Guest Post: SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS vs. OAKLAND/SAN JOSE A’s, coming to a courthouse near you?

Below is a guest post from Xoot with his 2 cents on the various wranglings behind the San Jose saga…

When the owners’ group forced Bill Neukom out while the Giants were still in the division race last season, I began to worry a bit about what was going on in the board room. A few recent events cause me further concern.

Last Friday, 12/2/11, a front group calling itself Stand for San Jose filed a lawsuit in Santa Clara County Superior Court to block San Jose from selling a real estate option to one company Lew Wolff has formed as part of his effort to build a new stadium. AP ran a story on the lawsuit on Saturday; since then, some short follow-on stories have appeared, but I’ve seen nothing new in the Chronicle or on sfgate. Everyone seems to agree that the San Jose Giants are funding the lawsuit. Actually, however, it looks like the majority owner of the San Jose Giants is funding it. That majority owner is the San Francisco Giants. (See the last paragraph on this page)

Although the “respondents” (essentially, the defendants) in the lawsuit are the City of San Jose, et al., the “real party in interest” named in the lawsuit is the Oakland A’s. The SF Giants, in effect, have found a way to sue the A’s without violating the MLB Constitution, which, as I read it, in “Article VI,” prohibits lawsuits between franchises. ( Instead, all such disputes are subject to arbitration, before the Commissioner. Who knows, maybe the A’s will respond to the lawsuit with a motion to compel arbitration.) But there’s more.

Yesterday, as part of a press conference convened to announce Oakland’s intent to keep the A’s, Mayor Jean Quan in Oakland unveiled a plan for “Coliseum City,” a three-stadium project, that could be built at the current Coliseum site. The artist’s “rendering” of the project prominently portrayed a football stadium in the foreground, less prominently included an Oracle-Arena-like building next door, and then, way off in the right-hand corner, depicted just the slightest hint of a baseball stadium, behind a big hotel. You might as well call it Perfunctory Park.

I followed Mayor Quan’s press conference on a KQED twitter feed. The KQED reporter said, at one point, that Mayor Quan described talks she’d had the SF Giants, in which the Giants told her they intended to keep the A’s move to San Jose tied up in court for ten years. I can’t find any other news report about the remark. Last night on the Drumbeat, however, Vlae Kershner repeated it. First, referring to the A’s trading Cahill to the DBacks, he posted:

vk 9:10 PM on December 9, 2011

Look what the A’s are doing. Every move, every word, says “We’re trading everything and won’t try to contend until we get to San Jose. We don’t care if we draw less people in Oakland than the old Montreal Expos.” . . .They’ve burned all bridges with Oakland. They’ve built up a sense of inevitability to get the votes to crush the Giants’ opposition to them moving to San Jose. Hell, they’re even giving pieces to the team the Giants has to fear the most. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make another deal with Arizona in July (like Ziggy in 2011), the hatred between the two Bay Area clubs is so strong.

I responded (I’ve omitted the colorful stuff):

sharpdrestman 9:31 PM on December 9, 2011

That’s either ridiculous, or you know behind the scenes details we don’t. Why the hate? Giants fans don’t care about the A’s at all. Who hates whom?

Vlae Kershner responded:

vk 9:42 PM on December 9, 2011

When the Giants told the mayor of Oakland, “don’t worry, we can tie them up in court for 10 years,” that’s a declaration of war to the A’s owners (who have more money than the Giants owners). This is going to be really nasty.

I didn’t see Vlae Kershner’s response until this morning. I put up a post objecting to the “tie them up in court” comment as uncorroborated. (I want to hear the Giants side of the story.)

The out-sized outrage that A’s fans are developing toward the Giants is fairly understandable. I know, I know—they’ve been frustrated at every turn, and the territorial dispute is just a new chapter in A’s dysfunctionality. But I don’t much like the way the Giants are fighting over the San Jose territory, and my dislike there dove-tails with my concern about Neukom’s bizarre departure. What’s going on in that board room? I do not want to see the hostility between Giants fans and A’s fans turn ugly. I sort of like the way the Angels are taking on the Dodgers in L.A. Forget the lawsuits. Compete on the field.


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14 Responses to Guest Post: SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS vs. OAKLAND/SAN JOSE A’s, coming to a courthouse near you?

  1. mailorderwife says:

    So the A’s ownership guts the team and refuses to put a winner on the field until they are able to re-locate to San Jose. And VK believes the team’s downfall is the fault of the Giants? Wow…

  2. JDR says:

    BTW let’s keep this on a broader “Giants fans-A’s fans” level and not get personal here. VK seems like a good guy and I really don’t want this to be some bizarre Chron/Gate editor vendetta thing. I’m sure Xoot’s point is less about VK personally and more about the general perception we’re getting from A’s fans.

    • mailorderwife says:

      To be honest, VK’s actions have allowed more traffic on other baseball blogs. While his remarks are not significant, his actions are. It’s clear that his bias harms most of us who have gotten our posts removed/banned/crucifixtion, and he may be laying the seeds for more Gate wars where Giant fans get removed.

      That being said, it’s an argument, although I find their venom directed at the wrong party. People in LA knew the problem was McCourt, and A’s fan should look to Wolff as the only person holding back any progress of the team. If he does hold out for as long as possible until he *might* be able to relocate to San Jose, he will lose the dominant East Bay fan base. Silly man.

  3. Nipper says:

    The A’s are doomed with Wolff around. He should just get out and let younger guys take over the leadership of this franchise. This ownership is finished. San Jose will vote this ball park down even if MLB says okay. They just don’t give a damn for the A’s. Sure they like the Sharks but that hockey fan base is much smaller.

  4. xoot says:

    VK’s corroboration of the “tied up ten years in court” comment is one item that’s significant to me. He probably had a reporter at the press conference. But I also think generally VK’s saying what a lot of A’s fans are thinking and feeling about the Giants right now. I’m trying to look at both teams and at the fans on both sides, not just at one fan.

  5. I’m actually an A’s fan so I don’t understand the ”why’s” of the Mossbaboons’ or VKs’ being pissed at Jints fans instead of Woof…sure, the G’s are tying the A’s move up for as long as possible (PERHAPS) but let’s be realistic here…the ONLY detriment of any consequence to the A’s being a good and competitive team (of late) has been, and continues to be, Lewbaby.

    Following xoots’ line from the post, VK has been prejudicial towards any and everyone expressing anti-Athletics comments. Slusser doesn’t do this, neither does Schulman. That said, Vlae seems to not care how transparent his bias truly is. He is an A’s fan that has been second only to mothhead, and whoever McGuillicuddy (sp?) has become, in railing on the Giants and Gfans for the A’s troubles…

  6. Chico says:

    If that statement is true, I can understand the A’s frustration. As for VK, I hope the A’s continue to be cellar dwellers and I know that after Luck leaves, Stanford football will return to mediocrity once again. There’s an obvious bias about him that ticks me off and he’s not very professional. I have another friend on that site who was blocked (Xoot knows who I’m talking about) for making arbitrary comments in reference to Blazing Saddles, and e mailed me the e-mail exchange that he had with VK. He’s not as bright as people think he is. He’s a Furd grad in charge of a tabloid-like newspaper. I know a few Furd grads, one is a lawyer, one specializes in nanotechnology (has his own patents and is crazy rich) and the other is a surgeon (who also has her own patent). I’ll be staying away from the Splash for a while, that site doesn’t deserve the traffic.

  7. shaman138 says:

    This “counter-troll” post pretty much says it all about the Splash…that blog is doomed. Figured I’d share it before it got deleted, since trolls have their way there now but any comment countering their passive-aggressive garbage gets removed…Fuck that place

    “luvthemdodgers 6:24 PM on December 13, 2011
    The Splash is populated by adult virgins, travel writers with no passion for their job, people who feel no attraction toward their ugly shapeless wives, those who are bored with life overall and a small handful of Giants fans. If the losers would just spend their lives in the bar, annoying some blue collar stiff, the Giants fans remaining here would probably be really happy.

    I’ll start. I’m an uninteresting travel writer with an ugly wife and I’m going to go out drinking now. Good night y’all.”

  8. mailorderwife says:

    Well, on another note of cheer, and this would be real cheer…

    I was at Disney’s year end employee party (husband) and was sitting on the Space Mountain coaster seat getting set to take off when about 5 people started to point and scream at me. Sure enough, they saw my Orange Giants hoodie and I saw their black and orange. We all started to scream. We’re everywhere :>

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