Frustratingly inconsistent football team lands frustratingly inconsistent wide receiver

Credit to Scott McCloughan, the man was not lying when he said the Niners were going to sit back during the free agent period and wait for the market to develop. Most of us figured they were only going to do the first part.

Over the last several days the Niners have been able to solidify their roster and add some decent contributors on both sides of the ball. They waited it out and got solid players at a bargain price, (this move is known as “The Reverse Sabean” in GM circles.)

First they get cornerback Carlos Rogers, who may not be a world-beater but at least should be good enough to replace a guy who couldn’t help but fuck up the only highlight reel play he made all year. Then they add a decent safety in Donte Whitner, a starting center in Jonathan Goodwin and now…

Braylon freakin’ Edwards.

First off, it’s great news because it shows that the Niners still have enough pull to land big-name free agents, something that had been in doubt after they lost out of Asomugha and Burress. Edwards may be a bit of a problem child, but hell, he has talent. The Niners haven’t been able to draw talented free agents since John Kerry was gunning for the White House. And when you’re trying to run a West Coast-inspired offense like Harbaugh’s, any 6’3 214lb starting  WR you can add is a good one.

Hell, if Crabtree and Davis show up to play and Frankie gets the sand out of his vagina, they might actually be able to move the ball this year.

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One Response to Frustratingly inconsistent football team lands frustratingly inconsistent wide receiver

  1. mailorderwife says:

    Well..I believe my hatred of the Yorks supercede everything. Until I see evidence that there is a genuine interest to build a ballclub as opposed to saving $$$ to either build a stadium or become football’s McCourt, I’m going to very skeptical.

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