Can’t blame the offense for that one

What can you say, really? Nine runs to the Pirates. If you give up nine runs to the Pirates, you deserve to lose. You deserve to lose, and then you deserve to have every car in the player’s lot keyed with the word “FAIL.”

The worst part of it is that tomorrow is a travel day. The Giants get to spend a whole day thinking about the fact that they gave up nine goddam runs in AT&T park to the frickin’ Pittsburgh Pirates.

Jonathan Sanchez, I don’t wish anything bad on you. This is because I know that you now have to go home, sit down in your chair, and think about the fact that you just got lit up by team whose long-term strategy is to trade away its best players so many times that the league eventually decides to just give them an honorary trophy.

You got lit up by the fucking Pirates, Jonathan Sanchez. Think about it.

The goddam Pirates.

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2 Responses to Can’t blame the offense for that one

  1. xoot says:

    Come on. Sanchez didn’t get lit up. 4+ innings, 4 hits & 4 WALKS + 1 HR = 4 ERs. Yeah, that’s a 2.00 WHIP and a bust, but it’s not getting lit up. It’s giving away bases and runs. His arm is still injured. He can’t throw 90 mph+ or snap the off-speed stuff after the 3rd inning. He should go back on the DL immediately. Bring up Runzler.

  2. mailorderwife says:

    He’s got to do something about his confidence and focus. He’s got so much talent and such awesome eyebrows. The game still doesn’t get too out of hand with him on the mound, although it was a short time. However, every pitching event that yields more than 4 runs is going to turn into a massive evil event so long as the offense decides that 0 to 2 runs are enough. Sometimes it is, but it usually isn’t. Against the Pirates, however, well…

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