pinko liberals:

    • Chico says:

      Funny, I get called that on other forums because I believe in public education, and I’m a moderate in a lot of ways. Registered Independent – I just don’t like the GOP.

      Who know that public education was a commie plot? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Good snag, mow.

      I couldn’t stop thinking of prewar Nazi Germany during the video. But no one is ”supposed” to compare anything to them…PC?, no. Propaganda.

      BTW, I LOVE Gap Band!

  25. shaman138 says:

    Uh oh, don’t look now, but those poor, oppressed, delicate A’s fans are crying for some moderation on their blog.

  26. sandy32koufax says:

    Reddick makes it 1-0 Dodgers by dropping a ball he should have caught…A’s scorer rules it a hit though. Bottom 2nd…

  27. sandy32koufax says:

    Gwynn is NOT a centerfielder…

    Tie due to Gwynn dropping the ball

    • shaman138 says:

      Meanwhile, down in Anaheim, barf-inducing baseball continues…

      • sandy32koufax says:

        I’m barfing watching LA give this game away.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          I’m outtie…signed outta my LA blog too.

          Is this the equivalent of leaving Dodger Stadium in the sixth?

          • shaman138 says:

            I guess so…I’m outta here, too. I bet those stupid A’s fans are just thrilled the Angels are winning, too. Fucking morons. And the cherry on the cake comes tomorrow with LeBron’s potential championship. GAG!!

            • mailorderwife says:

              I don’t mind Lebron winning. It means a faster end to basketball season, my least favorite pro sport.

              • sandy32koufax says:

                I do.

                He’s a jackass.

                Sorry, I’ve met him.

                • mailorderwife says:

                  But the Dodgers are evil too and they’ve won many a world series.

                • sandy32koufax says:

                  They WERE evil…the veil of McMediocrity and McDevil has been shed…besides, I never said dude was evil.

                  Now Jintsco ownership? There’s some serious evil in that boardroom

  28. sandy32koufax says:

    Helluva last two days…losing to the A’s is worse than losing to Az…and there’s still tomorrow.

  29. sandy32koufax says:

    Name withheld


    11:00 AM on June 21, 2012
    This comment is hidden because you have chosen to ignore ninergal1. Show Details

    Quite apart from the depressing 1970’s nausea, and a throw-back to human exploitation, it is not in the least bit erotic.

    Read more:

    SURE ”she’s” a twentysomethiing coed…

  30. shaman138 says:

    A’s taking it to Kershaw and the Doggies again today…ouch. Something tells me those green and yellow motherfuckers might be giving the Giants fits all weekend…they’re on a roll right now.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      We’ll see how they go from here…they are hot the past 2 1/2 weeks tho.

      I think that guy winning streak is mossbutt, btw.

      Hey Chico, REALLY? Survivor?


  31. Chico says:

    Uh – Sandusky’s son, who has been very supportive of Jerry publicly, just testified that HE TOO was molested by his father… His goose is cooked.

  32. sandy32koufax says:

    Fucking Dodgers have BLOWN every game this series due to defensive stupidity…period.

  33. xoot says:

    Well, the dodgers sure ended that one with a bang.

  34. shaman138 says:

    Swept by the damn A’s….sorry, Sandy. Mossfuck and co. will never let you live this one down. Those shits don’t deserve this team that they still won’t even support.

  35. sandy32koufax says:

    Cute, Xoot. Let’s see what the Jints have left in the tank, eh?

    No doubt, shaman…my only hope re mossfuck is that he CLAIMS to not ever be coming back to the gate…

    Why don’t I believe him?

    • shaman138 says:

      I give him and his ilk about a day or two before they all ooze back to the Splash to talk shit while their ballpark gets sold out by Giants fans. This weekend’s series is going to be tough…those green and gold snot rockets are going to be a pain in the ass and so will their stupid, shit-talking fans. And the Doggies go to Anaheim for another tough AL West series of their own this weekend.

  36. Chico says:

    If we could have won at least one more down in Disneyland. .

    Damn, the A’s are playing good ball right now..

  37. xoot says:

    I’m thinking about going to this Sunday’s game. Cain on the hill. I don’t see how I can make it to any of the dodger games next week.

  38. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, what’s the deal with the A’s? They play pretty well, then crater with a 10 game losing streak. Now they are climbing right out of that hole. Frankly, I’d laugh til the cows came home if they won that division.

    The Rangers and the Angels spent truckloads of dough to upgrade their team while the A’s jettison everything resembling talent in sight. If the A’s took the division, what would the other GMs think? Too goddamn funny.

    But, to paraphrase St. Augustine, Go A’s! Just not right now . . .

  39. sandy32koufax says:

    PatchJohnson is banditocaliente…

  40. sandy32koufax says:


    ALL of my sports desires have been foiled today…

    Queen James has his ring.

  41. shaman138 says:

    OKC….One CHOKE!

  42. shaman138 says:

    As expected, all of the usual Splash trolls along with Mosswhack and his fellow Oaklan Snotrocket fans are crawling out of the woodwork, gearing themselves up for maddening levels of trash talking this weekend. Come on, Giants, go into the Coli, show the Snotrockets how we play baseball, and get those loser trolls to shut the fuck up!!

  43. sandy32koufax says:


    I just finished reading an article in ‘California Lawyer’ about Oakland’s gang injunctions-odd that today’s Chron has a lead story on Quan’s ‘100 Block Crime Plan’-and I cannot believe the amount of ethics violations and professional incest that plagues Oakland politics in general and the city council/mayor’s office in specific.

    The Siegels, Quan coupled with Brooks and Brunner being prime examples of the above stated
    observations. De La Funte and Reid may not be ideal but they are trying to deal with their districts gang issues. The biggest obstacle may not even be the resistance from city govt to control the city attorney’s office but from civil rights attys making it too expensive for any city to impose such injunctions.

    Little wonder Russo and Batts resigned along with dozens of other common sense LE types.
    I’ve only lived here since November, and am already finding this lack of leadership and defined strategy re crime, untenable.

    And I’m no angel…

    • mailorderwife says:

      It’s not just Oaktown. I worked in local government here for less than a year, but was there long enough to uncover so much corruption at the top. There is this stupid incestuous relationship that exists, and there is no outlet to report this stuff when all the honest people keep getting set up for failure. My boss, for instance, was charged four separate times with sexual harassment, yet never lost his position or status. My friend, who was new to the place, was framed and told to take a leave, and it took three years for charges against him to be dropped. Meanwhile, he lost his home etc.

      • sandy32koufax says:

        I don’t remember who it is, but some US congressman is trying to repeal federal protections of ‘Whistle Blowers.’

        I’m sure this Campbell Washington in Oakville is doomed to resign or be fired. Such is the state of our nation-to be cowed into submission by govt and corporate political maneuvering.

        One of the oldest ploys in the world is to smear ones’ ‘enemy’…and protect ones’ ‘ally.’
        Sorry about your friend but you realize, as he must by now, the one with the ball makes the rules. As shitty and unfair as that is…money and ‘juice’ talk, everything else walks

        • mailorderwife says:

          He may realize that but it has been difficult to watch a man of quality go through so much of this. I know the people who brought him down far enough for the job loss, and they are despicable people who think nothing of abusing people they don’t like. City gov’t politics is stupid and petty, and I hightailed it out of there to the private sector as soon as their workers’ comp insurance people said I was faking an injury. Too bad my new employers found the injury, forcing the city to pay up.

          • sandy32koufax says:

            I empathize with you and your friend, mow, you know that. Your own words sum up the use of those tactics though. To ‘ruin’ someone as utterly as is possible by lying about them. The problem is that there zero blowback for the accusers. Media intervention is problematic as well. ‘News’ is manufactured anymore. If the story isn’t ‘juicy enough’ the news groups usually pump it into something it really isn’t-you know-the old “Where there’s smoke there’s fire” attitude.

            “Grassroots” politics seem to be a thing of the past except for well-funded seemingly grassroots actions, see the tea party. With SCOTUS making corps our equals as citizens (HAH! I don’t have money to throw at politics!) it seems things are only going to become even more convoluted.

            Hang onto your seats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride

            • Chico says:

              Obama said the 5-4 ruling freeing corporations to spend unlimited sums on elections โ€œreversed a century of law,โ€ adding it would โ€œopen the floodgates for special interests โ€” including foreign corporations โ€” to spend without limit in our elections.โ€

              โ€œIn that succinct comment, the former professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago made three important and accurate observations about the Supreme Court majorityโ€™s opinion,โ€ Stevens said in a speech Wednesday evening. โ€œFirst, it did reverse a century of law; second, it did authorize unlimited election-related expenditures by Americaโ€™s most powerful interests; and, third, the logic of the opinion extends to money spent by foreign entities.โ€

              Stevens dissented from the 2010 decision, and he said again Wednesday that he could not understand why, if โ€œcorporations have no right to vote,โ€ they should not have the right to sway elections.

            • mailorderwife says:

              There was a gentleman at the City who kept blowing the whistle on my boss and his sexual escapades, and he was demoted 3-4x. He could go no lower without pushing a broom, and this guy was an engineer.

              TBH, I have no faith in any government. Yes, I will vote Obama but he is not my candidate of choice. I do it to prevent the Republicans from being in any position to nominate the next Supreme Court Judges. Given the chance, the conservatives will turn women into Duggarish baby machines.

              • sandy32koufax says:

                We are fighting an extremely ”uphill battle” in every area of American life.

                Class warfare (a term I detest but which is absolutely applicable in todays’ US), civil rights, the very nature of relationships in our society…America is upside down in so many ways. I have no answers other than to keep trying to influence those that do have answers and the means to them to fruition. Like you both though, who does one ‘trust’ or ‘believe in’ anymore?

                I’m damn tired of “Voting for the lesser of two evils”

                There must be some better way or person/people.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      SD has actually come quite a ways towards ”the middle.”

      Kreep won due to a better PR campaign and people not turning out.
      Expect more of the same since SCOTUS decided to make corps people.

      The DA there is a bit whacked but is an Amherst educated lesbian of Jewish heritage and is running for mayor. My GF’s brother works for her and says she is not a bad choice and leans left even though she is a registered Republican.

      maybe not OK, rather NM

    • xoot says:

      Many courts have a sort of seniority system that puts new judges into non-jury departments — criminal arraignments, family law, etc. Over time, they get opportunities to move on to broader criminal or civil courts. I don’t know if SD County has such a system. But can you imagine have Kreep preside over divorce and custody disputes?

      • sandy32koufax says:

        Odd, I had always thought judges would be seated according to the law they knew or practiced. Thx for the ‘Law101’

        and NO! I wouldn’t want to be in front of that creep Kreep for any reason, least of all those kinds of cases.

        • xoot says:

          I was at a “function” Wed. night and met a newly appointed Alameda County judge. He actually said to me, “Well, they don’t let us near a civil calendar until we’ve been on the bench for a while.”

  44. Chico says:

    Where I live, the Mayor decided to put an illegal addition on his home. No permits, no architect, no inspections, no plans etc.. The building inspector drove by house and noticed construction going on. He went to the Mayor and told him to get permits and stop work (red tag) immediately.

    About a month later they fired him for, get this, ‘excessive flatulence’ – complete bullshit. They got rid of him because he was doing and enforcing his job. He tweaked his back on the job prior to all of this happening and was getting treatment for it – when he was wrongly fired. He took the city to court and won a decent amount of money, and also won a workers comp settlement against the city. Know what happened to the Mayor? The idiots in my town re-elceted him with 51% of the vote. It didn’t even cross these idiots minds that HE cost the city a lot of money by his bad decision making and crookedness….. Knuckleheads.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Where you live seems to be a good ol boy kind of place in many ways, buddy. Benicia is the same exact way.

      How about this-does The City Of Bell sound familiar?

    • xoot says:

      excessive flatulence? Sounds like an ADA claim to me. Le Petomane, they say, was an artist.

      Corruption abounds at the local political level. Some years back I met a guy to whom a certain Bay Area city had funnelled many millions of federal dollars so that he could purchase, and, ostensibly, save a local company from going out of business. The long-time CFO of the company left the company a few weeks after the new regime took over. Asked why he left, the ex-CFO offered a few of the expected reasons and then added: And I didn’t like some of the things I was asked to do. Such as? Write two personal $10,000 checks to two City Council members. Did you do that? Yes. What happened? We sent the checks out. The check to Council Member A came back in the mail, uncashed. The check to Council Member D came back from the bank, cashed. I retired the next week.

    • mailorderwife says:

      In the city where I worked (not where I live), a couple who built a beach house had the HARDEST time getting the building inspectors to sign off on their deck. To solve this problem, the couple called the Mayor with their complaint. Beach living, of course, is restricted to the wealthy, and the Mayor responded in kind.

      The deck was approved upon the next inspection. Even though the deck did not meet the height requirement as stated by the City, the building inspector said that the couple’s relative short stature (they were Asian) made it possible to have a smaller deck.

      While at this same job, I had a side-boss who liked to threaten my job every other day. I called the Union on this, as that was what was required per office rule — even though I refused to join the union. The end result? The union rep said that there must have been a “misunderstanding, because this guy is really nice if you spoke to him at a picnic.” WTF

      • sandy32koufax says:

        Hey, not all union officers are stand up guys/gals…which leads me to, do you know Mike Rosen, Rosenfeld? whatever, he used to head one of the big movie workers unions-maybe AMPTP-absolutely a guy that got good things for his people but but dirty as hell.

        I played at his Golf tourney in Sherman Oaks several years running and he was very into having state and local pols there, for free, somehow ‘winning’ 20 raffled prizes w/o even buying the tickets with which to win said prizes…it’s just how everyone seems to do ‘business,’ a smile and a packet of money and IF your members have a problem they very often lookto see if the member is a problem his/herself before repping you. That you weren’t a member prolly dictated that entire outcome. My dad used to be a local prez and would say “Why should I spend my capital on a guy that can’t even show up on time and I have all the other people to look out for? I’d run out of juice if I did that, so I have to weigh the benefits of what and whom I got to bat for”

        Not ‘cool’ just the way shit gets done, Xooter could tell you about this as he negotiates for a living.

        • mailorderwife says:

          I am not anti-Union at all. Every city worker had to pay Union dues, btw, and I never complained. I feel Unions are mandatory for high risk positions such as building inspectors, road workers etc. Secretaries and office personnel, however, do not need a Union and should not have permanent job security. For that reason, I declined to join the Union.

          If they couldn’t help me because I wasn’t Union, that’s tough titties for them. That Union rep had corruption charges leveled against her after she became the prez, ya know? Let other people keep their nose dirty…not the way I choose to lead my life. And I never intended on staying an office worker anyway, as that was just my dip back into my employment pool after years of being a kept woman.

          • sandy32koufax says:

            You understand the rationale behind non-members paying dues as well, yes? I tend to disagree w/you re office workers not being represented and I have seen/heard of plenty of them losing their jobs over even small issues. IDK which union repped you, SEIU perhaps, but many office workers would still be making at or barely above minimum wage w/little to no benefits w/o a union to bargain for such things. The thing is, many of those positions require more job skills than a say a lumper working at a union truck terminal but the pay is lower.

            I am only guessing as to why she didn’t take your grievance seriously and offered what I know to be a usual line of reasoning. My dad had Rico charges leveled at him. He beat them by proving them false. Not all, as I said, union officials are any more honest than say PG&E officials or Jamie Dimon seem to be. Oversight of unions and union officials on the other hand is much more stringent and far reaching, how ironic.

            A’Kept Woman?!?’ DO TELL ALL!

            • mailorderwife says:

              I have no problem with what the Unions have done to improve the lives of office workers and secretaries. I have been a direct beneficiary of those fine salaries, having paid my way through film school (EXPENSIVE) by working as a legal secretary.

              I’ll spare the description of legal secretary work here, but there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE IN TALENT between, say, legal secretaries and an Administrative Secretary III employed by the city where I worked.

              The top level secretary in my department had no computer skills. She barely knew how to use Word, and had no knowledge of how to make columns or tables. She used EXCEL in place of a database for some mega important info, and I later converted it into a database for her benefit. The filing had not been done for five years, which is what ultimately led to my injury there – and filing was not even one of my job description.

              Now from the giant filing mess I had to go through in order to get the office back in order, I gathered that the person I replaced spent all her time on the parade planning committee. She was also secretary of the Union.

              No one is screwing over secretaries in the government. They get paid lots of money to possess skills that would never fly in the private sector. Moreover, the city I worked at employed lots of family members. Union or not, that kind of crap has to stop, especially when each penny is accountable to the public.

              So again, Unions are a necessity for a high risk job. Even then, I have had to stop injured employees for cashing those “HERE IS A 18000 CHECK YOU CAN CASH NOW THAT WILL BE FINAL PAYMENT FOR ALL FURTHER MEDICAL BILLS” from the Union. Workers who have the greatest potential to get screwed over — farm workers, steel workers, auto workers or any other high risk position — need that protection. For that, the Unions are wonderful.

          • xoot says:

            In general, I think the lower you are on the economic food chain, the more you need a union–otherwise you have no voice at all. (I belonged to a Teamsters local in Watsonville for a while whose membership was overwhelmingly non-English-speaking Latinos.) Over the years, I also noticed a huge difference in safety standards — the crazy non-union jobs I had (laying water pipe in 10 foot ditches in Alaska, working as a rough neck in the oil fields outside Odessa/Midland) were dangerous as hell, and you had no one to turn to for help. Union jobs were much better in that way.

  45. sandy32koufax says:

    Er…sorry for highjacking your blog, jd…baseball anyone?

  46. JDR says:

    Taco Bell never has explained how that guy got his nacho burrito into the ballpark. Wouldn’t that be against MLB rules?

    Also, I’m fairly certain that every new item on that menu is the result of bong hits and six packs. Nobody comes up with this shit sober.

  47. sandy32koufax says:

    Hey, where is everybody…at the pride parade?

  48. Chico says:

    Beat LA!

  49. Chico says:

    With everyone belching about SCOTUS today and immigration laws etc, the bigger story to me is this;

    That’s fucked up.

    • xoot says:

      Yeah, a summary reversal. No rationale, just, “Read the previous opinion Montana Supreme Court, and STFU.”

      After the Civil War, the GOP became the party of the corporations. Toward the beginning of the 20th century there was a popular backlash. The antitrust laws got enacted, and states, like Montana and California, enacted the popular initiative systems, so that corrupt legislators would not have total lawmaking power. Finally, FDR got elected and things changed. Of course, the initiative system has turned into a nightmare of its own. Meanwhile, the brand spanking new modern Republican-dominated Supreme Court is busy striking down laws like this one from Montana, which has been on the books for nearly a century.

      The depth of the reactionary forces at work is staggering.

      • sandy32koufax says:

        It won’t end here. Every other ‘protection’ of citizen rights’ will be compromised unless the court either reverses or is overruled by both houses of the legislative branch. As if that will happen.

        • Chico says:

          Our only hope is to vote for Obama.. If the SC gets a couple of more Cons on there, we’re fucked.. I wish people could see this without being partisan. repubs, dems, indies, greens, whatever. . We’re all fucked if that happens and the sad part of it is, that R-Wing shills still don’t see the big picture. Hello, wake the F up peeps!

          • sandy32koufax says:

            Ya well…voting for Obama, for me, is a foregone conclusion. people have become polarized by ALL ‘sides,’ though Chico.

            Indies claim to be “thinkers” and “Moderate” and many are…but that doesn’t change the fact that a dyed-in-the-wool Republican like Lieberman can run as an Indie yet still be elected and, largely, vote the party-line he used to actually represent.

            Libertarians and Greens are just as radical as the two major parties have become, all pandering to what have become colossal divides in the US politically, economically and in nearly every other way.

            Wake the F up indeed!

            • Chico says:

              I was referring to voters, not politicians but point noted. Propaganda is a very effective tool as history tells us. Hell, I’d be for a ‘middle class party that tells it like it is’

              As for greens – they have always been a bit too far left of me but lately, they’re rallying cry is for more consumer advocates representing the people. They’re right.

              • sandy32koufax says:

                I wish we had as much ”choice” as we see in Parliamentary govts. UK has 17 major parties. Labour and Conservative and Unionist Party being the UK versions of our two majors.

                I like the idea of a party of ”the middle-class” but I don’t think the top two are going to stand for that!

                BTW, Greens being CA’s is nice but not nearly enough.

  50. mailorderwife says:

    In the newsroom with one authentic Dodger fan. GO GIANTS!!!! Don’t blow it, Zito.

  51. Chico says:

    See they guy reply to the guy on the Splash Re: how much are hot dogs at AT&T?

    This dude says go to Costco. LOL, my beer came out my nose.

  52. sandy32koufax says:


  53. sandy32koufax says:

    HEY< there's the hot dog vendor!

  54. sandy32koufax says:


    Congrats G-fans.

  55. sandy32koufax says:

    LOLOLOL what a TOOL!.

    I dig what you guys wrote to him…especially jd

  56. sandy32koufax says:

    MOB’s contribution, editorially, to this evening’s game

    • sandy32koufax says:

      It’s funny how people seem to think confidence=success is only a jock related thing.

      In my experience I always seem to do a better job, have a better date, etc., when I feel good about myself and my ability. That includes all of the preparation of researching a client, deciding on the ‘right’ restaurant or anything else…it’s universal, confidence, in my mind. You have and succeed or fail but you come away having learned and increased your understanding of a given situ. You don’t have and you succeed or fail but you don’t ‘gain’ from the experience.

      My 47 cents…

      • Chico says:

        After that first inning, it did look like he told himself “fuck it, let it rip” – and he did. I would suggest some pre-game Metallica on the Ipod, to get pumped. I like what Benjie said at the end of that piece. . He was a good Giant.

        • shaman138 says:

          Some of this in the locker room before the game tomorrow ought to get him and the team pumped up to kick some Doggie ass.

  57. sandy32koufax says:

    Damn…Nora Ephron died.

    She was brilliant.

    If any of you have not read her body of work, I highly recommend it.

  58. sandy32koufax says:

    This LA losing in norcal is getting damned monotonous…

  59. xoot says:

    If Lincecum comes back, and if Kemp comes back soon. the Giants and the bums will be neck and neck in Sept. One will win the division and the other a WC. But I don’t really see where either will be if either star falters.

  60. unca_chuck says:

    Kemp is looking like late July. Hate to say it, but this looks like the west LA fadeaway.

    AZ is the team that the Giants need to be aware of.

  61. Chico says:

    Fuck yeah! Have a game tomorrow Timmy.

  62. unca_chuck says:

    Huh. Missed a post or it faded into the ether . . .

    When you guys post about the Splash, I have no idea who you are or who you are talking about over there. Posterchild, filthychangeup, SF 2 U, Costoco? Plus, they throw so mant threads up there, I have no idea what you guys (and gals) are referring to.

    I need a fricking scorecard to keep track.

    • mailorderwife says:

      I know of what you speak. Believe me. In some ways, I just gave up and went there for a visit. I have no fear of being banned or having posts deleted because I expect that to happen. I’d rather post here, though.

  63. Chico says:

    Chuck: Posterchild is Xoot. . FilthyChangeup is Matallac. . I don;t know who SF2U is. . Just a random Giants fan on the Splash I guess.

    As for Costco, there was a guy who asked how much a hot dog at the park was. . In a reply thread to his comment, someone said that hot dogs are cheaper at Costco. . When jdsrevenge, oakdodgerfan (who is sandykoufax) and I made the obvious point that ‘yeah, but you can’t catch a game at Costco”

    He came back and said ‘they also show the games at Costco, it’s not rocket science guys” Right, like we’re going to roll out some astroturf and pull up some lawn chairs and all meet at Costco. . The suggestion was so stupid it was funny – because the guy was serious.

  64. unca_chuck says:

    Are there really random Giants fans on the Splash??? I thought they were all trolls . . .

    Christ. Ethier is in full weenie mode. He gets hit with a 62 MPH curveball, he leaves the game. He slides into 2nd, he leaves the game. It’s not even July and he’s playing out the string . . .

    • shaman138 says:

      There’s a few real Giants fans on the Splash…..most of the rest are the usual idiot trolls with multiple accounts pretending to be Giants fans and/or just being pestering shitheads. Meanwhile, the Dodgers look fractured and exposed in this series.

  65. Chico says:

    Today is my dad’s birthday so I went over to visit this morning to shoot the shit a little. He was telling me that even though the Giants Dodgers rivalry is one of the best in baseball, it’s nothing compared to the old days when the players and coaches hated each other. . Then I went over o a College football blog that I post at and they were discussing the same thing. . Like Juna Marichal hitting catcher Johnny Rosboro in the head with his bat after Rosboro threw a ball back to the pitcher too close to Juan’s head….

    • mailorderwife says:

      Happy birthday to your dad!!!

      I read a book on this incident for a book report back in 3rd grade. I remember wincing while reading as the whole thing seemed so very violent and unbaseball-ish. Of course, that was the inner part of me. Even back then when I was a wee girl, I hated the Dodgers.

      This is such a splendid rivalry, and the primary reason why Vin Scully can never retire. His calling of the transition from Candlestick to AT&T (back then Pac Bell) with the moving of the base paths was filled with recollections of rivalry moments. I became a Scully fan, and also appreciated how the LA broadcast showed the entire base moving ceremony.

      • Chico says:

        Thanks! I wasn’t aware of this incident until today. . Learn something new every day.

        • mailorderwife says:

          It’s not something discussed much, I think. I found the book at the Western Addition Library tucked away in obscurity. I was just a Giants fanatic as a child and looked for any books on the team. I bet you that I even forgot to return it.

  66. unca_chuck says:

    Sorry, but that was FUCKING AWESOME ! ! !

    3 games, ZERO runs for the Dogs . . .

    0 – 6 on this Bay Area swing! Shwing ! !

    • sandy32koufax says:

      chuck, do me a favor?

      Tell soph/nineral that you are not her friend and don’t agree with her.

      He’s citing you as his bud and that you go to his FB ppage alla time.

      It’s damn monotonous…

      Congrats, btw

      Now get us beer ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, the Marichal/Roseboro thing was, Koufax NEVER threw at players and felt that he didn’t need to back them off the plate to get them out. So Johnny Roseboro took it upon himself to start throwing balls close to the Giants batters as they were standing in the box. Roseboro apparently clipped Marichal’s ear on one of the throws, and he went ballistic.

  68. sandy32koufax says:

    Man, too fricking much.

    Tonight I have a meeting with a party that has seen much the same downward spiral as the Dodgers have been in…I’m SO not looking forward to it.

    Congrats Dowders…fuckin LA

    I didn’t have any hopes pre-season…then they go off and finally, maybe a week before the last Kemp hammy, I jumped in feet first. DOPE!

    There still my Bums though… :-S

  69. Chico says:


  70. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, even up to the late 80s the rivalry was very intense. I went to the last twi-night Giants / Dodgers double header that turned out to be a near-riot at the Stick. Just crazy. The Giants lost the 1st game pretty badly, and were losing big in the 2nd game. Something like 6-2. So, my girlfriend (a big StL fan) is talking rivalries like Cards/Cubs, and I say this is one of the best rivalries around. So, we sneak down to the 3rd base boxes in the top of the 8th. Some fans are leaving, some are getting rowdier. So, in the bottom of the 8th, the Giants get 2 runs closer at 6-4, and manage to tie the game in the bottom of the 9th. The crowd is going absolutely nuts.

    In the top of the 10th, a couple guys get on for LA, and Pedro Guerrero comes up to the plate. More yelling and screaming, and he cracks a 3 run homer to LF. As he’s jogging by the Giants dugout, he flips the bird. To the fans? To the Giants? No one knows, but by the time he gets to 3rd base, the whole left side of the stadium is throwing shit onto the field. Mike Marshall is jogging towards the dugout just getting pelted with crap. Instead of going into the dugout though, he tries to climb into the stands for some dumb-ass reason, and proceeds to get punched in the face twice by a fan on the rail. He hurriedly goes into the dugout. Tommy Lasorda runs out of the dugout to see WTF is going on, and someone unleashes a 90 MPH orange that whizzes right by Lasorda’s head. He sees the error of getting out of the dugout, and runs right back in. By this point, cops from all over the stadium are converging on the Dodger dugout.They just start randomly grabbing people and dragging them out (and no, I didn’t throw anything, nor did I get dragged out) and cuffing them. The bottom of the 10th went by without incident, or without any fight from the Giants.

    Crazy fricking game. These rivalries nowadays seem to only exist in the minds of the fans. There is a little animosity, but not the anger that used to exist.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Last thing I saw from MLB that even came close to that intensity was Clemons and Piazza during the subway series like 8 yrs ago(?)

      Ya, we are the rivalry now…not the players and the owners rape us for extra kale behind that

    • mailorderwife says:

      Wasn’t there some sort of fight between Dodger and Giants fans outside of AT&T a few years ago? Started when some Dodger fan decided to pee on the Willie Mays statue.

      Great post, Unca!! The two things I remember from the rivalry back at the stick:

      1) Jack Clark and someone else colliding in the outfield and the Dodger running around the basepaths for home as both players are down for the count; and

      2) The 14 year old kid in braces and zits sitting next to me (and I was probably 15) who got really drunk and threw up by the 3rd inning. Back then, of course, the Dodgers v. Giants games was like Catholic Church attendance on Christmas, ya know?

  71. unca_chuck says:

    Exactly, MOW. A Tuesday night game vs the Astros would get about 3,500 people. A Tuesday night Dodger game would get you at least 32,000. Craziest thing I saw was a Krukow vs Fernando game (Giants won 2-1) where this truly obnoxious Dodger fan was running up and down the aisle waving his banner in the upper deck, next section over from where I was. Giants fans were pretty much leavng him alone until the 7th inning, when the Dodgers scored their only run, he then went batshit crazy. Once he sat down, the guy behind him lit his banner on fire, and it took the guy about a minute to notice it. He went even more nuts when he noticed, and tried to get into a fight with the guy that was behind him. He took a swing (and missed), and was quickly escorted out of his seat.

    Too fricking funny. I have about 1,000 Dodger game stories I can relate.

    • mailorderwife says:

      OMG!!!!! I remember that game! I was there, too. I saw that banner go up in its flammable glory. I brought a friend of mine to that game, and he bought one of those souvenir tiny bats. Remember those? The police confiscated it shortly thereafter, even though we tried to tell them that it was an item sold by the Giants vendor.

  72. unca_chuck says:

    You guys are Don Quixote-ish in your determination to drag that blog out of Shitshire.

    There have been very many valiant attempts by better men and women than us to save that place. All to no avail.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Can’t deny your claims, chuck, I’m justa simple carpenter…

      Still, Thx to all of you that helped reinstate my acct…

    • Chico says:

      You’re right Chuck, but it’s the blog we blogged on for years. I’m willing to fight for it until my account gets blocked. I do think it’s a losing fight though.

  73. xoot says:

    Back in the late 90s, when my older kid was 8 or 9, at the last minute I decided to take him to a game at Candlestick. We could’ve bought walk-up tickets anywhere, but I picked the sort of seats I used to enjoy in the 80s, when I had no money at all — second deck, above home plate. There were only two other fans within sight, guys who looked to be in their 70s. They moved over to sit behind us, and it soon became clear they wanted to tell stories about the old days. The kid listened in awe, and I thought most of what they said sounded plausible. Then one guy mentioned the Marichal/Roseboro incident. He said he saw it as a kid. I got interested and asked him questions, and suddenly I realized these guys were my age, late 40s. Life had been a bit rough for them.

    They’d been sitting up there in the second deck, at every game from first pitch to last, for decades. They’d enjoyed many sell-outs vs. the dodgers and they’d sat through many more meaningless games, like the one we were watching that gray day. I thought about buying the guys a beer, but no vendors selling anything had come into our neighborhood at all during the game. The two guys didn’t care. They just wanted to talk. I remember Jeff Kent hit a homer, a low line drive over the LF fence, to win the game in the 10th. I have no recollection who the Giants beat that day.

    I wonder how many fans like those two guys go to Giants games these days. My older kid has a bunch of Giants jerseys. The orange Marichal is his favorite.

    • mailorderwife says:

      Okay, glad this is back up. I read this late last night and loved it, but was very envious. I’ve never had old timers sit next to me and relate old Giants stories. The only old goats I remember sitting near us started calling us CHINAMEN and singing CHING CHONG during the game at us — and my friend and I were 13 at the time — and none of the adults around us told them to shut up. We were sitting right behind home plate at the ‘Stick.

      I think the experience at ballgames might be different for girls. Once puberty hit, I did get lots of baseballs from players, who would send them up via guards or just hand them to me. Lots of offers to drive me home while I was a teenager. But the oddest thing were the Baseball Annies. They were very nice to me, showing me volumes of photos of them hugging or arms around some Giants player. They usually rolled with a small entourage and would eye other women, wearing nice clothes but no baseball gloves. They told me which players were ho bags, and which ones liked multiple partners. They told me of their game recollections, which always were about how some player oogled them from first base. This is female baseball tales, and it surprised my Catholic sensibilities.

      Once I was 17 or 18 and fully aware, I switched my allegiance from the box seats to the bleachers. I didn’t want to be baseball player fully aware and just wanted to watch the bleeding game. It’s different for girls, y’all.

  74. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I was banned back in the good old days of 2008. Back when you could pretty much post anything . . . funny thing was, slef-moderation seemed to work better back then.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      I remember the first few times I tried posting at The Splash, you guys all jumped me, especially twinfan, bags and whoever the guy was with the drunk pic of Nick Nolte in the Hawaiian shirt. Rude awakening since my first few comments were baseball, rather than Dodgers or Jints hate. Either way, I didn’t post there often after that crappy reception until 2010.

      That changed asap as I realized how territorial you guys were…I reveled in fucking with you guys.

      During the last month of 2010, I began to change my tone though. From a dick to just the baseball fan that went there in the first place.

      IDK what motivates some of the tools at the Splash, I’m not in their heads, but you’re right chuck, seemed like self modding was a doable and effective way of ridding unwanted peeps.

  75. mailorderwife says:

    What happened to that beautiful post that Xoot put up about the two old men who sat behind him at the ‘Stick? I wanted to respond. Did the Splash moderator come here?

  76. Chico says:

    Chief Justice Roberts. . . Who would have thought? Are you telling me that a SCJustice actually ruled on something without playing party politics? Good on you Roberts!

    • mailorderwife says:


      • Chico says:

        Now if he were to change his mind on Citizens United, I’d be a fan. . He was the guy who gave us that crap.. Still, I’m glad to see that he wasn’t as right wing on this issue.

        Cheers MOW!!

        • sandy32koufax says:

          I’ve been reading and hearing on KCBS and NPR that the GOP spinmeisters are trying to turn Roberts decision into a ploy to ”out” Obama and ACA as a loss for dems and CINC due to the tax ruling as opposed to the other arguments White House attys used ijn support of the law.

          On ”Meet The Press” sunday and on CNN yesterday, I heard predictions from centrists and rightys that if upheld in it’s passed form, ACA would be political ammo ffor Romney/GOP…bad for Obama/Dems.

          Just playing devils’ advocate…

      • xoot says:

        I think the constitutional sides of the decision are still reactionary, but I won’t read the whole thing until tomorrw. Roberts seems to be making a trade off. Seems to me upholding the centerpiece of the law gives Obama a much needed victory going into Nov., but Roberts got a couple of the liberal justices to vote in favor of the states’ rights holding on Medicaid. Also, in the long run, i think the decision gave Obama a victory on the power-to-tax issue while simultaneously reining in the Commerce Clause, etc. (which expanded back in the hey day of the progressive Court, and, for example, provided a basis for federal intervention in the southern states that tried to insist on their right to maintain Jim Crow segregation). Restructuring the commerce-clause rule is consistent with the big, conservative, roll-back agenda. (Citizens United and that Alito anti-union screed the other day convince me that the agenda is well established.)

        • Chico says:

          Xoot, can you speak english please ๐Ÿ˜‰ j/k.

          • xoot says:

            I just glanced at the opinion. Roberts reined in the commerce clause by claiming that he was unwilling to expand it. RB Ginsburg called him on that in her opinion, but . . . . The dissent filed jointly by the four bad guys stops early on to trumpet states rights. Keep the feds outta our lives. (Sure, guys. But make sure they regulate my bank, and my broker, and the airplanes I ride in, and . . . .)

            • sandy32koufax says:

              With all of the de-regulation talk the past 30+ yrs, and seeing the results of much of it which has come to pass (The Great Recession, Mineral Rights, etc.) Indies and Dems had better start forming broad coalitions to combat the right…

  77. sandy32koufax says:

    Here’s as much info as I have found on Ethier’s status:,0,1985703.story

    Maybe someone that works in a newsroom has better intel?

  78. unca_chuck says:

    Obliques are a bitch. That’s about all I know. They take a while to heal up right, and are very easy to re-aggravate.

  79. unca_chuck says:

    Were you Sandy32Koufax back then, Sandy?

    • sandy32koufax says:

      It’s strange, I played football until I was 25, and then worked as a carpenter lifting as much as 400 lbs from a dead lift. Never injured that muscle, and if I did, it never kept me from working.

      Ya, chuck, over at the flap and here, ya…still am.

  80. unca_chuck says:

    Aaahhh. Whatever happened to that Rooster guy? Giant Rooster?He was obnoxious but pretty funny.

  81. unca_chuck says:

    Mets over the Dogs, 3-2 in the 8th…

  82. unca_chuck says:

    4th consecutive shutout.

    Bummie’s 1st complete game. A 1 hit shutout.

    And, oh yeah, sole possession of 1st place!!!

  83. xoot says:

    These past four games have been a lot of fun to watch start to finish. This team has a lot of talent, a lot of character, and it’s developing a competitive attitude that reminds me of . . . .

  84. shaman138 says:

    Well, I’m off to the game. Thanks again, MOW. And, OMG, those Splash trolls just get dumber and dumber by the day, don’t they? Time to hit up a couple of pre-game bars. Cheers, everyone!

  85. sandy32koufax says:

    Xoot clued me about my tix two days ago…I just sold em.

    12 bills for two club level seats…Ima go buy a new tent and fishing pole tomorrow!

  86. sandy32koufax says:

    EVERYBODY from California lost tonight

    Yayaya, no one lost like LA did

  87. shaman138 says:

    I love going to Giants games but I’ve been to a couple of stinkers this year. The Giants have bats this year….until they fall behind early, then it seems they simply shut down and can’t do a damn thing. Cain was off of his game last night, literally starting with the first pitch, and we got pwned by some random pitcher named Leake or whatever with a 2-8 record and a 3.42 ERA or something like that. His HR pretty much sealed the deal. I can’t think of much else to say (hungover) but the G’s really need to find a way to come back from behind when they fall in a hole–aside from last Friday’s A’s game, I can’t think of another game where they’ve come back and won.

  88. sandy32koufax says:

    Fucking gutless wonders…

  89. mailorderwife says:

    Nice ballot box stuffing, Giants fans!!! Not sure Pablo should be there, but I’m happy for him.

    Posey set the NL record for votes with 7.6 million, and both Brandons finished second in voting for their respective positions. Crawford missed starting by 300k votes. Shea also reported that of the 40 million votes cast, 39 million were from NL fans in the Bay Area. Screw all y’all who call us the land of fruits and nuts.

    • xoot says:

      People across the country are going to start complaining about computer geeks gaming the system. Hilarious. It’ll be nice to see the Giants on the field, especially as the other Bay Area team (the would-be Silicon Valley A’s) won’t have much representation there.

      • mailorderwife says:

        That’s the funniest part of it all. The A’s received no good will from the ballot stuffing, and they won’t until they give up on San Jose.

        • shaman138 says:

          Not to mention the fact that their so-called fans are too busy hating on the Giants to actually give a fuck about their own team.

  90. JDR says:

    Wow. Dodgers looking like the worst of the Giants last season. How long do they keep Gordon and Loney in there?

    Also, what’s the word on Carlos Lee?

  91. unca_chuck says:

    Like Lee did with the Giants a couple years back, he’s resisting leaving Houston.

    Lee’s 36. His better days are behind him.

  92. sandy32koufax says:

    Heads up:

    sfgate has a ”new feature” you can be banned but by hovering your cursor over your avatar doesn’t tell you anything. Also, apparently, a comment MAY deleted and not show up as such on your ”comments” page. Oakdoger has been deled and vk has not answered my emails…I am sure I did not violate any ”terms” as I have tried to keep things ‘cool’ since being banned last week…

    • Chico says:

      Seriously? Again?

      And mossback went ape shit again, accusing me of editing a wiki page and claiming to know my IP address. That guy has lost his mind. Oh well, I’ll be out of town with no internet access as of tomorrow night. Headed up to pine mountain lake for a little R&R with the family. Wife’s co-worker owns a cabin up there. Three nights stay for a $100 cleaning fee at the end of our stay, couldn’t pass it up.

      Happy 4th everybody!

      • xoot says:

        I don’t think mousemeat actually accused you. He simply went to wikipedia and followed the history of the revisions to Alderson’s entry yesterday. Anyone can do that. There are plenty of webpages that will partially translate an IP address. All you need to do is cut and paste the IP address from the wiki history and you can see the geographic area of origin — but not much else. mousemeat came up with Chico CA. That may or may not be right. He’s not 1/10 as smart as he thinks he is. He certainly was happy to toss that finding out there, however, in a way that might make some people think he had nailed you. mousemeat has proven himself to be a sleazy dishonest jerk interested in nothing but b.s.

        Meanwhile, sfgate somehow has managed to get worse than ever in the last few weeks. I had some administrative work that I wanted to avoid yesterday, so I kept going back to the splash for diversion, but I’m just about through with the site.

      • xoot says:

        by the way, can you imagine how delighted I was to find that hilarious entry on wiki? (The wiki history calls ii “vandalism.” I thought it was very good graffiti.) I just happened to take a look at the page after I saw Henry’s tweet about Alderson. These computers are addictive.

      • sandy32koufax says:

        I can’t sign in because it tells me I’ve been ‘suspended.’ What does that mean if NOT banned?

        • sandy32koufax says:

          from sfgate:

          “Sign In
          There was a problem with your sign-in attempt.
          Your account has been suspended for violating our Terms and Conditions.
          SFGate Screen Name:
          Forgot password or screen name?
          Remember Me


          • Chico says:

            I don’t see any of your comments deleted – Get all over VK’s ass or as JDR has pointed out, get in touch with ICUC and ask why you can’t sign in. Between the clunkiness of the new format and the moderating, that place isn’t going to last for much longer. A pay wall is coming. I won’t pay for that shit.

            • sandy32koufax says:

              Me either…I canceled my subscription a year and a half ago. I loved the Chronicle growing up, it just sucks today and has for about 5-6 years.

              • sandy32koufax says:

                Ya, I waited for 15 minutes for a reply at ICUC on their chatline…there is a chat window that sez a moderator is available to help resolve any issues…must be Independence Day in Canuckia too because I got no response…15 minutes seems long enough to me.


                • xoot says:

                  We all should consider a collective declaration of departure from sfgate, to email to the admin and his bosses as a parting shot.

  93. mailorderwife says:

    Look…y’all make up your mind. I went back there because it got too lonely here, and now we’re all going to leave again? Okee dokee.

    Meanwhile, pulled pork parfait:

    • sandy32koufax says:

      That reminds me of a dessert my grandmother used to make-on my mother’s side, Kentuckians no,less ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • xoot says:

        Where in Kentucky? I know the place fairly well.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          Campbellsville. My maternal great-grandfather’s family name and hometown which they left during the depression. Why would you know about Kentucky, did your dad’s service bring your family to the lovely state?

  94. JDR says:

    I’m going to be taking some time off from there either way, real life getting in the way again.

  95. mailorderwife says:

    JDR – take care.

    MORE OT: For those on Twitter needing a good laugh,!/derpparticle. I guess some people waver between believing that Higgs-Bosom is either the second coming of Jesus or the anti-Christ.

    • xoot says:

      I don’t understand what the big deal is about this Higgs Bos’n. Bos’ns have been around for centuries. Typically, they were in charge of supervising the ropes and cables on sailing ships, and had to be masters in splicing and rigging. They essentially kept the whole thing together. Now the scientists have discovered tiny bos’ns in the rigging of atoms? What a surprise.

    • JDR says:

      Nothing like an unfortunate nickname to turn every Jesus nut into a physicist. Though it would be interesting to see their reaction when asked to explain how the of the Standard Model proves the existence of an omnipotent God.

      • mailorderwife says:

        Yeah. The whole “God particle” naming is like feeding speed to someone that is already hyperactive.

      • unca_chuck says:

        You draw the line at 400 posts, JDR? Just kidding. Take care of what you need to take care of.

        Too funny. So, after 2,000 yers of denying science, Bubba the Bible thumper suddenly is an unwavering proponent of particle physics? Ri-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ght

      • sandy32koufax says:

        I have a friend, he has a great life story but it’s way too long for this milieu. Anyway, George is an astrophysicist. He is a deeply spiritual man yet not a religious nut. He explained, in layman’s terms, the search for “God” through physics. I thought him a nut in ’98 when he told me these things but knew him to be absolutely well-grounded and utterly serious, not given to fantasy.

        IDK if this will lead to “God” during my lifetime or, in fact, ever. I DO kknow that George is more excited today than he has been in 5 years.

        Just to play devil’s advocate, what if…?

        • mailorderwife says:

          The whole thing about God is that one is supposed to believe him by faith. There was that elaborate way in which he finally exposed his spirit to Moses, but eyes had to be closed and what not. If one believes, no particle is going to make a difference. What does make a difference, it seems, is the way in which one perceives science and faith or, unfortunately of late, science v. faith.

          I think this particle has so many possibilities for science and, for the rest of us, more knowledge about our origins– although the last big discovery having to do with atoms didn’t work out so well for my people.

          • JDR says:

            I would love to weigh in on the religion angle, but my pirate outfit is at the cleaners.

            May you all be touched by his noodly appendage.

            • sandy32koufax says:

              George’s point is that, as men of science who believe in a God, there must be a physical trail which leads directly to Him.

              Noodly appendages aside, pirate outfits are cool-Dave Eggers opened one on Valencia as a front for a writing workshop for children since BOS wouldn’t give him a variance…

          • xoot says:

            “Julius Robert Oppenheimer . . . is often called the ‘father of the atomic bomb’ for his role in the Manhattan Project, . . . . The first atomic bomb was detonated on July 16, 1945, in the Trinity test in New Mexico; Oppenheimer remarked later that it brought to mind words from the Bhagavad Gita: ‘Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.'”

            The gods have been involved all along, in many ways, I think.

  96. shaman138 says:

    Fuck…I hate to say it but right now I am getting that same shitty feeling watching the Giants as I saw I did watching the Raiders implode again and again last year. Actually…who the fuck am I kidding? Nothing was that bad.

  97. shaman138 says:

    FUUUUCCCCCK!! Why is the Giants pitching turning into the Raiders defense??

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Looks like it turned out good enough to win tonight.

    • xoot says:

      Melky and McCutchen put on quite a show tonight. Only Melky went yard, however.

      • xoot says:

        Meanwhile, the DBags are collapsing. The Giants need to come roaring out of the break, bust them damn bums down.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          4 starters out for LA, not that Gordon is a clutch hitter but he can fly and is a fair SS. Cruz is looking ‘so far, so good’ but I’m worried. Mark Ellis is back but, again, too soon? We’ll see.

          The ASB is next week and no one has an insurmountable lead nor is out of the running in the west…yet.

  98. Chico says:

    I guess I picked a good time to go on a vacation. We were completely detached from baseball and the news for our entire stay. No cable, no internet and crappy radio. The only update I heard was that we snapped a 3 game losing streak yesterday by beating the Pirates on KCBS that had more static than rubbing a balloon on a persons head.

    The As break couldn’t have come at a better time for the Giants.

    • shaman138 says:

      You missed the Giants playing poor baseball on this road trip. They barely won the one game in PIT, they completely pissed away another game they should have won in DC, and got crushed in all of their other games. Ever since MadBum’s shut out against Cincy, the team has looked mediocre at best, barely winning only two games since then. Anyway, hope you had a good vacation. I can’t wait for mine in a couple of weeks…SF is really burning me out right now and it’s time to get away.

  99. JDR says:

    Well, so much for Pablo not deserving a starting spot. Chalk one up for the fans.

    • sandy32koufax says:

      Chalk one up for NL Third basemen…

      • mailorderwife says:

        Good to see Kemp say nice things about our boys.

        • sandy32koufax says:

          Dodgers ARE a fine class of people, by and large. Think Walter O’malley Campanella or Alston…hell, think Scioscia!

          • shaman138 says:

            I have to admit, I’m liking the Dodgers a lot more right now than the stupid fucking snot-colored A’s. Their fans have just become total shithead haters ever since the Giants won the WS and moss and. co. are just some examples of that.

            • mailorderwife says:

              It’s hard to hate them too much, something I’ve learned while living here. Most Dodger fans hate the Giants and vice versa, but with less venom — unless they’re drunk and in the Dodger lot. We’re all still part of Califas.

              Now the Angels and their fans are part of Arizona, as far as I’m concerned. Screw them.

              As for the A’s fan, I like to imagine that the little man in the BART commercial is a their representative.

              • shaman138 says:

                Orange County fans might as well be from another planet. I still to this day can’t believe the Giants choked against Disneyland baseball in the WS and, worse yet, even the stupid Ducks have won a Cup while the Sharks are still barren.

    • xoot says:

      I have never had that much fun watching an AS game. Cain, the only pitcher to go 2 innings; Melky, watching CarGo strike out and stepping in knowing that a 98 mph FB was coming and, smack, lacing it into LCF; Buster letting the high FBs go by so Pablo could bat and blast one into the corner–what a ride.

      The AAA’s trolls are the worst. btw, I am 100% sure WBB is not soph.

  100. JDR says:

    Man, I’m sure everyone is (literally) sick of all this Penn State stuff, but any thoughts on the death penalty for their program? I think the NCAA has to do it if they want to have any credibility.

    • shaman138 says:

      That is absolutely what SHOULD happen but there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that it WILL happen. Too much $$$$ involved. The NCAA will slap them on the wrist, maybe suspend the program for a year or two just to save face, but they will not kill it for good.

      • Chico says:

        No question about it, and they could easily do it under “lack of institutional control”

        The whole thing disgusts me and for once, I agree with Bobby Bowden – tear down that Paterno statue. Shaman is probably right though, it’s all about the benjamins.

        They’ll probably get a few years of bowl/playoff ineligibility and schollies cut. If nothing happens, the NCAA is useless and corrupt.

      • JDR says:

        That’s basically what the death penalty is, at least for SMU: program terminated outright for one year and all players allowed to transfer with no loss of eligibility, no home games for the second year, then the typical scholarship/bowl penalties for the 2-3 years after that. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it basically forces them to rebuild the program from scratch. Hell, it took SMU 20 years just to get back to a bowl game.

        If Penn State had any integrity at all they would self-impose those conditions, but given what we’ve seen so far, that whole community seems entirely unable to distinguish itself from the football team and the image of “Joe Pa.”

        • Chico says:

          I was talking about the type of sanctions that they slapped on U$C (At the very least)… A full death penalty would be great.

          • Chico says:

            Just curious JDR, what College football team do you root for?

            • JDR says:

              Cal more or less, but I’m not anything close to a die-hard and will root for Stanford if they’re playing one of the more obnoxious teams (Oregon, University of Spoiled Children, anyone from the Big 12 South.) My school was a D-II and didn’t have a football team.

              • Chico says:

                Right on! Rooting for Cal football is not easy. We suck, then our program is on the rise, then our play calling becomes predictable, then we start to suck again – have a top 5 recruiting class lined up until our main recruiter ups and leaves for another school a couple of weeks before LOI day.. (he was recruiting kids for the other school on Cal’s dime). . Zach Kline will be a stud (redshirt F QB) Problem is we’ll have to wait a year at least. . We haven’t had any good QB play since Aaron Rogers left. .

                It’s not easy being a Cal fan. You’re lucky you’re not a die-hard cal fan, those fucks have taken at least 10 years off my life.

                Agreed on the Whoregon and $C thing too.

  101. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I said somewhere else that the penalty should be at least a 5 year suspension of the football program. I’d go 10 years. Or, say, make it the amount of time these assholes let Sandusky do his thing while Joe Pa, the pres, and the AD, etc. turned a blind eye to it. 14 years is about right. Disband the program, get rid of everyone. The clowns on ESPN moan about the players not having anything to do with this, why punish them, but sorry, they get caught in the wash. Sadly, the players are ALWAYS the ones that get screwed when a given school commits recruiting violations. Something this pervasive and hideous deserves major retribution. That school should forever be marked with a black eye over this.

    Joe Pa? Sorry. Glad you were busted with at least some of this before you died.

    • Chico says:

      They’re STILL sticking up for Joe Pa. Unfucking real. The way they think out there in rural Pennsylvania baffles me.

      • JDR says:

        Like I was saying before, those people have their personal identities invested in that program and Joe Paterno. On top of that, for the last three decades Penn State has had its own head up its ass about being the school that “does it right.” Outside of maybe Notre Dame, there’s no other college fanbase that is more self-righteous about its own image. To go from that to being mixed up the most disturbing scandal in college sports history has to be more than a little bit traumatic.

  102. unca_chuck says:

    Well, it would be like finding out Bill Walsh was a child killer or some shit like that. There would be some folks who would stick by him no matter what.

  103. sandy32koufax says:

    Love the “Hitchihker’s Guide To The Galaxy” reference, jdr…

  104. mailorderwife says:

    I read an argument by a poster on some Philly site that said something like “so If a Christian committed a crime, would you prosecute Jesus.” … Stupid.

    Someone has to be accountable here, and it will have to be the school. I’m sorry that so many people placed their trust in Joe Pa and the program, but there is a greater, more horrifying reality here. Even if this case is resolved, money is received and people go to prison, this won’t ever go away for the kids who suffered through the molestation. Maybe shutting down that program will be one way to alleviate some of the pain, knowing that the school was willing to shoulder some ethical responsibility for looking the other way.

  105. unca_chuck says:

    What a fucking game tonight, They’d better fgure out how to win this in extras.

  106. mailorderwife says:

    Did this place go belly up?

  107. JDR says:

    Nah, just a little quiet period until the next time the Splash mods piss us all off and we leave again

    • shaman138 says:

      We’re also really enjoying watching mosswhack and his fellow trolls step in their own bullshit again and again.

  108. unca_chuck says:

    Funny thing is, the A’s are actually pretty entertaining these days. If those morons would pay attention to their team, they might get a little enjoyment out of life . . .

  109. xoot says:

    Back in the most recent time when both teams were playing well, early 2000s, I was pleased to see the A’s in the playoffs along with the Giants. Since Wolff bought the A’s, and since 2010, some A’s fans have just gone insane. Those people deserve a losing team. But, I have to say, the fans at the Giants/A’s game I went to in Oakland last month were just fine. Maybe the crazy A’s fans never go to games at all. I guess the rules of probability make that pretty likely, huh?

  110. unca_chuck says:

    The A’s games I’ve been to the crowd is verrrrry sedate. Even when the bash bros were all the rage, a game vs Boston would barely raise a cheer. Throw up dot racing on the scoreboard and the crowd goes nuts. Back then, 6,000 Giants fans were louder and more intense than 35,000 A’s fans. I could never get, especially when you take into account the absolute lunacy of the Raider fans back then.

  111. Chico says:

    New blog post needed ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anything will do. Too many comments to scroll through. I want to get my monies worth ๐Ÿ™‚

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