…is there anything else on?

Michael Vick as cutting through the Niners like it’s a scrimmage, though it doesn’t really matter much as the offense is doing absolutely nothing. Unless there’s a very dramatic turnaround, we’ll all be channel surfing in a few minutes.

So what will it be- Rugby World Cup, or Chopped?

Excellent use of the basket ingredients on the Bonh Mi salad. Really liked the way he incorporated the peanuts and… oh hey, Joshua Morgan and VD go 1-2 and suddenly it’s a game.

Why does the offense have to be down by 3 scores before they ever do anything?

Excellent finish, the decision to go with the egg and cornmeal parfait proved to be a critical one. It didn’t work out, but you have to admire the bold call.

…did I miss anything with the Niner game?

Seriously though, hell of a comeback. Philly laid back in the 3rd, but they’re built to do that. The Niners passed their way back into the game against a D that was assembled precisely to stop teams trying to do just that.

Huge props to Harbaugh and the way he managed the backfield. Hunter had a huge game and Gore was able to come in with fresh legs late and run right through the Eagles D-line.

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46 Responses to …is there anything else on?

  1. IDK the answer to your last question but the Niners are showing tons of Character in this 4th quarter…Smith even seems poised. Too bad the O-line can’t block.

  2. Nipper says:

    LOUSY first half. Great second half! If you have a weak ticker, these games will kill you.

  3. Chico says:

    Great game! I hated Harbaugh when he was a Stanfurd (we called him Hairball) I hated him because of his coaching abilities and his hunger for wins. He has this team believing! Fangio is also a great coach! A great road win, 2nd in a row! Cheers!


  5. xoot says:

    Victorino almost knocked himself out missing that drive.. He’s lucky he knew to throw toward the IF at all after he found the ball. Somehow, after the Eagle/49er game today, wouldn’t it seem right for the Phillies to lose tonight?

  6. lasttraintoyuma says:

    When it’s all said and done, Harbaugh will win a Super Bowl. He routinely outduels the opposing coach. Nice win by the 49ers!

    I missed the party with your last posting but I usually root against teams in the playoffs, not FOR any. The teams I typically root against are the Dodgers, Yankees and Red Sox. Lately, Phillies “phans” have been such fucktards on the Splash that I root against them, too.

    If I’m going to root for anyone, I like the Rays because of their underdog status but I hate to see what I still consider an expansion team making yet another run. I like the Tigers because Verlander and Avila are badasses. I guess I don’t mind the Brewers but I’m still pissed about the Fielder HR celebration. So whatever. Just no Yanks or Phils.

  7. lasttraintoyuma says:

    BayCityBall makes an argument for signing Rollins to a 5 year deal. I’m not so convinced but based on his 2011 numbers, $50 mil over 5 years wouldn’t be outrageous:


    • I don’t see any reasonable justification for taking on Rollins at that kinda of money AND for that long…Three yrs?…makes sense to me. Five? No way.

      Don’t hate the Dodgers until AFTER McFuckface and Murdickless are gone!

      • lasttraintoyuma says:

        Sandy, I hope that McCourt is able to hold on to the Dodgers until he reaches a ripe old age. Sorry…

        You can see my comment there on baycityball. I think 5 years is too much, too – especially if Adrianza fits into the front office’s plans as a starter.

        • He IS a ripe old age…at least as far as being owner of the Dodgers goes.

          There’s no indication that Adrianza is going to be a better stick than Crawford in the bigs…yet. I could see him taking 1/2 a season to make a move that would make it logical to bring him in…in simpler terms…he probably can’t hit worse than Crawford and is better than Fontenot at SS

  8. lasttraintoyuma says:

    Xoot / Matt – any response to Wayne is encouraging to him. If you keep responding to him, even in separate posts, that’s exactly what he wants. Starve him of attention and he’ll go away.

  9. A1985Mattalac says:

    I’m all for ignoring Wayne but it HAS to be unanimous. When I see someone else respond to him I can’t help but chime in. I’m off work today and will have the ALDS on in the background. I’m more interested in the Yanks-Tigers because I can always root against NY and I love watching Verlander. Brewers looked great against D-bags yesterday.

  10. Man…I know this isn’t popular but I really wanted NY to win that game…

  11. A1985Mattalac says:

    Anyone else following the Redbirds and Filthies? I’m at work but following on gameday. I want to see the Cardinals win for the obvious Filly-hating reasons but it’d be a nice bonus to call Jim out on his incessant “Phillies take the NL as I predicted” bullshit.

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