Should the Giants consider trading Timmy?

David Cameron of FanGraphs recently suggested that the Giants should improve the overall roster by trading Big Time TimmyJim. The argument is that saving the $20mil on Lincecum and adding several players would be better than paying Timmy’s salary for next year.

Personally, I don’t think it happens unless Timmy flat out demands a trade or publicly admits he’s going to look elsewhere as a free agent. Aside from his production, Lincecum is a huge draw. People buy tickets just to watch him pitch. When Brian Wilson isn’t doing something crazy, Timmy is the only nationally recognizable star on the roster right now.

Which brings me to my next point. If any pitcher is traded, it should be Wilson. They have another closer on the roster in Romo, Wilson is at the peak of his celebrity and physical abilities, and closers age roughly at the speed of NFL running backs.

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18 Responses to Should the Giants consider trading Timmy?

  1. mailorderwife says:

    If they trade Timmy, I’ll rip off someone’s testicles.

    BTW…I might slightly/very much agree with trading Wilson. Not sure I’m very comfortable with his elbow issues, as he was not playing when I left for the JPN.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Romo is no Wilson. Romo is a jukballer compared to Wilson. Romo doesn’t have the overpowering stuff that most closers have. That being said, Either Affeldt, Lopez, or Runzler is available for trade. Affeldt being the most valuable.

    Trade Timmy? Not likely. Not for 2 years anyway.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Plus, he ain;t going anywhere until he proves he’s healthy. Then, you wouldn’t want to trade him.

  4. shaman138 says:

    Trade Timmy or Wilson?? No way! Wilson struggles this past season was mainly due to injuries (just like the whole team in general) and Romo is a good reliever but I don’t see him as a dominant closer. And trading Timmy for….$$ to sign Rollins, Crisp, and Beltran?? Fuck no!

  5. Chico says:

    “I don’t think it happens unless Timmy flat out demands a trade or publicly admits he’s going to look elsewhere as a free agent.” Exactly.. I would stand pat with our roster and go after Beltran and a serviceable SS, I think we’re also short on OF’ers but I haven’t been paying that much attention, admittedly.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Beltran and Coco Crisp would be the best they could do. Beltran is a stretch though.

    The Giants didn’t use Romo as a closer last year when Wilson went down. It was Casilla who closed.

  7. xoot says:

    If Neukom were still the managing partner, I would say no way will the team trade Lincecum now. (I place a lot of weight on Neukom’s relationship with the core players. Remember his visit to the backwater court in Washington where Lincecum had to face his dope smoking charges?) But I really have no idea how much things will change with Neukom gone. Lincecum, Cain and Bumgarner, if they continue to pitch so well, really will give the Giants an advantage over other teams. Three good starters who eat so many innings are invaluable. (The Giants bullpen pitched far few innings than most other teams bps.) Cut the big three down to two and you’ve lost a lot of that advantage.

  8. Chico says:

    Mail Order Bride, this might be of interest to you.

    They all received congressional medal of Honors this week. This was a Japanese regiment who fought in WW2 while their families back at home in the United States were living in internment camps. They went on to become the most decorated regiment in the history of the United States. These people are up there with the Tuskegee Airmen, it’s sad it took this long to be formally recognized. My grandfather who served in WW2 told me about them a long time ago. I thought it might interest you as a Japanese American.
    Their motto was “go for broke”! Go Bears, Go Niners!

    • xoot says:

      Sort of on topic for this. I knew Jim Houston pretty well when I was an undergrad at Santa Cruz and I met his wife Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston. Farewell to Manzanar is a fine book. I always thought their successful authorial collaboration was, in itself, moving. Her story of internment as a kid, however, was something else altogether.

    • mailorderwife says:


      I think people in Nor Cal that are not Japanese-American have a much better comprehension of our past cultural histories than people in So Cal. So far, I’ve had to explain to two long-time reporters down here who the 442nd were, along with wartime incarceration. There are tons more JA in So Cal than in Nor Cal, so I can’t figure that one out. San Francisco did, however, had a good amount of 442nd dads who picked us up from school, along with plenty of Hiroshima a-bomb survivors. The latter were very quiet about their plight.

      Go 49ers!

      • JDR says:

        Did Nor-Cal have a higher percentage of people who moved back after the war? A while back I spoke with a JA WWII vet who said that for him the fallout of internment was interesting in that while it damaged a lot of communities on the West Coast, it also helped bring JA families into the midwest during the post-war period.

        • mailorderwife says:

          I believe So Cal had the higher percentage. San Francisco JA community has the more active folk, however, as much of So Cal JA life has been dwarfed by the actual Japanese who come here to study/work (very few want to actually live here for the rest of their lives). Hence, it’s known that if you want real Japanese food, come to So Cal. On the other hand, if you want to know of JA history and culture, stay in Nor Cal.

          • JDR says:

            I’ve actually did a project back when I was in school that you might be interested in, MOB. I’ll drop you an e-mail if I can dig up the file.

  9. It is my expert opinion that trading the entire starting staff plus Posey is the ONLY way the G’s will return to 2010 preeminence…

    (was I dreaming out loud?)

    No, you don’t break up that formidable starting rotation, at least not the core three…IDK how willing ‘The Group’ is to spend on two position players with proven sticks (Pujols/Fielder and a Reyes) that could put the G’s ”over the top” in any division but that should be their collective priority…

  10. Chico says:

    This time change has me thrown off… Niners!

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