Of QBs and depth charts

Well at least we know they won’t go into the season with 2 QBs. The front office did a bit of dumpster diving and Scott Tolzien, formerly of the Chargers third-string offense, is now on the roster.

Which means that it’s looking more and more likely that Alex Smith will be backed by two rookies. Meaning that if Smith goes down, particularly early in the year, things are going to get real ugly. The conventional thinking then would be that the team is taking a huge gamble by not signing a veteran as the backup QB.

Then again, are they really better off with a mediocre veteran QB than a mediocre rookie QB? Josh McCown and Trent Edwards haven’t exactly been world-beaters, so would having them behind center rather than Colin Kaepernick or Scott Tolzien mean the difference between going 9-7 and going 6-10? Probably not.

In that case, why should they sign a veteran QB for the sake of having a veteran QB? Is it really worth having the “known quantity” at the roster when it’s a known quantity of complete shit?

On top of that, there’s the learning curve. Trend Edwards is bad. Trent Edwards with two weeks to learn the playbook is extremely bad. How much worse is Colin Kaepernick going to be, and if they’re at that point, is it really going to matter all that much?




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101 Responses to Of QBs and depth charts

  1. Chico says:

    It’s like pick your poison but I agree, McCown sucks and Edwards is worse. Fuck it, lets go young and see who can break out and maybe win us some games. I’m waiting for Smith to surprise me, for years.. Maybe this year will be the one?

    • Good luck with that, chico…they all seem like poison at this stage but Kaepernick is more mobile than the ‘Lexster plus he and Tolzien don’t have the baggage that the ‘vet’ has…looks like another run-oriented offense or lotsa sacks and bingos…

  2. Chico says:

    Ballgame! Cheers.

    • Congrats, drink some brewskis…I’m in no position to be doing any of that today…Large brain, small skull syndrome has me in its’ grip!

      I agree, unless Harbaugh pulls some unforeseen shit out of his ass, it isn’t looking like a great new season for Niner fans in term of wins. This guy seems different than most of the other recent coaches (save Turner) in that he has a definite direction he is moving in that will ensure success…

  3. mailorderwife says:

    Giants purchased the contract of Justin Christian from the Grizzlies. I like watching the youngins’ play, but don’t quite appreciate all the fans who have fallen off the bandwagon after one non-playoff season.

    • This still isn’t over, Mrs. MOB…yes, it is an extremely uphill fight to the playoffs, but I’ve seen different Jints teams pull it out at the end of the year several times over 47 yrs of watching baseball. I don’t root ur boiz on but I do think they have a legit shot at taking AZ-even now

      • mailorderwife says:

        So do I. Just noting that people, who believe the team to be toast for the year, have fallen away. Playoffs are still a long shot, but these are the Giants.

        It used to piss me during ’08 and ’09 when people were going to give up on the team, as they had been waiting for ’94 or so to win. Screw them. I had been faithfully waiting since the 1960’s. How people want to abandon the team when they’re still the world champions seems so Angelino-ish to me.

    • xoot says:

      Quitting on the team now is sort of the mega-version of leaving a game in the 6th inning to be able to get into bumper to bumper traffic sooner. The Giants played with both fire and enjoyment yesterday. They haven’t quit.

  4. mailorderwife says:

    I joined a FFootball at the behest of a co-worker, who probably figured that I don’t know enough stat crap to do this well. He’s probably right.

    Can anyone recommend position players to draft?

    • JDR says:

      Rice from the Ravens and Peterson from the Vikes are considered the top two overall fantasy players. Generally running backs are the most valuable, though elite QBs such as Rodgers, Brady and Manning have put up good numbers. Michael Vick is also getting plenty of attention, but he might not stay healthy through the season.

      • mailorderwife says:

        I won’t ever draft Michael Vick. You mess with doggies — and torture — and I will pound those tiny balls of his into his diaphragm. But I will draft the ones that you have mentioned, although I’m sure they’ve taken Peterson. Thanks much :>

  5. A1985Mattalac says:

    Evening to all you fine JDR-ers. I’ve been very busy at work lately and haven’t found much time to post aside from troll hunting on the Splash. I’m looking forward to the game tonight. It’s strange but with our playoffs hopes beaten to a bloody (if still breathing) pulp I’ve found the games easier to watch. From here on out it really is whatever happens. I’m still crossing my fingers for a 2007Metsesque collapse by the D-bags but thats all it is, hope. For now I’ll just enjoy the games as what they’re, the few remaining chances to watch our boys before winter. Have a great night everyone!

  6. xoot says:

    YEAH! Great game by a banged up team fighting for their lives.

  7. mailorderwife says:

    Closing the game is always so exciting. Great game!

    Night everyone :>

  8. Congrats Jints fans…’closer’

  9. Chico says:

    I actually started to sweat.. Ballgame! cheers guys and gals.

  10. mailorderwife says:

    I see there is a guy at the Padres game wearing a Dodgers t-shirt and Giants cap. Very confused individual.


    • That reminds me of Bruce Willis in ”Die Hard With A Vengence” wearing that sandwichboard in Harlem bearing racial slurs. I think this guy must be under duress like McClain as…

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Hey JDR, quick favor. Could you replace my blog link with this onoe?

    I killed the old one and added this one:



  12. mailorderwife says:


  13. Pill is def ‘on’ in San D

  14. Later everybody…Dodgers rained out and the repub debate is on…guess what I am watching?

    • mailorderwife says:

      Crazyfest! And it’s up the street from me. I hate Simi Valley.

      • Freshtodef80 says:

        Ahh, Simi Valley home of the Infamous Rodney King trial.

        • Chico says:


        • mailorderwife says:

          Many of my co-workers in the marketing/sales department of the company come from Simi. I’ll never forget the “Golden Negro Obama Coupon” that the Simis were sending around — a “joke”, as claimed — that entitled the holder to what was a pass on performing every nasty, racist stereotypes attributed to African Americans. So yeah…Simi blows.

          On another note, didn’t realize that Galileo was outvoted. That must be Texas euphemism for torture.

          • Chico says:

            I’m a moderate/left leaning person, but the hate that his president has endured in nothing less than ming boggling. Birth cirt/death panels/ commie/socialist/kenyan/marxist/ is all bullshit! They have refused to work with him since the beginning, they put party before country and they are all intellectually dishonest assholes hell-bent on seeing him fail. They swept the house and the senate talking jobs, yet every move has been social/wedge issues. The debt ceiling debate was all bullshit that never had to happen. These fucking assholes can care less about the middle class but bow to their corporate masters. SS is a ponzi scheme? Privatize everything? Making a profit off of Air-Traffic-Control is bogus. The funniest thing I have heard, ‘cutting spending will create jobs’… NO IT FUCKING WON’T! While I agree that spending needs to be dealt with in a LONG TERM manner, these asswipes have signed PLEDGES against any form of new revenue. Obama and the D’s brought a bill to the floor of the house to give tax breaks to companies that keep jobs here, the repubs said no. They say no to everything.

            I don’t want to live in their world. I like clean water, air, safe food to consume and a focus on education and science since we are slipping in those areas compared to other countries. All they know is drill baby drill and tax cuts for the rich. Fuck that, it hasn’t worked! We have evidence.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Reagan, the guy the Republicans all profess to love, would be shouted down by his own party these days. He raised taxes 17 times. Mainly to fight the cold war and bankrupt the Soviet Union.

    At least he understood the basic principle that you have to raise taxes to pay for shit. Yeah, the US went into a huge deficit spiral under his watch, but it would have been 25x worse had he cut taxes while spending wildly. No way the math ever works out.

    • Chico says:

      Spot-on chuck.. What we have seen since Clinton left office is equivalent to quitting your job, going on a spending spree at high-end retailers and putting it all on plastic. Reagan would be a blue dog Democrat these days.

  16. Chico says:

    Well, I guess Cal fans can be assholes too.. Not sure if any of you heard about this (probably not) but this is a link to the Fresno State chat board on rivals……. http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=164&f=1686&t=7889442

    If you read the third or fourth comment down, the dude explains the situation. This shit has to stop.. I know a lot of Cal grads, my wife being one and the people I know aren’t the violent types but add booze and you never know. My guess is that these were just fans but I could be wrong. I was at the game, everyone was getting along where I was at.

    • mailorderwife says:

      Some individuals with a pre-disposition to assholeishness will reach their peak under alcohol. I was about 12 when I went with a Giants game with my best friend. Our seats were behind homeplate, and some adults behind us starting calling us “chink”, “gook” and “chinamen” about the 4th inning. No one around us did anything to stop it, though. I guess you 1) don’t tell drunk people to shut up (although I do); or 2) agree with the racist vile against two youngins’. I remember walking away from that game being VERY DISAPPOINTED in white folks and beer.

      • Chico says:

        If I was there, I probably would have said something on your behalf.. Reminds me of an argument I once had on the gate with my old profile about 4 years ago when someone called Peruvians Mexicans. I simply stated that there is a difference between Incas, Mayans, Aztecs and that he was being stupid. His comeback, “what’s the difference”?? My wife is half Peruvian so obviously took offense to it. The same idiot still posts there (after being blocked like 30 times)..

  17. mailorderwife says:

    Good morning! No Giants today. I also failed FFootball as I forgot to draft, so the mechanism auto-drafted and gave me Alex Smith.

    If you want to read some funny stuff on the Gate, head to the:


    where they are still debating the whole “…God put the bones on earth to fool man…” stuff.

  18. shaman138 says:

    Here’s a good question: Which group of nimrods is dumber?

    a.) Tea Party Republicans
    b.) the new gaggle of idiots who post on the Splash
    c.) my cats
    d.) all of the above.

  19. Chico says:

    A close tie with A and B but C is smarter than A and B.

  20. xoot says:

    The authority is pretty sparse on what you call a group of vultures — vortex is the best of the alternatives. What about doomers, what’s the collective noun? A graveyard of doomers?

    You see the video from San Diego, and environs — completely without power? Think a few people will hustle cross la linea tonight?

    • mailorderwife says:

      No jobs. I heard the border crossings have been in the negative, since our economy is so bad. We even have power grids from Manila. Heee

  21. mailorderwife says:

    Good morning! This weekend, we play our arch nemesis.

    Let me tell you about Los Angeles.

    I hate living in Los Angeles. How much do I hate it? I HATE LIVING IN FUCKING LOS ANGELES, where men in gigantic white trucks have decided to use their cars as weapons, and where females in fancy SUVs are too cheap to buy a bluetooth. Los Angeles is not a city. Instead, it is a gigantic suburb connected by crowded freeways filled with people who learned how to drive in a third world country without roads.

    Most of all, LOS ANGELES is a city of illusion. On this morning’s news, there was a story about tickets prices for football seats, and how people might want to opt to buy pre-season tickets if they wanted a better deal on games. That’s such an awesome story, given that there is no football team in Los Angeles. Why do this story? Because Lindsay Lohan didn’t go to jail last night.

    Worst of all, these Dodger fans suck. The best Dodger fans are in the Bay Area where, coincidentally, the best of California resides. So while you are all out enjoying your beautiful day in Nor Cal, think of this poor native San Franciscan stuck in this shithole for another day :<

  22. Tommy got deleted…again.

    What did you do, eh Idaho?

    I lived in LA at two separate times in my life, as a grammar school boy until age ten and in my early to late 20’s.

    LA can be an illusory place to live but let’s get this right-to be fair-it is as screwed up as our own backyard, the bay area…only on a vastly larger scale. We too have rampant pollution (see Marin and Santa Clara counties, not to mention CoCo and Solano!). A gang problem that stretches from Santa Rosa to Monterrey to the Central and San Joaquin valleys. We endure ridiculous traffic snarls and have some of the worst roadways in the country. Jaycee Dugard is but one of the many horror stories of abuse and enslavement that our children have suffered. Our politicians and public officials are no less corrupt than many in the LA Metro area, can we say a collective ”Ed Jew,” how about Kevin Shelley?

    I love living here, it is the best possible place for me in so many ways…and LA can be a major shit-hole…I didn’t want my children to be raised in socal but I was trumped by ‘the ex’ on that. Still, LA does have fine communities, beautiful wild places and grand culture. IDK if I am defending LA or merely saying that this is what we know and love and, to those that were raised there, that is what they know and love. And no, I don’t mean ‘the problems’ that come with the two places…but the ‘culture’ of both societies…

    BTW?…’leadership,’ to me at least, begins with me being an example of doing my jobs well. Father, carpenter or citizen. Whether it be a sports team I follow or the way business and politics are ‘practiced,’ it is high time for openness and honesty. From McCourt to our Wall Street friends to the highest echelons of power in our capitols, we need to work in unison rather than at odds…and so far, I am seeing nothing of the sort.

    (rant done, enjoy your weekend ‘Revengers’)

    Go Blue!

    • mailorderwife says:

      Point taken. I grew up in the black and hippie ghetto of San Francisco in the 60s, so normal tends to bore and frighten me more than a bunch of idiot gangbangers. They never stopped me from going into Colonia for the best Mexican food in the 805. Still, it’s a giant rathole…and while I hate LA, I will defend all of California (except Fresno and Costa Mesa — sorry) to the rest of the world.

      • When I went to work as a union carpenters apprentice, the shop was one block south of Western and Florence…talk about heebie-jeebies just walking to the store! That was the mid80’s, too. I lived in El Monte in the early to late 60’s and Hollywood then ‘The Valley’ in the 80’s…Hollywood was a blast, the two valleys were bo-ring but both offered their own diversions…)

        BTW, has anyone noted that your avatar looks like a feral kitten, ready to do serious damage to an unsuspecting little old lady?

        Man, I lived in Fresburg for several years and will never again reside in our central valleys…too hot, too cold n Tule fogged and too damned redneck for me in most areas…sorry fresh, zumie and anyone else from ‘The Big Valley(s)’ and Costa Mesa can blank my blank…egotistical, shallow vermin.

        • Freshtodef80 says:

          Thank God I was Born and raised in SF and on the Peninsula (80-97)!! But then had to Move to Mo-desto after my Dad died!!

          • Ah, ‘Motown’…the land of mucho meth, Am-unds and Kerry Staynor!

            My best friend moved there in ’99 and is has two more ‘chitlins’ in HS…he can’t wait to move back either…

            I feel for you, brutha

            • Chico says:

              I enjoyed my trip to LA.. West Hollywood rocks! Downtown, not so much.. I didn’t get out in the Suburbs though.

              • mailorderwife says:

                WeHo and WLA are nice. Sort of like a not as awesome Castro, but it will do.

                What LA does well is soul food. I do go down to 24th / Crenshaw, Watts for my fix. My husband satiates his Southernness down at MIss Peaches in NoHo, and brings me home the tablescraps. It’s a little bit better than Soul Brothers Kitchen in Oakland, which was my favorite soul food place in the BA.

              • From Olvera St to Santa Monica, Sunset Blvd is the shit and Santa Monica/Wilshire Blvds are too…I’m getting too old for that scene but you younger gals n guys would have a great time tearing it up down there…

                Chico, you missed some fun shit in both of the valleys, some fun rocknroll bars/clubs in San Fernando and some very cool restaurants and parks along or near to Ventura Blvd…out in Pasadena and Arcadia there are several cool places to see, once. Hell, even Sunland and Tijunga are cool to go visit…think ‘High Chaparral’ and high desert with streams and tons of wildlife…

  23. Freshtodef80 says:

    Here is a TRUE Moron of The year!
    1:40 AM on September 9, 2011
    With the exception of J.Lopes & G. Mota, I would not bring back anybody on that list for I believe its time for the Giants’ to go full throttle with the “youth movement”- Brett Pill, The Brandons (Belt/Crawford), Gary Brown and whoever is out there on the farm that can help. With that said – I would send Bochy and Meulens packing. I’d bring in a manager like Kirk Gibson who can work well with young players and a hitting coach that can speak the “baseball language” to the players and not seven other languages that don’t mean diddly squat when it comes to hitting a baseball. And perhaps we Giants’ fans can GM the club for we can do a way better job than Sabean.

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/09/08/SP9I1L1S75.DTL#ixzz1XUZSeciT

  24. mailorderwife says:

    Looks like Affeldt is gone for the season, and possibly as an SF Giant. Isn’t he a FA next year? Oh well.

  25. Chico says:

    If you guys and gals get a chance, please vote for Jeff Smith’s man cave.. He’s a good guy, bay area bred and a Cal Alum.. Contest ends at midnight, thanks.

  26. Some dickhead is having my comments removed…beware ‘the revenge trolls’

    Oh wait….:)

  27. FRACK!

    LA has been playing pretty decent ball the past 3 1/2 weeks…and start this way?

    • mailorderwife says:

      You watching the Dodger or Giant broadcast? Scully is a gem. He told some great stories about McCovey during the ceremony, and then talked about Vogelsong. He almost mentioned circus clown, but resisted.

  28. Wasted scoring opportunities…LOB getting high…fuck me Ross-that was too close…

    (do I sound like a Jints fan yet?)


  29. Del Mar Dennis says:

    What’s going on over here? I’m sure the resident Dodger fan is a bit unnerved at the moment. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m in the same boat with ya, Sandy. I have Kershaw on all three of my fantasy teams, two of which are now engaged in the playoffs.

    Wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world in Kershaw got the W tonight. But you didn’t hear that from me. 😀

  30. Where the hell is everyone?

    Jints are taking my LADs down in a fairly good pitching duel…

  31. Señor Ochenta E. Ocho says:

    We should try playing without bats one night. Couldn’t hurt.

  32. Nipper says:

    A win today would be nice.

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