Bowtie’s out, big trouble looming?

It seems the trainer’s room and the batting cage aren’t the only places of unrest at the old ballpark. CEO Bill Neukom is said to be on his way out, and money is as the center of the issue.

According to the reports, the rest of the ownership group is upset with the way Neukom spent the cash last year’s championship season brought it. That money was spent on increasing payroll.

Which would stand to reason that the ownership group does not want to keep the current increased payroll, which is a big problem because as of right now most of that money is committed to keeping the current roster intact.

There is some hope, however. According to the Chronicle, this was more of an office politics issue than a financial disagreement. Their source claims the money being spent was not a problem, but rather than it was spent without notification or approval from the rest of the board.

Even if that is the case, however, it doesn’t bode well for the team’s chances to sign a Carlos Beltran or another impact free agent this winter. If the powers that be are squeamish about the current budget, convincing them to make a significant increase in their investment will be a very tough sell.

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21 Responses to Bowtie’s out, big trouble looming?

  1. xoot says:

    This wasn’t office politics. The politic way to handle a dispute is to time your announcement and control the publicity. This is a blow up. Neukom re-invested the huge new revenues that flowed from the playoffs and WS championship, probably exercising what he claimed to be his discretionary authority even as other partners were screaming “no.” I would love to know what amounted to the final straw. Rowand’s DFA? That would be funny, in a sad way.

    Yeah, I like Neukom. He made the 2010 season possible.

  2. Fugazi says:

    I think the ownership had a problem with Neukom not advising them before contracts were announced and not being consulted when it came to the everyday operation of the team. The same thing happened with the San Jose Sharks before last season when Craig Jamison suddenly retired as CEO. The powers that be weren’t happy about the Heatley deal and some problems with the scouting and minor league team.

    One thing thats always bugged me is Larry Baer’s involvment with everyday operations and how he’s now the new supposed CEO. That guy is a worm that drills until he gets to his destination. Apparently he finnaly reached his goal as head dog of the kennel…

  3. Nipper says:

    Are they going to raise the price of BEER? And PANDA HATS? Gots to know!

  4. xoot says:

    Larry Baer began his career in sports as an announcer for the A’s on KALX in the early 80s — the UC Berkeley station known then for its excellent punk rock “programming.” Charlie Finley, in a snit with the commercial stations, gave KALX the gig for a short time. Larry Baer, eager student and wannabe star, saw his chance. He is and always will be a marketing man first and a baseball guy second. If the Raiders had gone to KALX instead of the A’s, Larry would be selling black and silver helmeted skull masks now instead of Panda Hats. (Of course, the Raiders were in LA at the time, so . . . . . But you see what I mean.)

  5. Gerbik says:

    Sorry this is off topic… but has everyone noticed the drama that the DBacks seem to be bringing to every game they play in. Last two games against LA there was bad blood, including Kershaw getting ejected last night. They had a squabble with the Rockies before that, and then the game against the Giants where Upton was ejected… all in the past 2 weeks.

    It’s too bad we weren’t able to apply any real pressure in this pennant race because I don’t think they would have held up well with their feet to the fire.

    • shaman138 says:

      The D-bags have shown themselves to be a seriously un-classy team…but they’re also very talented and virtualy unstoppable since the All-Star break. Let’s hope they get knocked out early in the playoffs because if the NLCS happens to be Phillies vs. D-backs I’ll be finding something else to watch.

  6. Chico says:

    I’m fucking shocked Ugly.. I don’t have a good feeling about this move at all. Speechless.

    • Gerbik says:

      I kinda wish the story hadn’t broken yesterday, and they could have done it during the offseason so the team could play out the remaining games without this hanging over their heads.

      • xoot says:

        I agree completely. Someone leaked the story to the merc reporter, so it all had to come out immediately from the front office. Love to know what happened, who squealed. Imagine — the outraged partners claim Neukom breached his fiduciary duty to them by making decisions without consulting them, and then one of them breaches his/her fiduciary duty by leaking the story? And if the partners were so upset by learning about dramatic deals from news reports, how do you think the players felt? Neukom’s dignity in the face of it all is consistent with his excellence all along. I think.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Hard to think that Rowand is the straw that broke Nuekom’s reign. Rowand was close to being outrighted at the begninning of the year. If it wasn’t for the injury to Torres (and then Ross shortly after) Rowand was all but gone when they broke camp.

    So, it’s not like that was some big shock to anyone inside the organization. Tejada was relatively cheap anyway. Nothing there . . .

    • xoot says:

      Unless the story behind the story leaks out to explain more, we may never know details. But what if — after DFAing Rowand and Tejada — Neukom intended to make additional moves (and I’m not talking about minor league call ups), and the Gang of Nine intervened then, stopped him, and voted to fire him in the off season? Naw. Can’t be.

  8. mailorderwife says:

    Hope you’re all doing well. Going to have to give away my tickets to the last series, and SFDF is kind enough to help with me with this. I believe the tickets are for the 2nd to last game and the last game. If you’re interested, please let SFDF know or drop me a line at the SFGate (MailOrderBride).

  9. Chico says:

    You all know I’m a crazy Cal Bear fan.. Here’s something a Cal Alum posted about Baer..

    “there are few more true Bears than Larry. I worked with him at KALX in the 70’s and he was and remains a rabid Cal sports fanatic. He was the sports director and I did a lot of games with him back in the day – the first was a basketball road trip in 1978 to UW.

    There are few who would remember this – He was the driving force behind one of the more curious sports stories in history; when he ended up winning a temporary contract to broadcast Oakland A’s baseball when no commercial radio outlet wanted anything to do with them! These were the days of 3000 fans in the seats and a team that was among the worst in MLB history. But when he asked the mercurial Charlie O. Finley if KALX could do the games, Finley basically hung up on him. Then, days before the start of the season, Finley called Baer and gave the thumbs up. It only lasted one month, but it was really crazy! I was on staff at the time, and Mike ended up doing a few games if I remember correctly. I was younger and didn’t get a shot, much to my chagrin; the seniors got first dibs.

    Congrats to Larry – we would always talk about the Giants, since we were both rabid fans, and we both thought the ultimate job would be to be the Giants play-by-play guy. Larry got his dream of working with the team, but I would bet that he never thought he’d end up running the show! “

    • Chico says:

      I don’t have time to read it all right now but that looks like and excellent read xoot. Thanks for posting. I’ll check it out once I get back to the Hotel.

    • xoot says:

      There’s some interesting stuff, fairly specific, about what Neukom changed while he was in charge. Based on what I ‘ve seen since the news of his leaving broke, and based on his demonstrated integrity in general, I’m sure we’re going to get any tell-all info from Mr. Neukom. I really hope one of the more craven insiders spills the beans, though. Just what did this very ethical guy do that upset the other owners so badly?

  10. mailorderwife says:

    Just read that the Giants are only 4.5 out! Good job, boys:> I’ve not been able to watch, with the exception of a few innings here and there, but they’ve not scored during those intervals. I think the key here is great offense, defense and me not watching the game. hehe. GO GIANTS!

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