Not the friggin’ Dodgers

Hasn’t this season sucked enough? Hasn’t the parade of injuries and nose-dives at the plate been sufficient?

Now they have to blow a heartbreaker… to the goddamn Dodgers?

I’m not going to give up on the team, because that’s just lame and you know damn well that no matter how terrible the last two weeks of the season are, come late January you’ll look back and they’ll seem as fond as your first trip to Disneyland. But hell, at this point I wouldn’t blame them if they wanted to mail in the rest of the schedule.

This has been a brutal year. Yes, they still have one of the better records, but can you really think of any team that has suffered more this year? The bad teams knew they were going to be bad. The rebuilding teams knew they were going to see players come and go. But hell, other than Ryan Vogelsong there just hasn’t been much in the way of good news for the Giants this year.

On the other hand, next spring is going to be glorious. Guys will be healthy, the rookies will be that much closer to taking everyday jobs, and, best of all…BUSTER! That first time we see Posey penciled into the cleanup spot will be a total sportsboner. Seeing Sanchez in the two spot definitely won’t hurt either, especially if there’s a “Beltran” or “Rollins”in between the two.

But in the meantime, let’s at least salvage some pride here and beat the fucking dodgers.

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49 Responses to Not the friggin’ Dodgers

  1. Nipper says:

    Pride……I’ll drink to that!

  2. I gotta love the term ‘Sportsboner’ in all my ‘sporting life’ I’ve never heard or seen that phrase before.

    Last night was a tough loss for you guys…and a cheap win for us. The outcome of games between two shut-down pitchers usually hinge on some freak play or mishap, though. Today is a new day and I’m more worried of this pitching matchup than last nights’.

    Kinda stuck in no-man’ land here…I want McWhoops to fail and I want my favorite team to win. Oh well, let’s hope for another tight game and, yeah, The Rivalry feels back on.

  3. shaman138 says:

    Looking forward to tonight’s game after a great Cal win today. Tonight the Giants stomp the Doggirls. And good luck to the 49ers tomorrow. And then Monday night and a glorious Raiders win in Denver.

  4. Del Mar Dennis says:

    JDR, you might wanna check your FF team. The autopick gave you David Garrard for one of your QBs. I can’t say with certainty, but I think even Alex Smith will score more fantasy pts. this week than Garrard.

    • JDR says:

      I didn’t even know I had a team in the league, Dennis.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        Maybe you were drinking a wee bit too much of the Maker’s Mark when you got the e-mail inviting you to re-up for this year, but you did sign up to play again this year. I don’t have that kind of power as commish as to force anyone to join. Your “Blind Legions” are a member in good standing.

        Oh, shit. I just checked. You did p/u Alex Smith. Forget that shit about being in “good standing.” 😛

  5. Nipper says:

    I hope Alex has a real big day. And Gore too! Oh and our Giants try and score some runs today and win a game!

  6. mailorderwife says:

    Good morning! Nice to have a working computer again! And good to see more Nipper and Dennis.

    Today is a new day, more wins and all the other uplifting stuff. If not, there is always pizza!

  7. Fugazi says:

    Niners win bye 3 against the ShitHawks, you read it here first

  8. JDR says:

    SFDF, yer Lambs aint looking too hot against the Iggles,..

  9. mailorderwife says:

    Don’t think the whole Alex Smith as my FFootball QB is working out for me so far.

    • mailorderwife says:

      Will I get credit for Alex Smith’s running or just his passing?
      Watching the Giants and listening to the 49ers, I have to express my pure love for Eric
      Davis. I started to really like him as Comcast’s 49er commentator, and am enjoying him even more as a gamecaller. However, it is BS how Plummer lost his job. Who cares if he talks about sex on radio, or whatever it was. He just got a bit more technical than Jimmy Johnson and his penile extender commercials.

      • Chico says:

        The firing was stupid IMO.. This is where Europe and other open-minded societies have us beat.

        • JDR says:

          There was a bit more to it than just those comments, from what I’ve heard. Plummer apparently rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and those comments gave them a nice excuse to finally be rid of him.

  10. Chico says:

    Ackers is lifting his leg today more than a Chiuaua with a bad bladder.

    Fangio has the D fired up, glad to see that. We’re winning in the trenches there.

  11. Chico says:

    The Steelers got beat down 🙂

  12. Nipper says:

    Alex got a huge hug coming off the field from the coach. 16-O lead at half. Nice. Very nice.

  13. mailorderwife says:

    Very nice run by Ted Ginn, Jr.!

  14. shaman138 says:

    Nothing makes a great day of the first week of football more complete than a Tony Romo meltdown. And a Rapistberger meltdown to go with it.

    • mailorderwife says:

      Ya know….I’d rather listen to Vin any day over their usual Dodger hair crew, but he is beginning to repeat his stories every single game. My husband has begun to imitate him, down to the Cody Ross as a circus clown / Cody Ross family history of knee trouble / Matt Kemp, the wide-eyed boy out of Oklahoma stories. However, there was this one brief respite during the 6th inning of Friday’s game, where Vin started to talk about how the remote control changed Americans into lazy people.

      Cheers, Vin.

      On another note, my boss has begun to give me crap about the Dodgers overtaking the Giants soon. I didn’t make fun of his lousy team last year.

      • Make a wager with him and he will either shut up or put-downside is if the Dodgers do pass the Giants, you will never hear the end of it.

        Thx again for the tix-my sister was on the way to meet me and called to say her son was at Kaiser Vacaville and she was turning back to be ‘The Mom.’

        • mailorderwife says:

          He’s really a Bosox fan, but he signed onto the Dodgers when he moved out west. Blargh. People like that should stay back east if they’re just going to exhibit bad taste. hehe.

          And anytime on the tickets. I’ll have another fresh batch starting next year. I don’t think I’m going to make it to the last series, as husband wants me to quit and move to his company.

  15. I will never understand ‘switching’ ones team that way. Fair weather to me. Come on, Dodger Dogs and fish tacos are NOT ”bad taste!”

    Thx again…I would need to think twice or twelve times about working with my mate unless it were like a B&B or some such and even then…;-)

    • mailorderwife says:

      He works at a hoooooge company ,and I’ve been wanting (sort of) to get back into Hollyweird. No other reason to live down here in this rat trap, except to hear my share of black and asian jokes from some asshole “movie producer”.

      • Well, if there are stars in your eyes, then go for it.

        I had a Filipina GF for years…the one sure way to set her off was to call her asian or Chinese…

        • mailorderwife says:

          When I was working for a private entertainment company, one of the CEOs would CONSTANTLY tell Asian jokes. I would tell him to shut up all the time — not nicely — but SHUT THE F UP. And he never did. How racist were they? When John Singleton came to visit me, they all hid because he was a bald headed black man. Anyway, I warned that CEO that his Asian jokes would get him in hot water. Sure enough, he told that joke to a friend of mine at New Line, whose wife was Japanese. The next day, that private company lost New Line as a client. Was sweet! Racism is RAMPANT in this industry.

          • I’m sure it is…and sorry that you get the triple-whammy of racism, sexism and pure stupidity the closed-minded (any ethnicity) which motivates insensitive people.

            You should be in construction…racism, sexism, homophobia, class hatreds…you name it, we’ve got it…but things are getting better than they used to be.

  16. mailorderwife says:

    Okay…GO GIANTS. Have a good evening, y’all! My family is here from Japan so I’m gameless until they go home.

  17. Hey bags…it’s a new series…don’t pull a Schulman!

  18. Is there any anyone to cuss and share drunken tales with?

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