Harbaughl I goes to John, now what?

Everyone out of their food comas? Good.

The Niners suffered their first loss in over two months last night, falling to the Ravens on Thanksgiving. The defense was great, but the offense looked every bit of a team traveling to the East Coast on four days preparation to face an elite offense.

Still, despite roughly 5 dozen sacks, they were a couple questionable calls away from taking it down to the wire.

Going forward, they need a couple more wins to wrap up the division, and that should be the focus. Harbaugh will benefit from a ton of tape on his team getting beat off the blitz, so the protection should get better.

Rough loss, but is there any reason to be less than optimistic going forward?

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27 Responses to Harbaughl I goes to John, now what?

  1. Chico says:

    We were due for a loss. It didn’t bother me like a loss usually does because the cards were stacked against the Niners and the Ravens are a good football team. The OL needs work that’s for sure. I got hammered last night (along with my brother and cousins), made a drunk post on the game story and it’s the # 2 comment, LOL!. I see the mass deletion of comments are back on the Splash. Mr_88’s comment was just removed for saying, get this, “menudo”

    I saw some other comments blaming Alex Smith, WTF? he didn’t stand a chance with the pressure they were getting. Cal against Arizona state tonight @ 7:15 pm on ESPN if anyone is bored and wants to watch some mediocre football. I just hope the Bears pull off a win and make it to the Target Bowl. A loss would send us the the WalMart Bowl (read the news 😉

  2. Chico says:

    uglyfinder *

    The people with the asterisk have commented here. How about some more traffic guys and gals?

    Why post on the Splash? It’s a trollfest now. Come on now, the splash is infested with trolls (maybe that’s what you like) but IMO that blog is finished. I can understand defending our hometown baseball blog but at what cost? Is it really worth the bullshit? Fire away… Bears won!

    • mailorderwife says:

      Preach it! The whole “menudo” banning is off the chain…maybe VK doesn’t like menudo and would rather have his usual snack of Cheetos and scrapple.

      The trolls are no entertaining although the responses by the tried and true crowd are hilarious. I enjoy the detective work and the biting sarcasm. But there is really no place like this place :>

    • Nipper says:

      Twinfan = Jack Crabby

      • Chico says:

        I know nipper. He also used to have an avatar that was an older baseball played in black in white. I think he was banned because someone threatened his daughter and he blew a gasket. I would have done the same if someone threatened a family member of mine.

        • shaman138 says:

          That would be “stann”…he’s too stupid to be one of the “regular” trolls like Yogi or…uh…well…Yogi.

          • JDR says:

            One way to ferret stann out is to start talking about KNBR. He can’t seem to help himself from getting all worked up about the station. Say something nice about Gary Radnich and Stann will start foaming at the mouth.

  3. Nipper says:

    The Niners should have a strong game against the pathetic RAMS! Home cooking is much better. After the game just think……..10 WINS! Damn its been a long time coming! A very long time indeed!

    • Nipper says:

      Of course I’m a week ahead of schedule. Still the Niners will have plenty of prep time for those RAMS!

      • Let’s do some simple math:

        Niners@9-2 + Rams@2-8 (possibly 3-8 or 2-9) = a Niner win…anything less than a blowout = a loss…

        Smith looked great for 30 minutes, even smirking and laughing in the faces of those defenders he outran for that 1st down just before the half…he looked (rightfully so, btw) afraid to take snaps under center or stand in the pocket.

        O-line needs serious help/work if the Niners are going deep in the playoffs…

  4. xoot says:

    I prefer this place. No bullshit, no cheap shots. Real fans.
    But for some reason I feel an obligation to spend some time defending the sfgate Giants blog against the trolls.

    • I like taking cheap shots at those idjits over on the splash…especially tools like mac and moss baby, two (one-in-the-same? Hmm…) jaggoffs that revel in their hypocrisy…

      They are much easier targets simply because they see themselves as victimized when comments are directed at them in the same manner they employ towards others…


      Go Rams, Go Ray-Duhs!

      • Chico says:

        Two different people, I think. McGill isn’t a bad guy and he’s argued with mosshack in the past on the dumbbeat. Now he just follows mosshack around like his little bitch, makes posts on the splash and then removes them after people respond. He’s a puss.

    • shaman138 says:

      Those clowns are so stupid it’s worth it to go after them…especially who from here on out I’ll call the Obvious Child….that would be Kenny/Barry/Yogi/Condo/Ninersoph, etc. etc. etc……his style of writing is so transparent in spite of all of his alter egos and different accounts that it’s laughable. Walnut Creek must suck this time of year.

  5. Nipper says:

    Today the RAIDERS should knock off those BEARS! Contain their running game and intercept their back-up QB!

  6. Chico says:

    Fuck the splash, fuck the raiders and fuck citizens united.

  7. JDR says:

    More posts might help keep people coming back, would any of you folks be interested in helping me out with the writing?

  8. cliff says:

    We were just a couple of plays away from giving the Ravens a run for the money. Kudos to Smith for hanging in there like he did. It was a very hard fought game and even though their D line smoked us I think with a couple of bounces our way they would have had to adjust their game plan. If nothing else it was a good reality check and at this point in our season probably a good thing in the long run.

    What I find funny about Moss and Cud is that they always have to have the last word, kinda like my ex wife.

  9. Chico says:

    Is see VK chimed in at the splash. Who got blocked?

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