Foul behavior over balls

First off, great comeback win for the Giants today, Pagan has certainly shut some mouths over the last week or so. But on another note…

For the most part I try to avoid going on too many rants. The whole point of this blog was to give us an open place to talk Giants and the posts are really only there to push along the conversation every couple of days. But in this case I felt the need to have a bit of a rant on the subject of foul balls. In case you missed it, there was an incident in Texas last night, and it has sparked a bit of a debate over how to deal with foul balls.

So I felt the need to vent a bit on the subject. Ready? Okay, here goes…

If you’re over the age of 18, shut the fuck up and give the ball to a kid. You are a grown goddamn adult, act like it.

I did get a foul ball once at a Giants/Rockies game in Denver when I was a kid. The Giants 3rd base coach saw that I was the only kid in the area wearing a Giants hat and he tossed me the ball.

It was a great memory, and I cherished the ball. Right up until the time I got into high school, got a paying job and touched my first real live boob. Oh, I still did (and do) love the Giants and the experience of going to a game, but now a foul ball is a piece of leather wrapped around some twine and an autograph is just some guy writing his name on a piece of paper. Baseballs are okay, but boobs are AWESOME!

This is called growing up. You learn that certain things which held wonder and value as a child really don’t matter all that much as an adult. It has nothing to do with becoming a hardened cynic or losing your sense of whimsy, it’s the common fucking sense that comes with sprouting pubes and becoming self-aware.

Don’t get me wrong, if Ryan Theriot pops one over the screen and it manages to land in my hand I’m still going to hold it in the air and jump around like I just won the Showcase Showdown, but then my better judgement is going to kick in and that ball is going to the nearest kid in a Giants shirt.

There’s celebrating your inner child and then there’s letting him take control over your better judgement. Catching a foul ball is nice and all, but in the end it’s just a goddam baseball, and indulging the little kid in your mind is a hell of a lot less important than making the real kid next to you a baseball fan for life.

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8 Responses to Foul behavior over balls

  1. xoot says:

    That photograph bit toward the end of the vid capped it for me. I hate those two people.

    • shaman138 says:

      Yeah, they’re pretty gruesome. They remind me a lot of a lot of the phony, transplant yuppie scum who have been running SF into the ground with their noveau, tech-boom bullshit money. They try to posture and act “hip” but really don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves and love to rub it in.

  2. shaman138 says:

    Meanwhile, an awesome comeback win and there’s no lead story about it on the ‘gate, even though the last few days any loss or bad story about the Giants has been THE lead story on the front page. Somebody over there really hates the Giants, that’s for sure….

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, when Pac Bell first opened, it was aswarm with yuppie laptop-toting weenies taking up all the good seats. It was fairly commonplace to see folks not even looking up for innings at a time. The thing with the kid is just bad form. The kid is obviously bummed at not getting the ball, and they giggle and preen like a couple of 12 year olds instead of the adults they are supposed to be.

    All that being said, if I ever got a foul or home run ball, I’d be hard-pressed to lose it. I’ve been trying to get a ball for 45 years and countless games. Unless there was a little kid nearby. I’m usually surrounded by drunken fools anyway, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

  4. filthychangeup says:

    Well, on the plus side we now know what Mollie711 looks like. The worst part is the replay with the kid grasping in vain towards the ball. Great way to wrap up the road trip and the type of comeback win I was hoping for in the other two games. We’re well versed in Pagan’s cold streak so it’s pleasing to see the hot streak coming on. I’d be nice to see Melky get a day to rest but he’ll be the first one to fight it. Does Bochy play the rapidly-cooling-off Schierholtz or leave him in for his home D?

  5. xoot says:

    I had to follow the game by mlb gameday mini today, but comcast has a reply tonight that I’m enjoying. Cabrera and Pagan had some moments today, as, of course, did Casilla. The offseason moves are looking good; the BP situation is looking up. A momentous May schedule spreads before them.

  6. Chico says:

    Great rant, agree 100%! Never got a foul ball, but I did get a few back in the day when my dad would take me to the stick early and grab BP home run balls (LF). Got one from K-Mitchell and The Caveman (who can forget the stick that Don swung)?.. I can’t believe that the couple was gloating like that and to make matters worse, bust out the iphone and ‘lets take pictures’.. I applaud the kids dad for keeping his cool. . . I probably would have said something.

    Looking forward to the series VS the Poodres. . We’re back home, this weekend is supposed to very nice (68-Sat, 70-Sun) and that’s on the coast. You guys will get even better weather where you reside (I miss the east bay weather).. Just cleaned my grill, got a little radio for the deck out back to listen to the games & Lurie. . Happy Orange Friday.

  7. dirtnrocksnomo says:

    I agree. Boobies are awesome.

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