A bit of downtime

Right, a move (yet to get cable connection installed) combined with a business trip is going to have me likely unable to post anything until thursday. I trust everyone here is more than capable to calling Jed York an asshole without my assistance.

Meanwhile, the Niners are managing to stick around in Detroit despite a parade of yellow flags which I can only assume is a belated tribute to Al Davis…

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42 Responses to A bit of downtime

  1. JDR says:

    11:28 AM Tribute to Al Davis and the Raiders. RT @ashley_lehman: 10 penalties in the first half..? What’s up #49ers? (hankschulman)

    …Dammit Schulman, quit stealing my material.

    • Chico says:

      Haha! That was funny. Have a good trip JDR..

      The Niners are hanging in there on their toughest game yet but the penalties are killing me.. I know it’s loud in the dome but c’mon..

  2. mailorderwife says:

    Wow….amazing stuff. I’m a believer!!

  3. Chico says:

    We win!

  4. Nipper says:


  5. xoot says:

    Looks like it may be the Cardinals vs. Rangers. Will the Cardinals’ pitching rise to the occasion, as SF’s did last year? If, somehow, the Brewers pull it out, I don’t think they have a chance against the Rangers’ firepower. (Latroy Hawkins is warming up in the Brewers BP in the first inning? Born under a bad sign.) The Cardinals, however, can score runs, and they have some arms. I hate to root for StL, but I’ll at least be optimistically interested.

    This game tonight is a no holds barred toe to toe cliche ridden delight so far. Oh, yeah. I liked watching the 9ers today. P. Willis and F. Gore look healthy and strong, and that means great play from both, and suddenly they have a team around them.

    • Come on x-man…Redbirds all the way!

    • mailorderwife says:

      I wanted Detroit to get in and win, as I’m a bit of a Verlander fan. Wuheva. I’ll root for the Cards, although I love those sausage races. Brewers are doing themselves no favors in this game. Sloppy baseball.

      The 49er game was a thrill, as it was the first I’ve been able to see in three weeks. Loved the confidence and comeback, although they still have to keep building. Can’t keep dropping some of those passes.

  6. Now we know!

    And GO CARDS!!!

  7. shaman138 says:

    Just win, baby!

  8. Chico says:


    Players like a leader; here is a little snippet of the post-game locker room speech from coach Harbaugh.

    • xoot says:

      I just saw a video on yahoo sports showing Schwartz yelling “Know the rules, dumb ass!” at Harbaugh, after the Niners got penalized for throwing a replay flag in the first quarter when the Lion TD play wasn’t subject to challenge. Harbaugh really should’ve graciously approached Schwartz after the game and, as they shook hands, leaned in and shouted in his ear: “Great game, dumb ass.” Missed his chance.

      • Chico says:

        I saw that too xoot.. Haha!

        The Splash is fucked up again.. This on is in Henry.. Get the pro hunting and the anti hunting people in a tizzy and it goes political.

        • Chico says:

          Err, this one is on Henry, is what I meant to say.

          • xoot says:

            Yeah, Bochy’s gonna get a raft of hostile email, etc. Henry should’ve been wiser. Someone got blocked on that thread for using Brian Stow’s name as his own. I tried to point that blocking out a couple of times, very politely, and my comments got deleted. Whoever it was who got blocked must be working the “report abuse” buttons now. Bet I know the very guy.

            • Chico says:

              Check your e-mail xoot.

              • Chico says:


                I’m linking this xoot because I think it’s important to know what you and others are dealing with on that site.. My link starts at page 6 but I suggest, if you get the time, read the whole blog.. Johanna is useless by the way, but at least I know a guy who banged her 🙂

                • Chico says:

                  It wasn’t me!

                  Follow jonvn’s posts on that blog, he’s an old I.T. guy who I used to blog with before some douchebags figured out a way to thumb up and down and censor posts, at will.

                  If you are going to post on that site, and this goes for everybody, this blog is required reading. Go Niners! Go Cards (never said that before).

                • Chico says:

                  For instance…..

                  Re: Article Commenting: How can we make it even better?

                  posted at 10/16/2009 7:32 PM PDT


                  “I used to comment frequently. I had my comments recognized several times by the editors and even published in the print copy.

                  I can hardly stand to spend 20 minutes in the comment section anymore. It’s filled with so much hate and vitriol it’s practically unreadable. Heck, I can’t even stand seeing the comments that get appended to the article most of the time because the trolls get here early and uprate their comments often.

                  SF Gate used to be a place for healthy debate. Now it’s no better than USENET. Something needs to be done about the moderation – either pre-screen posts or employ a no-tolerance policy and ban hate on sight.”

                  This was a person who I used to enjoy blogging with.. A wordsmith to say the least.

                  That was posted in 2009, the blog started in 2008…… You will notice that a lot of what jonvn suggested was implemented into the system based on his comments and recommendations to Johanna Hoadley, but not one suggestion to crack down on multiple accounts were implemented (I’m not talking three, but 20, 40, even 100 for some addicted trolls) which means “clicks”…… Look at Henry’s blog post today, directly designed to stir the pot and get the natives restless.

                  My last post for the night, but if anyone wants to know what goes on at SFgate, this blog is sooooooo true, and jonvn nails it. Good night.

                • mailorderwife says:

                  Interesting observation, and very accurate.

                  I suspect that the Gate really isn’t experiencing a drop in usership so long as these idiots mega troll and chain spam creating new accounts. I miss the folks on the Splash, as it was where I could see everyone. But it’s not worth it to go through those hurricane bouts of psychotic A’s fans who get their feelings hurt.

      • mailorderwife says:

        Drag queens don’t even go that ballistic when someone steals their duct tape. This Schwartz fellow wasn’t exactly following protocol when referring to our coach as a “dumbass”. You reap what you sow. Or sew, if he tucked.

  9. The World Series begins tomorrow…

    Cards have two pitchers and a bevy of hitters that can make this another St Louis Pennant…

    Tejas has two chucks that shut down any team and hitters galore…

    I’m rooting (yes TF, ROOTING!:-P) for the Cards…

    And a seven game classic.

    Is Frank dead yet?

    • mailorderwife says:

      I’m also rooting for the Cards, if only because they were pretty classy about standing during that horribly long opening ceremony for the Giants this season.

      Also, LaRussa has tea party views but Rangers have Bush deux. Ewww.

      Cards have been on a long journey this year and it makes for a nice story.

      Meanwhile, I’m surprised no one has commented on the Carson Palmer trade.

  10. Chico says:

    I think the Raiders over-payed but at the same time, I can’t fault them for trying to win and the “going for it now” attitude.

    What’s the latest with the Dodgers thing Sandy?

  11. xoot says:

    NL baseball wins it tonight. How about that Motte interview after the game? The guy must moonlight as an auctioneer.

    • mailorderwife says:

      The whole “this year’s Brian Wilson” tag on Motte was #FAIL. I hate FOX.

      Enjoyed the game immensely. Looks as if Texas really hasn’t learned much after losing the WS last year. Looking forward to today’s matchup.

  12. SHIT!

    Tejas leads in the top o the ninth…

    BAD feeling here

  13. mailorderwife says:

    Bad loss, especially since the Cards will be going to Texass, where Nolan Ryan will no doubt parade out Satan & Son before the game. Disappointed to see Hamilton drive in a run, as I wanted my lasting WS memory of him to be of those centerfield cigaweed complaints. NIght!

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