The most frustrating thing about the Giants is also the most encouraging

Watch today’s game. They’re hitting the ball. They’re not scoring runs, but they’re hitting the damn ball and that makes me frustrated. Like boss-level in Double Dragon frustrated.

Huff’s double play ball? In any other situation it’s a rope single into center and a run after Cabrera’s hit. Of course because they put on the hit and run Jimmy Rollins is standing on second and it’s two outs. Ironically, had it been a piddling grounder to short Huff actually would have had a hit.

It’s shit like this that makes me want to go all Lou Pinella on the nearest piece of furniture. It’s not like they’re getting dominated by the Philly pitchers (Cliff Lee aside,) they’ve been hitting the ball hard at all the wrong places and all the wrong times.

And how do you coach them out of that? Should you even try? How many times can you say “just keep at it and they’ll start to fall,” before a guy snaps his bat in half and jams the pointy end into your small intestine?

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32 Responses to The most frustrating thing about the Giants is also the most encouraging

  1. Teaching pro-hitters to go with a pitch and not try to redirect it’s flight (trying to pull every pitch) seems like it should be a huge part of Bambam’s adjustments to these guys…every few games I see some Jints doing it…Pablo and Nate seem to get it on a regular basis…Font even has that hitting style

    FUCKING LUCK or the famed ‘swirling winds’ of the giant coke bottle just saved Huff’s ass on a routine popout…

    Bottom line, use this giant park to your advantage and relax…the hits will satrt dropping in and runs will score

  2. RISP for this team has to be amongst the lowest in the majors…Huff breaks before the release by Oswalt and he scores

  3. xootxoot says:

    If only that bunt had been sharper. If it whaddint for bad luck we wouldn’t have no luck at all. My kid thinks huff shouldve slid head first. I think he just wants belt back.

  4. Timmy looks ‘on’ right now…one more run and he can take this one into ‘W’ column…

  5. mailorderwife says:

    Hey! We got that other run!

  6. mailorderwife says:

    Wow…Kershaw v. Kennedy. Nice matchup. NL West does represent when it comes to pitching.

    Didn’t know my neighbors were having an open door for the house they’re putting on sale. At least now potential neighbors will know that they’ll live next door to a very loud Giants fan.

  7. WHY would CD’s want to live in hell?

    • mailorderwife says:

      But it’s hell with a gourmet kitchen! There are some really nice homes in this neighborhood, but I’m thinking one of these folks are hosting Tea Party Express meetings or something. Worst of all, there are a ton of Dodger fans here. But they were all happy that the Giants won.

  8. WOW…Rowand HAS to make that play

  9. Jints Losing streak is ended…and LA gave it up to the snakes…Let’s hope Phills get jobbed in socal and whatever happens against Pittsburgh, that SF pitching is back

  10. Chico says:

    Holy fucking trollgate over at the splash! I thought I bookmarked this site but I guess not so I had to pick my own brain and remember the name.

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