So… anyone here know how to design a website?

Thanks to everyone who has made the first few days on this blog so much fun. Having a group of intelligent fans (even ones that like the Dodgers) to exchange ideas with is well worth the time spent writing posts.

So now that it looks like we may actually have the makings of a decent blog here, let’s address some aesthetic issues. While I’m not what you’d consider a novice tech-wise, I have little web-design skill and even less artistic ability. If anyone wants to help out with designing a logo and background for the site, I would be more than grateful. Nothing too fancy, I’m partial to simple, minimalist layouts over fancy setups that make the site hard to read (white on black text is the worst thing ever.)

So if anyone wants to help out with this stuff, let me know.

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21 Responses to So… anyone here know how to design a website?

  1. There are html5 sites that offer free tools also…IDK what os you are on, I think you mentioned mac, so I don’t know that all of these will be helpful…I have used some other blog sites, technoratti and blogger and yahoo to make web pages that have enough variations on what is available to be appealing and adhere to your yt6personal tastes/choices…but I am no designer, as such…maybe if you sweet talk MailOrderWife, she can has the skillz you a in need of and would may have the time to assist you…

    Good luck!

  2. mailorderwife says:

    I will be happy to help, although it’s been a bit since I’ve done graphics. Just let me know what you want. Does this site give you my email?

  3. xoot says:

    I spent the afternoon with people who don’t much care about baseball. They kept the game on the tv, however, and politely ignored our grimaces, grunts, yessses! and so forth. Lincecum gets things back on track. Hope to hell they don’t do further x rays and find out Beltran fractured his hamate bone. Otherwise, nice game.

    Look forward to the designer site.

  4. Flavor says:

    BawBagg— Just checking out your site. Good decision to go with wordpress, they make it a lot easier to block/ban bloggers who just come there to incite. First off, I would not recommend trying to sort your way through HTML. Find someone who can help you. I had a high school kid do it for me. On your dashboard, go to “appearance” and then “custom desgin”—you can really customize the blog from there but you need someone who knows even the littlest thing about HTML to help you–colors, fonts, all that. I found that the basic wordpress designs were a little boring and you need some nuances to help with the appearance. The custom design has a cost to it but I don’t think I spend more than 20-30 bucks a year on it.
    If you want to exchange emails and you have any specific questions about designing it/managing it/increasing traffic just let me know. I always found you to be an interesting blogger at the Splash and was bummed that you never blogged at my blog. But it’s all good, I will try to stop by more regularly. We can do that “track back” thing so that right away will increase traffic for you.
    my email is
    Good luck, we can never have too many good blogs talking about this team and this sport……

  5. mailorderwife says:


    Okay…3 runs. Go for it, boys. Don’t hold back!

  6. こんにちはアンナ-Dodgers down 3 zip, bottom of the 2nd…Fudgecake!

  7. mailorderwife says:

    Nice Japanese!!! ~banwa!!! Are the Dogboys playing the Phrillies?

  8. Well, they are at Chavez…playing may be a bit generous, however…Kuroda got rocked in the first and second…Kemp had one out, Blake at 2nd and Andre at first, both on singles btw, then Matty grounds into a DP

  9. mailorderwife says:

    NL West hasn’t been representin’ much today.

  10. Pitching has been…hitters?…not so much

  11. mailorderwife says:

    Those fries look good. I miss San Francisco soooo much.

    2 runs don’t seem like much to overcome, but it’s like climbing a waterfall for the boys.

    • I’m a Cha-Cha bowler myself…the fries aren’t as good as they used to be for some reason…

      2 runs for a hit challenged team can be like needing 5

      • mailorderwife says:

        I have never tried a cha-cha bowl. Rice is in it, right?

        I love their garlic fries, and the hotdogs are awesome. They have those nachos that I really like…the cactus place sells it. For that final game of the season against San Diego last year, the nachos person piled on the carnitas. I think she was hoping to run out of food and close the stand before the game began.

      • ya, rice n much more…chilis…LOVE em…carnitas are the shit

  12. Are you going to do a solid for ugly and build his site?…I think it needs pix from Black’s Beach, some cool cars, SF scenery and a restaurant/bar guide for the entire country…

  13. mailorderwife says:

    Well I have an idea of what to do, but I haven’t done graphics in awhile. My job hasn’t required it, even though I was hired as a graphic designer/writer. So I’ll have to ask my husband to help me do what I can’t figure out. But yeah..I’d be more than happy to help. This place is cool.

  14. IDK what there are or where to find them but…

    HTML5 is SUPPOSED to be as simple as cut n paste for free too!

    Google ‘free HTML5’ and see what pops up…

    Maybe Ugly (what the hell is his real name?!?!) will ask for input from his homies on content, etc…?

    I will start this off right then…

    Hi, my name is Shel

  15. mailorderwife says:

    HTML5 is also buggy. I rely on the ability to single space, and it’s screwed that up big time.

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