Giants celebrating a Pagan holiday

Yeah… I had to crack the bad joke. Sorry.

It seems the Pagan/Ramirez for Torres trade is generating a lot of discussion. Opinions range from an upgrade and solid leadoff presence to a straight swap in talent at CF with the loss of a valuable bullpen arm.

I’m of the mind that Pagan is at least a modest if not respectable upgrade over Torres. His career average numbers put him well above Torres, and if last year was an abberation from solid 2009-2010 seasons, Giants fans will definitely see the difference.

There’s no questioning Ramirez has been putting up great numbers, but he was still the 3rd-4th guy in the bullpen. Lopez and Romo have the setup spots filled and Wilson is going to be the closer for the forseeable future. They also have a few arms in the minors and Runzler/Mota also in the fold. Ramirez is a damn good pitcher, but in this bullpen he was a situational righty, and they don’t get much more expendable than that.

And they might not be done with the deals just yet. Baggarley reports that they might be in the advanced stages of another deal which could include Jeff Keppinger and an unnamed AL club…

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44 Responses to Giants celebrating a Pagan holiday

  1. If no other reason than to irk mossbaby, I’m hoping that ”unnamed AL club” is the A’s…

  2. shaman138 says:

    JDR–Pagan/Ramirez for Torres trade? I think you mean Torres/Ramirez for Pagan trade–multi-tasking again?

  3. xoot says:

    Pagan’s numbers are almost identical hitting RH/LH, and they’re pretty good. Last year he slid a bit, but his career stats are promising. Torres only had one good year. It was a very good year, of course. But he had huge trouble from the right side of the plate last year. And Pagan’s 3 years younger, and a speedster. So I think everything about Pagan is either comparable to Torres, or an upgrade, except his D. We will endure a few spectacular fuck ups out there near the 421 sign this season. Maybe his WAR rating will mollify.

  4. Chico says:

    Who thinks Pujols is 31?

  5. unca_chuck says:

    It’s really a deal about the here and now anyway. If they get 4 good years out of Pujols, and a couple championships, then they are giddy beyond belief. They’ll gladly eat the rest later. The Angles want to stomp on the Dodgers now that they are down in the dumps. And they want to make their run. This puts them in a pretty good position for the next few years.

    • Nipper says:

      Angels must be superior to a trolleydodger!

    • mailorderwife says:

      Angel Stadium has way better access since Amtrak stops directly at the stadium. They have also been trying to build around the stadium to build an AT&T/Petco vibe around the park, but that doesn’t seem to work much. Both SF and SD were smart enough to fill surrounding areas with local businesses that have character. Angels Stadium has a giant, annoying parking lot and a lot of shitty common restaurants around it such as Panda Express. Also, So Cal is a driving type of place and people despise walking on anything that doesn’t have a giant rubber belt, handles and a speed/cardio monitor.

      I hate the Dodgers, but Angels are going to have to win — and for a very long time — to supplant the boys in blue as the local favorites.

      Plus, the Angels have fake rocks in their outfield.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Saw these guys in the early 80s, mainly because Terry Bozzio had done some really good stuff with Frank Zappa in the 70s. Dale had done some singing with Zappa as well. Quite the show . . . God, how old am I?

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Ahhh. First show was Chuck Berry in 1973 . . . at the Circle Star no less . . .

  8. My old man worked at KFOG and KKHI so we got free tix to every concert we wanted to attend…name a venue, we went…styles of music didn’t matter, we liked everything from Sinatra to Mozart-EXCEPT Cowboy music…he got me tix to tonsa ”Day On The Greens” until I came home drunk…

    Andy Gibb? Really? I never would have figured you for liking him, mow…Ronnie Dio or Robert Palmer maybe…

    • mailorderwife says:

      Andy Gibb was free concerts. Girlfriends dragged me there.

      I did go to see Queen in ’75. I was an impressionable young one back then. Never got into Dio or Robert Palmer as I was really into 70’s funk/black music and, of course, punk. I was your typical improvished angry young punk which brought me to the SF music scene. Back then, it was The Dils, The Avengers. Good stuff :>

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Shit, we arrived drunk at those OD on the Greens. It got progressively weirder from there . . .

    Saw Chicago/Beach Boys in 1976, and Skynyrd in 1977.I think I saw all the DOGs in 1978 (Stones, Aerosmith, Nugent). Last one I went to was Pink Floyd in 1988.

    • We did too…had a friend that put on free concerts in GG park and Stern Grove, he used to have all-nighters before we drove to OCO…I went to those concerts…I saw AC/DC and made fun of the name of the band…UFO…Trower, of COURSE Frampton and my last was at the ‘stick for the Stones in ninety-something…

      Shit…maybe I AM old…my last concert was James Taylor and Carole King in SJ

    • mailorderwife says:

      OH wow…I went to Day on the Greens crap. Saw way too much J. Geils, and Aerosmith was always the horrible default act. I actually paid to see Ted Nugent, and five minutes into his show. Loved AC/DC. I forget the other shows. Too much weed, although I remember seeing some dude with a long, grey beard. Frank Marino? I don’t even now the name. Saw LOTS of The Who, who wrote my favorite teenage angst music.

      I will never forgive The Who for allowing Baba O’Reilly to be a theme song in A Bugs Life.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Heh heh heh. The Who and the Clash was one of the better Day-on-the-Greens. T-Bone Burnette opened up. He of all the Grammys he recently won for his production of Robert Plant and Allison Krause. We got like 20 rows from the stage. Incredible show. Saw Blackfoot open for the Who indoors there a few years before that. I can still hear Highway Song . . .

        Nugent and Blue Oyster Cult was a great show. I think that was the one UFO opened. Or AC/DC. They both opened a couple DOGs. Aerosmith was epically horrible. Half the crowd was gone by the time they finished. By the end, the crowd was booing and laughing at them.

        • mailorderwife says:

          Aerosmith was always a joke in concert, yah? Very boring

          I was at the Who/Clash show. First time I saw the Clash, Mick Jones would tune Paul Simonon’s bass in between songs. I was also at their last concert when they broke up and reverted to first album songs. The dance floor cleared out of people who were expecting to hear “Should I Stay Or Should I Go.” Good stuff :>

          Oh, I also remember some fundies coming over and asking if I had some albums they would like destroyed for Jesus. I gave them a “Cat Scratch Fever” album, which was the only Ted Nugent music I had in the house.

          • JDR says:

            I’m very jealous, MOB. I really wish I’d gotten a chance to catch Joe Strummer before he died. You got lucky, their early stuff was the best. Other than rock the casbah and should I stay or should I go, they did their good work early on.

            • Chico says:

              Someone said Robin Trower?

              Good stuff! My first concert was a “Metallica concert”, Lalapoolooza at Spartan stadium in San Jose.. Metallica and Soundgarden were the big bands featured. I think I did everything that night.

  10. Chico says:

    “Look what the A’s are doing. Every move, every word, says “We’re trading everything and won’t try to contend until we get to San Jose. We don’t care if we draw less people in Oakland than the old Montreal Expos.” Twenty-eight other teams and 90 percent of the agents know this now, they say it on MLB Network, even casual fans of Eastern teams say it. They’ve burned all bridges with Oakland. They’ve built up a sense of inevitability to get the votes to crush the Giants’ opposition to them moving to San Jose. Hell, they’re even giving pieces to the team the Giants has to fear the most. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make another deal with Arizona in July (like Ziggy in 2011), the hatred between the two Bay Area clubs is so strong.”

    Posted by VK… There you go folks.. That guy is a major league partisan douche-bag who is in charge of SFGATE. Fuck…

    • mailorderwife says:

      VK is a flaccid moron.

      That aside, it is interesting to read the opinions of the Warriors coming back to San Francisco. I hate basketball but my friend, a hardcore Cleveland Cavs fan, always speaks with great admiration of the Warrior fan base. If the Warriors move back to San Francisco, there is no assurance that the Alameda County-strong fan base will follow.

      Will A’s fans go to San Jose, or will they even chip into the Giants loyal base? What if the San Jose Giants, forced to move their org with the arrival of the A’s, decide to move their team to, say, Walnut Creek or Hayward? A’s are not guaranteed anything if they move, except for more corporate sales and a new stadium in exciting (uh) San Jose. The owner has alienated its important fan base and wants to grab a whole new set from the Giants.

      As for San Jose, I don’t care if your population exceeds San Francisco. SJ is a city void of any charm, although it has two redeeming features: 1) the Sharks; and 2) my father’s friend, who has aquablue velvet furniture and carpeting throughout his house.

  11. mailorderwife says:

    Okay…Ryan Braun tested positive for PED.

    That trophy should have gone to Kemp (if he were clean, which I believe he was).

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