So it seems Hines Ward is out there…

The Niners need a receiver or two, and one of the best of this era is now on the market. The question is, does Hines Ward have anything left? After 14 years even the best receivers are diminished. And even though Ward never relied to heavily on his speed, he’s not going to be the guy he was five or six years ago.

But what if they draft a wideout early (say Alshon Jeffery or Stephen Hill?) Then the thought of having the renowned work ethic of Hines Ward to push Crabtree, Morgan and the rookie makes the deal far more beneficial, even if Ward isn’t able to put up great numbers on Sundays.

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29 Responses to So it seems Hines Ward is out there…

  1. shaman138 says:

    Hmmm….of course, it would depend on Ward’s asking price, considering they just signed Ahmad Brooks to a lucrative deal. And it would also depend on the yound WRs they would potentially draft. At least Ward isn’t an over-the-hill diva….I’d agree that he would be a great mentor to a young WR corp just drafted out of college. And, of course, at least the 9ers have draft picks, unlike another team I won’t mention……

  2. unca_chuck says:

    I’d go after Mike Wallace if I was the Niners. He’d cost at least a 1st round pick, but with the 30th, not a huge loss. Wallace is young and fast, and has proven solid numbers.

    • JDR says:

      It might depend on what they think of the mid-range draft class. If they see a few Josh Morgan types in the 2-4 round area, it would make sense to hold onto the 30 spot and take whichever lineman/DB/TE that falls to them in the first. If they’re thinking they’ll have to go wideout early, then it makes a ton of sense to sign a proven guy in Wallace. I’m not sure what he’s asking, but it can’t be much more than what they’d have to pay a first round pick.

  3. xoot says:

    As always, I appreciate discussion among the football cognescenti. Just wanted to note: On the splash today yogi/sonofabastard/feliznavydad et al (and et al) put up a post describing a call he’d made to the Marty Lurie show. Might keep that in mind next time you happen to listen in to one of those post-game debacles.

    • xoot says:


      • Chico says:

        Any coincidence that FIPWHIPBABIP, our old friend Kenny is back? I see some similarities between feliznavydad and Kenny, accusing other posters of being other posters. That guy feliznavydad is a nut job!

          • xoot says:

            soab never left, chuck, he just used other names (many other names). These days he is definitely feliznavydad. Kenny (and his various names) acts like soab on crack.

        • shaman138 says:

          I’m all but positive they are the same nutcase, and I’m pretty sure Yogi is Soph/Ninerguy, too.

          • Chico says:

            Back then I just commented on the main Giants articles, not so much the Splash but Xoot let me know a little about Yogi’s background posting there.

            Kenny made a post about killing an intruder with a computer monitor today, that sounds more like the Hangar, or are they all the same person? I’m fucking confused.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Colston will likely go back to NO. Bowe is going to be tagged, but there ARE a ton of FA WRs out there. Garcon would be fairly easy to get, but he turned down a 5 year, $35 mill deal.

  5. mailorderwife says:

    You can watch the Giants play an intrasquad game and take BP right now at This makes me happy!

  6. shaman138 says:

    Man, the Splash trolls are just fucking fixated on anything Buster Posey….a new post comes up about Buster and they attack it like vampires attack fresh blood. They’re a variation of Pavlov’s Dogs….call them Posey’s Wolves. So fucking weird…how can some people be filled with such envy and regret that they slobber over any possible bad news and/or injury to a successful young baseball player?

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Xoot, I kinda lost touch with the Insider and the Splash. Between Hangar, SOAD, and FlyingV68 (now bullitwongrazor), I just couldn’t take wading through all the bullshit to read the good stuff there. The Splash is an utter disaster now. The insider is better, but not by much. The funny thing about the insider is they now update the thread about 6 times a day, so you can’t really get a good stream going.

    I’m fine between Flav’s blog, here, and my blog.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    The pisser is what the moderators do (or don’t do) to maintain some sense of order. Oh well. In the end, it’s just less shit to look at, I suppose.

    • Chico says:

      SFGate is the most pathetically moderated site I have ever visited. Agreed, when Football season comes around I’ll be either here or on your blog Chuck. Some cool cats over there, particularly the guy who lives in the Philippines.

      The way Niner insider blog posts pop up every 5 minutes during a game, you’d have to be a tweaker to keep up with that Shit.

  9. Chico says:

    Lets go Giants!

  10. Chico says:

    I’m trying. A little help here fellas!

  11. mailorderwife says:

    Barry Zito debuts today. I know people don’t like him, but let’s not forget how he had the team’s back when hit Prince Fielder in the booty during ST.

    • Chico says:

      Or how he took one for the team and stayed off the roster in 2010 without complaining about it. He’s got class, I just hope he can eat up some innings this year without giving up all kinds of runs. Short leash.

      • mailorderwife says:

        Yeah…he took his lumps with grace, even going on that mystery disabled list late last year. Aaron Rowand, on the other hand…

  12. unca_chuck says:

    83 isn’t going to cut it. Show any patience and you;ll get the BP fastball.

    Actually that’s SLOWER than a BP fastball. . .

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