Wins across the board… this doesn’t suck

Let’s face it, with the Giants limping to the finish and the Niners looking like a work in progress in progress, there’s hasn’t been much in the way of encouraging developments lately. Which was what made Sunday’s games all the more satisfying.

First, the Giants find a rare bit of heavy lumber and lay all of eight runs on those toddler-punchers from LA to save a bit of dignity in the series.

Then, the Niners looked dominant for the most part against the Seahags. They didn’t put up huge numbers, but Smith looked competent and composed under center, the defense made big plays when they had to, and Ted Ginn decided to show everyone why they still let him return kicks.

And Monday ain’t shaping up to be too bad either. The Giants are up early on the Padres and the Raiders are looking good against the Broncos (for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing, who am I to judge your terrible life choices?)

It may just be the eye of the class-4 suck-icane in Bay Area sports, 2011, but right now the local teams are downright enjoyable to watch.

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34 Responses to Wins across the board… this doesn’t suck

  1. Rather tongue-in-cheek post today, Bug Fella…

    I didn’t see the Niners game, I was at the sweep game that wasn’t:-(
    I read that Smitty looked…competent.

    That said-I hate that Davis took Pryor and am giving the Raiders the same treatment I have given the Dodgers this season: None.

    So it looks like another season of college and scholastic football, only, for me…

    On to baseball…Jints looked ‘for real’ again yesterday and at the time of my writing this as well. Surkamp is coming along fine but definitely needs some infield practice…Fucking kcracks me up how so many *Giants fans* are calling for Bochys’ head, btw…the one guy that ever led them to a title and a year later tools from out of nowhere are “Fire Bochy!”

    Hell, they sound like Dodgers fans…

    • JDR says:

      I think Smith deserved a back-handed compliment in that he played well enough to not lose the game. At least he’s looking better than Neckbeard over in Denver. How did that team manage to get so awful?

      How about this Cody Ross guy? Where did he come from again?

      • I saw your comment and went to watch part of the Raiders game…fucking 3rd and goal and they move before the snap…

        You know how they came to suck…bad choices in everything from taking Shanahans’ juice then dumping him to God-awful picks and trades…I hope they suck another 40 years.

        Ross is just being what he has always been…a streaky, sometimes poor stick that can go deep and be clutch at other times…his ‘D’ has been his biggest letdown, imo, this year.

        • JDR says:

          I lived in Denver during their run in the late 90s. It makes me chuckle everytime someone talks about how great owners and coaches “just get it” and only bring in “winners.” Bowlen and Shannahan looked like the hottest thing since Eddie D/Bill Walsh when they were winning games with Elway, then five years later they’re all out on their butts. Just goes to show you how rare runs like that are.

    • MAN!…I just rea my initial comment…I need to proof my shit from now on…”Big Fella”…

  2. xoot says:

    Bochy’s an excellent manager. Any Giants fan who didn’t learn that lesson last year, and then use the new knowledge to appreciate what miracles he has conjured with the low-scoring offense this year, is no fan. Fuck em. I’m enjoying the Giants this week. I’ve been hostile to the 49ers since the Yorks started the slide. (The Erickson era stunned me.) They were very inspiring yesterday, however. Good first game for a new nfl coach. The Raiders? wtf not? I’ve bumped into a bunch of Raider execs in the East Bay. They work at a small firm, not a corporation. Something likable about that (old Al notwithstanding).

    • That’s my point and well put by you. I don’t get it when ‘they’ don’t see how special a season 2010 and 2011 have been for the Giants…and they expect fucking dynastic results???

      I dated a few ‘Raiderettes,’ a few ‘Laker Girls’ and a famous ‘Gold Rush’ cheerleader…the Raiderettes hated working the coliseum worse than the Laker Girls hated The Fabulous Forum…

      My old man was tight with several ‘old-school’ Rams execs and hated Davis but I always stood up for him with a fair argument, no matter the subject-until he hijacked the team to LA…so fuck Big Al, anymore…

  3. G’night, everybody…thanks for the new post, bags…

  4. shaman138 says:

    Ugly, ugly, ugly win by the Raiders. At least they beat the Donkey-fucks in Denver and I hope Elway cried up in that booth he was hiding in….but, come on, 15 penalties and a non-existent secondary has me worried. The running game and the D-line are looking really good, though.

    • Chico says:

      First half they rocked Shaman, second half was a meltdown.. Congrats on the win brother, I’m a Niner and Cal fan, we’re used to meltdowns… A quote from Tedford last year that got us all riled up, “we won the second quarter”… So?? Win the fucking game!

      • shaman138 says:

        Shit, Cal almost blew it against Colorado.

        • Chico says:

          They did.. I think we lose that game big last year.. This year they don’t seem to have the ‘quit’ in them. Watch out for a RB named Bigelow in the next few weeks, dude is supposed to be a stud and it looks like Tedford is going to burn his red-shirt.

  5. Nipper says:

    Just win,baby!

  6. mailorderwife says:

    Happy Giants Day! Beat the Poodres!

    Nice to see Surkamp pitch and the Giants do well. No losing hope, gents. Still some games left, then hockey time!

  7. Chico says:

    I’m going out of town for a week or maybe a little longer, have a good one guys and gals. I’ll try to check in when I can. I laughed when my wife got an I-Pad, but to be honest, that thing works wonders especially for trips..

  8. mailorderwife says:

    Life is wonderful, as is baseball. Win or lose, let’s appreciate it.

    My uncle almost choked to death tonight. We were lucky that an EMT in training, my husband and a nurse were on hand to help. Still, it was not enough. He’s now in CCU, and they’re trying to determine the extent of any brain damage. An hour before this all happened, we were sitting down to watch Cainer pitch, discussing how baseball life was sad for Ichiro. Strange, eh?

    Enjoy it while you can and don’t wish it away. Much ❤ to people to bring me joy, and that is all of you.

    • Flavor says:

      So sorry to hear about this. I hope it all works out. Great reminder to appreciate the little things and remember that the things we think are big problems aren’t usually as big as we think……

    • Fugazi says:

      Sorry to hear of your Uncle’s misfortune, he’ll be in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Every day is an adventure and I’ve had my share over the years. Life is short and waking up in the morning is something I cherish every day.

  9. Fugazi says:

    Neukom is out as Giants Chairman. Looks like Larry Baer finally won his 19 year power struggle and wormed his way in as the big dog.

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