Suddenly the Pirates can hit

Of fucking course they can suddenly hit. It is August after all.

So now the Giants will have to come back against a Pittsburgh staff that is decidedly less tough than what they just saw from Philly. So there is hope if Vogelsong can manage to get things under control.

And if he can’t? Well, Arizona seems to be having a stretch every bit as bad as the Giants. Certainly it wouldn’t hurt if they decided to go all 2010 Padres down the stretch and drop a game or twelve.

Additional comment as we go. Right now real life calls, and apparently it’s asking me to pick up some more milk and juice…

Okay, back now and I’m sure the Giants have reclaimed a couple runs and Vogelsong has found his niche and GOD DAMMIT GIANTS WHY ARE YOU ALL SUDDENLY SO TERRRIBLE?

So it’s going to be one of those games.  Ugh. Only one thing left to know, folks. What ya drinkin’?

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96 Responses to Suddenly the Pirates can hit

  1. Hey…Vogelsong is as ‘nasty’ as they come this year, yeah?…better field play and throws would have helped…

  2. Chico says:

    Wife won the TV battle so all I have is MLB updates.

  3. LOSER…


    You should GIVE her the remote more often bro

  4. mailorderwife says:

    Hmmm Chico. I have an MLB account. Want to use it to watch the game?

  5. xoot says:

    Nice play Pablo! AS 3B, indeed. Now he’ll carry them at the plate, too.

    • Hate to say it, xoot…I’d love to see someone from California win tonight and Pilly is p’wning my LADs…

      • mailorderwife says:

        I’ve become a bit of a California loyalist. This past weekend, it was nothing but Yankees/Bosox on national television, and the blackout of the REAL local game down here pissed off a lot of So Cal Giants fans.

      • xoot says:

        This is a strange season. I feel no animosity toward SD or, amazingly, LA — despite opening day. (McCourt’s cost cutting may have made that event more likely, but it could’ve happened in several other mlb parking lots that day.) I actually want to see both franchises bounce back. On the other hand, A’s fans have gone very sour this year. The Giants WS victory just killed them. I wouldn’t mind seeing that team move to Las Vegas.

  6. Gawd you;’re a doll…HE is the guy to ask about tix!

  7. mailorderwife says:

    I really want to say mean things about Rowand, but he took a baseball to the face, can sometimes do well as a PH and even hit a homerun that won me a burrito. But man….

  8. FuckJim says:

    Greetings JDR-ers?

  9. Avengers!…what’s up Matt?

  10. mailorderwife says:

    This game is becoming sadder by the second.

  11. BeatnikBandit made a true post on the Splash just now…”BeatnikBandit

    8:43 PM on August 8, 2011

    This comment is hidden because you have chosen to ignore BeatnikBandit. Show Details

    Well so far this game is a nice capper to the performance of my stock portfolio today”

    I feel the same way about Kuroda and LA NOT having any situational hitting…

  12. Hey…did you see that sfgate carried a story from the Star last week?

  13. Today too…

    Activists meet 25 years after Great Peace March

  14. Chico says:

    That is one crazy story S. I don’t condone killing anyone but it sounds like one Fucked up childhood that kid had. Damn shame for all involved…

    The splash is now filled with trolls and if I have one more comment deleted, that site can skull fuck itself.

    • Chico says:

      Both kids, my bad.

    • Terrible acts of violence surround us daily, chico…you yourself have seen it rear it’s ugly head…and the world is, it seems, moving ever nearer to even more…would that people could talk-honestly-about that which is an ‘issue’ rather than resort to violent behaviors…

    • mailorderwife says:

      He also grew up and was influenced by Silver Strand separatists. The article doesn’t delve much into McInerny’s own racist beliefs, as King was half-black. Still, Silver Strand is a community of expensive beach homes in a shitty town. I remember when that murder took place.

      On a brighter note, that 105 obachan watching the Giants fan is awesome. Japanese mothers brought me to all my ballgames until I was 15 or so, after which I was trusted to ride the MUNI to Candlestick with my girlfriends. Nice to see that lady in the stands.

  15. JDR says:

    Yo S,
    Regarding names, I’m cool with letting you guys here know my name, I think MOB already has it, but I’d rather stick with handles when it comes to everyday conversation here. First you start using first names, then you have blog drama, then next thing you know people are getting outed as condo owners and travel writers.

  16. Fugazi says:

    Damn, the Splash has gone into the toilet bigtime. So when are the Giants gonna start getting some hitting, I’m still waiting..

  17. Fugazi says:

    Give me some help here people, i’m not used to this….

  18. Here ya go Fugatz…Huffster has his moment…now!

  19. Fugazi says:

    At least get a run boys..sheesh

  20. Fucking comedy of errors…am I watching the A’s?…the Dodgers?…

  21. Fugazi says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, Whiteside acted like a idiot after Victorino got plunked. Whats with the hopping Dude, just go out there and stand your ground..

  22. Chico says:


  23. 4-2 in Chavez…bottom 8th…frickin Loney at bat…POP OUT central

  24. Fugazi says:

    Giants haven’t hit bottom yet, but they’ll be OK..

    Thanks for the invite, I’ll check in during tomorrows game..

    Howdious G Fans..

  25. Yup, flied to left…AGAIN

  26. JDR says:

    Ugh. I’d say tequila was in order if I didn’t have an early start tomorrow. Have to nurse a little Bushmill’s on ice and head off to bed.

  27. mailorderwife says:

    We could use some Tommy here!

    Enjoy the rest of the evening, everyone :> We’ll get them tomorrow

  28. Good evening/night ev’rybod’ee…(Dr Nick!)

    • JDR says:

      The leg bone’s connected to the, hip bone. The hip bone’s connected to the… something. The something’s connected to my, wrist watch… uh oh.

  29. mailorderwife says:

    Okay…let me revisit the idea of not hating Rowand.

    Toilet boy gets no favors from me. Read this:

  30. すなわち漫画(アンナ)

  31. Chico says:

    Bad signal on the phone sfD? I get that too man. G’nite bro. Buzz me tomorrow on a land line if you can.

  32. shaman_138 says:

    THe Splash has now officially become Room B incarnate. Thank God for this new blog. As for the Giants, they’ve become so anemic that they’re becoming nearly unwatchable. Sombody needs to light a fire under their asses and get them to START SCORING RUNS, DAMNIT! Let’s get em tonight!

  33. mailorderwife says:

    Twitter is exploding with rage over Rowand’s remarks. Seems like toilet boy could learn a thing or two from Zito who, for all his travails, manages some dignity.

  34. Mob, he dissed all of San Francisco with that comment. But, he’s friends with AJ!

  35. OMG! Jim was banned again!

    • mailorderwife says:

      Hahaha! Well, at least VK is smarter than we thought.

    • shaman_138 says:

      Jim is a lonely old man who craves non-stop attention and apparently the only way he can get it is by creating wildly fake online personas and saying the most absurdly defamatory things about the Giants. Good to know the moderators are finally cracking down on his bullshit.

    • xoot says:

      I think if you email VK direclty (from your work email to his) with a legit issue, he’ll take it seriously. I’ve been on the sfgate blogs for 4 years, and I’ve only sent him three emails, total, in that time. But he responded in each instance by taking a closer look and, then, action.

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