“Our f**king troubles are over, Dude.”

So the Niners addressed their wide receiver issue. Sort of. A future hall of fame player is now on the roster. For whatever that’s worth.

Randy Moss has agreed to a one-year contract following a personal workout with Jim Harbaugh. Apparently he had enough in the tank to impress the coaching staff and a few of the players who were at the facility. And given the speed with which he signed a deal you have to believe that the only question Harbaugh had was whether he’d lost a step.

While you can’t really question the team’s decision making in the Harbaugh reign, this one is a bit perplexing. Yes, they need receivers, but there are a ton of guys on the market who are younger than Moss and don’t have a reputation for poisoning locker rooms. That second part is potentially a big deal for a young team that won last year in large part due to strong team chemistry.

Then again, we’ve already seen some head-scratchers that turned out to be brilliant decisions by Baalkbaugh. Remember the injured DE they reached for with the #7 pick in the draft? Or perhaps the underachieving corner they brought in to replace Nate Clements? Or all the special teams guys they clogged up the roster with?

The management built up a ton of credibility over the last 12 months, so with that in mind I’ll go ahead and call this decision “confusing” rather than “completely stupid” for now.

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17 Responses to “Our f**king troubles are over, Dude.”

  1. xoot says:

    Harbaugh thinks he can deal with a problem HOF vet. He may be right.

  2. Chico says:

    Oops, a new blog post! (I was posting on the previous blog post) I see it as a low risk signing. Its a one year deal, and if he pops off or doesn’t hustle, he’s cut. Its his last chance so I would think that he would have the incentive to give it his all and go out on a high note. There is still work to be done regarding our WR’s though, either through the draft or another FA.

    The biggest news today re: Niner football was the signing of Larry Grant IMO. When the All-Pro and world beater P-Willis went down with an injury this year, Grant stepped in and played AWESOME (capitalized on purpose). We almost didn’t miss a beat. He’s good against the run, and drops back into coverage very well. A Solid back up IMO who can step in at any time especially in a 3-4 system where we need a surplus of LB’s.

  3. shaman138 says:

    It’s amazing how Soph/WBB actually gets some respect on the Niner Insider….and he’s been spamming it up over there. He doesn’t know shit about football, though–and his hideous comments on the Raiders blogs when Al Davis dies shows just what a miserable ghoul he really is. Honestly, would a gorgeous, wealthy 20-year-old scion who’s so busy with pre-law studies that she doesn’t have any time for college life spend all of her precious free time spamming a football blog at midnight on a Monday night?

  4. shaman138 says:

    You get the feeling Susan Slusser isn’t really into covering the A’s ST beat when the opening line to the new Drumbeat post goes like this:

    “Is it even news when Yoenis Cespedes and Manny Ramirez are playing any more? They do seem to be the most compelling figures in camp, and there’s not much of note otherwise today.”

    Poor Susan–the A’s have become a sad joke.

    • xoot says:

      A’s fans on the blogs are consumed by hatred this spring. Either they hate Wolff/Fisher or they hate the Giants. Some of them try to pay attention to the team, but it rings false. Unless Cespedes turns into ROY, their season looks dismal.

  5. sandy32koufax says:

    Moss having anything left besides bile would be surprising to me.

    As for him being a ‘leader’ to younger players, he will either ”fly right” from the gitgo or be waived [ronto…

    Not a niner fan but Harbaugh doesn’t fuck around…it’s his way or the highway…

  6. sandy32koufax says:

    er, …or be waived Pronto…

  7. mailorderwife says:

    Anyone here like basketball? If so, why did the GSW just get Stephen Jackson back :< I wanted a no refund policy there.

    • xoot says:

      I nearly gave up on NBA a few years ago. (March Madness, now that’s basketball.) But this Warriors trade is all about Bogut, the 7’2″ Croat/by way of Australia who was a number one draft pick a few years back. (I remember him as a college star.) I hear a lot about him being “injury prone,” but his stats show a lot of games played, and his most serious injury appears to have been a minor ankle sprain. So some will tell you the Warriors got rid of the next Latrell S. and gained a legit big man. (I enjoyed watching Monta fly, but his character looks pretty callow.) Jackson’s a side story, I think.

      • xoot says:

        I’ve seen people on the blogs claiming that Bogut broke his ankle. I don’t think that’s right. At another point in his pro career, he did fall and break some arm bones. So maybe he is accident prone (but not injury prone?).

  8. xoot says:

    I just checked the Cal score. My comcast package doesn’t carry “trutv.” Guess I should be glad it doesn’t. Damn. On the way home from work tonight I heard the pre-game show. Half the players on South Florida Univ. transferred there, in mid-collegiate career, from much bigger Div. I schools. Bunch of flunk-out mercenaries, if you ask me. I hate to see Jorge Gutierrez get bounced by that ilk. But there you go. Now I can turn my attention to that pristine program that I support (I’m not kidding, about the support part) — Kentucky. Go Cats!

    • Chico says:

      I think the Cats got a great shot, would love to see some Cinderella stuff though.

      I turned the game off in the second half, couldn’t watch. Like I said, being a Cal fan comes with ulcers, but I’ll be one for life (barring anything crazy happening)

      I was just reading the drumbeat, apparently Mosshack just became an A’s fan in 1990. LOL!

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