Kicking things off.

So here it is. First post in the blog and a bit of an introduction…

Basically, this thing is here to (hopefully) provide a bit of entertainment by way of the rantings of an everyday Giants/Niners fan. The opinions and thoughts of others are more than welcome, perhaps additional teams and subjects will be added as well. But as of right now, it’s just one man’s thoughts on the triumphs and tribulations of the Giants and 49ers.

A quick word of warning… I tend to use four-letter words. If your workplace isn’t cool with that sort of thing, might want to stay away.

Also worth noting: this blog is subject to long lulls in posting and spontaneous abandonment and/or shutdown with little/no warning. I certainly don’t plan on doing this for a living, nor to I have any illusions that it will be much different from the ten million or so other blogs out there. There may be days when several posts go up, and there may be weeks when few new posts are made. This aint gonna be Bleacher Report or SBNation, folks. I’ve got a job (currently) and a life (allegedly) going on outside of this blog and you do too.

Want to comment? Cool. Feel free. Outside of spammy comments and illegal/malicious links, the only real criteria is don’t be a dick. Total dickishness of posts will be determined by the editor (me) and those found to contain excessive loads of dickishness are subject to removal, ridicule and/or any other response deemed appropriate.

So yeah, here we go…

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