Hey, look! Updates!

So all that crap I’ve been meaning to do on the blog for the last week or so? Done and done. The kitchen may look like a disaster area and the cat box still resembles a poopie version of Woodstock, but at least the blog looks nicer. Saturday morning well spent!

Thanks to MailOrderWife and MailOrderingHusband for the logo. It’s actually much cooler in full, but the blog layout forced me to crop out the better part of it. Hopefully we can get it fixed so you can enjoy the logo in its full Dowdian splendor.

So before I went off ranting like a jackass last night, I was going to say: Niners and Giants today! Double dip of suck with a sprinkling of awful? Perhaps. But shit, it’s football and baseball in one day and that’s always something to look forward to.

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173 Responses to Hey, look! Updates!

  1. Chico says:

    Lookin good man.. Thanks for the alternate forum Ugly and thank you MOB and Mr.MOB too! I’ll be in and out today, gotta get the little ones a haircut before they start looking like trash 🙂

  2. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Hey! Very well done with the new graphics. Tres chic. Almost as chic as the Duchess of Cambridge’s clothes. Almost. 😛

    Giants, Niners and booze simultaneously tonight. All is well. Carry on.

  3. Bags, MOB & Mr MOB, this looks good and it’s all coming together nicely-special thx for the inclusion of different blogs, I am at ”Townie News” right now and they are some clever peeps…

    You kill me sometimes Del…

  4. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Yeah, MOB is a peach on Twitter as well. Good stuff if you go that route like myself.

  5. Inside-the-parker…and it’s his first MLB homer?

  6. JDR says:

    Ugh. So it’s going to be one of THOSE games. Bartender!

  7. sjnewsreader says:

    um, suddenly the 49ers are looking more entertaining for tonight’s drinking binge

  8. sjnewsreader says:

    2 on and 1 out. We SHOULD be able to score here

  9. sjnewsreader says:

    ok, time to switch to the 49ers.

  10. JDR says:

    *gulp* *gulp* *gulp*

  11. JDR says:

    Those in the Bay Area, game is on both channel 2 and 5. Which one is the Niners feed? I don’t want to have to see that gay pirate in the corner of my screen all night.

  12. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I turned off the Giants game (radio) and Ross knocks in two. They’re staying on the radio.
    Go Niners!

  13. JDR says:

    Whoo! Two runs! Break up the Giants!

  14. Who is the fool talking about the 21 inning runless streak and why does he say he is a fan?

  15. JDR says:

    Niners just picked up and converted on a blitz. I guess having more than 6 days of practice helps and offense to get its act together.

  16. JDR says:

    Niners looking downright competent here. Field goal try…


  17. Del Mar Dennis says:

    OL protection is 100X better tonight. Nice. “It all starts up front” as they say.
    Also, Dixon is running with much more authority. No dancing around, and happy feet. Go straight ahead big boy!

  18. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Are you kidding me? No. That’s Alex Smith in a nutshell. Fuck me sideways and fuck him.

  19. Javy ”The Warrior” Guerra is pitching bottom 12th, 6-4 LA…D’Backs down 4-1 bottom 6th…

  20. DHB fights for a catch?…must be feeling the heat

  21. JDR says:

    Speaking of feeling the heat, Parys Harralson!

  22. The Warrior is giving it up in Denver…

  23. JDR says:

    Well, we fucked up the Raiders QB. So at least there’s that.

  24. sjnewsreader says:

    with our luck their backup will lead a scoring drive

  25. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Jesus H. Christ. Our coverage, or lack thereof, has been mighty soft this drive.
    2:00 prevent shit. I hate that shit!

  26. Edwards is a piece of shit

  27. Hawksworth sucks more than Edwards though…he just gave it up to the Rox, LA goes down 7-6 in 13…

  28. sj…leave ruse a private message on her profile so she will see the addy for this place…I did the same thing you did and it was removed

  29. JDR says:

    Bring on Mr. Prejean.

  30. Whatta tool…I never figured him for a tea sipper

  31. Del Mar Dennis says:

    D. Dobbs is earning himself a spot on the 49ers D-line. Hey, the Astros are trying to blow it.

  32. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Spillman is our ST dynamo. Nice to see him make a play on D at safety as well.

  33. JDR says:

    Kendall Hunter, you magnificent bastard!

  34. I’m outtie…enjoy the game…

  35. the_troll says:

    Is that Jeff Kent at the top of the page?

    • JDR says:

      It’s Jon Dowd. Back in the day Barry Bonds wasn’t part of the MLBPA and thus was not included when video games licensed to use players likenesses. Rather than negotiate a separate deal with Bonds, EA Sports replaced him with a generic character named “Jon Dowd” in their baseball games.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        “And now I know the rest of the story.” Thank you, Paul Harvey. I had no fucking clue who the hell Jon Dowd was. Nice to finally put a “face” to the name.

        Niners D looking very good…

      • the_troll says:

        Thanks, JDR. I knew who that Dowd character was but didn’t know what he looked like in the games.

  36. mailorderwife says:

    Geez…I guess it’s a good thing I missed the Giants game. WTF…at least we scored! Yay!

    I get the Raiders broadcast of the game down here on a local channel because, you know, Raiders are still the home team for this region. Sometimes. Pretty happy I managed to miss Alex Smith.

    • JDR says:

      Outside of an incredibly frustrating INT, Smith made some good passes. Not great, but watchable. Especially by preseason standards.

  37. JDR says:

    Oh man. I don’t think Mr. Prejean’s going to be replacing Soup any time soon.

  38. sjnewsreader says:

    back with more beer!

  39. mailorderwife says:

    Greg Papa sorta sucks. He needs a beer or five.

    • JDR says:

      We have Dennis O’Donnel up here. He’s not much better. They’re raving about the O-line though.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      You need to tweet more often. Your latest comment would be perfect for the “Twitterverse.”

      I probably woulda said, Greg Papa has had five beers now. He doesn’t know what he’s sucking. But that’s just me. 😛

      • mailorderwife says:

        These days, I just seem to tweet about politics or take jabs at Jeremy Affeldt for blogging his submissive wife crap.

  40. sjnewsreader says:

    i like watching kaepernick move this offense. He looks good.

  41. JDR says:

    “Colin Kapernick has functioned well.”

    Translation: He aint starting unless Alex’s arm is torn off.

  42. sjnewsreader says:

    nice 2 TD drives by Kaepernick

    • Chico says:

      SJ! Nice to see you here pal.. Stay here bro.. One post on the Splash should mean at least two posts on JDR! Cheers.

  43. Chico says:

    Just got home from the pizza place where I ran to an a lot of old pals of mine.. 6 Sierra Nevadas on tap in a pilsner. Fucking Giants, a hem, Niners look OK so far.. Of course it’s against the Traders but some bright spots, nonetheless… I’m going to RAGE tonight!

  44. Chico says:

    The splash is as dead! NYG and B2B talking to themselves with Nipper biting their heels.. I think Nip needs to re-evaluate which blog he would like to post on.. sfgate NEVER did me any favors and fuck Johanna.. Useless employee.

    • sjnewsreader says:

      johanna? is she hot?

    • xoot says:

      You have to email VK directly, from your own work email, to get results. Be personal. He’s slightly idealistic. He thinks genuine intelligent discourse is possible on the sfgate blogs. 😉

      • Chico says:

        Intelligent discourse on sfgate was soo 4 years ago.. Now it T-Rools.. I might shoot VK an e mail regarding my other account that was attacked.. Hint: I was very good friends with dsgonzale6 (still am offline) … I even blogged with you xoot a few times on stuff that had nothing to do with sports.. Those were the days..

        • xoot says:

          Well, I did notice that 2 cent vanished. But he struck me as a single City dweller, not a family man surfer. Winking Tiger vanished, as well. Similar. So I’m stymied. Btw, if you and I discussed politics, chances are I didn’t fully express my views. I don’t want the local powers that be — especially those that pay my wages — to know how much I hate the overall powers that be. Could have an impact on my old age health and safety. But still: La lucha sigue.

          • Chico says:

            I’ll PM you on the gate tomorrow as to who I was.. We didn’t blog a lot together, but we saw pretty much eye to eye for the most part, as I can remember.. On of those things where we would cross paths and agree, this was before the new format where you could reply to posts.. The struggle always continues my friend.. Enjoy the night man.

    • sjnewsreader says:

      the only times i’ve emailed VK I’ve used my personal email and he has always responded. He even knows my real name is David!

  45. xoot says:

    The Giants and DBacks are chasing each other toward .500. That’s the good news.

  46. sjnewsreader says:

    well now it’s time to watch my recorded episode of wheel of fortune.

  47. JDR says:

    Might be time to fire up the PS3. Anyone here into gaming?

    • sjnewsreader says:

      i’m considering playing mario all stars on my super nintendo

    • xoot says:

      I should put you in touch with my son, the most passionate Giants fan in the world. I think gaming is his major in college. Although I have to admit his mastery of rhetoric keeps improving. He never asks me for more money in exactly the same way.

    • mailorderwife says:

      I have an Xbox and Wii, but I’ve been trying to convince Mr.MOB to buy a PS3 now that the price is lower. Does anyone know if games from Japan can be played on a PS3 bought here? I also used to do MMORPGs until it became a babysitting job.

  48. mailorderwife says:

    I’ve learned that the best way to get posts / accounts restored is to call up the sports desk at the Chron. Editors HATE taking phone calls from people who complain about the website, and I fired off a round of hate to them on that grand A’s fan sweep of the Splash. VK is a bit slower. Sometimes, too slow.

  49. JDR says:

    Allright folks. Meeting up with some friends for a night out. Catch you later.

  50. mailorderwife says:

    Don’t know if this is a joke, but both James Loney and Eugenio Velez are ready for emergency bullpen duty. Tweeted by Dylan Hernandez, the Dodger beat writer. haha!

    Okay…Giants are on soon :>

  51. JDR says:

    Fer chrissakes, Runzler. OVER THE GODDAM PLATE.

    • mailorderwife says:

      What if the ‘stros swept the world champs :<

      • JDR says:

        The six weeks from now we can say “hey, remember when the Giants were so bad they couldn’t beat the Astros? That sucked. Hey, Timmy’s ready to start the NLDS!”

        • mailorderwife says:

          I’m thinking that it’ll be something they’ll talk about in ol’ Houston for about the next twenty years, seeing that their only other highlight is trading away their talent.

          And yeah…Timmy will be ready to start things off. August last year was also pretty ugly.

  52. JDR says:

    Horseshit. Runzler didn’t get that low strike call once.

  53. mailorderwife says:

    Okay…new game :> Go Giants.

  54. sjnewsreader says:

    Hmm, well as sadistic is this is, I sorta have a thing for extra innings in baseball and overtime in hockey/football. It just elevates the excitement level. I know it’s early but I’m hoping for 10 innings or more of baseball today!

  55. JDR says:

    I’m only a casual hockey fan, but I have to say it doesn’t get much more exciting than OT in the playoffs or Olympics.

  56. Chico says:

    Just turned on the game, 4-4.. Mas runs por favor

  57. sjnewsreader says:

    we got lucky on that call at first

  58. JDR says:

    What is it with Krukow and arguing against every call that goes for the Giants? He’s like the “bad guy” wrestling announcer they had back in the day.

  59. sjnewsreader says:

    belt continues to look good. I think our offense can get something going during the stretch once Beltran heals.

    • Chico says:

      Most of the people on the splash say Beltran can’t hit. LOL, yes he can.. This offense will be way better when he gets back.. My main concern now is Romo AND Wilson..

      • sjnewsreader says:

        ugh, me too! wilson and romo both have elbow inflammation plus the stiff back for wilson. All we have to do is win the division and there is plenty of time for them to heal over the next month. I just hope we can do it. I’d love to see us in the playoffs again.

  60. sjnewsreader says:

    sweeeeet! bases loaded and one out..please no double play.

  61. sjnewsreader says:

    shit. good throw to home.

  62. sjnewsreader says:

    ok, bases loaded 2 outs….we can do this!

  63. sjnewsreader says:

    fuck. are you kidding? first pitch swinging to end the inning? Are you kidding me?

  64. mailorderwife says:


  65. Chico says:

    Fuck Affelt, don’t GIVE the game away.

  66. Chico says:

    Holy shit we got out of it..

  67. sjnewsreader says:


  68. mailorderwife says:


  69. Chico says:

    Crickets on the splash.. These A holes are only there to complain.. Once we go up, crickets.

  70. Chico says:

    Cheers Revengers!

  71. mailorderwife says:

    Hallelujiah! And we even picked up a game.

  72. shaman138 says:

    What a beautiful win. Way to go, Panda!

  73. I’m reading the anonymous idiots tweets…too fucked up!

    I hope BART, SFPD, etc do something REAL to stop this *protest*…they sound like a bunch of Bourgoise bolshevik wannabes…

    • mailorderwife says:

      What is today’s protest about? I plan to lead the seniors here on a jogging marathon to protest their lousy driving.

    • shaman138 says:

      I guess a 1.5 to 2 hour commute from downtown to my place in the Haight is going to become the norm on Monday afternoons until this bullshit stops. These “OpBart” assholes are just in it to fuck with people who have to work/commute….they act like they’re above “working for the man” but every single one of them has no problem with the man’s money. If they really wanted to make a statement to BART they’d be at BART headquarters trying to shut that down instead of basically holding commuters hostage to their bogus cause.

      • xoot says:

        Now, now. BART’s headquarters are in my building. They should be out at the Richmond train yard, sitting on the tracks. How’s that?

        I have a client within walking distance of the Civic Center BART station. I now have to drive to meetings there, to be sure I can get home within 24 hours. The mindless would-be radicals have shut down green public transportation. Brilliant.

  74. Flavor says:

    Hey I’ve had 2 random people email me that we traded Taylor Mays to Cinn but they didn’t hear who we got in return and I can’t find anything on the internet to support it. Obviously, that makes me think this is a false rumor but I thought I’d check with my new favorite blog for both Giants and Niners news to see if any of you have heard this 🙂

  75. Unca Chuck says:

    JDR, thanks for posting the link to my blog. I have yers on mine.

    Flav, as of now, it’s an undisclosed draft choice. And a bag of dirty socks.

  76. Flavor says:

    wow, that is a pretty low price to pay for a, what? early 2nd round pick? Or was he a first rd pick? I don’t want to look it up……

  77. the_troll says:

    Maybe Jed is going a little overboard after the Raiders-49ers violence, but you have to give him credit. McCourt sat on his hands and tried to pass the blame after the Stow incident. York is taking action.

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