The question of Angel Villalona

Sorry for being scarce, folks. Business trip took up most of the week.

But now we have an interesting development over in Giants-land. It seems Angel Villalona might just be on his way back to the organization.

When we last left Villalona, he was fighting to move beyond a lingering off-the-field distraction. It seems the Giants power-hitting prospect got into a little altercation at a bar in the Dominican Republic which somehow ended up with bullets from Villalona’s gun entering another man’s chest cavity and causing a nasty case of “dead.”

After a hefty payout and some dropped murder charges later, Villalona is off the hook and attempting to come back to baseball. The Giants have gone so far as to put him on the 40-man roster.

Surely Villalona was a huge prospect and is still young enough to have a very good career, but the case was pretty shady. Of course there’s the concept of innocent until proven guilty, but do the Giants really want to be connected to this guy?

I’m all for giving him the benefit of the doubt, and hopefully he gets his life back together and really is the model citizen his lawyers claim. But man, it would be very weird to cheer for the kid the way things stand right now.


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41 Responses to The question of Angel Villalona

  1. Chico says:

    TBH, I’m not familiar with the case. I have said before that I don’t pay much attention to the minor leagues and mostly read locally about baseball as I hate ESPN. That said, I did a google search and it seems that your summation of the incident is spot-on, but the info out there is pretty vague.

    Not to bee too graphic but I can’t justify what he (allegedly) did unless the dead man was raping and/or beating his mother.. That’s just me. I know the Dominican Republic is like the wild west circa the 19th century and it’s a free for all although not as bad as Haiti but it’s close.

    I am willing to give the kid the benefit of the doubt and I’m willing to hear his story here in the USA but, yeah.. Not sure what to think about this right now. I need help off the fence.

  2. Nipper says:

    If he can hit, get him going. I don’t need boyscouts in the lineup. If he ain’t in jail use him.

  3. mailorderwife says:

    I have a bunch of our minor league boys on my Twitter, and let’s just say that neither Justin Fitzgerald nor that De La Torre fellow are too happy about this. Although one said he was willing to give a second chance, it was clear that this was NOT something they wanted.

    And who can blame them? They have to travel with this guy.

    While I too believe that Villalona is innocent until proven guilty, my concern is for the players who seem uncomfortable with this whole thing.

  4. Stanford has such great talent…


    hat a bunch of choke artists…

  5. mailorderwife says:


    SO….why do these 49er players keep referring to the fanbase as “Niner Nation”? We’ve long been the 49er Faithful. Must be the bandwagon people. Did the name change?

  6. Chico says:

    Without some of the horrible officiating (pac 12 refs suck) Cal wins that game. That aside, I’m proud of the way the Bears played.. They also played without three starting linebackers.. Once Luck is gone, mediocrity once again falls on the farm.


  7. Stanford looked horrible and Cal played way better tan they are-Maynard excluded, he sux.

    Any ‘ordinary’ person would be barred from entering the country (Think of ‘stars’ that have been denied entry based on small possession charges), but watch Awn-hell get a pass and a visa in spite of the spectre of his alleged crimes…

  8. Shaman…Nipper…

    Go Ray-Duhs…

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Innocent until proven guilty doesn’t really apply in the Dominican Republic. Anyone with money over there is a target for extortion. Juan Uribe went through very much the same thing while a member of the White Sox (in 2006?). His uncle Jose Uribe was accused of rape, and the charges were later dropped, after a payout to the ‘victim.’

    In most cases, it’s easier to pay the alleged victims off rather than go through the inordinately lengthy court fight.

    So, simply based on the fact that Villalona paid off the victim’s family isn’t really an admission of guilt or innocence. I thkn at this point, it’s fuish or cut bait. He got his $2 mill, not they want to see if he’s worth a damn after 2 years in the klink. If he wallows around and sucks, they’ll jettison him.

  10. Chico says:

    Splash trolls!

      • shaman138 says:

        I’m wondering if the proper reply would actually be “You love HIM”…’s really looking like it’s not more than one or two idiots with multiple account. Namely, Condo John a.k.a. Yogi. Example–the “OaklandRaiders” guy who just popped up is accusing others of being trolls with multiple accounts, attacking xoot, etc. just like Yogi would do but he’s also turned out to be Kenny/Karang/InspectorPIE, etc. etc. , and Soph has mistakenly replied to comments I’ve directed to Kenny et. al., and WBB aka SabeansDwarves made a comment identical to a Soph comment last week.

        • mailorderwife says:

          This is all very confusing in a Lifetime movie sort of way.

        • xoot says:

          Life’s too short to worry about the pathetic trolls on the splash. Even the vagrants coming over from the dumbeat meltdown quickly. I like the fact that Schulman posted his MVP ballot. Where’s Slusser’s? Henry actually is something of a curmudgeon, I think, who refuses to do what VK tells him to do. (I imagine him emailing: “Put up a new post on the splash? About what? The San Jose Territory? Put it up yourself.”)

          Anybody else watching the college basketball games this week? Cal looked good last night. UCLA looks horrible so far tonight. They’re unranked and getting killed by no. 14 Kansas. What happened to that Westwood program? That team used to be one of the few things about L.A. that impressed me. Well, the way the smog messes up my sinuses is pretty impressive, also. Any predictions for Thursday night’s 9ers game?

          • xoot says:

            Well, hell. UCLA’s pulled within 6.

            • xoot says:

              And yet Kansas wins by 16. How the mighty have, not fallen, but shrunk.

              • So…we are nearly finished with the move but have been ”dining” at Chevys way too much lately (12 hrs of ‘Happy Hour’ can do that to you, I mean, $3.00 margaritas?). Anyway…I’m sitting there and notice me Bruins and Kansas in Maui…losing 46-26 and I say “Shit, I need two more Margaritas, stat!” N she sez, a few minutes later…”Don’t look now but the UCLA is only down 8″…

                I know, ‘jinxes’ don’t exist but IF she hadn’t pointed that out…well, just sayin…

                Ravens can beat the Niners…and Rice is for real…Niners win but lose that 100 yard streak

              • xoot says:

                Well, somebody dropped a dime on Cal, tonight, too.

  11. Nipper says:

    Jim will cream his brother! Bet on it.

    • shaman138 says:

      Oh, so that’s what NinerJim does with his huggy bears late at night…..ewww! Imagine what will happen when Daddy finds out!

  12. shaman138 says:

    I think the Niners D is too overpowering for the Ravens offense….Flacco is a jack-ass and that will be exploited. But a short week on the road and the Ravens’ ability to win at home will give Baltimore an advantage. This will be one of those slow-paced games with a shit-load of field goals and/or three and outs that will finally break out and see action in the third or fourth quarter. Still, expect a close, relatively low scoring game…49ers 17 Ravens 14. But don’t be surprised if the Ravens eek out a win, either, and don’t worry about it because the Lions will stun the Packers tomorrow in Detroit.

  13. Chico says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Avengers!!

  14. Hey…I am in the act of moving from house A to house B…

    I gotta tell you Jints fans, I enjoy the hell out you people, so…

    Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy whatever it is that you do on the third Thursday of November, barring that, find a new way to be thankful…

    I AM a wee bit ‘getrunken’ at this point in the ‘evening’ but all is well…I wish the same for all of you too.

    • mailorderwife says:

      Well happy late Thanksgiving to you too! Ich weiss du bist betrunken aber jetzt ist es zeit zum nuchtern (umlat over u but don’t know how to type that) werden!!!

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