Good weekend for (possibly) bad sports viewing

Nobody wants a losing streak. Watching a team find new and exciting ways to screw themselves can be tough to watch. But I have to say that even when my teams are getting smacked around the field like a French army brigade, I enjoy watching sports. We all do. It’s why October and April are such kickass months and its why February totally sucks.

So even if the Giants are so bad right now that they’re getting routed by the Houston Community College JV squad, and the Niners are so helpless that you have to watch their games with the Benny Hillifier turned on, I’m going to watch. We all are. You know why? Because it’s way fucking better than anything else.

Why is why I really hate those “boycott ownership” assholes who keep telling me I shouldn’t watch the team and should instead petition the local call-in show to have the GM fired and the owner forced to sell.

First off, no GM or coach in the history of sports has ever been fired because Jerry McBeergut from Pinole called the post-game show and pointed out a bad signing or draft pick. Bill Neukom isn’t sitting in his office trolling the Splash or KNBR trying to determine whether or not he should extend Sabean’s contract.

And while we’re at it, shut the hell up about these “fan boycotts.” The owners don’t care and the fans don’t care. Frank McCourt is a money-grubbing tool who siphons money from the team at every avenue. The Dodgers are playing in front of an empty house and struggling to make ends meet. The bloggers and radio callers are demanding he sell the team. One of those three things has absolutely nothing to do with what eventually happens to the Dodgers. Can you guess which one?

The people that own the team don’t care what the call-in crowd thinks, and the suits paying for the luxury boxes don’t care either. If the team’s crappy and the stadium has a lousy atmosphere, they won’t. Basically, none of the people who factor into any of these decision give a second thought to what the general commentariat thinks.

In short: if you want to watch the game then shut up and stop trying to ruin it for the rest of us. If you don’t, well, I hear there’s a good rerun of Stargate Atlantis on channel 6…

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3 Responses to Good weekend for (possibly) bad sports viewing

  1. A1995Mattalac says:

    THAT was by far the worst game of the year, I had a hard time watching/listening. The fact that the Splash becomes the aptly named “Romper Room” after a game like this is insult to injury. I’m wondering how bad it gets before Bochy/Sabean has one of those “closed door” meetings.

  2. xoot says:

    Last night’s game separated the fans from the bandwagonners. The BWs fled; the fans watched, and remembered 1985, or 1995, or 2007, as well as 1987, 1989, 1997, 2002, and last year. Players, coaches and managers come and go, but the fans return. Damndest thing. Strange as a few thousand salmon wandering around the Pacific ocean for years and then, at exactly the same moment, deciding to swim back to a reunion at some obscure up-river headwater in the middle of Alaska. Not that Candlestick or AT&T could be compare to Alaska . . . .;)

  3. mailorderwife says:

    Yesterday’s ballgame reminded me of one of those Candlestick ones where the only thrill was to get the visiting club’s left fielder aggravated. Still, it’s baseball. I enjoy it, although I don’t enjoy the help/hopelessness of Huff or some of the others. Even when the boys didn’t make it in 2009, they gave you every reason to hope for the next year.

    As to the fan boycotts, I have to admit feeling sorry for the Dodger ballclub. Players like Kershaw and Kemp are rock solid stars, and even a bad year by the club hasn’t diminished their quality efforts. I hate the Dodgers, yes…but I love baseball. In a place like LA that has a billion stupid people as its residents, not mustering up even 30k — which is about how many cars pass by on the 5 within a 2 minute span or so — makes Dodger Stadium the most traffic free place in So Cal.

    However with regard to the 49ers…I really really really really abhor the Dorks. I won’t be buying a license or season ticket since the whole new stadium in Santa Clara thing is a piece of doodoo, but that won’t stop me from watching the team and hoping that Ray Wershing hits that last minute field goal against the Rams.

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