So the Niners are winning, intercepting passes and Michael Vick is hurt.

Not a bad day so far.

Now if the Niners can figure out how to put the game away, we’re looking at 2-1 and a share of the division lead, all before the afternoon game. Hopefully Harbaugh can figure out how to put it away.

REGGIE SMITH FTW! It may be the Bungles, but a road win is a road win. Now if Alex Smith doesn’t pull an epic fuck-up they win the game… And of course Alex had to pull an epic fuck-up. CALL A GODDAM KNEEL.

Well here we go. Harbaugh is going to punt it away and they can’t manage to fuck it up and allow Cincy a chance to tie it, right?

…I’ll take it. WINNING TIME.

Yes, it was butt ugly and they won’t pull that out against 30 other teams, but what do you expect? A win is a goddamn win under these conditions. For now, the Niners are a winning team.

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  1. AND the Ray-duhs beat a much better team in the NYJs…

    Just win, Baby!

    On another note…Kemp seems to be losing traction in his push for a triple-crown and Kershaw seems more and more like a lock for the CY award…

  2. shaman138 says:

    Da Greatness of Da Raiders!

  3. xoot says:

    Bad game from Gore and the 49ers still pulled it out. Very nice.
    As to the Raiders, I have to admit they’re looking respectable, too. Hilarious to hear the national announcers discovering Janikowski and Lechler.

    • Chico says:

      You just got blocked by the fascist assholes on the gate xoot.. I shit you not brother.. Just go to MSN, or change your e-mail address and create a new profile.. The shitty thing about that site is when someone is gunning for you, with all of their accounts (these people have no life), you don’t stand a chance.. I learned that the hard way on my last profile.. Fuck these clowns.. Before I had kids, I used to fuck people up at the beach every weekend until I grew out of it (thank god), but this is the internet and there is only so much I can do for you.. I got your back, always have and always will.

      I picked up “on the road” today from the library, I’m looking forward to hearing abour Dean Morarity.. My wife had that as required reading at her college prep. High school she told me, us public school kids had the grapes of wrath and “of mice and men”..

      • shaman138 says:

        Fuck that retarded blog–it’s all two or three OCD trolls who somehow think they’re “beating” us by taking over the Trash.

      • Chico says:

        EDIT!!! The last part of my first paragraph was unruly and disregard the ‘tough guy stuff’.. I Rooked out, Our beach is awesome, the people are great and come on down! 😉

        • lasttraintoyuma says:

          I think Wayne may stop for a while. I was able to find the e-mail address of a higher-up with Perseus Books, the parent company of Moon Books. I sent a calm e-mail to him explaining our plight and actually received a response. He said that he had known Wayne casually for the last 20 years and that he was surprised to find out that he was an obsessive baseball fan. Apparently, Wayne hadn’t mentioned baseball to him before. He said he would ask Wayne about it the next time he saw him. It’s not possible in any way that we have the wrong guy, is it? I guess he’d be plausibly surprised by his boss’s questioning if that was the case.

          • lasttraintoyuma says:

            I’d feel bad if I jeopardized the guy’s job. I said in the e-mail that that was not my goal. I would just be happy if he kept to Dodger Thoughts. He can hate the Giants all he wants over there, I don’t care. Hopefully, that’s the net result.

          • JDR says:

            That’s way over the line, guys. I know he’s irritating, but you’re talking about a man’s job now. Nothing you post on a blog can justify that.

            • lasttraintoyuma says:

              You’re right. As soon as I got a response, I felt sick to my stomach.

            • lasttraintoyuma says:

              On the other hand, I felt like if I were his boss and got an e-mail like that, my reaction would be “I don’t give a shit what he does in his free time”. Hopefully, that’s how his boss feels, too, and he was just send me a courtesy response.

              • JDR says:

                You just have to remind yourself, it’s just a guy being annoying on the internet. It’s not worth harassing anyone in the real world and putting yourself at risk for retaliation.

      • xoot says:

        I just noticed the block this morning. All these years of cutting loose, I’d never been blocked before. Never could figure out why. I opened a new account under a new name today — probably temporary. It’s not critical. I’m like most of you here, tired of the bs on the splash. You guys have energized it this season, despite the trolls, etc., but we’re not drawn to a baseball blog to fight it out with asswipes like that. Gets old.

        Wayne deserves whatever befalls him.

  4. Nipper says:

    Niners better practice hard in Youngstown for the Eagles especially that O line!

  5. A1985Mattalac says:

    What is the solution to the Wayne problem? I agree that contacting his employer is extreme but then again the hate speech this guy posts is infuriating. No one should be allowed to open mock serious injury or wish injury on players. Making a joke around donating to Brian Stow is beyond tasteless. I’ve advocated a unanimous effort to report abuse on all his posts but that only works if everyone does it. As Chico mentioned, Wayne and the other truely pathetic trolls use their multiple accounts to remove our posts and ultimately ban us. Clearly the Chron could give a shit so what else are we left with but to expose the man’s true identy and laugh at his personal failures?

    • lasttraintoyuma says:

      Clearly, the personal attacks aren’t having any effect, anyway. The most effective thing to do at this point is to get everyone to unite in ignoring him. All he wants is attention.

      BTW, I tried to undo what I did by sending an apology e-mail to his boss, asking him to drop it and saying that I should have left his work life out of it. I said that I didn’t expect a response and that I was just trying to shame Wayne into going away. You guys are right – I shouldn’t have done what I did in the first place. I don’t actually want to continue escalating this thing.

  6. A1985Mattalac says:

    I agree and think that in addition to ignoring him everyone should unite in reporting abuse on his tasteless comments. I think the same should be done for Fishcrap, Ninerguy, and Molliemoron. They’re all there for the same sick game of baiting for a response.

    • lasttraintoyuma says:

      I will join in on that. Every post gets reported from now on by me.

      • I agree with what bags said-going to his boss was over the line. How are we any better than them if we do things of that nature?

        BTW, another fine troll we should place on ignore and ‘report abuse’ on is mossback…he is a part of that group having innocuous posts deleted…

        Yuma, you did what you did and sent an email trying to mitigate it…fuck him if his boss gets pissed but don’t reconnect with the boss anymore…and I hope you didn’t expose yourself to Wayne being able to do the same to you…email addys are just a starting point

        • lasttraintoyuma says:

          His boss responded saying it was okay with him and he would leave it alone. Yes, guys, it was stupid and vindictive on my part to do what I did.

          If we all legitimately held ourselves in check without responding to trolls, they really would go away. We all know that Wayne would go ape-shit if nobody played along any more. It does drive me nuts that he enjoys a 100% troll-free environment, courtesy of Mr. Weisman but doesn’t feel we should be extended the same courtesy.

          Personally, I don’t care about jim/allie/soph/ninerguy but if you guys want to include him in the mix, I’ll follow along with the consensus.

    • xoot says:

      Earlier today, I sent this email message to the address Wayne posts on his blog: “A number of Giants fans are convinced that you are a dodger fan who spends an inordinate amount of time posting hostile little harassing comments on a Bay Area baseball blog. I hope they are mistaken.” Haven’t heard back from him.

      The problem with the “ignore” function on sfgate blogs is that it removes your ability to report abuse. So we have to read the crap to complain about it, even if our primary complaint is the sheer number of one-line posts a troll is putting up (no matter what they say). I also agree that occassionally Wayne has gone way beyond the limit with the Brian Stow stuff. He’s worse than annoying. Given his personal background, the only explanation is some sort of addictive disorder. The guy must be a mess.

  7. Chico says:

    Fuck Wayne! I didn’t see what was posted about him, but that dude needs to get a life. I’m on the Ignore bandwagon with his punk ass. The problem is sfgate, they allow these people to run around with 20, 30, 40 accounts because every click + revenue, so they don’t care. Whatever your politics are (and I don’t care), the right wing knuckleheads run around thumbing up their own posts. They have astroturfers from out of state with multiple accounts thumbing the shit out of the comments..

    Take a look at the Obama/linkedIn story on the front page LEEDAEGIL’s comment to be exact., the OP is talking out of his fucking ass with lies, yet he’s got a top three popular post, but look at the rebuttals, all of them are correct and I don’t care what side of the aisle you are on, I expect honesty from people. The Knuckledraggers thumbed up the WRONG comment and now they look like complete fools.. LOL!

    PS, I gave it a thumb it just for kicks, Haha!

  8. Outtie for a few…see ya later

  9. A1985Mattalac says:

    Having JDR is essential to uniting against Wayne, Fishcrap, Mosscrap, Jim, Mollie, any other trolls. If we all unanimously report abuse on their hate speech it will be as effective as the many puppet accounts they have to delete our harmless ones. I think we all know which posts we can just ignore and which are deserving of removal. Being irritating is one thing but being irritating and slanderous/hateful is entirely different. Theres no place on any blog to question the character/heart of any of the players that we as fan don’t know on a personal level.

  10. But you have to take them off ‘ignore’ to be able to report them…

  11. Brewers SUCK for not playing Braun!

  12. A1985Mattalac says:

    I have to confess something to all of you. I was (like all of you) down that the Giants had a dissapointing season and ultimately missed the playoffs but I think having a full off-season to rest is a great silver-lining. I think the only reason I wanted to see the Giants in the playoffs (towards the end) was to shut up the damn doomers and trolls. I hope our Gmen have a relaxed Winter and come back stronger than ever. As 88 said on the Splash it’s nice to just watch the remaining games/playoffs objectively.

    • Baseball ‘maturity’ (so not a slam) is a beautiful thing, Matt. It’s baseball-love it for being what it is instead of buying into the hate side of the rivalries…look what a mega change I underwent seeing the Jints WIN a series!

      “Worst day fishing beats the best day working” applies to Baseball too

    • lasttraintoyuma says:

      Playing fantasy baseball this year really helped me tone down some of the hatred that I used to have for the Dodgers and Yankees. I didn’t have any Dodgers on my team but it was a totally different perspective to follow other players besides Giants. I learned an appreciation for the game and for some of the individual good guys.

      Obviously, I wanted the Giants to make the playoffs but it’s never life and death to me. The offseason is always exciting for me and somehow I find it more exciting when the team doesn’t make the playoffs. I guess that’s because you start thinking of the possibilities – player call-ups in spring, potential trades, FA signings – that seem more likely after a bad season than after a good one. Last winter following the world series victory was the most boring one in recent memory.

      Also, kudos to you, sandy. You make me hate Dodger fans less. You even make up for the atrocity that is Wayne. Thanks for being a good sport.

  13. A1985Mattalac says:

    All the fire Bochy doomers should relinquish their memories of the championship. The Bochy haters epitomize fair-weather fandom, to not appreciate the job he did in 2010 or the damage control in 2011 is asinine. So you want Bochy fired, okay well erase your memories of the WS victory because we wouldn’t have it without Bochy’s nuanced leadership.

  14. Chico says:

    Now Ugly’s comment gets deleted.. I’m on board.. Ignore Mollie, Soph and Wayne. Starve them of the attention they so desperately seek.

  15. Señor Ochenta E. Ocho says:

    Bombard the Splash with multiple posts right after the offensive troll posts. This pushes the dumbass posts down far enough where few people react or acknowledge the offending party. Dwarfdick and Fistrape want attention. Good, bad: doesn’t matter. These are deviant, distracted personalities. If they do not get what they want, they will fuck off. Eventually.


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